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My son, Alex, was just entering high school. He had taken piano lessons for years and decided he wanted to be in an orchestra and choose the cello as his instrument. Lenny was referred to us and we greatly appreciate that direction. Alex plays in his high school orchestra and loves being part of something larger than himself. Lenny has been a huge part of my sons growth in his love of music. Lenny is an excellent teacher and over the years that I have known him I consider him a friend.

Review №2

Every week I drive 2 hours from North Hollywood to Irvine to attend Lenny’s Blues jam. It’s just too much fun to pass up. There are blues jams closer to where I live, I’m sure, but Lenny Graf makes it so comfortable and unintimidating that I know it’ll be fun, every time. The other players are so welcoming and supportive, it has brought me out of my shell and into a whole new world. I highly recommend attending, regardless of your skill level or experience. I guarantee you’ll have a great time, every time.

Review №3

When I started learning the guitar a few years ago, I realized that in order to progress, you need to be able to play with other people. The Blues Jam which is lead by Lenny G. is the perfect place for any beginner looking to expand their skills in a judgment free, low stress environment. Blues Jam is the place for beginners to make mistakes and learn from them. Lenny will encourage you to take a solo when you dont think you are able to. Blues Jam is the perfect place to work on lead, learn songs and play with other people. I went from playing scales up and down to being able to take a solo in any key without a problem. Blues Jam with Lenny is a great value and Im grateful to him. Thanks, Lenny!!

Review №4

I have been part of Lennys Wednesday night jam for over 3 years. Lenny is skilled as a singer, leader and musician. He has played guitar, bass, horns, drums and piano.In addition, Lenny will always take the time to teach any musician a chord, riff, a beat, notes of a key or answer any question someone may ask. Teaching others seems to be a natural part of his musical skills.Everything I have seen Lenny do, is done with humor, kindness and an acknowledgement of the particular skill of the musician. I would recommend any student sign up for tutoring sessions with him.

Review №5

Lenny taught my daughter clarinet in grade school. He is a very talented musician who I believe can play any instrument. Lenny was always patient and kind and really loved seeing the kids mastering an instrument and getting into a fun song. His easy going way and humor made it a safe, comfortable environment for the kids. I cant recommend him enough!

Review №6

I have taken guitar lessons from Lenny and also attended the Wed. night blues session numerous times. Lenny is a great teacher and also happens to be a very talented musician himself. He always makes you feel comfortable and seems to genuinely appreciate who you are as a person and where you are musically. Lenny is also very nice and personable and always seems to be happy, which makes being around him a fun and enjoyable experience. I would highly recommend Lenny to anyone who wants to advance themselves musically and have fun in the process.

Review №7

This review is about Lenny. It’s impossible to articulate just how special Lenny is at his profession. He taught both our grand daughters piano and violin. Lenny is a patient instructor. Highly recommend this man. He’s da best!

Review №8

I have taken private SAXOPHONE lessons from Lenny for over 3 years. Its always fun, exciting, and rewarding. Our lessons are about pushing the envelope, and stepping out of the box to improve techniques and producing awesome sound. Its not only about having fun playing the instrument but also, producing great-sounding professional music. He is very flexible about the pace I want to take in my personal development. I have hectic schedules, so its always great to know I can be at my best when I am at my lessons and to have Lenny as my mentor to help me get to the next level of becoming a professional musician. -Kimmei Lei

Review №9

I signed up for guitar lessons a few months ago, and my experience has been very satisfying. Lenny, the instructor, is very informative and amiable, and it is a pleasure to learn with him! I would recommend these lessons to anyone interested in learning music as it has helped me improve greatly and enjoy playing guitar more.Update: I was shopping around for an art teacher to show my kids both the basics (for the youngest) and ways to hone their craft (for the eldest) and Lenny recommended me to the perfect teacher! Both of them have shown marketable improvement in their art and keep looking forward to their meetings with Amanda the art teacher.

Review №10

When my son wanted to learn play how to play the Saxophone I wasnt sure where to find an instructor. But we found Lenny and unbelievable my son was playing within 6 weeks and was one of the best at his middle school. Lenny is not only knowledge about music, but patient and efficient with his methods of teaching. Thanks Lenny! I hope other parents are lucky enough to find you.

Review №11

My son has been taking trombone lessons from Lenny almost 5 years now. My son has autism and really wanted to play the instrument. When I first contacted Lenny and explained my son’s circumstances, he didn’t hesitate to try to teach him. He has adapted lessons to help my son play the instrument. It’s still a work in progress, but Lenny is always patient and kind. My son really enjoys the time he spends working with him.

Review №12

My son began lessons with Lenny at age 9. He always looks forward to his lesson and relates well with Lenny. Lenny Is very skilled and passionate about music and brings his enthusiasm to his lessons. My son has progressed very well with his lessons and excelled in his school band. I find Lenny to be very flexible, easy to work with and responsible. I highly recommend him.

Review №13

My daughter has been taking violin and ukulele lessons with Lenny for almost two years. Lenny is a talented man who shares those talents to help our young musicians to learn and grow. He is very patient and has a way of turning a frown upside down. Lenny is very encouraging and always has a positive attitude. My daughter’s violin playing has improved significantly. She even practices without being told. I highly recommend Lenny for music lessons.

Review №14

The Wednesday night blues jam is a great time! I’ve been going for the last couple of years, and it’s really helped improve my playing. A weekly jam session with other musicians is an awesome way to learn new songs, practice improv solos, and meet cool people. It’s a welcoming group for all skill levels. No need to be shy if you’re a beginner. We’ll teach you the songs, just show up and be ready to play. You’ll be glad you came!

Review №15

Lenny has been my violin teacher for over 2 years. He has been extremely supportive in my quest to learn a musical instrument. He has always shown encouragement and patience. He is a welcoming face as I enter into my “violin party” lesson!

Review №16

My 13 year old son took bass guitar lessons with Lenny. He is very patient, knowledgeable with varieties of instruments, and good with kids. I would highly recommend him if you want to learn how to play an instrument.

Review №17

My daughter knew she wanted to play music at an early age. She played around with a few different instruments until decided she wanted to play the cello. I signed her up with Lenny into a group orchestra class. It was a great experience for them all to learn how to play along with different instruments and also make friends outside of school. In addition to orchestra she took private lessons with him once a week. This is where she learned to read music and also learned how to play the cello. It was a great experience for her. Lenny is a wonderful instructor, he is very kind and very patient. He is great with all ages (even adults!). He was her first music teacher and she will always remember that experience. Thanks for all the wonderful years and all advice you gave me regarding her future in music!Sincerely,Kim

Review №18

We have been taking violin lessons with Lenny Graf since my daughter was 5 years old (now 8). The only reason I think my daughter continues with her lessons is because of Lennys patient and calm demeanor. I honestly thought my daughter was going to quit after the first few months but eventually Lenny got her to enjoy and eventually love her lessons. Thanks Lenny!

Review №19

Lenny Graff is a true professional and excellent music teacher. My daughter has been taking private saxophone lessons with Lenny for the past several years. Awesome teacher 🎷🎼R. Vergara

Review №20

Leny is an amazing violin instructor, his patience and heart to teach children music is phenomenal. My 2 sons have improved their violin skills over the last year. Although my boys struggled to learn in the beginning, Leny’s ability to teach them has been a great blessing to our family. I would highly recommend his services, worth every cent!

Review №21

Lenny Graf showed me the beauty of learning music and playing an instruments like the violin and the cello. With Lenny at Fountain Valley Music Lessons I saw in myself capabilities of learning the most beautiful human form of expression.Thank you, Lenny!Clodovil.

Review №22

Lenny was my trumpet teacher for about a year and a half and they were good times. He is an excellent teacher and I can recommend him. He was general all around a good trumpet player and taught me how to play the trumpet until I lost interest.

Review №23

Years now, my daughter has been under Lenny’s music instruction. The first several times I was reminding her to get ready for private french horn lessons and pushing out the front door. After just a few lessons she was pushing me out the door. Lenny’s gentle teaching skills and willingness to apated to every student’s needs makes him worth every dollar. When your child makes a huge effort to learn and make personal goals, you know your daughter is receiving more than just a music lesson. Thank you, Lenny!Kathy and Kyanna

Review №24

He is very patient with his students. Mr Graf is very encouraging and can slow down the process if you are having trouble. When I played the violin he always cheered me on and gave me good feedback. Mr. Graf is an amazing and helpful teacher.

Review №25

Lenny’s Wednesdays blues jamm is so much fun I’m a beginner and I get to play with really talented musicians is a great way to learn new songs and improved your playing Lenny is always happy to help and you also get to meet real cool people,I’m always looking forward toWednesday jamm 🎸😎

Review №26

My kids learned how to play the violin in orchestra with Mr. Graf. They learned a lot and really enjoyed themselves. Mr. Graf advanced their lessons at an appropriate rate and was always encouraging them. He was patient and worked at their pace. He didn’t rush them but also pushed them when they needed it. Because my daughter took lessons with Mr. Graf, she was more than confident to sign up for Orchestra in middle school this year! Thank you, Mr. Graf! We miss our lessons with you!

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