The Childrens Courtyard of Fossil Creek
4500 Silver Sage Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76137, United States

Review №1

Gave my child unfair treatment and the director is not the brightest gal. You should treat all the kids the same there. When trying to confront them about my child they got defensive and went into victim mode. The director and ladies that work there need more experience dealing with children. They are unprofessional and being lead by an inexperienced director doesn’t help. My wife pulled our kids out of their misguidance and will find a daycare that has experience with kids. Hopefully the director and ladies get some training and start treat the kids more fairly. Shame on them.

Review №2

My niece LOVES going here each day, that says a lot, excellent program

Review №3

The Childrens Courtyard Haltom City is absolutely amazing. My daughter spent almost 4 years of her life at this school and I could not have had a better experience. The director cares so much about the kids, and it is evident in each and every interaction you have with her. The teachers are also wonderful - especially Ms. Hafford! She gave my daughter the best kindergarten and first grade experience and set her up to be a very successful student in school. I highly recommend!!

Review №4

I just want to say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this place. My daughter has been attending this school for the last 4 years and we have had nothing but great experiences. She originally started in the Early Preschool room and the teacher there was amazing, she is in fact still there (I believe going on 10 years now). She then moved up the Preschool and Pre-K rooms. The teachers in these classroom are amazing and have always shown my daughter love as well as taught her amazing things. My daughter is now going into 1st grade and she is currently enrolled in the school-age program......AMAZING! All I can say about this facility is how awesome all the teachers are and how much love they show for each and every one of their children. I would recommend this place to anyone.....just stop by and take a look. The building is decorated beautifully and is always clean.

Review №5

The courtyard at Haltom City tried to ruin my familys lives. They turn us in to CPS when my 2 year old son had his finger broke at school and they couldnt explain what happened. Then when I confronted the director she tries to cover herself and tells me if she would have known CPS would have turned to my family she would have told me. Low and behold when I turned them into CPS the caseworker told me the director wrote the report insinuating I hurt my child. Then when the CPS worker asked for the recordings from that day miraculously the video shuts off approximately 5 minutes before they said my son started crying. Both my husband and I are state employees and now to have this following us because they dont watch the children. I knew I should have never put him there. I cant stand that place. I wish you could give negative stars!

Review №6

My experience with this location began when I brought my brother here when I first got custody of him. The staff was so helpful and accommodating to my...unique situation. He loved the facilities and all that they had to offer. I just know that they really do care about the kids and their families. It was a blessing in disguise when the original center that I was supposed to bring him to fell through. I couldnt be happier with my experience and I would recommend them to anyone!

Review №7

2015 - as a parent I love that my son loves this place BUT the amount of closures that this school has is ridiculous. They closed for weather before the school did. I dont want them risking their lives to get there but I think they forget sometimes to make that call after the district closes so I know they are doing it for the kids not the company. They are a service for parents not for themselves. I do work in healthcare so maybe Im more sensitive to this. I struggle with this.I just love this place!!!

Review №8

This place is amazing. My little one loves her school. She has really thrived in this environment. If you need a daycare, you owe it to your child to check this place out. It is more expensive than some, but well worth the money!

Review №9

As a first time mom it has been a scary journey finding a proper childcare center for my son being that i have been in childcare for almost 10 years i am extremely picky but here i have found peace with dropping my son off with Mrs Marilyn everyday! she is amazing and she treats my son like hes her own. couldnt have chosen a better place for my son!!!!!!!!!!

Review №10

I wish I did not have to give this center any stars at all. This center was a nightmare....We just pulled my children out because, while watching the cameras, I caught the teacher of my youngest child (the teachers name is Kristine Porter), repeatedly wrapping a blanket around his head and holding him down on the mat at nap time. When I called the center and informed them what was going on they didnt even go check on my child, nor did they remove the teacher while figuring out what was going on. They only removed her from the room before allowing a police office in the building who was there to do a well check on my child (since he wasnt moving and no one checked on him). They then lied to the police, were uncooperative and told him that he had to leave the building?????????? This was a complete nightmare for me and my husband. CPS is currently investigating them for this incident.The regional director said she would be in contact with me and she never called me. They did give us a refund on our yearly registration, weekly tuition and the summer enrollment fees, but I would have much rather of had a director and assistant director who were making sure my child was safe and who would have cooperated with police to make sure that a child is in good hands. Why they chose to leave a teacher in the room who was in question for something so severe AND not check to make sure that my child was BREATHING, is beyond me. Why they would ask law enforcement to leave when they are there to check on the well being of that child, is insane....I gave this center time to fix other issues, such as the high teacher turn over in my oldest childs class, other teacher issues, etc. But, they just cant seem to keep many teachers for very long. The teachers constantly complain about the director to the parents.This center needs some serious serious help.

Review №11

My daughter started here when she was four months old. We like the place. Its good.

Review №12

My daughter has been going to this school for almost 3 years now and we love it! She has had several teachers and they have been amazing. I had a previous experience with my older child at a different place and it was good, but I never saw what I experience here and that is a feeling of community. All the teahers know her name, everyone greats us when we see them and the staff seem genuinely happy. I have never had any problems with the management, but I do always pay on time and I always get emails about things happening in the school. My daughter will be staying here for several more years! There is no better feeling than to know I dont have to worry about my child when I am gone. Trust and consistency are priceless for my childen.

Review №13

I love this place..Miss Noha is the best

Review №14

Im giving a 4 star just because there is one teacher specific who my son loves.

Review №15

Great staff and facility. Comparable pricing to other daycares/early learning places in the area. Our 3yr. old has been going here for over a year now and loves her teachers.Edit: I just saw the review of the child being horribly mistreated. I also would be outraged if I found out anything like that was happening. I do want to point out that although the review was done 9 months ago at the time of my review, DFPS made a report of the incident back on 6/17/2014. All things need to be considered when looking for a safe place for your child, but my experience is that they have made the necessary changes since that time.

Review №16

Okay where do I start. This is my second Childrens Courtyard due to relocating closer to my home . The first location I was fine with until my child transfer to another class due to his age. I was fine with his first teacher she showed a lot of love and attention to all the kids. After my child transfer to his new classroom I started to notice the teachers in the class room snatching other people kids by the arm on a daily basis okay that was enough for me before I witness this happening to my child I requested a transfer to another location hoping and thinking for the best. Now this review brings me to this location. At first your visit seems good they tell you everything you want to hear especially how they follow everything by the book. I dont know why you would want to mention that to a parent but okay. Please keep in mind I later found out that was baloney . My child has a doctors note requesting to have lunch from home . I requested his food to be warmed up. The front desk lady which her name is Tracy, Angela assistance told my son teacher to leave a note saying they are NOT Allowed to warn up out side food !! I asked why not I was told it was a policy. Oh really let me see this policy guess what that policy could not be found. Again baloney!! Why tell parents at the first visit to your facility they you guys follow every thing by the book but you dont even know what your talking about. Moving on , as a few weeks past I noticed my son teacher get irritated and unpatient with kids. I watched her snatched other people kids by the arm numerous times. I reported this to the director Angela asking to remain anonymous. But that did no justice because the teacher started to be mean towards my child!! Even tho some daycare facilities offer WatchMeGrow cameras parents please take full advantage of it and pay close attention to body language because you never know what you will see. They show favoritism more towards Caucasian children then the other race children !!! Children courtyard at all locations have got to do better before they catch a lawsuit !! I have thought long and hard before leaving this review but I have got to warn other parents before leaving your kids and trusting some of the teachers who are not fit for the job or properly train to care of kids!! And yes I have completely changed daycares since this review!! Spend time with your child before leaving and pay close attention to your childs reaction towards the teacher.. When I experienced my child reaction my child showed fear towards his teacher that was my Cue to change centers..

Review №17

Jennifer the area manager was able to make a bumpy start better.

Review №18

My 4 year-old daughter has been attending CCY Haltom City for the last year and a half. My family moved to the area from Indiana five months before we decided to enroll her into a preschool. I spent the first five months home with my daughter so when we decided to enroll her at CCY Haltom City it was a difficult transition. She spent the next six weeks crying at every drop off. The director and teachers were absolutely amazing with her transition, along with mine. They took their time to send me pictures throughout the day to let me know that her entire day was not filled with tears! :) Ever since my daughter has attended this preschool she has enjoyed going every day. Ms. Tracie is amazing and my daughter absolutely loves her. She has taught my daughter so much since she has been there and I have absolutely no doubt that she will be ready for kindergarten. I would recommend this preschool to anyone that would ask for a reference.

Review №19

I went to four other local preschools/daycares before googling daycares near me out of frustration. There was no way I was going to put my 8week old son and my 8 year old daughter anywhere NEAR any of the facilities I had been to. I was convinced I was going to stay t home until he was school aged and could fend for himself at the places I had seen. And then I found The Childrens Courtyard. Even during our tour, the teachers and manager asked about my son- his name, likes and dislikes, sleeping habits, favorite things. All things no one had asked me anywhere else. Not once did anyone ask me where I work or when I was going back or what my hours looked like (things I had gotten everywhere else). We came back a week later with my husband so he could take the tour as well before deciding for sure and the teachers and director remembered my sons name! It sounds silly but it really meant a lot. That personal attention and care continues every day. My son is now 8 months old and has learned so much. No matter what mood he is in when we leave our house in the morning, he always has a big smile on his face as soon as he sees Ms. Angie. My oldest loves the school aged building and summer camp. There are a million and one things for her to do that keep her away from tv and video games but dont lock her into the same boring old activities every day. She says it feels more like a hang out spot with her friends than a daycare. The director, Gerri is an absolute gem! She loves the kids as her own but is not afraid to tell it like it is to the parents if the kids are way misbehaved. I have and will continue to recommend this school to any and all of my friends and family with kids.

Review №20

Unprofessional , unorganized, poor atmospheregood amenities for children but because of the lack of structure they are underutilizedIn addition , school will hold extra tuition paid after unenrollment for an extended amount of time( 60 days.)

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