Venice Adult School
13000 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066, United States

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How could you not come here? The best selection for pretty much anything you could be looking for, a friendly staff, I loved it so much I got on their mailing list and now receive special offers and advertisements for upcoming workshops all the time. Love it!

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I was class of 2005.Memories n fun times too!! Good performing teachers that do care. Great school in case your thinking of becoming a gondo.!! Football Team was the Best in 2003. I think it still IS!:)Magnet class & ESL classes.

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YOURE SIMPLY A COWARD FOR NOT OWNING UP TO YOUR MISTAKE DEXTER. WHAT A DISGRACE OF A COUNSELOR.I am a parent of a child that was attending an independent study at this Adult school in Venice.I am mortified and outraged by a staff member by the name DEXTER. He has been rude and harassed my kid. Asking irrelevant/out of context questions like .. “Are you Christian”? “What is your nationality”? “Does your dad have anything to do with this”? in front of a fellow staff member of his that was just giggling in the background. Mind you, this is their first conversation.When I heard this, I immediately called the school and asked for DEXTER he panicked and started to stutter so I asked for his superior name Thomas Hunt. After talking to him I found out that DEXTER was actually A counselor and he (Dexter) had denied of ever asking any of those questions.This was my child’s last packet of the summer study and have nothing to gain in making an allegation like this.How dare you flat out LIE about what you said. Make matters worse, you’re a counselor! Shame on you. You may deny it but my child and I know; you and your female staff knows how much of a coward you are.If you wanted to make a small conversation with a student, it should have started like.. how are you? How is your summer going, are you ready for school? NOT YOUR ASK THEIR RELIGIONIf this was your child standing alone filling out a paper while TWO grown adults; 1 doing the harassing and the other just laughing.. feeling helpless.... How would you feel??!!I will continue to post my review for other students to be aware of this man and hope this matter will be addressed.

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I was able to finish heath early because of them

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Very good school if youre in a magnet program. Gross cafeteria though

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Class of 2005!venice high school is a great school with different race getting along.Teachers are amazing, like the art teacher Mr. Elliot, and Mr. Wallinuse, and the great English teacher, Mr. Hoffstein. Theres other great teachers with great knowledge to share. It was great working with Marian at the student store, and the counselor Ms Young loved to help students graduate.

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The staff is amazing and well informed.

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Im in that school right now I say its a fantastic school with different races together working things out and helping each other 💕

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New security guard Earl was very rude!!!! Needs to get fired As a mother i would not recommend my son attending this school!!!!

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I wanna ask more info about this if its not to late to look at classes

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Britney spears did her baby one more rime video in that gymnasium

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Britney Spears did hit me baby one more time here

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Wonderful high school

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Very big

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Name of rydel Lynch, this university must be very good

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Englihs:because if like to do to school collegeSpanish:because if he likes to do school to college

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I recommend it very well

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  • Address:13000 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066, United States
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  • Phone:+1 310-577-4230
  • Adult education school
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