Wing Chun Irvine
8 Hammond #113, Irvine, CA 92618, United States

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Instructor Derick is very patient with students. He takes time to gradually submerge you into Wing Chun which is a form of martial art that trains you to fight an opponent much larger in size than you. The most valuable part of the class, in my opinion, is sparing, which gives you the training and practice to use Wing Chun to fight every student in the class.

Review №2

The Dragon Institute,....there are so many great things about this school...far too many to be able to mention all of them here.What I can say is that this is truly a place of higher learning......If you want to learn superior self-defense that works in real-life situations, and allows you to protect yourself and your loved ones, the Dragon is the school for you.But while I have learned unquestionably effective self-defense, Adam and Derrick teach you so much more. They have taught me some valuable core principles. Through these core values, I continue to grow, a student, a father, and a friend.The Dragon has changed my life in a most positive way, since I walked into the school almost 4 years ago.After the first class, I went home and said, Im going to do this for the rest of my life!I could not recommend a better school for self-defense, and life improvement for you and your family, than the Dragon Institute.You truly owe it to yourself to check it out!Thank you Adam, Derrick, and Elisabeth

Review №3

This is martial arts at its best. This school puts the art back in martial arts with a refined curriculum that evolves every day. Derrick does an excellent job teaching the skills he has refined under his Sifu Adam. If you want a good martial arts experience that gives you valuable self-defense skills while simultaneously (a word youll get a better grasp of in class) enhancing your overall health, give this class a shot!

Review №4

I really cant say enough great things about this school. I have been a part of the Dragon Institute when it opened back in Dana Point and am thrilled they have opened a new location closer to home. It was worth the drive either way for the quality of the instruction. Sifu Adam and Derrick are both very attentive and knowledgeable. I feel like this art and school have changed my life in a way much deeper than just learning how to defend myself.

Review №5

The Dragon Institute is more than an ordinary martial arts school. Sifu Adam Willis is truly gifted in his teaching skills with both the childrens class and the adults as well. After being there a short time, I felt like I was part of a family. A top notch school!!!

Review №6

If you like a family oriented martial arts school with patient and caring instructors and students this is the place to be. Its definitely not a fight club and ego free. It makes learning wing chun and the time spend there pleasant.

Review №7

Simpler than I expected. Everything makes sense and the Wing Chun curriculum is laid out very clearly. I feel myself feeling more comfortable and confident after only two months and am happy that I see a clear path in order to improve further.

Review №8

The Best Martial Arts class in the OC. Harmonizing Art with Science to be fluid, yielding and powerful. No matter your size or strength, you will learn the internal art and science to be Immovable as a mountain and flow like a great river.

Review №9

The Dragon Institute is a place that will change you, and I speak from experience. Never has a martial arts school felt engaging, welcoming, and encouraging. If you want to learn Wing Chun, this is the place to learn it!

Review №10

My son has be going to the Dragon Institute for over three years. We have been VERY happy with both Sifu Adam and Sifu Derrick. Both are very patient with kids and are always working in a positive way to improve each student.

Review №11

Derrick does a great job running class. He makes you comfortable when you first walk in. Not to mention that his knowledge and feedback is first rate!

Review №12

Great energy here. Sifu Derrick is a great teacher and the kids love him!

Review №13

A beautiful school in all the right ways. No egos, just hard working dedicated passionate people practicing the art of Wing Chun. Simple, direct, effective, practical!!!!

Review №14

I recently started taking classes here and am very happy with my experience so far. From the minute I walked in the door, I knew that this was the school for me. Sifu Adam is highly knowledgable and passionate about Wing Chun. If you are looking for top quality Wing Chun in a welcoming environment, this is the place for you!

Review №15

Ive been going here since the studio opened. Adam runs an excellent school and is doing great things for the community and has been a wonderful teacher and friend to me throughout the years.

Review №16

An outstanding Wing Chun Kung Fu school with amazingly patient and caring instructors. Plus, the martial arts system is one of the most effective in the world for self-defense. Whether you live or work in Irvine, Lake Forest or Foothill Ranch, the school is right there!

Review №17

This is real wing chun period. Nice facility. The instructors are very patient and they work well with all levels and ages.

Review №18

Love to be here and learn.

Review №19

The dragon institute is the best place for health self defense and to have a good time, you dont just train with other students you train with family, and the no ego policy allows for all too accomplish higher goals and more importantly to help others to reach there goals. when i first joined the dragon institute i was very impressed by the looks and feel of the school it has a very traditional vibe and very professional mats, walls, dummys, ext. joining this kung fu foundation was the greatest thing Ive done, and i would encourage all others to join as well...

Review №20

Kick a$$ Kung Fu! A great find for authentic Wing Chun in Orange County. Good for beginners, great for adults and ideal for kids. Plus really great instructors who are patient, highly knowledgeable and inspiring.

Review №21

My 7 year old daughter has been going here since she was 5. She has improved so much thanks to Sifu Derrick. This is a great school. It has helped her concentration. They also have a great belt system that is not always present in other schools. The belts and stripes really motivate the kids. We visited other schools before coming here. Other places wanted to charge for testing for each belt. They had other miscellaneous charges whereas here there is one flat fee per month. I learned Kung Fu when I was in college and really enjoyed it. There are a lot of different martial arts, but Kung Fu is very fluid and uses your opponents energy against themselves. It also helps with concentration. I think it will help my daughter when she goes to college for self-defense and also for bullying which I experienced in middle school.

Review №22

Ive been a student of Sifu Williss since 2011. He is an excellent instructor. His school facilities are very well maintained and my fellow students are a great bunch of people from a wide range of ages and background. The quality of Wing Chun practiced here is of the highest caliber.

Review №23

The Dragon Institute is the real deal from an original lineage (Traced back to Ip Man). They will teach you the tools to train your body into the ideal Wing Chun Weapon. Dont expect it to be easy, this art takes a year minimum of hard work to progressively train your body in maintaining the proper structural alignments. The instructors Sifu Adam and Derrick are young, energetic, and amazingly good. Come here if you want to get serious about your training.

Review №24

I have been training with both Sifu Adam Williss and Derrick Mansell at the Dragon Institute. Both great teachers. Not only will they teach you the very effective art of Wing Chun but it is also a very welcoming place with a nice group of people!! My son has also trained here and their kids programs are amazing.

Review №25

In the few months that Ive been doing Wing Chun, Ive been taught multiple lessons that have carried over into every aspect of my life. One of the simplest things Sifu Willis taught me (the importance of keeping the tip of the tongue to the roof of the mouth) has affected how I breath and walk every single day. The principles of form that Wing Chun teaches have carried over into every action I take. Its simple, core lessons like these that are applicable to every day life that have honestly changed how I live. Sifu Adam Willis is a beast and Im pretty sure he could give Goku a run for his money, which is not something I say lightly. It has numerous health benefits for the physical body as well as the mind, great instructors and friends, and people that will come at you as hard as you want them to or as soft as you want them to. Im extremely happy to have the new Irvine location so close to me and cant wait to have many, many more rounds of sparring and lessons.

Review №26

Ive been training with Sifu Adam Williss & his senior student Derrick Mansell for about a year now.The dedication & compassion that goes into thier Wing Chun Kung Fu teachings surpasses the physical (fighting) aspects of the self-defense martial art, but does not neglect it. Adam encourages building character & a calm spirit through physical meditation & consistent training/sparring. Attention to detail & hard work are prerequisites if you really want to excel, luckily those disciplines can be learned here as well. Efficiency is the goal; This isnt your flashy Bruce Lee spinkick Kung Fu school. Here you will be taught practical self-defense that is geared towards defending real world dangerous encounters.Most of all, Adam cares more about his students than any teacher Ive ever had, be it grade school or martial arts. He truly believes anyone can overcome every hardship through Wing Chun, & that philosophy shows in his method.Adam & Derrick provide the proper tools for success if you provide the proper enthusiasm & hard work.

Review №27

A great Wing Chun school with great instructors!

Review №28

Best Marshall arts school in the oc

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