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I had an excellent experience with Triumph! Chris Bota is such a cool dude and amazing guitar teacher and player. Essentially, I took lessons from him for about a year and a half. I learned so much about music and guitar under his tutelage. I also gained a friend. Cannot recommend enough.

Review №2

Ive been going to Triumph on and off for 5 years. James has always been so accommodating and he hires the best instructors. Im currently taking zoom lessons with Chris and its working out well. Id highly suggest them!

Review №3

Our family is really happy that we selected Triumph Music Academy and teacher Chris Bursley for guitar lessons for our son, Lucas, who has blossomed under Chriss tutelage. Chris quickly understood the best ways to communicate with and motivate Lucas; as well as any school teacher that hes had. It is also evident that he cares about our kid. Triumph delivered more than we expected, especially from the confidence-building and interpersonal side.

Review №4

After years of performing as a vocalist and flutist with various amateur groups, I decided I would like to learn more about how music is constructed, and particularly wanted help learning to write harmony lines for flute to accompany vocal music. I contacted Triumph by email, and James responded to me within the day. After learning my goals, James paired me with Theo for private composition lessons.With Theo I instantly felt comfortable, understood, and encouraged. His teaching style is a perfect match for the way I learn best. Always encouraging, he listens carefully to my work, and teaches by showing me the overarching concepts I need to accomplish particular goals in a composition, rather than tell me what to do. I end each lesson feeling empowered and full of new ideas.After just two lessons, my goals expanded from writing simple harmony lines to writing my own original music, which I previously had no idea that I could do. I now find myself wishing for more hours in the day so I could spend them composing.Both Theo and James have encouraged me to perform and record my compositions, and they have the know-how to help me get my music recorded and heard.In just two months of lesson time, I have met my original goals, and then exceeded them exponentially. This would never have happened without James and Theos caring expertise in their knowledge of music, teaching, and connecting students to the real world of performing and recording.Wish it were possible to give Triumph six stars!

Review №5

I have played the drums for 50 years and over that time have performed with several bands but was never completely happy with my musicality. Since joining Triumph Music Academy Ive learned drumming,performance and recording techniques from Brandon and James that have opened up a new world to me and shown you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Review №6

Seriously. I have learned so much in 2 months. Given the quality of instruction, I am surprised he had a spot for me.

Review №7

Are you told constantly you have a great voice? Do you humbly say Thank you but deep inside you know that you really dont know HOW to sing? Chances are you are right. Triumph Music Academy will teach you ABOUT singing, sound, music... and how to REALLY sing! Thanks for making me a better singer inside and out!

Review №8

Triumph Music Academy does a phenomenal job of allowing their students to grow organically in their craft; at the same time giving them independence yet professional guidance to foster their growth. James Hughes does a great job of ascertaining the individuals desires, skill sets, and matching them up accordingly. I can not speak more highly enough of the dedication and effort that went into their production of the “Big Gig” A wonderful night of music seeing both adults and kids alike performing their original music to perfection. A true testimony to what Triumph Music strives and successfully achieves..

Review №9

Triumph has the Friendliest, and most knowledgeable staff around. They genuinely care for each and every student and focus the lessons around them. They are second to none and have helped me immense in my career as a multi-instrumentalist/solo musician. They helped me build my home brewed record label from the ground up and expanded my musical horizons beyond compare. Don’t go anywhere else but Triumph.

Review №10

This summer, I was looking around for a bass teacher and came upon a flier for Triumph Music Academy at the Guitar Center. After looking at their website, I took the plunge to meet with James, owner / teacher, to decide if the Academy was the right place for me. I signed up after that first meeting and havent had any regrets. In fact, I had my daughter, who plays guitar, leave the facility she had been attending for two years and come over to Triumph. This place does not disappoint. The teachers not only have an academic understanding of music (i.e., music theory, history, etc.) they are incredible musicians as well. And you know, that can be intimidating, going to learn from someone who is extremely knowledgeable and crazy talented. However, every teacher Ive met is incredibly down to earth. Ive never been made to feel less than just because Im a novice. They create a wonderful, nurturing environment - you can tell they want to share their love of music. The bottom line is this . . . if you want to take your playing skills to another level, to not only be able to play the type of music you enjoy but also understand how that music is constructed and to appreciate the musical heritage behind it, then this is the place to go. Hands down. . .simply the best.

Review №11

Taking guitar lessons from James at Triumph Music Academy has by far one of the best decisions Ive made in my adult life. Ive wanted to know how to play for years, and now that is a reality. James and his staff are fun, patient, and extremely knowledgeable. Whatever dreams you have related to the instrument you want to learn, these guys will make it happen. I really cannot say enough about how much I have enjoyed this - I would recommend Triumph Music Academy to anyone.

Review №12

Happy Boy! is the best way to describe my sons first guitar lesson at Triumph and the way my son feels about playing guitar now. He loves his instructor, James, and kept telling me all the way home, Thank you! Thank you so much! He also talked a mile a minute about everything James talked about and taught him. My son now has a vision and goals for playing guitar, wants to make James proud, and has practiced more in the last few days than he has in the past months combined. He has been listening to music and telling me, That chord is G, C, A...I dont know that one...C... He is trying to find the notes and hear the tune to play Amazing Grace on his own! James, I cant thank you enough for helping my boy find the love of music. Its enough to make me cry tears of joy! Blessings to you!

Review №13

My daughter’s instructor is James (also the owner of the academy). It’s clear that the instructors are committed to helping their students develop a love of music, not just “play” an instrument. My daughter had never played a musical instrument before attending the academy, so we were starting from square one. James has been an incredibly patient and encouraging instructor. One of the things my daughter most enjoys is how flexible her lessons are. It seems as if James can take any song or style of music and create a lesson plan scaled to my daughter’s abilities. We highly recommend Triumph Music Academy.

Review №14

James and the team at Triumph do a great job! I worked with Mike Dodge, a top-notch instructor and musician, on both mandolin and guitar. I recommend Triumph on a regular basis to folks looking for teachers in GR. One great aspect of Triumph is there are students of all ages, lots of adults as well as young people. Music making is for everyone across the age spectrum and Triumph fosters that.

Review №15

A unique and wonderful location for you or your students to receive music lessons! Each instructor is talented in their field, and passionate about teaching. You will not find another teaching academy in Grand Rapids that offers such high level of instruction, by such high level teachers who truly care about the development of you or your student!

Review №16

James Hughes and Rick Chyme have been great to work with! I highly recommend Triumph Music Academy. We feel our daughter has received far more than just music lessons. These two have coached her and helped develop her as an artist and given her many opportunities to perform in front of others. Five Stars plus!!!

Review №17

Im 49 years old and for 40 of those years always knew there was a drummer inside of me. Thanks to Pete and James at Triumph, I can say I am now a drummer on the outside too. Its never too late! Young or old, for yourself or someone you love, this place and what they teach is truly a gift.

Review №18

Triumph Music Academy has a way of picking up on someones learning styles and really focusing on material that a certain individual needs in their journey through music. As an individual who use to only pick up his guitar once a week at most I can say after attending the first lesson I was playing in the morning, on my lunch break and in the evening until I went to bed. This place has given me hope that I can easily break through my brick wall that I hit with my music. Though Triumph Music Academy focuses on how to bestow contemporary tactics and tones on your instrument they also incorporate easy to learn theory and foundation that make understanding ones instrument much more easily. It is nice that those at Triumph Music Academy are personable and most importantly relational. I have tried other avenues to learn music and all of them have failed. Look to the internet and there is just random chunks of information that have no rhyme or reason that leave you overwhelmed and frustrated. I looked to other teachers and most of them have not had the passion to truly help people connect with their music. I am so happy I found Triumph. These guys have changed my life musically in crazy ways. I would recommend any musical artist to check out Triumph no matter if you are a beginner or if you have played for years and have hit a brick wall. Also, Triumph Music Academys location could not be any better. There is much to do in the surrounding neighborhood which makes the time after my lesson is completed much more enjoyable.

Review №19

Okay, so 32 years old, never played a guitar seriously ever...just messing around here and there. Two months ago decided to learn acoustic and James has been my instructor once weekly. And let me tell you he is awesome, knowledgeable, motivational, and makes this fun!Totally recommend Triumph and the laid back nature of the place which is helpful when youre starting because its such new territory. Thank you.

Review №20

Simply put, one of if not the best ways to discover yourself as an artist. I came into the academy very lost and unsure how to continue my craft. Now Im a little over six months in, and my craft has done a complete 180 in the right direction. Literally would not be creating the way I do today if it wasnt for my lessons. Everyone is super nice overall and very passionate about what they do. Its incredible to be a part of!

Review №21

James is a great teacher!!

Review №22

I have been taking lessons here for a long time and they have great teachers and a good learning environment! Highly recommended if you want to begin learning an instrument or want to further your knowledge in one.

Review №23

Triumph is one of the most comprehensive music instruction venues Ive experienced. Anything you could need help with, college prep, just a brush-up on existing talents. I highly recommend checking them out.

Review №24

Ive taken private lessons from James in the past. I just finished my initial appointment with James (the owner) for guitar lessons. I cant wait to get started at the academy. Just seeing all the things his students have accomplished is testimony enough for me. He has so much knowledge and real experience and hes such an amazing teacher. You just wont find another place like this in Grand Rapids.Basically, If you are ready to learn more about music and skip all the other bullshit and frustration then go to Triumph its that simple.Thanks James!

Review №25

Ive been taking guitar lessons with Triumph for about a year now. My instructor is James, who happens to be the owner. The experience has been outstanding! It became very clear to me early on that James is highly qualified, having been instructed in music theory at GVSU. Not only is he a great and experienced guitar player in his own right, he knows how to teach and tailors the lesson plan according to your needs and desires. For me that has meant learning some music theory in addition to basic playing skills. This has provided me a foundation upon which to build and has given me a new appreciation for the complexity and wonder of music. James challenges me but he is careful not to overwhelm me.The academy accommodates my hectic and changing schedule which is the only way this could work for me. The lesson fees are a bargain, a lot of bang for the buck.All in all the experience has been, and continues to be, very enjoyable and fun. There is really nothing to complain about and I hope to continue the lessons for a very long time, as long as James is ok with my relative lack of rhythm.

Review №26

Very good experience, they tailor it for you and your needs. Nice facilities, good teachers

Review №27

Great place, great people, amazing passion! Learn from the best!

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Great place to take lessons with great staff!!

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