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Great class! Instructor was awesome! I loved how he didnt just explain what you do, but also the reason behind why youre doing it, and what happens when its incorrect. Very informative. Definitely recommend!

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Very knowledgeable. Willing to work with me over difficult timetable - flexible and accommodating. Dynamic and memorable teaching. Well paced teaching session and encouraging examiner. Would strongly recommend Carpenter CPR Solutions.

Review №3

Highly recommended. Scott is an awesome instructor. Makes it easier to remember WHY you are performing CPR the way you are taught not just how to do it. He makes the class so much more interesting so time goes fast and you wont get sleepy! :) I will always choose to re-cert with Scott before any other instructor if I can.

Review №4

Great instructor with high energy and passion for teaching and saving lives. His discussions tied the online training together with real world practice. I actually feel much better prepared to address CPR after the course.

Review №5

This is a great course--I now feel confident in my ability to determine when CPR is needed and the correct way to administer CPR. The class itself was short and packed with valuable information which was reinforced several times. Scott Carpenter was great, he led a fast-paced class and was full of energy. It was clear that he was attentive to each students progress and ability. I highly recommend this course!

Review №6

This was the best CPR class that Ive taken! It was very hands on and the instructor, Scott, was very helpful in making sure we understand why it is important to do CPR properly and how to have the best outcome for your patient. I liked that we didnt need to watch movies or read through a book for the entire class. Scott was interesting and very funny as well as thorough. I would definitely recommend his classes and will be looking into scheduling an ACLS class with him in the future. Great job, Scott!!

Review №7

Oh man, I gotta take ANOTHER CPR renewal class??That was what I thought to myself (although I didnt say man) when my employer reminded me my BLS was up for renewal. This was like the fifth time Id done it over the years and it was never a terrific experience. Yes, the information is vital, but the classes tended to be boring at best. I did the online part of the renewal and felt I had a good handle on the new information so I sort of resented the fact that I needed to do the hands on part.I am SO glad I found Carpenter CPR Solutions! I truly enjoyed every minute of the experience. Scott enlarged on the simple what to do with clear explanations of WHY. Knowing this makes the WHAT make total sense and easier to remember. Scott was funny, but never lost track of the importance of the information he was passing on. Id highly recommend his renewal class for anyone who is up for renewal. Next time, I may even skip the online part and do the whole thing in person with Scott.

Review №8

Scott Carpenter is an excellent instructor. His enthusiasm and knowledge about the subject matter is contagious. Scott applies the science and research behind CPR/ACLS and incorporates it into real life application. I have taken two re-certification classes to date and I would highly recommend taking classes with Carpenter CPR solutions.

Review №9

Scott is super energetic, entertaining, but most importantly, informative. Ive taken several CPR/BLS courses, and this one was by far the best. Scott didnt just teach the technique, he made sure you understood hows and the whys.

Review №10

Carpenter Solutions made learning CPR enjoyable and fun, but by the end our group felt well prepared. He was knowledgeable, relaxed and engaging. His knowledge and skill is up-to-date and we had ample time to practice with actual equipment and dummies. Not only do I recommend getting CPR certification through Carpentet Solutions, but I hope to be able to further improve my skills with Carpenter Solutions.

Review №11

I took the online class and the in-class practical. Very straightforward. Scott is great at explaining hows and whys without a lot of extraneous info. Quick and painless - definitely highly recommend!

Review №12

Scott was a fantastic instructor. Very experienced, and he made the whole class more fun than I could have ever expected. Very very highly recommended by me!

Review №13

Scott is an enthusiastic instructor. He truly is dedicated to teaching others to understand the material and improve our skills and knowledge, regardless of years experience or background. I have taken many AHA courses, and I would take all my future classes here.Thank you!

Review №14

Great instructor. Great course refresher. Took the online AHA and followed up with a 1 hr instruction course. He was excellent in his presentation and instruction. Will definitely return for ACLS. Thank you so much!

Review №15

The class was small and intimate, and allowed for practical skills to be learned and directly supervised. Instructor was wonderful and energetic, making the class fun and the material easy to understand and enjoyable to learn. Would take again!

Review №16

Scott is a great teacher and is extremely passionate about the subject material. Small class sizes and positive learning environment. Will continue to return year after year.

Review №17

We hired Scott to do a CPR/First Aid certification at our horse farm for instructors and boarders. He was very responsive and communicative in the planning of the class. Scott was a good and energized presenter. I would use him again next time for sure.

Review №18

I took ACLS class with Carpenter CPR. It was very good experience, I found my time in the class very valuable. Mr. Scott is a great instructor and the in the way he teaches I could see passion and a great knowledge. I would recommend this class without any hesitation !!

Review №19

He is a very good teacher. Well informed and is able to explain everything in the simplest of terms. I would highly recommend him.

Review №20

I took acls and had a great experience. Scott was a very good instructor.Flexible scheduling for skills and online portion was work at your own pace.

Review №21

Scott has a great attitude, and he keeps the class exciting and fun while your are learning. The class was small, direct and to the point. I highly recommend him. I will be coming back to him for a renewal.

Review №22

Scott and his team make it very easy for the difficult tasks of accommodating everyones different schedules. I have used them three times now and will keep using them! HIGHLY recommend them!!!

Review №23

This was the best CPR class EVER!!! The material was presented in a fun, easy to RETAIN manner. I coordinate classes for our district, and we will be sure to use CCS for the rest of our training classes for all of our offices!

Review №24

Provided me the opportunity to truly understand they whys and it made sense. Brought the book work and hands on together. Great job!

Review №25

I have to renew my CPR certification every two years for my professional license so Ive taken MANY different courses over the last 20+ years. Carpenter CPR Solutions made it quick and easy. I took the online Part 1 BLS course which was well detailed and I could complete it on my own schedule. I completed the skills portion onsite with Scott. His enthusiasm made it obvious that he is passionate about teaching and his skills test was informative and no-nonsense. It was great to learn from someone who has used these skills in the real world.

Review №26

Best ACLS class. Scott is an amazing instructor and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend this class.

Review №27

Great teacher. Clear and concise information. I cant wait for someone to code at work....just kidding.

Review №28

Great CPR class to take. Lively, active instructor with accurate info and a quick skills review especially for Healthcare Providers. I highly recommend to everyone!!

Review №29

Top Notch ! Quicker than I expected. Very Knowledgeable, even down to the physiology of things.Highly recommended!!

Review №30

The instructor was patient and very informative. He helped me better understand the rationale behind each step.Marie

Review №31

Best CPR class Ive taken. Scott gives an education experience that is well worth it. If you need CPR or any of the other services offered, Carpenter CPR Solutions is a must!!

Review №32

The best ACLS skills session Ive ever taken! Great perspective from someone who isnt just a teacher, but someone whos been there. All the whys and not just the what. Will definitely recommend! Thanks Scott!

Review №33

A great CPR class to take, I highly recommend it. This class is hands on and Scott does a great job at explaining why its so important to do proper CPR.

Review №34

Great recertification class. Professional, interactive, and high energy. Will definitely use again next time around.

Review №35

Awesome ACLS class!! Low stress and material presented in an easy to understand format!! Will definitely use for my next recert!! Promptly returned e-mails and questions prior to class!

Review №36

Thanks Scott, you rock. Hes an excellent teacher yall. I highly recommend.

Review №37

Scott is incredibly knowledgeable. Ive been doing ACLS for nearly 20 years and BLS for 25, and he was the best instructor Ive had. His prices are very competitive, and the value for his course is superior. Dont look elsewhere if you live in Frederick/Montgomery/Carroll county

Review №38

Thoroughly enjoyed this class and the teacher especially - I gained a lot of experience from taking this course this way!

Review №39

ACLS RENEWAL. Great refresher. A lot of important information and discussion provided

Review №40

Scott Carpenter is an exceptional educator who is very knowledgeable and communicates well. Hes the best ACLS instructor Ive had after 16 ACLS courses over the past 30 years!

Review №41

Awesome class. very knowledgeable instructor. highly recommend

Review №42

Such an amazing learning experience! Scott was very enthusiastic and professional. I learned so much!

Review №43

Excellent presentation of material, Scotts enthusiasm rubbed off on us all and made for a memorable evening of learning CPR and First Aid. Recommend!

Review №44

Excellent course. I would recommend it!

Review №45

I loved the class and learned more than I ever had previously in BLS classes. I highly recommend Carpenter CPR Solutions.

Review №46

Extremely nice and helpful, willing to go the extra step so you understand what you are there for!

Review №47

Great experience- Scott went out of his way to help me with scheduling a testing time for ACLS. Awesome teacher- explained concepts clearly in a way that I could remember ! Highly recommend CPR Solutions !

Review №48

Great teacher, small class, with laid back and fun environment. Ill be back in 2yrs for my next recert.

Review №49

Great class and great instruction! Very knowledgeable and efficient!

Review №50

Best BLS and ACLS classes Ive ever had!

Review №51

Scott is fantastic! He breaks everything down! I would recommend to anyone!

Review №52

Ive taken countless BLS courses and now two ACLS courses and i can honestly say that this was the best course i have ever taken! no joke! scott was awesome - engaging, informative, enthusiastic and funny - the day really flew by... if im still in the area in two years, i will absolutely re-cert with scott... thank you!

Review №53

Hands down best class/instructor Ive ever had!!! Strongly recommend!

Review №54

Great instructors. Awesome, upbeat class.

Review №55

Intersting instructor, good information, and quick skills check!

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