Saint Xavier High School
1609 Poplar Level Rd, Louisville, KY 40217, United States

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Love this place, alot of great memories and great friendships have been made over four years. Thanks X!

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A great place for boys to become outstanding men!

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As a 1975 graduate, I continue to be blown away by the magnitude of accomplishment this school continues to achieve. When parents have asked me should they save for high school or college, I always reply high school - and if they have a son, send them to X. Upon graduation, college will pose no problem. Even today, I still walk a little taller when I visit the campus. We Are St. X!

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This school taught me everything from foreign languages to the intangible stuff one learns from being surrounded by teachers, coaches, and people of character who want to help you succeed in life. The staff is genuine, and they even take pay cuts (compared to public school teacher salaries) just to stay working with the kids who they are invested in. My four years at Saint Xavier molded me into a respectable young man, and I am forever thankful for the experiences and friendships that I have because of this school. Best learning experience in the city hands down.Class of 2011

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Definitely one of the greatest schools in the Louisville area. The values that St. Xavier High School instill in to its students is fundamental and sets an example for achieving greatness in and out of the school.St. Xavier has pushed me to succeed and has allowed me to develop my self-discipline towards striving for success and having a high level of work ethic.The staff of St. X is one of the focal points of the school as a whole. There are extraordinarily talented teachers who value character, grit, and all of the Xaverian values.Great school!👌🏼

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I wouldnt send my boys to any other school.

Review №7

I absolutely loved attending this High School. Wouldn’t go to any other high school if I had to do it again. It really prepared me for college and life.

Review №8

After a single shadow day I can say this school is pretty good, no further experience required.

Review №9

Spent four years of my life being abused by rich white kids, and picked on and abused by teachers. I actually have PTSD just from this. Had a meeting with administration / Dean of students at the time, with no adult, parent, or guardian present. I was told that I could not switch classes because of my grade in class. I still remember everything and can point out many teachers. Religion should be no excuse for child abuse.Parents wasted a lot of money.Class of ’99’

Review №10

As an alumni, I can safely say this was both the best money I have ever spent in academia, bar none, in my life as well as the most rigorous and demanding experience. They have a tough program that has been the equal to or exceeded standards of almost every College or school I have had experience with or heard of.And more than scholastic learning will be the education in life and conduct that a young man who attends this school will receive. As a multi-year veteran of Fire and EMS services, the life lessons and values taught here have done more to advance my career and life than almost anything else. So much of what I accomplish I owe to this school, and teachers and mentors there like Brother Driscoll and their now Principal, Frank Espinosa and others.To put it simply - There exists not a single better school in the Kentuckiana region for preparing a young man for lifes challenges, and Id scarcely believe in a better one anywhere in the country.

Review №11

1991 Grad who values what I received from the school. So I sent my son, who will graduate 2017. He has had many of the same teachers that I had years ago. It is the best school and the only choice for those who want to see their boys grow into great men.

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Loved my four years there (2010-2014). Extraordinary staff and facilities. Great choice in high schools, the best in the area for sure.

Review №13

Wonderful comradary among students and faculty, and among faculty, parents and students. This school has produced high achieving well mannered young men we are all proud of.

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Great school.

Review №15

Couldnt imagine going to any other school. This school made me a true man for others. Best school in the state with the best teachers, facilities, and sports programs.

Review №16

Amazing place! Best 4 years of my life so far! Zach Wheatley 15

Review №17

The Xaverians have been tremendous for four generations of the Riggs family.

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The food is so good. I wish I could stop in for lunch any time.

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I met two of my closest friends there, the staff was awesome, and it was just a great atmosphere and experience. Class of 2007.

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Gasss highschool

Review №21

Produce a large number of animals by gorilla teacher

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Ok for a cheer competition.

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Awesome place

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Expensive but best school in Kentucky class of 2010

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Pretty good

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The best High School in America!

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Class of 1994

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