The Childrens Courtyard of Western Center
2301 Western Center Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76131, United States

Review №1

I first enrolled my son here and have nothing but positive feedback and results from him being here. Teachers have always been great about listening and caring and it shows with now both my son and daughter. Heck, there are times my son is enjoying it so much at the school he will get upset about leaving! My daughters teachers are very prompt about letting me know if she got a bump or cut and always update on the online site! Audrienne is very caring with the children and makes sure they are well cared for in her building.

Review №2

We have had both of our kids enrolled here since about 8 to 10 weeks old. We love the flexibility of care and the teachers love for our kids. Both of our kids love coming to school and I feel the staff is engaged with what is going on within the classrooms. The use a system to send updates via app, including pictures and videos which is so helpful to keep us in the loop! We have been coming here for almost 5 years, and we love it!

Review №3

As a parent, I am happy with this school. The teachers are dedicated and the staff is very helpful and hard-working. My child is a happy child here. Their summer camp is very good, lots of field trips. They take care of my child and I get regular updates about good or bad behavior. The best part is everyone in the staff knows what is happening with the kids. So even if I dont get to meet the teacher, I can ask one of the managers. Ms. Lewis, Ms. Jessica and Ms. Jessi are doing a good job !!

Review №4

My daughter has been attending Childrens Courtyard going on almost 2 years and I cant say enough about the school. They offer so many programs for the little ones and the classrooms are so cute and well maintained. Nutrition is huge to me and their meals are freshly made, I love their apps being able to always to check on my child and I highly recommend Childrens Courtyard to any parent! My daughter has loved her preschool teacher Ms. Alondra and her class and Im grateful that theyre truly concerned on the development and success of my child.

Review №5

Love this school! My kids have been here since August, and I have nothing bad to say. Office & Teacher are so informative and cordial. They keep me updated on everything. My kids LOVE coming here! My older 2 can’t wait to tell me all the great things they do after school here and my 2-year old is excited to tell me too! Happy kids = Happy mom! Look no further, bring your kids here 😄

Review №6

My daughter attended this facility beginning July 2013 as an 18 month old and only left to attend Kindergarten this fall. My son began attending this fall as an 18 month old. In summary, I have been with this facility for nearly 5 years and seen every stage from Infant 2 and up. I am glad to have my children here.My daughter was very advanced and they were always willing to work with her and keep her interested and learning. When she wouldn’t sleep during nap times they partnered with me to think of constructive solutions. By preschool she was writing her name and reading sight words. She was more than ready for kindergarten.My son is there now and they recognize that every child is different. They are working with him and pushing him to grow and learn. He is well taken care of and I am comfortable with him there.Over the five years I have seen teachers come and go and I’ve seen management come and go. Some teachers I liked more than others but anytime I had a problem, we were always able to resolve it professionally. I would recommend this facility to my closest friend.

Review №7

We have been really happy with the care our twins have received from the staff at Childrens Courtyard and more specifically all the girls in the infant room. They are always professional, courteous, friendly and most of all, love our babies. We never have to worry about whether or not they are being left in good hands. Even though our twins are infants, there are still plenty of activities available for them. And because they offer web cam services, we can check on them throughout the day, which I love. We initially got the service to ensure they were being taken care of properly, which became obvious very quickly that they were. There is almost always someone interacting with them. The staff in the front is always very helpful as well. We have not had any issues or bad experiences during our time with Childrens Courtyard. We would definitely recommend it!

Review №8

The review below is false. I know people have different perspectives, but Erica was a great director. Despite turnover (which is usually high at all daycare centers) these ladies always take good care of my kids. They communicate events the center is hosting and the daily activities of my kids, they show compassion and nurture for children, and always have a great attitude. I am so glad my kids attend this private school. Most importantly, my kids are excited about going to school everyday. My kids love this place as well! 😀

Review №9

HIGHLY UNPROFESSIONAL AND IMPASSIONATE OFFICE STAFF!!! The managers are very nice when touring the school but it’s a whole other story when your child starts attending. I heard both of the Jessicas negatively speaking about children in the office. Even yell at children in the office when they are in “trouble”. Overworked teachers, I have witnessed some teachers work 12-hour shifts because they are still there at 6am until 6pm and overheard not receiving breaks like supposed to. Think 5x before you bring your child here! There’s a reason why so many great teachers have left in just a short period on time. I believe most teachers that do stay are being taken advantage of and don’t realize it! If your child cannot speak for himself, I recommend not bringing him or her here at all! I’ve taken out my child when I found out that teachers don’t change toddlers’ diapers accordingly nor help treat rash, also my child had unexplainable incident reports when I ask a teacher during pick up, no one knows the cause nor was it communicated to the new teacher taking over the class. Misery loves company, with some teachers you can actually feel the tension and longing not to be with the children when dropping off. Not only this but the classrooms are very dirty staff doesn’t clean thoroughly and children are always getting sick I believe this facility should be shut down it’s infested with bugs, unprofessional staff, and bad vibes!

Review №10

This has been the BEST daycare we have ever been to! I cannot say enough good things. Mrs. Audrienne , the director, made us feel so welcomed when we first enrolled. She truly has done great things there as it is evident through the staff. Both Jessicas have been extremely kind and helpful as our son was getting acclimated. Most importantly, our son’s teacher Ms. Annette has been the third most important person in our son’s life. She has made him feel so loved and has taught him so much. Our son’s social, emotional, and academic skills have grown exponentially over the last few months. Ms. Annette keeps us constantly updated throughout the day of our son’s progress, sends us videos and pictures, and keeps constant communication. Children’s Courtyard on Western Center is so far the best daycare we have been to and it is worth every penny!

Review №11

I did not think I would ever find a daycare/preschool that I would feel 100% comfortable with. I was wrong. The staff at CCY WC go above and beyond to ensure that your child is comfortable and well taken care of and that you as a parent are comfortable with the care they are providing. They teach the children responsibility and mutual respect while preparing them for grade school and they do not just tell you that is what they do. They actually follow through. You can feel the love and care they have for each individual child. The school itself is as warm and welcoming as the staff. We feel at home at CCY WC and I have not felt that way at any other daycare- by far- hands down the best daycare/preschool available. I would be lost without them!

Review №12

My infant son goes to this daycare and the teachers and staff are great! They really take the time to learn each baby’s personality and are good at keeping parents updated throughout the day. The classrooms and toys are cleaned often so it’s very sanitary.

Review №13

We have a newborn we just started here and could not be happier. Ill admit we chose it based off its extremely close location to our house - but all of the infant room teachers are great, especially the 3-4 main ones. Neizi and Krystal are two of the best teachers in the infant room - they are the ones who are good at keeping us in the loop about our son and genuinely seem to care for each of the kids. The teachers (in the infant room) are extremely good at inputting the activities into the brightwheel app and giving you updates with pictures, which we love. They have been extremely diligent on calling and letting us know if there are any accidents with our son (i.e. any scratches or incidents). They are also extremely good at scheduling feedings and diaper changes and working with the parents on the child needs.The three managers of the daycare are respectful, responsive and seem like they truly want the best for the kids by helping with milestones with the kids. There are cameras in each of the rooms which helps being away from the little ones, I catch myself watching it more than working some days! The managers also seem to help the infant teachers out from time to time (and probably the older kids, I just dont have experience with them yet)...but they are in the room a lot helping the infant teachers out it seems like, especially Jessica Avila!Overall, your kid would be in great hands going to this daycare. They have monthly background checks of all teachers with I believe quarterly corporate audits. Of course the place could use an update - but thats directed from Corporate to pay for it probably.

Review №14

I never write Reviews but for them I will. My son attended the Harmon Re location. I loved them and had their ratio not have been full I would have taken him back to this location. Initially the staff was friendly. I had some issues with the Teachers because my son is very Advance for a 1 1/2 year old and they basically tried to dumb him down. He shouldve been in the toddler room yet I hardly see the toddlers in there. I wanted to start potty training and I was discouraged from it. Diapers are easier than pull-ups🙄They all remain in the infant room. I watch the Cameras and I did notice that some were lying about his food intake; here we are thinking he was just a super hungry boy yet he actually wasnt eating when they said he was. I agree with the parent who said they make excuses for their staff because a lot of my concerns were ignored or there was an excuse for it. Prices were all over the place all of sudden it was increased by $15 according to Miss Andie she claimed that I was paying less and she didnt know why. When I told her my son is a toddler not an infant and she claimed that I was paying toddler pricing yet couldnt produce pricing information for me. You better believe she watched my account like an hawk and when she saw that it still was billing me for the amount Ive been paying she went in and adjusted it adding the $15. Not to mention the system randomly stopped taking my payments last week I bought it to their attention this issue and stated I didnt want a fee and that it was an inconvenience. Miss Andie then stated that I could get a money order each week and bring it in again an inconvenience. I also got a fee which she told me I shouldve let someone kno about this issue like I didnt do that last week. After speaking with Rude Miss Andie who is Rude and Unprofessional with all my interactions with her I yanked my son up out of there today.

Review №15

I was under the impression that after filling out the necessary paperwork and providing a check for the registration fee I would be allowed to put my child into their care. However my child was denied a spot and I was not give any notification. The staff was dispassionate and cold.

Review №16

I went in to enroll my son in daycare there today and if I could give it zero stars I would. The staff was completely unprofessional and from the front lobby I could hear a teacher in the back yelling at a child. The director was in the front with about 5 other women and they were all talking about getting in fights and “acting crazy”. Not a place I’m going to send my child, ever.

Review №17

I was not pleased with this daycare, to say the least. My child attended this school for approximately 6 months and went through at least 5 teachers in that time, in the same room. Granted some of the staff was really nice but overall it was a bad experience. There was a day when I picked my child up and they were SOAKED in pee pants....just standing in a time out against the fence outside. Not a single person could tell me how long my child was like that but I knew it was a good amount of time. They had an amazing teacher there at one point and she just up and disappeared and no one would tell a concerned parent what happened to her. Plus, out of the 5 teachers only 2 had experience teaching...which is not what they promote. I ended up pulling my child out and we are now going to a smaller NON corporate daycare and I am extremely happy. No more corporate daycares for this Momma.

Review №18

Been holding off on writing a review for this place because I wanted to see if it was me or did other daycares operate the same as Childrens Courtyard as I didnt know being a first time parent. I have now had my daughter out of Childrens Courtyard for over a year and can clearly see that this place is under poor management. I actually highly discourage taking a child under 2 years of age here. Why? Simply put your putting your child at risk. When my daughter was enrolled staff turnover was ridiculous and every week we seem to be getting someone new. For an infant this isn’t good as teacher mix things up because they don’t know the kids. Kids also have issues building routines if they have no consistency. I could go on telling you about frequent bottle mix-ups, community pacifiers, incomplete activity forms and disgruntled teacher but the core of the issues is poor management. Vanessa is not above lying to your face and telling you that you’re just being over protective. I actually believe she feel that the daycare is running like a well-oiled machine which couldn’t be further from the truth. The basic principle of being prepared before the doors open, being honest with customers and taking ownership is why this place will continue to have issues until she is removed. So why does this place stay full? Because its right next to BNSF and it’s so convenient that most are willing to overlook certain things to keep that flexibility. I have spoken with several co-workers about this place and most have very mixed feelings and some have removed their children and return them as they got older. I give it a 2 star because it’s not a crack house and the facility is decent but for what you pay you can find better. My daughter has been enrolled at Country Acres Child Development Center on Old Decatur since we pulled her from Childrens Courtyard and you can immediately see the difference and their cheaper.

Review №19

I love working forChildrens Courtyard! Their education and care is top quality and the teachers genuinely have a love for children.

Review №20

Worst place ever. The director Erica treats her employees horribly. She compromises the safety of the children by often leaving far too many children in the classroom for one teacher even for texas standards. She favors children and employees. I have seen her ruin several employees lives by not taking responsibility for her own actions and putting her shortcomings off on others then firing them. Not just one but several people. The turnover rate for employees is a joke. My child has been sent home several times for petty things when not use to being in a daycare. Then comes home with bites and bruises on him with no explanation as to why. She refused to fire a teacher that left a child behind but then fired another for the same thing because the director messed up the paperwork. Most employees are very new and have no clue what is going on. They all are disgruntled because of the way they are treated and reflects on the emotionally on children attending. I would NEVER NEVER NEVER take my kids to this place again long as Erica is director there. This company has had several violations and fines against it for safety issues. Please go somewhere else specially a non corporate owned daycare. Corporate daycare only cares about numbers and profit. Not the children and employees.

Review №21

Love this daycare and the staff! Super sweet and nice!!

Review №22

I sent my 1 year old son to this daycare .. I had a very horrible experience. I noticed he have fear going to the daycare..initially I thought he will be alright soon but my son was getting so scared and he was hiding inside my closet when its time to go. he was only 12 months old and he is not ready for any drama. We started noticing this and i picked him up one day really early and he was covered in a blanket and he was shivering - but no fever. They had no concerns they didnt even call me .... I tried to work with the teache - she was not even interested to pick up my call. IT IS SUCH A HORRIBLE PLACE> DONT SEND YOUR KIDS THERE. I immediately pulled him .. I am happy that I took that decision

Review №23

Friendly staff, clean rooms, convenient access to main roads.

Review №24

No one pays attention to the children. The staff picked on my child and made it unbearable for him to continue. would NEVER go back.

Review №25

Very friendly staff.

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