The Childrens Courtyard of South Fort Worth
8701 S Hulen St, Fort Worth, TX 76123, United States

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I sent my newborn (2 1/2 months old at the time) to this location and I was not impressed. There is no said curriculum or no loving on the babies, they propped my infants neck on the arm of a rocking chair to feed him, fed him in the bouncer, didnt burp him, had other kids sitting around with no interaction but a toy thrown in their lap. The babies that could move around just sat there not knowing what to do or crawled underneath the cribs. The only time my child got picked up was for feeding and diaper changing. He sat in a bouncer for 8 hrs Monday thru Friday. I dont think the staff knew how to manage time or how to get some sort of system going. I spoke to the director and said changes would be made so I gave them 2 weeks to make a change and it was still a giant work in progress. I took him out because I didnt see that he would grow developmentally well there. The girls tried to make changes but they still run around like a lost dog. All they want is for your child to sleep so they dont have to do to much. I dont know what their other classes are like but I would not recommend sending your infants here. I know what I know because of the cameras. You would think that them being watched would make them work more efficiently but it doesnt matter to them. Yes your child is safe no harm being done physically besides my sons fragile neck on the arm of a chair, just mentally boring for infants. Yes they kept the place clean but yea thats cool and all but what about his mental state. If anyone wants a good recommendation I have a better place to send your infant. Let me know.

Review №2

My daughter has been attending this daycare for about a year and a half and we are 100% pleased with the staff and curriculum. We decided on this location because the CCY closest to our house didn’t have an available spot until our daughter was 9 months. We were planning on switching her to that location as soon as they had an available spot for her, but we absolutely fell in love with teachers and so did our daughter. Ms. Nicole, Ms. Melody, Ms. Elizabeth, Ms. Star, Ms. Mirissa and Ms. Maria have all been amazing!! They make the extra 15 minute drive worth it. I trust them and so does my daughter (she actually loves them). I am able to have peace of mind dropping her off at this daycare every day and seeing her get excited to be with her teachers and friends.

Review №3

We have been with the Childrens Courtyard for several years in different locations. At each location my kids have found several special teachers that they really love and can relate to. Now that my daughter is in school she still likes to come back to say Hi to her teachers. Miss Gabi, and Miss Nina and Miss Ashley, and Miss Carmen have all been really great. They have a positive attitude all the time and most importantly you can tell they love kids which makes all the difference. I would definitely recommend the Childrens Courtyard. They know me and my kids by name and that makes all the difference to me.

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We visited the center last week and have made our decision to enroll. After visiting four other places, this center was the best by far. The level of cleanliness was far above the other centers and that is important as our child will be on the floor for most of the day. The teacher called us back to make sure we had a great tour and asked if we had any questions that were not answered at the tour. I felt that was a great way to welcome us. We had our free day today and it went great.

Review №5

Layton has been with CC Hulen for 3 years. Teresa (site director),Mrs. Whitney, and Mr. Josh are great. Never had any problems. Layton has asthma, eczema, and tons of food allergies and I appreciate how diligent they are ensuring Layton is well.He loves riding the bus from school in the afternoons, playing basketball, and the movie center. Late night for parents is a dream come true as well! Im excited that my 3 month old, Chancellor, is joining the infant room with Ms.Nicole.

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We have been at this center a little less than a year now. I was blown away from the awesome Christmas concert they put on. I was so amazed of what even the littlest children did at the concert. The teachers had to have taken a lot of time to work with their children to learn the song, jingle the bells, teach the children to stand there knowing that hundreds of people were looking at them. It was truly precious. If you are looking for a place that treats you like family and cares for your children like they were there own...this really is the place

Review №7

Star rating would be much higher had the recent events not happened. My daughter has been going here for about a year and a half without any problems. Recently a new director was brought in and thats when it seemed to change. Since my wife if a nurse she only works a couple days a week and never the same schedule in a row. So we use the flex-pass. Well we had a second daughter and started her in school as well. The new director treats our schedule as an inconvenience to the daycare. We try and work with her by giving her our schedule 6 weeks at a time. She just recently informed me that the class for my youngest is going to be filled and my daughter wouldnt be counted in it. However my oldest daughters class is fine and she can continue to come. For some reason she thought this was ok that only one of my daughters could attend. Though the teachers are fantastic but the management doesnt seem to understand you cant select one child to attend and not the other.

Review №8

My son has only participated in the after-school program since the fall of 2012. My son has been up against some personal struggles. With kindness, patience and perseverance, Ms. Floretta and Ms. Nancy have been working hard with us to help him overcome. He always enjoys his time there and we are grateful to have them. Thank you ladies!

Review №9

Rance Monk- after reading your review Im quite confused because the 2 wonderful ladies who manage this daycare are the first reason why I chose this daycare. They are understanding and work with parents. The reason the infant class is full is because the parents see how wonderful they are and how amazing the teachers are in this class especially Nicole the lead teacher. The company policy clearly states about reserving a spot to keep a spot and it seems you have quite a good deal with your flex pay. All the children in that class except yours Im assuming is full time so reserving spots has to be done to make sure things are fair and within their policy. There are SEVERAL daycares within a 5 miles radius of childrens courtyard so Im sure you are free to find another daycare to accomidate your every need.I absolutely love this daycare leaving your infant in the care of strangers is a hard thing to do and I lucked out with these wonderful women who I trust my daughter with at all times. They work with you if you are in need and have fulfilled all little and big request I have asked. I truly appreciate Theresa and Whitney up front yall are an amazing management team! All infant teachers I am blessed to have you guys apart of our life!A. Irwin

Review №10

My sons have been attending Childrens Courtyard for almost 8 years now. The staff is friendly from the minute you walk in the door. The building is clean, full of modern equipment/toys/furnishings. The hallways and classrooms are decorated beautifully. The school age program keeps the kids engaged in a variety of actvities and the staff is always coming up with new ideas to keep the kids interested and engaged. Ms. Floretta and her staff are awesome!

Review №11

This daycare is awesome everyone there is great and very good with my daughter! Especially her teacher miss Crystal!

Review №12

Never will i entrust my childs well being to these people again... They have ultimately made the worst daycare list possible in my mind....Nice facility which hooked me and the staff SEEMED friendly, light nutrition from the food they give but i mean what 3yr old wants to have the same thing everyday?Do like how they try to teach independence.Once my child was in the class he was totally ostracized. Yes at 3, and i believe part of it came from the teachers feelings about me. I am a protective mother, what good mom isnt, but i assume she felt i was stepping in her zone asking too many questions on the transitioning of my child.. how was he getting along? How is he socializing? How were certain incidents handled? Etc etc...Kids will be kids i know... and im not one of those moms who say my kid is perfect, but when my child comes home with yellow slips (nearly daily) stating behavioral problems from my kid,1 particular incident was written that 1 kid knocked over my sons blocks over, repeatedly, no one intervened until my child was pushed to the point of pushing back, yet my kid is the only one disciplined and sent with a note? Mind u the note literally expressed this...Me and the teacher had serveral meetings, one case, while meeting and watching the kids on the playground,Ive watched a kid push my kid down 3xs before my kid responded, and the teacher THOUGHT she was going to speak to my child till i told her what happened.. by this time my child has built a reputation, and now it seems to be an earned reputation justly.. how do u expect a 3yr old to act when no one is defending him and the teacher tells u your wrong when u arent?And i get it, 1 teacher 15 kids is alot and u cant see everything, but not my problem... get more child should NOT be left IN THE RESTROOM BY HIMSELF WITHOUT ANYONE CHECKING ON HIM ONCE FOR 20MINS STRAIGHT TILL MY MOTHER HAD TO CALL THE SCHOOL AND ASK THE TEACHER TO ASSIST MY SON! LUCKILY FOR CAMERAS RIGHT?! But they know how to get by the cameras... picking my child up early one day, passing a class of 2yr olds who were supposed to be taking a nap, the teacher is looking down at a book but yelling her head off! At 2yr olds! The camera is positioned behind her, so for the parents logging in to check on your child, looks like everything is fine... no audio... she has her back turned with a book....And FINALLY WHEN I TRIED TO ADDRESS THE PROBLEMS MY CHILD WAS HAVING TRANSITIONING INTO THIS SCHOOL, THE STAFF DIDNT HAVE THE PATIENCE TO TRY AND HELP MY SON TRANSITION... INSTEAD THEY TRIED TO LABEL MY SON!!!!THAT IS WHEN THEY WENT TOO FAR!!!Tried labeling him with a learning or developmental disability... as a new young mom, this being my 1st & only child, i was devastated... crushed... took my child to multiple doctors to get tested and the help they thought he needed... to be told my child is completely fine, with signs of extreme intelligence, and that THIS IS WHAT LAZY DAYCARES DO... TRY TO LABEL A CHILD THEIR STAFF DOESNT HAVE THE TRAINING OR PATIENCE, TO HANDLE AN INTELLIGENT CHILD... CONFIRMED BY 3 DOCTORS WHO ALL SAID THE SAME THING... LITERALLY LAZY DAYCARE WHO SCARED A YOUNG MOM AND TRIED LABELING MY CHILD!Never again... and it will be a cold day in hell before i EVER GO BACK... literally screw that place!

Review №13

My name is Gabrielle Williams I am an assistant teacher at The Childrens Courtyard . When you first walk in the buliding the first thing you recieve is kindness and a warm smile . The atmosphere with working with the kids is amazing. Both my neice and nephew attend and I am confident leaving them everyday. Its a GREAT place to be . Our teachers are amazing and love what they do! I LOVE working here and seeing my neice and nephew attend as well . Its always a wonderful day at The Courtyard !

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Dear Director Ms. Kelley,I am the grandmother of your new student Londyn and mother of Londyns mom, Angela and dad, Brandee . I have had the opportunity to view the little ones on the Watch Me Grow live Camera and I wanted to let you know that I am thoroughly impressed with your Teachers and school.Of course I love watching Londyn interact with her new friends but, the teachers are AMAZING! The bending they do all day long and the special attention they have provided Londyn in her first week of school is to be commended. Your teachers move and interact and make decisions non-stop even while the kids are sleeping. I get tired just watching them in 5 minutes.With the recent tragedies that occurred in Connecticut I will forever be grateful that I know my little girl is in good hands.I will keep you and the all the staff in my prayers and I hope and pray that Londyn gives you as much love as she has given all her family and friends.I pray Gods hand is upon you all in this coming New Year.Your staff and teachers are truly Angels and you are appreciated all the way from Sunny California!I hope to meet you all in person next year.Peace & Blessings,Lisa

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It is the best

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