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Eva is a wonderful cello teacher. She is bright, calm, very patient and encouraging. She worked skillfully and gently to help my 7-year-old son build up foundation skills. My son just loves her lessons. I also started taking lesson with Eva a couple of weeks ago. At age of 41, this was my first string instrument lesson ever. Eva is so kind and encouraging. After just 2 lessons, I can play twinkle theme and variations confidently. And I enjoy playing very much. Eva is awesome!

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My son has been playing violin with the String Academy for about 6 years. Our experience has been wonderful. Our son progressed through the beginner Suzuki books and is now studying more advanced music. The highlight of his young career was performing with the Academy alongside the GR Symphony.The Academy teaches using the Suzuki method. Students initially do not learn to read music rather they play from memorization. This requires not only private lessons but group lessons as well to go over the repetoire. I found that exposing a less advanced student to those that are a little further along is beneficial to the advancement of the student. They can see from their peers how music should sound and can use that as motivation to improve. The Academy is structured so advanced students can get the instruction they need as well.The instruction students receive will build their musicianship and technique. Having had a musical background growing up, I found that I can provide some help at home to my young musician. The advanced instruction he receives in technique is helping him become a better violinist and he is learning how create his own style and sense of musicanship.Prospective students and parents should be made aware that some of techniques taught on the violin are not standard. The Academy teaches students to play using a center mounted chin rest and no shoulder pad. This has the advantage of minimizing stress on the neck and reducing the potential for injury, but the technique is not common practice, especially in the schools. If your student is already playing violin they will have to adapt to a new way of holding the instrument and if the student eventually moves to another teacher they may likely have to change their technique again.

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My son has an amazing experience with String Academy! Thank you for your engaging him! Highly recommended!

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String Academy is an extremely nice academy with very qualified instructors. We highly recommend enrolling!

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We love ms. Eva! She is great with my beginning cellist. Very sweet and patient and is great at building that good foundation which will make him a great musician down the road.

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When my two daughters beloved violin teacher passed away, my husband and I started actively looking for another violin teacher. I prayed to God specifically for a teacher who was knowledgeable about body mechanics and would help my daughters who struggle with hypermobiity play without pain. My husband found Dylana Jenson and we feel it has been an answer to prayer. Not only is she a prodigy and world-class violinist but she is so knowledgeable about posture and injury prevention. She has successfully transitioned both of my older girls to play without a shoulder rest and with a relaxed bow hand. Now all three of my daughters study with her and they are injury free and growing in artistry every year. My kids love how she breaks down difficult musical concepts to make it easy to understand and tirelessly works to improve their intonation and mature as soloists. My kids have traveled to Korea and played in churches and hear comments on how they play with such joy and that their sound quality is wonderful. We fully attribute this to Gods grace and the Dylana Jenson method.Eva, daughter of world-famous violinist and Dylana Jenson and orchestra conductor and cellist David Lockington is a wonderful, talented, intuitive, gentle and warm-hearted cello teacher. She has taught my son for almost two years (He is now ten) and has worked laboriously and patiently to improve his posture, his bow hand, and sound quality to a new level that I didnt even think was possible for such a young child. I highly recommend her as a cello teacher if you want your child to be challenged and grow as a musician.

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Our daughters have benefitted immensely from their time at the String Academy, extending beyond music to their personhood. Highly recommend.

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