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Review №1

Our preschool has been using Life Savings Certifiers for our CPR/First Aid/AED training for several years now. We are always very happy with the training. We learn so much, and have fun doing it! The trainers give real-life stories and give great advice as to how to handle specific situations found in a pre-school setting. Karey communicates well and promptly. She reminds us when we are due for renewal and is flexible with our crazy schedules. We HIGHLY recommend them for your training needs!

Review №2

We’ve been having Life Saving Certifiers come out for our bi-annual CPR and first aid certification for our child care center for years now. They are the best, well informed certifiers. Dave is easy to talk to and ask questions. He will always be welcomed back at our center! Thanks for your expertise!

Review №3

Probably one of the best presentations of the material I have seen over the years. Loved the humor and the fun feel to the presentation. The young lady was animated, bouncy and full of energy, which added to the presentation. The gentleman was a wonderful presenter. The two worked really well as a team and provided thorough coverage of the material. It was very apparent that both presenters brought a wealth of experience and knowledge into the presentation.

Review №4

Such an informative and fun experience!! The instructors are top notch and their knowledge goes well beyond just the basics. You can tell they are dedicated to making sure you know what you are doing while making it a pleasant and fun experience. This is the best CPR class i have ever taken based on instructor knowledge and teaching style. I highly recommend!!!

Review №5

Amazing class! Informative and fun and always learning something new! We’ve used Life Saving Certifiers for years for re-certification for our child care center. All the trainers are excellent! Highly recommend!

Review №6

The instructor that arrived ws very well prepared. The staff is willing to work with you to get your staff the training you need in a time that works for everyone. They are very quick to answer phone calls and emails and are very professional. The teachers in the class had a great time and said the instructor was a lot of fun and the time flew by. We will continue to use this agency for all of our CPR/First Aid training in the future.

Review №7

I just completed the one on one course with Karey and highly recommend it! Karey presented the information in a practical way that I was able to follow and learn from. She made it fun as well. I felt very accomplished when finished with this course and thankful to Karey and other people working with her for teaching these life saving skills.

Review №8

We have been taking annual BLS classes with Karey and her team for years and they are always so amazing! We had Dave for the first time recently, and we loved him! You can tell their instructors know what theyre doing and teaching and they make it enjoyable to be a part of the class.

Review №9

Karey has been ahmazing!! She was easy to work with and really stuck with us until completion. We ALWAYS use Life Saving Certifiers for our CPR Training needs.

Review №10

I have had the pleasure of working with Karey and Life Saving Certifiers for several years now. They are very flexible and accommodating when working with our busy schedule and our large staff. The classes are informative and always entertaining!

Review №11

Ive been in the medical field since 1996. Thats a lot of CPR recertification classes and I found this companys approach the best! The online portion assessed my base knowledge and built on it, while providing necessary reminders in areas that I dont practice on a regular basis, such as pediatrics. In person, my instructor Karey, was knowledgeable, informative, and up to date with best practices and advanced technology that is being used out in the field these days. Great course!!

Review №12

Our trainer was a fire fighter with years of experience in real life-threatening situations. Even after having CPR and first aid trainings for years and years, I learned many new and important real-life things I had never heard before. It was absolutely indispensable. We will definitely be using them again for training our staff! Fantastic!

Review №13

One on one with Karey during COVID-19, great instructor! Highly recommend!!

Review №14

I contacted Life Saving Certifiers to request a private CPR certification course for my family of 5 (2 adults, 3 children age 11-14). Karey responded quickly and set up a private class for us at a date/time that worked for our schedule. The class itself was great and covered adult, child, and infant CPR and choking. Karey made the subject matter interesting and accessible for both adults and children, and patiently answered all our questions. Karey followed all COVID safety precautions (masks, distancing, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, etc.), and our family felt safe throughout the experience. I highly recommend Karey and Life Saving Certifiers to anyone needing or wanting CPR certification. Although I hope we never have to use the skills we learned during this class, it provides peace of mind to know that we now have the ability to help in an emergency situation. Well be back in 2 years for a refresher!

Review №15

I needed CPR certified very quickly, and live far from Frederick. Karey made an appointment for me on a day I would be driving through. They were fast to respond, the course was easy to understand, and everything was done with no hassle. Highly recommend!

Review №16

Karey and her team have been my life savers for my child care centers CPR training for the past few years. They are very reliable! The instructors give real world examples that we might see in our field. The classes are very relaxed and they come right to you at your facility. I get all my staff done in a few hours and at a reasonable cost.

Review №17

Our association has used Life Saving Certifiers for several years now. They are always quick to answer any messages, and are wonderful to work with. All of their instructors have been amazing. They are full of personal knowledge and examples, and make the classes fun and educational at the same time!

Review №18

I am a Family Child Care Provider and I needed my re-certification for Pediatric CPR, AED & First Aid. I contacted Karey and she set me up to take the class online. Once that was completed, I had my skills check in person. She was very informative and helpful. I felt very confident with the skills. Great experience and safely practiced social distancing. I highly recommend and will be using her again in the future.

Review №19

Life Saving Certifiers is the ONLY company that we will be using to do CPR/FIRST AID training going forward! We have LOVED every single instructor we have met, specifically Karey and Kelly! Kelly is an absolute HOOT! Each instructor has valued our time and made sure they left us feeling confident in the skills they taught us. We actually look forward to having them come back year after year. Thanks for all you do!!

Review №20

Excellent class! I would highly recommend!

Review №21

I have been lucky enough to take my CPR certification with Lifesaving Certifiers for several years now. That are always professional and engaging. Above all the education is top notch. I couldn’t ask for a better company to teach lifesaving skills.

Review №22

Our school has been working with this team for years and it was a great experience every time. The staff are all rockstars and youll have a great time during the class!

Review №23

Very informative class! Brenda Bateman was my instructor today (10/17/2020) for AHA heartsavers pediatric CPR/AED and first aid training. I appreciated this lifesaving class as a childcare provider... Brenda provided a high-quality learning experience even during this Covid social distancing class. My husband and I both said wow great experience and enjoyed learning with great real life examples. I was grateful Brenda was willing to let me bring in my new AED unit to better understand its functions. Irene Grab, Grabble-Touch Family Childcare

Review №24

They are very accommodating and expeditious. I needed a refresher course on limited notice. They were able to get me into one and get me my AHA card within 48 hours! I will be going back to them for all of my AHA certifications and sending all of my coworkers to them. Very pleasant to work with as wel!

Review №25

The Course was terrific. I was able to complete the course and skills training with Karey in one week. Karey is extremely knowledgeable. I was very impressed with her teaching style! Thank you Karey.

Review №26

We completed our annual training today with Life Saving Certifiers. I have never felt more prepared for a cardiac emergency within my dental practice or elsewhere! This company was incredibly responsive and available to meet our scheduling needs. It was a pleasure from start to finish! Thank you to our instructor, Claudia, for being so prepared and knowledgeable.

Review №27

This class was helpful, informative, and has given me the confidence to administer these like saving skills if needed. The information was presented in a fun way. I highly recommend this training. Kelly was great!

Review №28

Just recently got certified through this company! The instructor was so fun but professional! He took his time and made sure we had full understanding before moving on to the next topic. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Review №29

Life Saving Certifiers has been certifying the teachers at The Goddard School in Mount Airy for the past five years. Karey (owner) is great to work with. Not only is she easy to communicate with, her team is phenomenal as well. My staff always tells me refreshed they feel after training and how much fun the trainers make it. Highly recommend them!

Review №30

Wonderful experience! Very helpful & accommodating even under the circumstances on COVID-19.

Review №31

Kelly was a great instructor! She presented the information in a fun way and we still felt very prepared to deal with an emergency situation. She made the information simple so we could easily remember it in a stressful situation. We received our cards quickly. Overall, a great experience!

Review №32

Our Dental team had so much fun taking our CPR class today with Life Saving Certifiers! Karey and Dave are both teriffic! We look forward to having them back in 2 years!:)

Review №33

I called this organization because I needed a Basic CPR/AED course quickly and within 15 minutes of leaving a message my phone call was returned. I was able to attend a class the following day. The class was the most informative and thorough Ive attended without being redundant and overdone! Thank you!

Review №34

Our office has had Karey do our CPR classes with our staff for years now. She is always up to date and knowledgeable of all the current recommendations. She has a wonderful personality that keeps the staff engaged and a pleasure to take the class with. We cant recommend this company enough! We look forward to our next certification, Life Saving Certifiers.

Review №35

Our team had an awesome time learning CPR! They made it a super fun and engaging experience.

Review №36

Karey is great! I have taken many classes of hers and she is hands down the best. Last week we had Rich who was super as well. The class is fun and laid back. We will never use any other company for our training needs.

Review №37

We have used Kareys staff at our school for years now! The instructors are always entertaining, engaging, and informative. I would recommend using this company to anyone looking to train their staff in basic CPR/FA. Thank you, Karey!

Review №38

Life Saving Certifiers has presented the Pediatric 1st Aid/CPR course at our preschool for two years. It is the best 1st/Aid course I have ever attended. The instructors present the material in ways that make it easy to remember. The instructors are knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions you may have about first aid and CPR. Karey is very prompt with responding to requests for classes and follows up to ensure the class went well!

Review №39

Matt did a wonderful job! He was very informative and presented in a nice, relaxed manner. He gave us opportunities for hands on instruction, making sure everyone was practicing the procedure correctly.

Review №40

Kareys team of instructors are awesome! The interesting and engaging way they present the CPR/First Aid content is always commented on by the students I serve in the early childhood community! Life Saving Certifiers is a great organization to work with!

Review №41

I recommend Life Saving Certifiers to anyone, our class last night was a fantastic experience. Claudia, our instructor, kept the class informative but we were also able to have some fun. Great experience!

Review №42

I believe this is the third time our school has used Life Saving Certifiers for our Pediatric CPR training. All staff that we have encountered, Kelly this time, have been beyond courteous and knowledgeable while teaching in a way that kept the learning fun! After our class was over, everyone felt more confident in their abilities to perform CPR, especially in a stressful situation.

Review №43

Great company. Our instructor was very nice and knowledgeable. The owner was so accommodating and easy to work with.

Review №44

Karey got me in the next day to re-certify my BLS and saved me! She is very experienced and knowledgeable teacher. She was so helpful and professional. When I need to re-certify I will definitely be back. This is the best CPR class I have taken! Thank you Karey for all of your help!

Review №45

I highly recommend Life Saving Certifiers!! Karey is awesome and is super accommodating to any schedule. Every single instructor that we have encountered over the past few years during our trainings have been AMAZING! Everyone is extremely knowledgeable and makes class super engaging.-Director of The Goddard School in Voorhees, NJ

Review №46

Karey was excellent. Super easy to work with, responded right away to my email, and worked quickly with me to find a time that would work for both of us. She is also able to do the BLS recert skill portion only, which I had trouble find at any other training site in Frederick. This was a great experience and I will surely use her again in the future for certification needs.

Review №47

My class was very informative and fun! Loved our instructor Cary! We had some good laughs and learned new I for.ation through personal experience as well through the curriculum!

Review №48

This is the 4th year we have used Life Saving Certifiers for our preschool and church staff. They are extremely knowledgeable, kind, and make the class fun! We will definitely continue to trust them with our future First Aid/CPR certification requirements!

Review №49

The CPR class was informative, engaging, helpful, and entertaining! The time flew by and I feel confident in my abilities to perform CPR if necessary.

Review №50

This was a great CPR class! It was really fun! Jon and Rich were great teachers! They were both really funny and made the class enjoyable! :)

Review №51

Great CPR class! Jon and Rich were great teachers!! They kept the class fun and had great personalities!! I highly recommend this class!! :)

Review №52

This team is awesome! I have had the pleasure of meeting a few of the instructors as well as the owner many times as we have used them for group staff trainings. They are always knowledgable and fun and they make the training time fly by, leaving us feeling refreshed and confident in our life saving practices. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a great life saving training! You won’t be disappointed!

Review №53

Our office recently got certified at Life Saving Certifiers - Karey is very professional and responsive and the presenter Cammy was excellent. Highly recommend!

Review №54

I am a director at an early childhood center and we have used Karey and Life Saving Certifiers for years when it comes to renewing our CPR and first aid certifications. They are always very responsive to any questions and go above and beyond when it comes to our training. I would absolutely recommend them to other businesses and will continue to use them in the future!

Review №55

Ive been taking CPR training with Karey for years! Karey makes CPR training fun, but informative, and thorough- she makes it easy to remember all of the information, so you dont feel overwhelmed. Highly recommend!

Review №56

Karey and her team have been doing FIrst Aid/CPR and AED training for my preschool staff for years. All of the instructors are professional, informative, and make the classes interesting! They provide real-life scenarios to help prepare our teachers for emergencies. I highly recommend Life Saving Certifiers!

Review №57

Karey was an amazing CPR instructor. I recently took the BLS class and was very impressed with her knowledge and enthusiasm about the subject. Even with her Paramedic and EMT background she was able to explain the topics so clearly and in more simplistic terms that my 12 year old who accompanied me to the class started asking questions and became interested in the information. She was even able to demonstrate with us the proper technique for CPR by the end of the class. Karey is so friendly and easy going she made my daughter and I feel very comfortable while learning about a very uncomfortable and scary topic. I highly recommend her and I will be sending all my friends her way.Sterling Burton RN (Frederick Md)

Review №58

Our office has been using Life Saving Certifiers for over 10 years. Karey is amazing!! Classes are alway informative and a lot of fun! She is my life saver keeping me on top of our office requirements . Can’t wait to stop by to new office.. looks fabulous. I highly recommend Karey and company !!!!!

Review №59

CPR arranged quickly and conveniently for our office staff. Karey responded quickly to emails and voicemails and was very easy to work with. Rich Meneses was a great teacher!

Review №60

Karey and her trainers always do a fabulous job!!! Highly recommend them!

Review №61

I have utilized Karey and her team twice now at my child care centers to train staff in CPR and first aid. They care, dedication and instruction that they bring to the classes is like none I habe ever had. Her team travels, works eith your needs and provides excellent training on all levels. Thanks Karey and team!!

Review №62

They are the best!! We love these guys!! Thank you!!

Review №63

Excellent course.

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