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3320 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89121, United States

Review №1

Key Realty was GREAT!! So willing to help youand make sure you understand the course outline.. The teachers offer tutoring if necessary. They tell you exactly how to study for the exam what to expect. Front desk has wonderful customer service. I HIGHLY recommend this school!

Review №2

Love this place! Teddy is the best. Great to see how far this company has come over the years. Professional, friendly, helpful and always educational. Now offering classes on the West side too! This is the only place to go to get licensed in Las Vegas Real Estate. Thanks Mike and Teddt for being awesome!

Review №3

Incredible instructors! Every lesson is related with an anecdote or easy-to-remember scenario. Class is very fast paced but their teaching style makes everything stick! So happy I chose this school!

Review №4

Teachers are so nice, patient and they explain any question you may have in details. I love the school & the zooming clases.

Review №5

If only the Nevada Realtor Division would audit this place. The owner, Teddy thinks he is some kinda good ole boy from back in the 70s. He's really just a vulgar old man that is absolutely disgusting to look at and listen to and you will never learn anything from him or any of his bogus teaching material. Blue binder is just as worthless as teddy and his classes. I can't believe that Nevada let's him operate like this. Some of the other teachers are fantastic. But, in the end, you are still stuck with taking some classes from him and his horrible learning material. Absolutely Horrible! Try to study from the book. And absolutely do not go to his classes. Go to the other teachers..

Review №6

Enjoyed the class. Teacher was knowledgeable and was really concerned with making sure we got the material to pass the test for the state license

Review №7

Took the RE Sales course on line....content covered all applicable subjects for passing the course and the Nevada State license test...I passed the Pearson Vue state & national on first try....amazing staff at Key Realty School...all questions and assistance needed were handled in a timely and professional manner.H. Dugas (Class of 2020)

Review №8

Key Realty School has the best customer service I've dealt with in my 60 years. Amazing people, always willing to help and answer the phones and make sure all your needs are met. I have called them dozens of times and everyone I've ever dealt with are amazing.Thank you Mark.

Review №9

The receptionist had very bad customer service. She didn’t let me finish my sentences and sounded as if I were bothering her; like she had something better to do. Had I not researched the school prior to calling I’d most certainly be going with another company.

Review №10

I love Nancy. She is a great instructor. She is so organized and explain things in such a way you can clearly understand. Her passion for teaching is obvious. The office staff are helpful and give great guidance. I wish the bathroom would get a good air purifier/ air freshener. Someone is stinking up the bathroom during breaks the entire hallway stinks. Whoever that person is, please seek a Doctor!!!Thank you!

Review №11

I moved to Las Vegas from California where I spent 8 years selling Real Estate. I signed up with Key Realty School to take the required CE courses and my NV Real Estate Exam. Mike who is a wealth of information was always available when I had questions (which was often), needed study tips and navigation assistance online. He responded to phone calls and emails regularly and was always patient. The school itself has an easy learning platform online and/or in class. I signed up with them to take my Property Management course next.

Review №12

Key Realty School really helped get me prepared for the test. The schedule is a little hard for someone with a full-time job but doable. The Online content is very easy to use.

Review №13

The BEST real estate license education school !Have lots fun to learn and make lots friends:-)

Review №14

Awesome teacher for home inspection!

Review №15

Mr. Mike Federwitz was on top of his communications with me, even if I'm a "small client". He really made an effort to understand my needs and was considerate enough to listen to my situation and assist me with my requests. He is detailed, patient, friendly and professional. I think he is a great reflection of the values that the school represents and I will keep Key Realty Schools in mind for any future professional career endeavors in the fields they cater to. He was the reliable go-to I'd experienced dealing with. Thank you, sir!

Review №16

I took my exam 3 times before I finally decided to move schools. Steven who does Agency talks about everything but what’s in your book. From my understanding the school has gotten multiple complaints about him including me. And they offer you a refund to do self study instead of addressing the issue and replacing him. They always send you home early, most of the students in there have been at the school for a year or so. It seems like no one can pass the exam going to school with them. It’s very unfortunate that this place still teaches and collects people’s money knowing they don’t put their 100% effort into helping people pass the exam. Shame on you key school of realty.Update on review after switching to real estate school of Nevada. They are .5 miles from this school, make the extra drive and go there . And taking their 3 week in class course I finally passed my Pearson vue exam the 1st time with them. Save your self the money,headache,frustration and go to a different school!!!

Review №17

Wouldn't recommend till they figure out there curriculum and information better. You'll get conflicting information on the subjects when u go to there classes. One instructor will say one thing then another one will tell you that the other is wrong. So your left wondering who's right. They need to sit every instructor in a room and force them to go over there information with the others so they can get it all straight instead of confusing students.Also need to have the information available to students that teachers are reviewing so they can follow along and write side notes instead of flipping thru a bunch of different things just to realize what there going over isn't anything given and then miss it.Also most reviews are bartered for because they will give u the math test prep free (normally $50) in exchange for a yelp review.

Review №18

Key Realty has the most knowledgeable professors, because they are current Real Estate Agents.The study package includes books, CDs, and online study videos.Great place to start my RE Career.

Review №19

Watch for false reviews posted here.... Also, be advised that they sell your contact information to other brokerages. If you register for classes with these guys expect to get a ton of junk mail and phone calls.

Review №20

Went in and had a few questions about getting ready for some exams and Michael Federwitz is an absolute genius.

Review №21

I'm sure the in school is great but the online lectures half are from 2013 and the finance course is completely based around a handout that isn't available to the online students. I have also emailed the school 4 times now about a change in address and asking about updated material and i have yet to receive a response. Would love to update this to a 5 star in the future but this is costing me my license and a wasted money.

Review №22

This school has been so user friendly and fully educating. I have been provided (at a cost) a wonderful selection of material to help me. I have enjoyed the teachers that come to focus on what I need to get my license. I have to recommend this school as the best way, to make your next career dream become a fulfilling reality.

Review №23

Great school, teachers and staff very helpful!

Review №24

I had a great experience with Key Realty School online for my 90 hour pre license course.It was a lot of information to take in but they did a good job of pulling the pieces of different subjects together so it made sense as a whole. I did not option for any classroom or textbooks. But I had no issues and blew state and national out of the water first attempt. I’d recommend the course to anyone.Instructors - I really liked Robin from day one. She teaches in a very organized fashion. Teddy however was all over the place at times. He did grow on me by the end of the classes.I purchased the additional cram session, recorded. It was well worth it. It helped to tie up any loose ends.

Review №25

I've been selling greater Las Vegas real estate since 1997. I'm an established broker owner. I've been renewing my real estate license and property management permit here at Key Schools now for some yrs. I find their approach to this easy and enjoyable. Mike is great for questions and answers and to this day i call him for advise. Thank you Key schools~! Vegas' ROCKIN REALTOR.

Review №26

The School and the teachers are the best! The material was well organized and easy to understand. Key Realty School gives you all the tools you need. The classes, audio tapes, chapter tests, cram class and web courses made it possible to successfully pass the exam. I recommend this school as the best of Las Vegas!

Review №27

Great place to learn

Review №28

Very helpful stuff and instructors

Review №29

TEDDY IS THE MAN!if you pick any school pick this one and do it in the classroom! The ease at which you are taught and the real world situations you are explained are INVALUABLE to remembering during test taking time.I will be back for my post ed cont ed and any other ed I will ever have to take will always be at KEY!

Review №30

Classroom and online classes, very informative. A lot of materials from CD's, videos, practice tests are provided both in classrooms and in the website. It's a Great school. Teachers are Great too. I'm glad that I choose Key Realty School. It's the best school to start your career in Real Estate.

Review №31

I live in rural area so not being able to attend school was challenging because I learn better by sitting in class. Talking to Mike at Key Realty and expressing my concerns he suggested the CD's to use a few days before taking my Brokers test and they worked!! I retained so much more information that I was confident when taking the test. Thank you Mike !

Review №32

Five star from start to finish. I went here to upgrade my salesperson license to a broker-salesperson license and the division was 0 help with getting me in the right direction. Emailed back and forth with Mike a few times and figured out what I needed. Knocked out school, passed the test and he STILL helped me figure out which forms and what docs I needed to take over to the division. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Review №33

It's a great school,staff and instructors helps allot and give all the material

Review №34

I would recommend elsewhere.

Review №35

Not impressed. There are items on the school's practice test that are not in study materials. There are a few answers on practice test that are wrong and or questionable when checked with statutes. Google became my best friend. I could have passed the test by simply reading statutes and relying on Google for definitions AND applicable examples for someone new to the industry. In addition, if someone from the school reads this review, please proof-read documents for grammar, punctuation and spelling. The inconsistent layouts between the sections, the less than average writing, and the way I was treated when I called in to speak to administration to obtain clarification, all left a bitter taste in my mouth. I felt it was an unfortunate waste of money. I should not have to double check my education to verify knowledge is correct.

Review №36

Class is precised and straight to the point. Questions answered with full description and gives different point of views to understand the subject even better props to Mr. Goldman!

Review №37

Love the instructors, easy to use website and customer service. Their new building is very nice too!

Review №38

Passed PSI on the first try! Thank you Key Realty School! Yes, I know I did the heavy lifting myself but they really provided the tools and guidance. The Saturday test prep course is worth every penny. I wasn't completely confident going into the class that I knew what I needed to but by the end of the day, I knew I had it thanks in part to the way Rick (the instructor) explained things. One of the best things about the way everyone at Key teaches is their use of acronyms, it was so helpful. I will recommend Key to anyone that asks.

Review №39

EDIT: The owner of Key Realty School, Michael, contacted me and did his best to make up for what happened. It left me feeling a lot better about Key Realty School.I renewed my Nevada real estate license through this school. The online course was horrible. Prior to testing, I was asked for course codes that were embedded in the course content. I spent significant time looking for some codes that weren't embedded. I didn't find out until after calling that they weren't there and weren't needed for the test. Two of the eight courses had missing material in the online lessons which I was later tested on. One of the exams covered material that wasn't relevant, and it had 21 questions when there were only supposed to be 10. It gave me a 65% score when I answered all the questions correctly. Key Realty School wasted a ton of my time. I was on the phone with them off and on working out their online bugs during the course. They refused to provide anything to make up for it when I asked.

Review №40

Fantastic customer service! They call back when they say they will, and are very customer-centric. I am in no way related to, friends with, or affiliated with the school- I'm just a very satisfied customer. Honest and helpful staff.

Review №41

Wonderful school thank you key realty!!

Review №42

Great instructors, love day and night classes!

Review №43

All the instructions are super knowledgeable and the website has everything you need to pass the exam! Thanks Key Realty School& specially thanks to Teddy!!!!!!

Review №44

The school came highly recomended from a realtor friend of mine. The school and the staff are top notch. I couldn't be more happy with how well they prepared me for the exams. I took the online courses because my schedule is really hectic. I work graveyards and have a family life. School, kids and sports w them really dictated my online choice. Im so happy that they offered such a great curriculum. The teachers Robyn, Richard and Teddy all know their stuff and can actually take you step by step. Great follow up by Mike the counsler. Every time I emailed or called w questions he was right on top of it and clearly explained. I cant wait to sign up for the continuing ed classes. Im just hungry for more of their knowledge. I really believe to be good, no great at what you wish to become you have to build a solid foundation. I look forward to many years of building a successful solid foundation so I can help many people realize their dreams and goals in home ownership. Big thanks to Key Realty School!!!

Review №45

I originally received my Real Estate education from Teddy at Key Real Estate School many years ago. As I progressed and became a Broker and owner of my own company Key has been there every step of the way. Excellent curriculum, great instructors and a first class company make Key my choice for professional education.David E.

Review №46

I am very pleased with the online course! My questions were answered promptly via email and I passed the PSI exam on my first try! Many videos and practice tests made all the difference!

Review №47

This is a great school for any of your Real Estate class needs. I’d highly recommend checking out this school.

Review №48

Key realty has help in in-measurable ways i.e. Knowledgeable instructors detail methods to passing national and state examination. "One and Done"Big thumbs up for the staff thanks for all you do.

Review №49

Key realty is a fantastic school, very informative instructors. Highly recommended.

Review №50

This is my 3rd week at Key Realty and I have learned so much about the industry. The teachers are knowledgeable, supportive, and patient.

Review №51

I’ve been to this school multiple times for Pre and Post education as well as Continuing education and I’ve always had amazing teachers and helpful staff. Ron Mendicino is a great teacher, so much valuable info is taught in his continuing education class for commercial real estate and so is Mr. Jamie Velez and Mr. Joe Scrofani for post! Thank you gentlemen for dedicating your time to help aspiring real estate agents like me achieve their goal! You’re the best

Review №52

Instructors are very knowledgeable and thorough. They take the time to answer/clarify any questions or concerns.

Review №53

I took the Law online course from Key Realty School.It was priced fairly, was easy to follow along, and hadinteresting content. Great way to get the CE required.Will be back in the future.

Review №54

I have received two licenses through this school. I love the test prep classes as they are very helpful. I also use this school for my CE classes. If you want ease of earning along with cost effective pricing than this is your school.

Review №55

Love Key Realty's Continuing Ed On Line. As a Visual Learner, rather than an Auditory One, these classes give me so much more knowledge than live classes. I find Key Realty's Classes to be the most content rich of all.

Review №56

I absolutely LOVE my experiences with Key Realty school! Mike is awesome!!

Review №57

Currently filing a complaint at the Nevada Division of Real Estate about the experience I had. It was so blatantly out of line and I would never recommend this school to anyone. Ever.

Review №58

Amazing school, amazing staff, very supportive and caring. They give the tools to succeed, and help you get there.

Review №59

Been in Vegas for 22 years, they have been here the whole time, I received my original instruction and all CE from this School and have never had anything but positive experiences.Steve BrandonREALTOR, CPDE, EPro, AAMS,

Review №60

Not only do you learn what's in the book, you will also learn a bit of psychology and the real world side of Real Estate.

Review №61

Classroom Training is extensive and flexible.Instructors are always available and helpful with any questions.

Review №62

I just wanted to inform you I recently passed the Nevada Broker Exam on the first try with the help of your courses. As A California Broker, I appreciated the convenience of taking the courses on my schedule. I completed your Nevada Law Course, Broker Management Course and the PSI Prep guide for passing the exam. You courses were well organized and easy to understand. The 2 audio CD's on the Nevada Law were a great help. Thank you for your assistance. I will definitely recommend Key Realty School. Karen Conrad, CA Broker Since 1990, CRS, GRI

Review №63

Did study course for recipicle Licsense.Passed Nevada test first time. Thanks Key school

Review №64

Great school, great method, great teachers.

Review №65

Horrible school teacher Teddy or where name he is horrible unprofessional and school is not taking any action not recomend this school to anyone

Review №66

5.0 /5Love the Streaming Video Instructors!!!

Review №67

Everything was fit to my needs..I have no further suggestions as far as online course is concerned. thank you

Review №68


Review №69

Not good

Review №70

I love it! Thank you Teddy :)

Review №71

Good study materials, very accommodating staff!

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