Uneed Martial Arts
6766 W Glendale Ave #125, Glendale, AZ 85303, United States

Review №1

Joe and the team are amazing and work very well with children. My son has been attending for a few months now and he always looks forward to his classes. Joe has not only helped my son learn and improve his defense skills, but he has also helped my son with his self confidence. If you’re looking for a class that focuses on friendship, respect, and autonomy.. this is the perfect place to enroll your children in.

Review №2

Cannot stress enough how greatful I am I enrolled my son here. This place provides a team, friendship, structure and of course self defense and so much more. The teacher is great and so patient and engaging with the kids, and one thing I really appreciate is the people who often are helping the kids learn are other students. Initially i was really looking for a group activity my son would enjoy and here he feels included, and challenged, and after class is over relaxed and noticeably more happy for the night. The school really has shown so many more advantages for his physical and mental growth that I couldnt have anticipated. Of course 10/10 recommend this place

Review №3

Sifu Joe and the rest are so patient and kind, I have my 5 year old enrolled and she has been enjoying it and the instructors as well! They do not push hard on the children and are very understanding, I definitely will recommend Uneed to any parents looking to enroll their children into martial arts or even themselves!

Review №4

Uneed Martail Arts has been amazing to my son. Sifu Joe is fantastic and so is all his staff. Highly recommend!

Review №5

There are way more things to learn from Uneed Martial arts. For children being taught ways to prevent themselves being abducted. Being taught how to be aware of their surroundings. For women tactics for self defense and how to fight off an attacker are invaluable.My teenage daughters participate in the self defense courses my younger children take the Kung fu classes. Life skills of this sort are must.

Review №6

If you are looking for a safe, fun, and comfortable learning environment for your kids, or yourself, this place is it! The very first class I took was their womens self defense class. I brought my bestfriend and her daughter who was 11 at the time. Joe and his team were very thorough and answered all of our questions, we felt 10xs safer with the knowledge we gained after the class was over. Joe is a natural teacher with a huge heart and passion for it all. I can say the same for everyone who I have met at this Dojo. We just love it here!

Review №7

Absolutely LOVE this dojo! I have known sensi Joe for a little over 10 years now and he never seizes to amaze me with the level of integrity he demonstrates and holds not only his instructors to but his students as well. He has a great force of character and a true passion for and knowledge of martial arts and it really makes the place feel like home. Also, the instructors he works alongside with are dedicated, engaged and creat a safe environment where the kids can thrive in and also have a little fun. All in all, great place, great people, great atmosphere, great skills!

Review №8

The moment I walked into Uneed Martial Arts, I knew this was not like any other school, it felt like a family. I was welcomed with open arms and I wasn’t afraid to try something new. I have a year now training with Sifu Joe and I have never seen big improvements in myself physically and mentally. Seeing the kids and adults improve each day with their training does not just motivate myself but everyone in that room. Plus they teach our kids the importance of self defense, respect, discipline, and the beauty of Kung-fu. This Art can save someones life.Highly recommend!

Review №9

Joe is knowledgeable and always willing to help when he sees his students struggling. He is beyond patient with his students and understanding as well. He provides useful training and incorporates fun too. My son can be challenging in class at times; however, Sifu Joe handles him impeccably well. Highly recommend Uneed Martial Arts!

Review №10

Son has been going here for years. Watched him test for his purple sash tonight.

Review №11

I love that we chose Uneed Martial Arts for our children. Sifu Joe is an outstanding teacher & hes amazing with children. My kids have learned so much in less than a year. We love it here. I recommend you take the FREE FIRST CLASS, you wont regret it!

Review №12

I highly recommend this place!!! My daughter has been here for the past 4 months and she just got her first sash! Sifu Joe is an amazing instructor and his patience is incredible! Every single time we come in everyone is very welcoming and happy and ready to get a work out in! It is beyond me how they could do this day in and day out and never without a fail. I’m so happy I came in and decided that this was the perfect place for my daughter and the peace of mind I have knowing she is learning self defense. Like his business says. You really do need martial arts!! And also, the fact that he helps us by disciplining our daughter when she’s not behaving or not doing well in school. He’s always ready to have her work harder and talk to her with the most up most respect. Thank you Sifu and everyone in your team.

Review №13

I would highly recommend Uneed Martial Arts to anyone! Not only are the teachers wonderful, but the skills they teach go far beyond the dojo. The environment is safe, and inviting. Sifu Joe and the crew, have created their own community that I dont feel you can find anywhere else!!

Review №14

I just started going last week. But I already feel comfortable being myself and learning and getting back into shape. Im so thankful to have the support from not only My classmates but Sifu Joe really works with you on a personal level. Im 30 and out of shape bad. But no one in the gym puts me down about it they definitely encourage. The vibes are very fluid and just amazing. Best Dojo Ive gone to in such a long time. Thank you Uneed for helping me out.

Review №15

I love it here...its like I have another new fun and loving family that I get to grow and learn with .I feel accepted in this dojo and most of all, I got to learn so many new things that I didnt really think I could do. This art is amazing!

Review №16

Great place for kids to grow. They will learn confidence, self control, leadership skills I could keep going.

Review №17

I had never taken martial arts before. As a women it can a very intimidating thing to try. Sifu Joe and the rest of the Uneed family were very welcoming and made my experience fun and comfortable! I highly recommend women to try to learn self defense and this is no better place to do it!

Review №18

Its a great place for anyone to learn martial arts no matter the age. The instructor is helpful, kind and picky. Best way to learn martial arts correctly while having a good time.

Review №19

My son has been coming here for a few months now. He absolutely loves his classes. All of the instructors are amazing and very professional. I recommend this martial arts school.

Review №20

Ive checked out quite a few schools around my area, as soon as I visited this pace, I know my search was at an end. Joe is an excellent teacher who obviously cares about his students, and is always seeking to improve both you and himself.He is everyone open to questions and focuses on assisting in each persons individual development. Every student Ive so far interacted with had been a reflection of this mindset.I have only been attending for a short time, but I can already see that I will remain a student here indefinitely.I would recommend this place to anyone interested in learning effective martial arts, and improving themselves.

Review №21

Uneed really is a growing family! The knowledge we gain and share certainly will impact your life; its not all punching and kicking! They teach the science, not the violence!

Review №22

Sifu Joe has been an incredible role model to our son, his confidence has risen both in and out of martial arts. Highly recommended!

Review №23

If your family is important to you as mine is to me. This is the best place to take your family and learn as a family to be one and the peace of mind we all matter . Starting at the age of four all kids can learn and it is great to have teachers that really do care about our children. Sefu Joe is the best person that I have ever met that does care about my kids and works very well with them.

Review №24

This place has the BEST family atmosphere to train in. Everyone is very welcoming, eager to learn and willing to help others. You learn at your own pace and dont feel rushed to keep up. You can ask questions to better understand the material as well.

Review №25

This place is great for your kids! Good vibes and the teacher is Awesome

Review №26

I enrolled 2 of my children @ UNeed Matial Arts back in September 2019. From day one, i knew i had made the right decision. Sifu Joe is an amazing instructor. He genuinly cares for his students. Im one of those parents that sticks around until the class ends...and let me tell you, the patience that this man has is astounding. He takes his time for each and every one. No man gets left behind type of vibe. He makes sure the kids have fun, but also very serious about teaching them the art. He takes pride in what he does...and it shows in every class. I truly enjoy watching how much my children (and their peers) have grown since they joined. UNeed Martial Arts is our second family. I recommend them to everyone any chance I get. Tuition cost is very reasonable. We recently moved quite a distance from UNeed, but we make the trip on our scheduled days because I could not imagine my children at any other Martial Arts dojo. Always worth the drive. Thank you UNeed Martial Arts.

Review №27

Not only great martial artist but great people. They cared for me n continute to care as a student n friend. Great atmosphere n perfect place to lose some weight. Amazing with children as well

Review №28

My children absolutely love martial arts and self-defense training at Uneed Martial Arts! They learn lots, build their confidence in themselves, acquire beneficial life skills and also have tons of fun! Sifu Joe and his assistant instructors are friendly, engaging and knowledgeable and treat the children with kindness and respect! Id recommend Uneed Martial Arts to anyone!

Review №29

A++ rating! Our daughters focus, discipline, and physical shape has greatly improved during her time with Uneed Martial Arts. Sifu Joe and his team truly have a passion for their art and it shows with the quality training and skills they teach their students. Her classes have become one of the highlights of our week and as a father, it gives me piece of mind to know that my daughter is learning the life skills necessary to deal with scary situations, bullies, or worse. Great service at a great price!

Review №30

I highly recommend this place for adults and kids self defense. My 5 year old loves it and the Instructors are so great with kids! Awesome place!

Review №31

I absolutely love and respect the place and really encourages to become better

Review №32

First class was free and thats all it took for my daughter to feel welcome, accepted, not judged, she was inspired with the positive encouragement by all of the instructors. The kids that attend class are treated as the adult students are treated, with respect and encouragement. To watch a student test for advancement to their next level is cool. Students are encouraged to support each other and be a family. My daughter has gained confidence and self discipline since she has been attending classes at U need Martial Arts. I appreciate that students can attend as many classes as they like for one monthly fee. I appreciate SiFu Joes leadership to all of his instructors and all his students. He is building an extended family that my daughter enjoys being a part of and at the same time teaching my her how to protect herself while having fun. She absolutely hates exercise, that is until she started attending classes. She has lost weight and feels good about herself. Thank you UNMA!

Review №33

You cant help but LOVE this dojo! I have found no better way to invest my time or money than into my experience with the Uneed Martial Arts family. Its a physical workout, intellectual challenge, and theres unlimited support from people growing and developing a life long skill together. It only took one class to see the difference in what Sifu Joe has to offer.

Review №34

Great place to be. Instructors are awesome. Something I would suggest for anyone to go check out for themselves.

Review №35

The dojo is my favorite place to be! The people and instructors are the best! Its one of the only place I found that helps me work around my injuries, while also helping push past them when able.

Review №36

Amazing person, great teacher, fantastic team, recommended 💯 %

Review №37

Been there for 3 yrs now . It the best self defense class in my book ! If you not sure ,go try one class and see for your self

Review №38

Amazing place, for me are my family ,you get to meet great people, and you learn a great martial art ,is a honor be a part of Uneed Martial arts school 😘

Review №39

Uneed has one of the most caring, understanding and skilled instructors in Arizona. The lessons learned within this dojo will have a long lasting positive impact on your personal development. Will definitely recommend.

Review №40

My daughter is taught principles and given confidence as well as something constructive and difficult so that she can be taught to overcome obstacles. Sifu Joe is a great instructor and is really great with kids.

Review №41

When I originally went in for the first time it was because I misread the sign. One demo from Sifu Joe and I was hooked. This is the best martial arts school I have ever witnessed. The forms practical, the peerage supportive, and the leadership wise beyond their years as well as having earned respect through long service. You can do no better than coming to this unassuming humble dojo in the heart of downtown glendale. Come meet your new family.

Review №42

Great place. Everyone is very nice and very willing to work with you.

Review №43

I took classes before I backpacked Europe. It was my first time ever doing martial arts of any kind and I LOVED IT!!!!!It was a wonderful experience that kept me safe through my travels and I actually had to utilize some of the material that I learned.As a woman I feel that it is very important to know how to protect yourself, and this is the place to do it!The teachers were very knowledgeable and friendly I would suggest it to anyone and everyone!

Review №44

This place is THEE best and I absolutely LOVE & respect the people i train with! The concepts and principles I have learned here can be applied to real life situations and I legitimately wouldnt be who i am today if it werent for my entire dojo family! Needless to say, Uneed Martial Arts comes highly, HIGHLY recommended!

Review №45

Great trainers very commited in helping students my daughter is learning so much very grateful 😀

Review №46

This place has awsome and respectful people ready and willing to help

Review №47

Uneed Martial Arts is an amazing Gung-Fu school that has taught both my kids more than I could of ever expected form a Dojo. Not only are my kiddos learning self defense but more importantly self worth and respect. Sifu Joe is dedicated to each and everyone of his students going above and beyond with his teaching style and devotional training. I am so grateful for the culture and family like experience here at Uneed that even I as a mother of two students joined, its never too late! Big shout out to Freshman co-instructor who is awesome with all the students development and who is truly committed to the school. Thank you ❤️

Review №48

Not only does it have the most compassionate instructors in the state, it’s hands down the best martial arts school in Arizona! Would recommend this dojo to absolutely anybody, and you learn why you need martial arts there for sure!

Review №49

This is legitimate Gung Fu!!! They teach, and train in that theory. The martial arts is derived from Kun Tao, and has been passed down from generation to generation across the globe. From the Masters to the instructors, all the way down to the students. This style is effective, and practical! The people are respectful, and helpful, you WILL grow with them as you learn this art! Good for all demographics! Women, children, men...tall, small, big, thin...they will break it down for your body type on effect, and practical self defense! I highly recommend this dojo!!! Sifu Joe, is a wonderful man! And the Masters that will Grace the class with there presence is a rare treat, which you will see why they are master, when they show up.

Review №50

Uneed martail arts truly is my home away from home. Thanks to the love, support and amazing instruction of sifu joe and my u need martail arts family i was able to go from 274.4lb to 215lb uneed Martail arts truly saved my life. I can never truly repay them for their time and dedication in saving my lifeI can only say thank you.Peace and blessings to those who read.

Review №51

At my age of 58 I wanted to find an martial arts school but I didnt have confidence in myself. So I knew a few of my friends who were going to this school and recommended it to me. I went to the school and was happy to see that Sifu Joe Martinelli worked with all of us together and later worked with us individually. I have learned so much. There is a family atmosphere at this school, every student is pulling for each other to get better. I have grown to love each and every student at this school. And this all begins with Sifu Joe Martinelli and Master Mike Selmon who are the heart and soul of the school. Love how they work with the kids in this school, the love and passion in which they teach the children, the future of the school looks so bright. I was looking for a school but found family.

Review №52

What I love about Uneed Martial Arts is the training and history of the martial art.

Review №53

Perfect place to learn how to make friends and unmake your enemies!

Review №54

The dojo is definitely a place to be. The dojo provides excellent practice and instructions for self defense. Along with that, it creates a safe, loving environment for students to feel secure and confident to make mistakes and improve. The dojo is a home

Review №55

Great place to learn kung fu and the teacher is amaizg

Review №56

Mind body and soul. If all are not in tune then UNEED to take action. Since taking action I hav realized martials arts is not about fighting. ON the contrary, it is about calming your mind, when your body is yelling. Your thought become your actions. The classes have really helped me calm my mind and focus. If you are considering, stop wasting time and do the damn thing.

Review №57

Great place to learn the art and make good friends

Review №58

Good family fun

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