NIU Wushu Kung Fu Academy
12 Hughes D-100, Irvine, CA 92618, United States

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Niu academy embodies the spirit of martial arts in its truest form. It’s an art form that is unfortunately largely lost in today’s society. We are very fortunate to have found Niu Wushu academy. It’s a hidden gem of a school that will benefit your child both mentally and physically. Without hesitation, I give this place my highest recommendations!

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I love NIU Wushu Academy! Laoshi is very knowledgeable, kind, and supportive--he believes in me even when I doubt myself. If a student is struggling with a form, Laoshi is willing to spend that extra time to fix any errors or to demonstrate exercises that will improve any deficiencies. He ensures every student fully understands the lessons, and he doesn’t leave anyone out. Laoshi doesnt just teach wushu, but he also builds confidence and instills discipline. When I first joined NIU Wushu Academy, I didn’t think I would ever be able to do the fantastic kicks, jumps, and flips I saw more advanced students doing, but in a short time, I was able to do those moves and other moves that I saw on TV. I really enjoy attending NIU Wushu Academy and look forward to every practice.

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My son started about 2 months ago. Although he is an older beginner at 13 year old, I can feel that at Niu Wushu, he is motivated, challenged and respected by Coach Niu and other coaches. Unlike other sports he tried, he always looks forward to the his classes and even asks to go one extra time. Coach Niu not only teaches forms but also physical and mental strength and good behavior and manners. I highly recommend Niu Wushu Academy to anyone.

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I studied at the school for 6 months. Teacher Niu has a decent and busy job, but devotes his leisure running the school, energetically. He is very kind, considerate, and enthusiastic for Wushu.Non-members can try different classes for free for the first time. Teacher Niu is not only professional but also patient in teaching. Most students are kids, but there are also a couple of adults. Niu is kind to both young and adult students.Teacher Niu is also warm-hearted in students personal concerns, if students put them forth. I mentioned since I started to work, I have less chances to make new friends, Niu asked his friend for suggesting Chinese social media apps.Beginning a contract is usually easy and quiting may not. At Niu Academy, there are no barriers to quiting. Due to personal development needs, I reported a leave of absence. Teacher Niu said no words but best wishes. Comparing to 24 hour fitness, it took me half an hour to explain my leave to my trainer, which is a such bad experience.

Review №5

I’ve been attending this school for about around 6 years now. Master Niu teaches his students not only martial art techniques, but also discipline and respect—skills that will stick with your child even after his/her technique wears away. As a high school student and a student on the competition team, I’d have to thank Master Niu for teaching me how to be humble with my wins and learn from my losses. Though his classes may not be for the light hearted, they definitely teach us life long skills.

Review №6

My daughter’s experience at Niu Wushu Academy is excellent. The school is not a belt factory looking to collect belt fees from parents every three months. Students must earn their belts and exhibit good technique, focus, and spirit. Niu Wushu is a supportive atmosphere, and Laoshi shows great consideration in the full development of his students, both physically and mentally. My daughter feels that Niu Wushu staff and students are her extended family. She was recently diagnosed with a chronic illness, and the school is very supportive, helping her in class and outside of class.

Review №7

Niu Wushu Academy is a fantastic place to learn the art, discipline and passion of Wushu Martial Arts. I personally have my daughter attending the school and will enroll my son when he is of age.For me, the study of Martial Arts is a life long commitment that I want to impart upon my children. I enjoy the discipline, hard work, and fitness that Wushu and especially Master Niu imbues into the studio and the students that attend.In her first year as a student, my daughter has become much stronger and more fit than she has ever been. She has become more confident and disciplined with not only her Martial Arts, but in her school life as well.What I especially love about this studio is the individual attention given to the students. Master Niu is always motivating the students to be their best. If a message isnt being well received or understood by a student, then Master Niu will tailor the message for the individual and will even take extra time with the class to ensure the student understands.At this studio everyone works hard to help each other out and they help create a family environment. This can be seen with the multitude of events the studio sponsors, from potlucks to movie screenings to Walk to end Lupis.I look forward for my daughter to grow and learn here for years to come.Jiāyóu (加油)

Review №8

Niu Wushu Academy has been a great experience for my daughter who started almost 4 years ago. She has learned a lot since day one and has been on the competition team from 2nd year of taking classes. She has competed in many tournaments with great results. Takes dedication and motivation from parents to student to progress in Wushu. Master Niu and Coach Lee have been great showing my daughter many different forms and also respect for others and how to help others. My daughter has learned a great deal and it shows at practice and outside of practice. I would recommend Niu Wushu Academy to all new comers and anyone who is interested in learning martial arts. This place is not about making money like many other studios and you can not buy your way in getting a new belt color like most places. This place makes you earn each belt and it shows when the kids perform at practice and at tournaments. Sorry that we are moving out of state, but we are happy that my daughter and family have become part of Niu family.

Review №9

This academy is one of the very few which still try to keep the traditional value in martial arts.The students here not only are experts in “push ups”, they are also very good at kung fu as well as overall physical conditionings, the Master do push his students mentally and physically, but those are definitely NOT “punishment”. Most of the students here have been following Master for more then 3 to 5 years. Master also has a great family, his son and daughter are very close to him and both been training in martial arts for more than a decade.

Review №10

Ive attended this class for over 5 years, and it has been the only class Ive loved enough to continue through my high school years. I can confidently say that this class has changed me for the better, in many more ways than I expected.My background:I started going to the class because I was curious and wanted to try something new. At the time, I was definitely behind in terms of basic physical fitness (barely could do push-ups, mile time of 12 minutes, etc.).Ive reaped so many physical and mental benefits from this class, I have cut my mile time by 4 minutes, and have found myself in with overall better mindset and physical fitness. The self-discipline that Ive learned from these classes have made me a more confident and positive person. Ive learned to be responsible, a good teammate, and lead others. I look forward to the classes every weekend, they relieve stress and are a second home for me.About the classes:Needless to say, the physical demands of the class took some getting used to when I started out. PLEASE NOTE, the classes are not designed to coddle their students. They are challenging, and are meant to test your stamina, flexibility, technique, strength, etc. Master Niu always guides struggling students, but everyone is expected to put out their best effort, and have self-motivation. After classes I often felt sore, but this only speaks to how much I’ve benefited and improved because of them.All classes held by Master Niu are genuine martial arts classes. He implements traditional techniques, while modern facilities and tools(punching bags, etc.) are used together.I have taken other classes (2 Taekwondo dojangs, 1 class for 3 years) and the atmosphere is completely different. Master Niu genuinely cares about his students, as his responsibility as a teacher and on a personal level. He pushes them because he wants to see them develop and evolve as people. Compared to my other martial arts locations, he is by far the best teacher Ive had. Not to mention, the other classes seemed like a cash grab, my Taekwondo belt tests cost me hundreds(everyone passed) while Master Nius tests have always been low in cost(those who actually meet requirements pass).Occasionally, some students intentionally disrupt the class and act out. Their actions endanger other students, and discipline has been in the form of added exercises and conditioning. This is very typical in many schools and can only help the student. Sparring in classes is always monitored and many precautions are taken to keep everyone safe. Master Niu has always emphasized safety, and no major injuries have been a product of sparring sessions.About Master Niu:Niu Laoshi is passionate about Wushu. He really does care about the history, technique, and spirit of Kung Fu, and is more than qualified to teach it. He’s not only a good teacher, but also someone who will always lend an ear. I’ve come to him needing personal advice, and he’s come through and given me options, solutions, and guidance. His daughter and son both attend his classes and I know them very well. They’re some of my closest friends and I strongly believe that Laoshi is a fantastic parent and that his classes have made them into the amazing people they are today. They often all tease each other and joke around. The class atmosphere is always brighter because of their interactions.Should you try out their classes?I think these classes really are worth it. Anyone, at any age or level, can join and work to better themselves. The students are welcoming and are willing to help out any new students. This class is really exceptional in all aspects, and I owe so much to Master Niu.

Review №11

Master Niu Lao Shi is a great wushu teacher. He is very skilled, has competition experience, and is very nice to everyone.Both of my kids attend the Niu Academy, and Niu Lao Shi shows a lot of care for them and all other students. The classes are a little longer than most martial art classes, which is good because there are some cardio warmups to keep the kids limber at the beginning, and each class follows a systematic program. The kids like this setup.There are different classes for different abilities and purposes. This is important because one of my kids is good at sports and the other one is not. And so, they have some classes together and some for one only. Between class customizations and the longer length of each class, I think the value at Niu Academy is very high.After about a year and half of practice, one of our kids went to his first wushu tournament. During the competitions, I feel that the kids at Niu Academy have a certain oomph behind each punch and kick, which makes them more exciting to watch than students from other academies. These tournaments are very important to the development of a child. The months of preparation, the night before, the day of, the performance with all eyes on you, and the joy of being handed a medal...the experience is priceless!These tournaments make wushu feel like a team sport. First, you join the competition team practice, then you get a matching uniform, then a bunch of you go to the same tournament together, warm up together, wait together, and cheer together. There is definitely a team feeling. The belt testing is formal too, but the tournaments are much more significant.Overall, Niu Lao Shi teaches the kids a lot more than just martial art. He teaches them discipline and hard work, integrity and respect, gentleness and finesse. I have definitely seen my kids improve.

Review №12

About two years ago when I was looking for a martial arts school for my two boys, I did not know anything about The NIU Kung Fu Wushu Academy; just that I sent an email on its website, following the search results, as I did for several other schools. It was a very warm reply that I received the same day kindly inviting them for a free trial the very next day. I took them for their first Kung Fu class and Master Niu impartially made them practice the same way as the other students. I instantly felt a welcoming and strict training environment, which was exactly what I was hoping for. Since then, they have just been training, which gets harder as they are progressing, and they just enjoy the encouraging and harsh atmosphere that surrounds them all the time. It is an honour knowing and having Master Niu as a teacher! In fact, he is more than a teacher, much like a parent motivating his children to succeed! Coach Lee also supports training and the children are fond of him as well; they say Coach Lee makes the training so much fun that they do not realise the time going by… It is not just the school, it is what makes up the school, the nurturing environment that both the humbleness of the teachers and the students bring! To this day I am still impressed of the ongoing achievements of the students, and everytime I see them performing, I cannot take my eyes off the show!Master Niu has a strong impact on the development of my boys, I should say the entire group from what I see, steering them in a direction that a parent definitely wishes his children to be. I see my boys have become stronger, healthier, self-motivated with set objectives at their young age. They look forward to their class every time, no matter how long or how hard or even how late. The academy performs at tournaments and wins a medals in different categories! Well beyond my expectations, my boys also participated and performed at the 2019 San Jose and Los Angeles Chinese Wushu Tournament for the first time, and won medals in both! This would not have been possible without the constant motivation of Master Niu, his son and Coach Lee! Now, the boys are even more excited to learn new skills for the next milestone. Who would not be delighted to see such inspiration? Their teacher knows exactly how to drive the students to perfection!Master Niu also teaches Tai Chi which seems/is so hard, and yet the students enjoy it! Since there is no name tag, driving by the NIU Kung Fu Wushu Academy uninformed, there is no way to tell that this is an exceptional school! I guess Master Niu believes that actions speak louder than words…I hope my boys will keep training for a long time with Master Niu to whom I will always be grateful for accepting my boys and also that they keep on making their teacher proud for devoting his time to impart his knowledge to them!

Review №13

My son been attending NIU Wushu Academy for over 3 years now. I can easily say it is the best martial art academy in amd around Irvine and nearby cities.I do not agree with Bianca Lee who has left a 1 star negative feedback.I like to respond to her points:1. This is NOT A BABY SITTING place. It is a REAL & PROPER Martial Art school.If you want someone to lie to boost your and your kids ego then you are in the wrong place.This is the only place that kids get warmed up, stretch, learn technique and cool down in every lesson. To me that is more important than someone saying good job for anything you do.2. Master NIU is probably the nicest and most patient master I have EVER seen. He is firm but fair and caring.3. There is no preferential treatment. ALL kids are friendly and helpful.My son is not the best in kung fu and not the most flexible but I NEVER experienced anything but encouragement, help and positive attitude from the master and other kids.But if you want people to molly cuddle your kid and treat them like a prince or a princess then you are in the wrong place.4. I tried a lot of other martial art places in Irvine and I can say with 100% certainty this place is by far THE BEST in Irvine and surrounding areas.But if you want for a club to charge you $150 per month for 1 hr a week and do a belt test EVERY MONTH to please the childish dream of getting a black belt in 2 years then you pick the wrong place.HERE KIDS LEARN MARTIAL ARTS not FALSE CONFIDENCE because their mumy dont like them to be corrected.5. Master is not MEAN to his kids. He treat them with respect, clarity and discipline. He dont treat them like fragile spoil little kids that are used to getting a medal no matter what.Life is not about telling false good job to kids when they have not done a good job. Because once they grow up mummy or daddy wont be there to boot their FRAGILE EGO.To sum things up. If you want to learn Kung Fu and personal discipline this is a good place but if you are looking for babysitting and being praised for nothing then this is not your place.

Review №14

It was a mistake to take my child to this school. Master Niu has his favorites and treats the others horribly. He con parents to think their (new student) child can learn wushu, weapons, and kung fu, but not true in most cases. His exercises are difficult especially if your child is not flexible and fast. My child was punished for not doing leap frogs fast enough and teased by the other students. For example, one day my child had to hold a heavy weight ball in a squatting position and walk across the studio several times. This is only one of his many punishments he gives to the students. The students are experts on push ups punishments. The Master even mean to his own son and daughter. I have seen kids getting hurt badly in kung fu sparring cause of him. His school is not safe and friendly.

Review №15

I love my son.Thank you for sending Kung Fu.The lesson content is good and the price is good.👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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