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My Son loves going to Mathnasium. Geometry now make sense to him and he is able to work independently most of the time.The staff is super friendly and supportive we highly recommend Mathnasium to everyone.

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My daughter likes the environment. The tutors are very cooperative. Overall, this is a great place for learning.

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Mathnasium helped my child improve in his math skills. It also made him more confident and decrease his anxiety about math. Before mathnasium, we had a lot of tears and low self esteem, while doing homework. I was surprised that my son enjoys going to Mathnasium, that he even asks me to take him there because he has homework. Mathnasium also helps my son with his homework. This frees up my time to do my own work and no frustrations between the two of us. My son agreed to come back to Mathnasium when school starts. They are that AWESOME! Thank you Mathnasium Glenview.

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Math is not my daughters favorite subject, but she really likes going to Mathenasium. I think due to the motivation she gets in Mathenasium, she is in double accelerated math in school, and gets upper 90s in NWEA tests. Whatever Mathenasium is doing, it is working!

Review №5

It was a difficult decision deciding whether or not to leave a review, but since Mathnasium provides services to children, I really feel compelled to share my experience.My son is only in kindergarten but loves math and asked if he could do an after school math class. It was not easy finding a facility that was willing to work with my son since he was so young—I quickly found that most programs start at 1st or 2nd grade.Mathnasium Glenview seemed like it could be a solution. The manager, Scott, was terrific and recognized right away what a unique opportunity it was to work with a young child, who more than likely could become a student for many years to come. He set us up with weekly private lessons with Mr. Bob (who is a GEM—wonderful man, really).Fast forward 6 months…I had just signed paperwork for an ongoing credit card charge for the sessions. All seemed to be going just fine until I got an email from Sam, a new interim manager. Without any explanation, he said they were going to discontinue our weekly lessons as soon as the school year ended and that I needed to reply in 48 hours to “approve” this—which of course I didn’t. I went in person to speak with him to find out what was going on.What I was told was that working with my son “wasn’t profitable enough” (his exact words) and that they wanted to put him in a group class (which they told me initially would be way too much for him at his young age). They also started the upsell on how they feel ‘very strongly’ that my son would benefit from twice weekly sessions. So…it was quite clear that they decided the private lessons they suggested and offered weren’t making them enough cash so they would try to see if I might believe that this was in my son’s best interest, which of course it wasn’t—it was in theirs. We agreed I needed to speak to the owner as next steps.I was shocked to find they charged my credit card for another batch of sessions that day; especially considering they emailed to ask for my approval and they *did not get approval.* I called the owner, Steve; instead of returning my call he emailed me back (something I find unprofessional).He told me he would refund my money but would charge me a $25 administrative fee--to have the *unauthorized* charge properly reversed. What?! I really could not believe it. I emailed back to of course say I did not think this was right nor did I understand the rationale.Steve, promptly replied with a terse email that he would refund the unauthorized charge and he would not charge the administrative fee, but that we were not allowed to resume services with Mathnasium effective immediately. He never called me back to have a professional discussion.And just like that he terminated services for my son, without giving him a chance to say goodbye to the teacher he liked so much. I find these business practices to be completely unjust, unethical and unsavory. I hope if you go to this facility you have a different experience. It’s really been a nightmare for us.

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Great job! Very nice and friendly approach!

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My son went from being very average in math last fall to being placed in the accelerated program this coming fall!!

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