School of Rock Huntington Beach
18584 Main St, Huntington Beach, CA 92648, United States

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My 8 year old twins had an amazing time at Rock Camp! I cannot believe how good they did after just a week of playing with the other kids. They had fun, were inspired, and learned a lot. I am really impressed with the program and so happy that they had this experience!

Review №2

Our daughter over the last almost two years had a blast practicing and performing with her band mates. She’s improved so much as a vocalist and on-stage performer, and that’s due to the awesome efforts made my her instructor Joey Vargas. We’re actually bummed out because she just turned 18 and will have to leave the school. I wish there was something for students that are adults to continue doing since we know she loves it. We do too. She’s got one more public concert to sing at, and I will for sure get emo at that one. Larry and the team at SOR Huntington Beach are above and beyond badasses and my family and I appreciate how cool they’ve been to her and us.

Review №3

Love School of Rock. Very organized and professional. Spencer is great and my son loves taking keyboard lessons with him.

Review №4

I love the program for many reasons, starting with:-They are professionally organized with so many songs that I personally enjoy.-The instructors are fantastic and real with the kids, helping with their growth for the real world. There is no babying and enabling, its about fun and teaching them to follow direction without attitude. Love this!-Joey has been my daughters instructor since the beginning of time (March will be 2 years). He is very encouraging, lifting and very real with her...priceless.-The shows are the best! They are so well planned, and make the kids feel accomplished.-My only complaint is the parking, lol...secret is to show up early.Thanks guys, we appreciate you and your influence! All the best, Kimberly

Review №5

LOVE this place! I cant say enough about how amazing this school is. Firstly, they offer a FREE trial so you can try it out. This is great because I like to try before I buy, as most people do. Once I did the trial, I was hooked. Everyone is so professional and prices are very reasonable for what you get. Benji is my guitar instructor and he makes the lessons fun, yet I learn so much. He is knowledgeable, patient, and kind. Whenever I walk into the school, I am always greeted even if the people dont know me. They are great with kids, and adults. They have programs for anyone and everyone. I highly recommend this place!

Review №6

Wonderful atmosphere for kids. The staff are so kind and accommodating. My daughter started at school of rock taking guitar lessons. After a few months, I was finally able to get her to join one of the performance groups and she really loved it. She just did her first concert (outdoors of course) and wow!! I was so impressed that they were able to pull off such an amazing show despite All the difficulties with Covid and the fact that so many of the practices occurred over zoom. Now that’s rock and roll!!!!!!She has already signed up for the next performance group.

Review №7

The instructor is engaging and helpful. My son looks forward to the lesson every week. He especially loves that he picks the songs they work on rather than simple, repetitive note and scale work.

Review №8

My daughter loves and thrives in the environment they have provided. She is learning while having fun doing what she loves the most with kids who feel the same way.

Review №9

We have had a fantastic experience with SOR (School of Rock). I wish we signed up for their awesome program sooner than we did. My daughter couldnt be happier! The ENTIRE staff has been amazing, especially Joey Vargas the bass teacher and program manager for Thursday nights. He is extremely attentive and dialed in to the kids and works so well with them. My daughter is a lifer!

Review №10

It has been great to learn how to play some of my all time favorite guitar songs. Jay has been great about showing me how to play the most tricky parts. It has been great for this old guy who has wanted to play rock & roll guitar since he was a young guy. Too bad there was not a School of Rock when I took lessons as a child.

Review №11

They teach you what you want to learn. I take singing lessons from Amanda, who is awesome by the way. Anyway, the first portion of the lesson is warm up, which consists of warm-ups that relate to the song you’re going to learn. Then, we go right into the song I want to learn.Furthermore, I am a classic baritone and when I started lessons I could barely get into my head voice and now I am comfortably at an A4 and as of yesterday was able to reach D5. This allows me to sing all the songs I want to sing. Oh, and I’m 40 years old and I’ve only been taking lessons for about six months, so the results are evident.

Review №12

As a parent I give the SOR Program 5 Stars based on their method of putting the focus on the sum being greater than the parts. The focus isnt so much 1-on-1 music lessons for students chosen instruments as it is for interacting in a band setting and each student finding their place within the songs, and within the band.

Review №13

My son is loving his lessons here, great experience!

Review №14

Great instructors and communication. My Son has a great time and has learned how to play guitar very well.

Review №15

HB School of Rock is awesome. The whole staff is wonderful. They give the kids opportunities to develop at their own pace and are very supportive. Would recommend to anyone.

Review №16

I dont have anything to compare it to, at 57 years young and my first voice lessons, I am learning something about myself, school contracts and music as well as having fun. Read your contract!

Review №17

My child has been going to School of Rock HB for 5 yrs. I’m glad SoR paved the way for non athletes to have a scheduled, schooled and goal-oriented platform to show their skills, improve and stay out of trouble.

Review №18

I like that my son is exposed to a variety of music and has the opportunity to learn a new instrument or try out vocals, if he is showing interest. The kids learn new songs and have real concert performances, in legitimate music venues. I have yet to attned an SOR concert and not be blown away by the talent! The owners, staff and instructors are amazing and have a real gift for molding budding rockers... of all ages!

Review №19

It’s only my son Rocky’s 2nd week and he loves it so much that I’m pretty sure he would go everyday if he could!! Excited for the performance in September!

Review №20

Best place ever for kids!!!!😀😀😀

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