Abram Friedman Occupational Center
1646 S Olive St, Los Angeles, CA 90015, United States

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Great place to learn English.

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Quick but rude service, feels like the DMV

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Is a nice and friendly place! You can get all that you need about to complete your studies and continues your education!

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Best school ever 💪

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The electrical program run by Mr Wehbe is exceptional. Hes an excellent instructor. Im very happy with the training I received here.

Review №6

HairFreek Barbers came from Friedman Occupational Barber Program.Ron Koziel is the best barber instructor around. The school packs his class with dozens of students, no aid, no office manager, no help what so ever and he still finds time to hold a lecture every day. He gets all the paper work done in time. He keeps the shop clean and still finds time to help individual students. He performs demos on every subject.His dedicated students pass the licensing test on the first try. Even the students who dont take the class serious wind up passing that test.With Rons help we were able to open up our shop and keep it legal. Any time we have questions we can get answers from Ron. He keeps us up to date on the latest laws and regulations.I attended a private hair college for two weeks. We got no instruction. No experience on anything but haircuts. Nobody passed the licensing test. Save your money and enroll at Friedman. Insist on getting into Rons class!

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They are a very clean ,and very professionals and they work get In and out.

Review №8

I liked attending class there. Even though the building itself is old. The quality of teaching is very good. I success fully obtain my high school diploma. Class are quiet and easy to concentrate. They staff that worked at the counseling office is very helpful each time I needed something.

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A nice place to study very quiet if you need to concentrate. They have plenty programs to study and they also give you information if a company is hiring. Give it a try, you can get your classes during the morning or evening Mon-Th. You never know maybe youll discover that you like to do new things and get prepared for a new and better job. Good luck:).

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I got my high school diploma from there. Its an excellent school. I have good memories. Lovely place!

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The number and hours are incorrect according to the voice recording on the number given here. Saying summer hours are Mon-fri 8am to 12pm. I would like to attend and sighn up for classes.but this is difficult when information is misleading. summer and summer school is over. The center needs to update there voice recording or update t hours listed here.thank you

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I love the school Ive never been going this fast in school until now they have great lovely teachers who help beautifuly also I have a question! Whats its like getting your nails done here?!

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Long story short I had a warehouse job and was tired of it! I finally decided to go to school for a career and went to this school for help. Ended up taking electrical classes and 3 years later i have a good paying job!! Seriously even tho this school is not as high end as other colleges the teachers here care about their students. They are great mentors and take pride in helping students to become somthing in the real world. Mr. Wehbe is a great teacher and mentor and thanks to him i am set with a career and knowledge to keep me working

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I love this school it gives you more then a chance to meet different people and you learn even more

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Awesome school,friendly staff and great instructors. ❤️

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A place where u can get a lot of knowledge. And if youre looking for a school to learn English. This is a must go and study school

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Wonderful education, train jobs, welcome adults, Handcripple, Seniors, amazing teachers, and Disability welcome, Foreigns too

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I love the school and the teachers and the staff in the office but my dislike comes from the staff in the 5th floor testing area they are very rude and speak to you like a minoraty not all of us know the way they work there or the rules for testing they should be more clear in how the testing and re testing works and should be more understanding for people who have to re test and be more respectful towards people that are just trying to do better for themselves!!!

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Love the school, so many options on careers. Great service from everyone at the office except this one blond lady who always seems to have an attitude,besides her everyone is really helpful.

Review №20

I would like to thank Ms Boggs she was awesome!!!

Review №21

Best Barbers college in southern California...

Review №22

Studied here in 1994. Learned so much. I studied computer programming language (COBOL) but the school closed that class. Met many great people that I would love to see again someday.

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I want too get started and give a opportunity to my life and i think this is a perfect place

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Mi alma mater.i love this place.

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Excellent for young and adult students in a great location for many inner city residents to reach success as individuals and family community members.

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Well, I actually studing here now, I started to study in esl on 2014, in this moment I am finish high school and taking some graphic design class, I really like this place, it is quite to study and teachers are so professionals, you always learn new things over there, my only advice is that they should have information about college for adults like me also, a better orientation over the jobs you can reach if you study a technical carreer but, you must have an idea, I know, my piont is about bussines, this school is great.

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I love this Bakole is a very inspiring and positive woman.

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I had a great experience here and there were no major problems

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Great School!

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Great teacher. Never to late to start a new career.

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I like this school im a student of 2003 every time i study different class example mechanical drafting floor layer,computer repair, house repair . im reccomend this school .

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They have good teachers.

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Trust me this is the best School in LAI went there for about two years.

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Great place to study and very affordable.

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Great school has a lot of programs.

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It is a good school.

Review №37

Excelent School

Review №38

Good place to learn

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Great math teacher from the ii lab

Review №40

Is the best way learn

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Very good

Review №42

Wonderful school

Review №43

Not good

Review №44

Great school

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Fav school

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I need help learning English I need to register please

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I studied here and graduated and now I am making money for having studied bodyshop I recommend it 100% if you want to overcome this is the best place, and I am very grateful to the very professional teachers. Mr. Guerrero, who is very strict and disciplined ..... Jhon Pun very attentive teacher and supports you in any project and encourages you and brings out the best in you .. Ms. Gale a very good mentor .... and Mr. Dave .... great example. Blessings and take advantage of your time in this place.

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Excellent school of cosmetology the white teacher is an excellent teacher

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I would like to know what courses they teach and the costs please if someone is kind to give me that info, oh, and the schedules, thanks!

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It is very good to study in this school.

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Ive been here before and miss! both good comments can not be wrong! I felt the quality of the tutor as the support of the school in General !! Sorry for not finishing my course, but its never too late !!!! : D

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Excellent education

Review №55

Place of study

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It is a luxury because the teachers teach you very well to speak it and write it in English ☺️☺️☺️☺️

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Excellent school

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Good school to learn

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Good school

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I will visit on August 19

Review №61

I miss that school Ill be back soon

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  • Phone:+1 213-765-2400
  • Adult education school
Working hours
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  • Tuesday:7AM–3:30PM
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