Academy of Music in Grand Rapids
6159 28th St SE #24, Grand Rapids, MI 49546, United States

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My daughter has been taking lessons with Annie at Academy Of Music for almost 4 years. The instruction and guidance have been invaluable. My daughter’s love for vocal music has grown along with her talent and technique. Now in high school, she plans on pursuing music as her major in college. Thank you so much Academy of Music for making my daughter’s dreams come true!

Review №2

We really enjoy the education that Justin provides… Not only does he want his students to learn but also enjoy piano. We also appreciate knowing the history/theory. I feel you learn better if you know the why as well as the how

Review №3

We have a great experience at Academy of Music GR! My daughter enjoyed her lessons and not only improved musically but gained confidence in herself.

Review №4

The front desk staff is so helpful and friendly! And we have been so happy with our children’s piano lessons with Mr. Justin.

Review №5

My daughter really enjoys her lessons every week. And even though she is barely 5 and is a bit wiggly during lessons, her teacher handles it with grace and she has learned a lot in 3 months and loves everything about violin.

Review №6

Excellent knowledgeable teachers who truly care about their students. This is the place to be!

Review №7

Excellent teaching, high level of professionalism, great opportunities for children to perform.

Review №8

We love Academy of Music my son is 7 and has been attending for over a year now taking drum lessons with Mr Garrett. He is so patient with my son and rolls with the changes. The make up class options are an awesome option as well for when you can make class. Matt the director has been amazing as well at answering questions and so is the front desk staff.

Review №9

The Academy of Music offers exactly what we were looking for in piano lessons for our young daughter. Music Moves is a child-based pedagogy that teaches children music the way children learn a language: a lot of exposure to music and patterns, opportunities for experimentation, and an emphasis on listening and developing the ear rather than trying to read music right off the bat. We feel so blessed that we were able to find Miss Tracy at the Academy of Music and we recommend her and the Academy to anyone who is looking!

Review №10

The level of professionalism is unmatched in an all-ages musical program. Each student is treated with a level of respect and training that is exactly aligned with their age and level of expertise/experience. From the very-first-lesson beginner to the more experienced musician looking to up his/her game.My daughter Ally has been in voice with Ms.Tanya for nearly 2years now and just started piano with Ms. Chris-Anne(sp). Ally loves it and has shown a marked improvement almost on a weekly basis.We are looking forward to Ally’s vocal recital, which the Academy has twice a year at a large venue like Wealthy Street Theatre or last year it was at the Grand Rapids Ballet stage. Including a beautiful concert grand piano that I think they get from Keyboard World on Division. First class all the way. Ally is talking about the trophy for 5 years of attendance. We’re still a few years away from that but recognition of accomplishments are a big part of the Academy as well but you do have to earn it. Wouldn’t have it any other way.30 minutes ago Ally had a keyboard controller (50+#) land on her toe. My fault. I hope we’ll still be able to perform.I highly recommend the Academy to anyone, child grownup or “other.”RegardsAlly’s Dad

Review №11

I love that while my daughter is taking voice lessons I get 1/2 hour of work, Facebook or whatever I want uninterrupted!!!

Review №12

Great teachers and staffs !

Review №13

We’ve been at Academy of Music in Grand Rapids for 5 months. My daughter has been learning the violin and LOVES it and her instructor. She’s learned so much and catching on so fast. It has been a GREAT experience for both of us.

Review №14

My daughter has been taking music lessons through AOM for two years now. The teachers and staff are patient, friendly and work with students to help them learn at their pace and challenge them to be their best. We have really enjoyed classes here and would recommend classes here for sure.

Review №15

Pricey but excellent service and some great instructors.

Review №16

We have greatly enjoyed our experience at academy of music. The ability to schedule 3 children for different instruments at the same day and time is wonderful for our family. Their teachers are all great and convey a love of music and learning!

Review №17

This academy of music is a great place for learning the craft, and they helped me make the transition into high-level classical piano, where I am now. Enough said.

Review №18

My daughter absolutely LOVED her voice lesson with the teacher, Ms Annie. Ms. Annie was kind and friendly and at the end of the lesson, my daughter said, its already been 30 minutes? It felt like I was only in there for 1 minute! My daughter is so excited about her next lesson and I havent seen her that enthusiastic about something in a long time! Thanks to the Academy of Music in Grand Rapids for being so welcoming and helpful as well as providing such a wonderful experience. Its really nice to see such passion and enthusiasm in a business. Thank you so much!

Review №19

We have been going here for years! We love the staff and atmosphere. Its a great place to upgrade ones musical abilities!

Review №20

I decided to take violin lessons when I retired this year, as a refresher of lessons years ago. Bea is a fantastic instructor. She fashions my lessons around what I need and how I learn. Totally recommend the Academy of Music.

Review №21

My daughter has been taking piano lessons there for all of this school year. Its a little more expensive than other places but I really love her teacher and was quite impressed with the recital that they put on in December. Unfortunately I can no longer recommend them as they have shown their true colors. Their spring recital is usually in May and my daughter has been preparing for five months to show off her newest skills. They had to change location so the recital was pushed back from May until June 7th. Since my daughter only goes during the school year we are not talking lessons in June. They will no longer let her play her piece even though we have paid for the last 5 months; $600 was simply not enough for them. If we want her to be in the recital we have to pay for June which is an additional $120. We simply do not have this money in our budget and my daughter is now devastated. We will be looking for a new place to take her in the fall.

Review №22

This is a very special school where everyone, from the teachers to the owner, deeply care about their students musical progress. I was fortunate enough to meet the owner herself who demonstrated true professionalism and care. I feel like my two daughters would be in great hands in this music school. I highly recommend it to all busy moms out there who look for quality instruction.

Review №23

One of the best places Ive ever worked! This is a place that cares a lot about people and about music! Very professional, great systems, well worth every penny! A great place for all ages, and youll not only learn music from amazing teachers, but youll learn to love it as they do!

Review №24

My kids enjoy their instructors very much! They actually practice regularly without prompting!

Review №25

Incredible place for my child to grow in her music skills!!!

Review №26

I am very happy teaching at the Academy of Music! There are many advantages for me. 1. Office Staff. There is an office staff that does all of the scheduling, newsletters, billing, ordering music, planning recitals, arranging for Federation Festival enrollment, etc. The office staff has an understanding of each of our teaching approaches and makes an effort to pair each student with a teacher who might be a good fit for them. When I have a question, the office staff is patient and available. I have had help with setting up my teaching space, using the Apple TV in the room, and other items needed. 2. The comradiere with other teachers is really useful to me. There is a great deal of informal idea sharing between teachers in terms of repertoire choice and teaching approaches. I value that a great deal; it eliminates the feeling of isolation one can feel when teaching in a home studio or even in the teaching space at a studio. (I used to teach in my home; I will never go back to that)! There is a staff break room where a Keurig machine is available as well as a refrigerator and a microwave. 3. The Director of the Academy has been supportive as well. Professional Development is encouraged; opportunities for PD are presented. In addition, I have met with the Director to seek out her expertise about teaching various aspects of the music learning process. 4. Lastly, the students and families I work with are awesome! Each student is such an interesting individual, and its been so rewarding to be on a type of team with them and their families. I love going to work each day.

Review №27

Our boys love the Academy of Music! The instructors are great with our kids and really enjoy their time with them. We would definitely recommend the academy to anyone.

Review №28

My son has learned and grown so much since attending academy of music. His drum teacher is a great teacherand we love that he allows our son to express himself through his music selection.

Review №29

My son loves it there and he is very fond of his teacher - Ms Tracy , she does a fabulous job with Krish .

Review №30

We have been going to the Academy of Music since September of 2016. Office staff and teachers are exemplary. The goal for the teacher is to work at the childs level. Choosing a place for my child to learn violin was made super easy when we found the Academy of Music in Grand Rapids.

Review №31

Ive never taken lessons here, but I did interview for a position as an instructor and thought Id give my impressions to warn prospective future teachers about this place.The website expressly stated that no degrees are required to teach there. Because the positions are independent contractor jobs that are 1099d. However, even after I told them I have 22+ years playing the guitar, they were shocked when I told them I had no degree. (Weird). Then they proceeded to tell me about method books and handouts and lesson plans...Very hung up on shuffling papers and appearing professional instead of concentrating on the music. (Why cant you do both?) Then they told me that because its a 1099 position, that I can teach any way I see fit. I told them I would take a look at their books, but that I would teach differently for each student and that ultimately that was my call. After that, they continued telling me how amazing their school was and how they have over 550 students, and that Monday through Thursday was packed with students. I interviewed on a Thursday, at 12:45 pm. Other than me, the receptionist, and the owner, not a living soul was heard on that building. And the three cars parked outside told me the real story. The owner then went on to tell me that they were on a shoestring budget and were still climbing their way up. (I thought your building was packed with students?) Finally, they told me each lesson was 30 minutes, so you really only get 20 minutes with the student. Once a week. Sorry, fellow instructors, but if you really want to impart some musicality on other people, this isnt the place. This is drive-thru music school. Just seemed very backwards and screwed up the way they explained things opposed to how everything seemed. A tip for the academy: perhaps more time focused on the skills and thoughts of the instructors, and less time focused on method books and lesson plans? If you arent going to be employing these people on your books, then deal with each teachers specific skills? Also, when you advertise no degree required, dont be surprised when people show up with no degree. Oh, and one more thing: that rack of chincy gift shop items you have on display? It cheapens your reputation. Take a lesson from Meyer Music. Theres a reason theyve been the regional leader in music instruction for over 20 years.

Review №32

If you are thinking of enrolling your child in lessons, start here. The instructors are terrific, and have given our children the tools to become talented musicians.

Review №33

Betsy has been great with both of my girls even though their interests, music style, skills and personalities are vastly different!

Review №34

I highly recommend this school. This facility offers a great atmosphere for learning while providing faculty who are experts in their discipline

Review №35

Academy of Music in Grand Rapids is a fantastic place to explore your love of music. Great staff, well appointed facilities, and expert staff ready to teach students of all ages!

Review №36

My son went here for guitar lessons, friendly staff, nice awards to get kids excited to learn!

Review №37

Kids love this place and their instructors. Theyve learned a lot

Review №38

By far the best music program in town! Passionate owner, friendly staff and amazing teachers!

Review №39

Im well acquainted with the director of the Academy. She is very knowledgable and conscientious, and the academy uses innovative programs.Highly recommended.

Review №40

Excellent organization. Wonderful cello teacher.

Review №41

Both of my girls love taking lessons at Academy of Music!

Review №42

All a out teaching music.

Review №43

Great place!!! Love it!! :)

Review №44

Thanks to the teachers and staff!

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