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Review №1

I am in the admissions process for CBD college for the DMS program, and I am must say I highly recommend this school to people looking into health careers. Admissions are fair, and the counselors are great. It is a competitive program, so you have to put your best foot forward. From all the research I have done, the quality of education is excellent here.

Review №2

The application & interview process took several months to sort out due to a lack of communication from admissions. I was eventually told I was accepted (literally), but also had to attend a “panel interview”. No one told me that it was actually a GROUP interview with 9 other applicants. I was asked TWO questions & then was denied acceptance into the program. I immediately asked to re-apply (the denial email said to respond to it if you wanted to re-apply & i did so right away) and no one ever responded! What a horrible way to treat people.

Review №3

I wish I had chosen to add on another $10,000 in loans to attend an actual school for Surgical Technology as opposed to wasting my time at this joke of a school. Do not waste your time or money going here. Choose American Career College or Glendale Career College, anywhere but here. You will not receive an education.

Review №4

I am a former student from CBD, graduating this past September from the MR Program Cohort 3. That is what it states on my degree, however I didnt really complete my externship until 10/26/2020. You might say I am a bit disgruntled with my experience at CBD and people would most likely say I was justified. The latest issue, should not have come as a surprise to myself after all the others. It just intensified my frustration with the school for the amount of money I spent to attend it. I would also like to say covid also impacted the last issue somewhat but not really.I will start in order of occurrence of the issues I have had with CBD.1. Dr.K physics instructor - I along with plenty of other students basically taught ourselves physics. I might add that the Math instructor tutored alot of the students on his own time. I also know our class wasnt the only class to have this issue. We brought the issue up and basically told nothing could be done. So alot of us learned on our own. Paying the amount of money for the program I should not have had to teach myself physics.2. Clinicals Placement - I was placed in a UMI in Irvine as my first clinic. I lasted exactly one week, at first no answer was given as to why I would not be back. I was already setting up patients, doing screenings everything that was asked from me. I was polite and deferring. They even went as far as giving me difficult regular patients that they didnt want that came in weekly. I had no problem and the patients even complimented me putting them at ease. I was told I wasnt wanted back for the imbecilic excuse that I was playing with my car keys during the initial meet and greet for my externship. My keys fell out of my scrubs and I picked them up off the floor.3. Clinicals Placement 2 - The second clinic was in Lynwood was also a UMI I believe. Manager of clinic was a no show the day we were to meet. When we did meet, I was told it did not matter if I showed up or not I was going to get my hours signed off regardless and my degree wasnt worth anything and That I would need to take a job making 13 -15 dollars to start anyway. When I went back to the school to report this to the clinicals coordinator I was called a liar by the rep that handled that clinic. Im not sure what her name was she is Persian or Armenian I believe. However, I had a corroborating witness to back up my story another student. I didnt pay money to not be taught. Seems like everyone connect with CBD is out to make buck whether people learn or not.4. Clinicals Placement 3 - I spent majority of time here and had to fight to scan. I learned here and was appreciative for what I did learn. The thing that I did not appreciate was that when the pandemic hit. The Clinic owners / operators brought in a patient with covid ( who was very ill) told all their employees. However, did not want me to know. The techs were instructed not to tell me. However, one of their techs didnt think it was ethical to not inform me so he did. That was shady on their part. I could have caught covid and brought it home to my family. I was a student, I was not a tech at the time. I kept hearing Well this the field you are going to be in. At the time I was a student and was not getting paid to put my health on the line.5. We come to my final issue I have with the school. I graduated in Sept. 2020 Passed ARRT exam with a 93%. Granted at the end of the year and beginning hiring is slow. I understand that completely have been in the work force for many years. However, your institution states the following on your website which is in the image below and is highlighted.I have yet to get one job lead from the school. Not 1, I have applied for over 50 positions and have had a grand total of one interview. Which I applied for on my own. I got lip service from 1 rep. She kept say Oh so and so will be calling you today. Never got a call from anyone. Now I get from Oh, I will talk to my contacts to get you an interview with this clinic and or that clinic. Know what I get NOTHING..GARBAGE SCHOOL

Review №5

My daughter was interested in the Sonography program. She met all of the qualifications and participated in the interview process which was done by zoom with other applicants at the same time. This wasnt done in professional manner. It gave no chance for applicants to be considered in a valid way.The interviewer also showed blatant discrimination and ageism toward her. This may be a competitive program to get into, however other applicants were not as well suited for the program. It was a loss to the program. That is all I can say.

Review №6

Admission to going in is easy and helpful. The school is great. I don’t know why there bad reviews, you want to know more of the school, highly recommends stopping by yourself and meet the students,teachers,etc. They have no problem giving you a tour. That’s what i did and it’s way better over a phone call or email.

Review №7

It is important to provide feedback after interviews even if there is no interest in hiring the candidate (dont leave them hanging). When someone takes time to interview with you following best practices means be courteous, and respectful, by circling back. Everyone is due the same level of respect not just the students you hope to enroll. Who knows what else might happen if you actually took a position there.

Review №8

Does Anyone recommend their sonography program or have any details about it?

Review №9

The school has an undeniably great atmosphere, it is simply phenomenal. I applied and start next week but the chemistry between staff and students is a rarity, at least in my experience. Everyone seems to always be upbeat, friendly, and theres a big sense of community. You truly have to experience it for yourself in order to appreciate it.

Review №10

I absolutely love everything about the CBD college and knew that CBD was the place for me contagious school spirit and great experience with the admin rep. Unfortunately, not enrolled any more looking for a career in Pharm Tech as a student not satisfied the method they are teaching feel like doesn’t take me any were.

Review №11

Michael with CBD student support was so very helpful! He was quick with response, very polite and kind. He addressed all of my questions with generosity, because of this I will gladly pursue a relationship with CBD. Excellent student service

Review №12

Some of the teachers are rude and disrespectful. As a student who pays about $25,000 for tuition I expect to be treated with respect and lectured on the subject at hand for the full amount of class time. If a lecture ends early I expect to be able to leave at that time to go home and use that time to study, instead I get yelled at and treated as a high school student. Mrs. Hannah, Mr. joe, and Mr. M are great teachers and are very helpful weather youre in their class at the time or not. The student lounge needs updating and most importantly the ST OR rooms need updated sinks and OR lights along with functioning equipment and more surgical instruments. Maybe these things should have been of priority instead of updating the front desk but hey its not my money right?😑 anyways overall it needs improvement in all places but they need to set their priorities straight and put our money towards helping us understand the material better.

Review №13

My instructors are wonderful... But the admin is awful. They slack and never have a solid answer. They have excuses about why this and why that.

Review №14

Went here for medical assistance and in the process I was told I will be getting my phlebotomy license. Never did took all the classes finish everything and still have to pay for something I still have never got! Im still pissed about it and most importantly this is a fraud school ! PERIOD no cares then or now 😒

Review №15

I am proud to be a part of this organization. CBD college offers top of the line healthcare career training to its students and has thousands of graduates currently working in the field. As a non profit organization, CBD College strives to help the community, its students, and alumni and has been in business for over 30 years. If you or someone you know is interested in a career in healthcare, I strongly encourage you to visit, tour our campus and speak with our friendly and knowledgeable staff.Michael - Director of Student Services at CBD College.

Review №16

Last year i went to this school when I started to take the entrance test and i never passed the admissions officer felt bad towards me thats why I didn’t go back to that school because what the admissions officer treated me

Review №17

I had a horrible experience at this school admissions never helps their student my class had problems w a teacher so we had to speak to Patricia and Jim the student affairs and he explained to me all the reviews were from upset people and I shouldn’t take them serious and my time throughout the whole program was a problem they fired my teachers left me without a teacher for 4 months and I had to go in at different times I was explained they offered a phlebotomy class since the beginning of the start of the program and after my hours I started calling admissions to ask about it I started calling in December I spoke to Patricia the main lady of the school she said she would get back to me and never did I finally got a hold of Jim and he acted like there was no phlebotomy program that they used to have it and not anymore and I said why was it told to my class then and said talked to me like I was dumb saying at 12:27 pm March 12 2018 we no longer have that program like he was getting agitated when I have been trying to get a hold of someon for 4 months !! I hated this school so much I’m so happy to be graduated . They do not help u at all the teachers do care for their students but the admissions department and the other faculty don’t . They have u running everywhere to even have anyone speak to u about a concern it’s ridiculous.and when they speak to u they speak to u like ur uneducated even though u attended their school! I told jim when I first met him I take the reviews w a grain of salt but people wrote them because something obviously bothered the person to write them . Horrible faculty

Review №18

CBD College is an amazing community. If you are interested in becoming a healthcare professional, this is the best place to begin that journey!

Review №19

I just called to get information about tuition and they got so mad at me because I wouldt give them my phone number! they were so incredibly rude to me. Im not about to pay $40,000 and be treated badly.

Review №20

Very unprofessional - completely wasted my time.

Review №21

Top notch student services and great instructors.

Review №22

Wow I was really looking into signing up for this school but with all these recent bad reviews I dont think I want to anymore. I think the teachers need to treat the students right especially if we are paying that amount of money.

Review №23

If u are looking for a career in Pharm Tech as a student that went to CBD I honesty suggest a different school CBD is a waste of time Joy Hernandez and Kevin Stewart are terrible instructors very unprofessional and student services is a mess

Review №24

THE school is prejudice and giving fake license. students cheats and the dean is the most prejudice person ever seen.

Review №25

So far calling to speak to someone About enrolling was not all that great. I just was on hold forever and i just hung up. Ill have to do a walk in and see how that experience goes. When I do, Ill update my review of the school, my experience with the admin rep and will adjust my star rating after..

Review №26

Is there any physical therapy ?

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