University of Louisville School of Dentistry
501 S Preston St, Louisville, KY 40202, United States

Review №1

I would highly recommend going here.. Im so satisfied with my tooth getting removed. Thank you all!

Review №2

I wouldnt even let my dog get his tongue brushed here. For months, Ive been struggling to get in for my root canal. I was referred here because my dentist doesnt do molars & every time I get in contact with someone from UOFL, they insist they shouldnt be the ones to do my root canal because I am not their patient. So now, after months of the run around, Im still without a root canal & its getting worse; just to top it off, I now have to pay out of pocket for the procedure as I recently turned 21. Had my original appointment played out as it should have, I would have no worries. Thanks for nothing lol.

Review №3

I have to be fair and at least give three stars because its not the students faults that theyre learning where the staff is incompetent. More specifically, Robin in the endodontics department. I waited two months to get in, had my root canal appointment, got my next appointment scheduled, and then my appointment was CANCELED 11 days after my first appointment. I received no text, email, or voice mail about the cancelation. I went to my appointment, super happy to get this tooth taken care of, and Im told that my appointment had been canceled. Robin took absolutely no blame in the matter, and told me they dont do that up here anymore. ....So youre telling me that endo doesnt do endo anymore? She told me to go downstairs, where the student I had the first time was for the day, and the receptionist told me ....Thats upstairs that does that so I told her that Robin said they dont. I got a complete run-around for an hour about who did what and why, and finally Amanda Kline was extremely helpful in getting this resolved. Robin hadnt even told me when I was upstairs that I had an appointment scheduled for next week. --Not that it mattered, because its too short noticed to request off work now. So thanks for that, Robin. I now have to wait another month for my second appointment.TL;DR, youre gonna get screwed around, save your money up and go to an established endodontist office for your root canal and crown, because youll end up paying the same anyway.

Review №4

My daughter had surgery here and needed anesthesia for the surgery. My insurance would not cover it without a medical necessity. I called repeatedly and asked for the office to send a doctors note to my insurance so they would cover it. Lizzy was supposed to call me back several times and did not call me back or send the letter to my insurance. When I finally spoke to someone in billing about it today, they told me that they could not send a letter because it was outside the 90 day window. Therefore, I had to pay a $323 bill because Lizzy could not do her job. Just another company wanting to get money. A horrible representation for the University of Louisville!

Review №5

DO NOT GO HERE UNLESS IT IS YOUR LAST RESORT. When they tell its a certain price over the phone, thats a lie. Its a deposit amount. They dont tell you that at all. You will billed almost the same cost of not having insurance and going to a private dentist. They neglect to put notes down, perform unnecessary services, no communication about after care like what your symptoms will be and how to treat it, etc.

Review №6

I had a root canal done today and I couldnt be happier. I was treated with kindness from the time I entered the building. They did a excellent job and saved me $800 dollars. I walked out pain free. When you are a single parent and have no dental insurance this option is a huge blessing.

Review №7

I had a great experience getting some fillings done. The student was thorough as was the dentist covering him. I learned new things about my teeth and what cavities look like due to the teaching environment. Its been over 2 years now and my teeth feel great. No problems!

Review №8

Nice friendly staff working there, they really take care of people

Review №9

The WORST dental practice Ive EVER been to! They are no help! They did a horrible job on my tooth extraction and acted as if they couldnt help or fixed what they have done. I am utter disgusted with this practice. I will NEVER go back again! Save yourself the trip.

Review №10

I have had my dentures for a year now. And recently my bottom dentures have broke in the same spot I just came in last week to see if my doctor can fix them she said it would take 2 hours I wasnt going to wait for that long so then she said I cant do them today bc I have another patient I showed her where it broke and she doesnt remember... why be a dentist bc u dont remember. I just wish they would get it together this is ridiculous.

Review №11

The people on the phone are so rude and they tend to talk down to you. (I called 3 days in a row) and every time they have talked down and very disrespectful. I called today was asked why I needed to be seen at upfl insted of the dentist I was at. And when I told them that shouldn’t matter I still have a REFERAL then hung up on me. I called back an I asked to talk to the manager and was placed on hold. When I got ahold of the manager he asked why I have been disrespectful to them (when I clearly have not been) and was told I was wrong they didn’t hang up on me they just put me on hold (I had to call them back!!) lol if you need teeth work done do them yourself or call someone else these people are a joke

Review №12

Dont let the dental students work on you they will mess you up the Indian girl broke my tooth during a root canal do not go here horrible experience Im scared for life

Review №13

I take my daughter here all the time. At the Orthodontist, she was screened for braces but wasn’t qualified. All they said was she missing teeth and to try again next year. The workers are nice.

Review №14

1. A great Dental Clinic with excellent student dentists.2. Excellent staff & faculty.3. Clean.4. Office staff very nice.5. Very detailed.6. Very professional.7. A great resource in Louisville.8. A great place to go if you don’t have a current dentist.

Review №15

I took my wife in for a root canal. The biggest issue when dealing with students is the time to get anything done. At some point it becomes inconvenient because you literally have to work around your appointments. Otherwise its a nice facility with plenty of points in its favor. Im not complaining. Overall you have to weigh the benefits. Its not for everyone. Consider all your options carefully before you go.

Review №16

Good place to go for all your teeth needs. Went there and they treat you right and they care. They will work at your pace

Review №17

Very disappointed. I chose U of L because of the price point but it didn’t end up being cheap. They offered payment assistance but said I waited too long to request it. The crown I paid cash for was loose and had to be replaced (by a dentist in private practice). The loose crown caused an adjacent tooth to go bad and consequently need a crown too! Which means I’m now paying for the first crown at U of L(1) , a replacement crown (2) and the adjacent tooth crown (3). Keep this in mind if you need work on adult teeth. I would only suggest them if you want teeth removed. The student was kind but I doubt the instructor checked her work. Also, U of L won’t see you if you have a running balance. So please avoid U of L. Find a dentist in private practice (any dentist in any neighborhood) that could possibly be better. Read reviews on your dentists! Everyone deserves better for their oral care. Remember oral health is linked to health of other body systems.

Review №18

Ive taken my daughter to 4 different departments and everyone in every department is extremely friendly and explain everything theyre doing in detail. I couldnt ask for a better dental group for my daughter. I highly recommend them if youre in need of dental work.

Review №19

Where is the parking located for patients?

Review №20

They say that they have emergency service but it’s not for some one who is in extreme pain and suffering. Every time we call they say call tomorrow for day after tomorrow scheduling for emergency service. How can be calling day after tomorrow be an emergency service....

Review №21

They were very quick, very effective, and very nice. I got my top 2 wisdom teeth removed by them and was only there for about an hour and a half, that includes x-ray and surgery. Very satisfied.

Review №22

I had a couple fillings done and I can say they did a really good job, I wasnt in any pain or discomfort during the appointment. The student doctor was really nice, and it comforted me knowing that multiple doctors were looking at the students work to make sure they did a good job. The appointments are a little longer, but they arent as expensive as your neighborhood dentist. I would highly recommend them!

Review №23

Look like Dr. Kersey took a piece of my gum off above #10 tooth while doing my root canal. Almost burnt me while closing up the tooth. Today August 8, 2019 around 1pm. I took pics of the tooth

Review №24

I had work done here recently and it was great. Paid 30% less than I would have at a regular dental practice. Yeah theyre students, but mine did a great job, and they have instructors look over everything and make sure its good. I would highly recommend going here to get work done!

Review №25

Feel I am getting compassionate and excellent care since I had to switch to both UofLs dental & periodontal services. Faculty oversee the work of students, & my experiences both with faculty & students has been excellent. Recommend if you need excellent and affordable care.

Review №26

Exceptional Care provided @ minimum $ Have been a patient 8+ years. Crowns, implants, major bridge (which is so well done it fools even dentists) plus top-notch routine maintenance. Yes, it takes more than a one hour quickie @ the neighbourhood...BUT all supplies are @ cost!!! Well worth the time.

Review №27

I went there to get my teeth fixed. They replaced fillings that did not need to be replaced. Rarely did a teacher come and over see or make sure it was done correctly. Now my teeth that were worked on the fillings are falling out or my teeth are breaking at the gumline. I will NEVER go back here and do not recommend them. They use you as a Guinea pig!

Review №28

Ty so much for all your guys hard work you guys made me feel good the whole time I was there again ty and I will be back for the rest of my work

Review №29

Have literally never experienced the customer service I had here. “ you need to just find a way to pay the money and go somewhere else” I was so taken aback.

Review №30

They are very professional & the atmosphere is great. They are cheaper than a regular dentist & do not try to gouge you out of money. Results were awesome.

Review №31

I love this place. Great people and a great atmosphere. I take my daughter there, she lives it and wouldnt want to go anywhere else.

Review №32

I loved my dental student, but the teacher hurt my mouth trying to force a tray in.

Review №33

My daughter hasnt complained. The Dentistry there is pretry good. Id recommend them.

Review №34

Quick? Not all. I had a serious injury where my nerves to my front two teeth were exposed and Ive been seeing one dental student for 6 months now (probably longer) and guess what? I still havent had my two front teeth fixed. I was told by mortenson that the longer my nerves are exposed the higher my chances are that BOTH of my teeth may die. And guess what? Both of my teeth are officially dead. And Im not expected to have these fixed till August!! First it was by the end of june but now august! And Keyword: expected, so they arent certain. They would rather have the students first get the fillings before they actually get to the main issue. Blows my mind. I really like the student that has been working on my mouth and that is the only reason I even gave it 3 stars. Im so emotional about my smile but this was the cheapest route at the time.To add, I finally had 1 root canal this past Friday and they didnt even complete the process. They just filled with calcium to hold off till my next appointment. The earliest appointment they could give me is in two weeks. But its whatever. Just a waste of my time, gas and money at this point because Ill be looking for another dentist because I dont know if I can mentally wait till August.Update: (6 months later) I finally have tempsStill no crowns but its coming along. LolI ended up sticking with it because I already waited so long.

Review №35

School is absolutely phenomenal! The program is great and the pediatric and ortho areas are amazing also.

Review №36

I was at the U of L dental school on July 30th. I had a emergency appt at 9am I registered paid the 90 dollars. I went to Shawnee Christian Dental. They referred me to U of L dental school because I had taken Boniva for a year. I have osteoporosis this is a drug used for osteoporosis. This disease is about the bones . My teeth could have crushed . I also had 2 knee replacements. So the dentists office wanted 2 referrals from my Gynecologist who prescribed the Boniva. Also they wanted a referral from my orthopedic doctor. So I had to see a Oral Surgeon at U of L dental. They did a complex X-ray of all my teeth. Not only did I have a tooth with a big hole in it my wisdom tooth next to it had started to decay. So the student dentist put everything in the computer. The dentist had looked in my mouth.she said both need to come out. The student took me to the Oral surgeon desk to sign in .Two women Oral Surgeons worked on my mouth . They were a excellent team. They went to the same dental school in Florida. They didn’t know that until they started working at U of L. They had soft music playing the back ground . One of them numbed my mouth the other one was talking to me she said raise you hand if you feel any pain. I didn’t have to do that. One pulled the teeth the other one sprayed the water. The wisdom tooth was the hardest to pull out I had no pain only the pressure of trying to get it out. She said I’ve been up there so long I am stubborn leave me alone. I laughed. I had no pain when I left there no pain at home I was just sleepy. One I woke up I felt good my husband got me some Alleve I took one dose really didn’t need it. I had a wonderful experience from beginning to end. I would recommend Uof l dental school.

Review №37

I have been coming here for almost a year and have nothing to show for it. My teeth have actually gotten worse since being a patient here because most of my appointments consist of consults, x-rays, ect. but no actual work done to my teeth. I admit, my teeth were really messed up when I came here, but in a year, I should have had at least one tooth fixed. Right? Ive already given them so much money though, so the only reason I stay is so that money wasnt for nothing. Hopefully it wont take too many more years to finish.

Review №38

Very first student I had was too nervous which made me nervous. I asked to be switched and the next student I had was excellent. Sadly she is graduating in May. Went for routine cleaning recently and student acted very unsure about many things. Charged 89.00 for a cleaning and exam. Not going back. The drive, hassle with traffic, 3 hr appt time and the charge is not worth it, plus parking had to be paid, which was 5.00. No real savings at this appt.

Review №39

Although they couldnt fixed my problem....they tried.....I admire them.....❤😊

Review №40

The first student had a difficult tlime because. I had two difficult surgeries. My gums stayed swollen. It was important that he see them. I had t

Review №41

I came for an oral surgery consultation, was told I would not be charged, they took an x-ray although I provided my own, they barely looked at the x-ray they eventually charged me for, they didnt seem to know what they were doing, and they werent even cheaper than a professional oral surgeon. I hate to leave bad reviews, but this was a bad experience that I could have just laughed off if they hadnt charged me for it. Now Im frustrated AND broke. No thanks.

Review №42

My son got his braces there and his Dr. is great.

Review №43

Horrible!! We were given poor directions and parking instructions which made us late to appt, then this fact was held against us at appt. Next appt was scheduled at wrong time and again this was held against us. office staff was unfriendly and when I asked to communicate to manager, the manager held the tardiness against us and advised that we may be better off at a private practice, NEVER apologized for staff. I have not seen such a blatant display of discrimination for economic equality in quite some time!! Thank goodness I have an education and means to go elsewhere, if you do, please dont waste your time here!

Review №44

Worst experience of my life!! Went to get an extraction and wound up in a torture chamber!!! Do not let students or anyone else get near you. I am traumatized from this experience.

Review №45

Dr. baker di wonders to my daughters teeth and mouth she now has alot to smile about just be on time to all doc appointments is all they ask for and comply with regulations my daughter now takes pride in her appearance and is not asshamed to smile....lovely just lovely

Review №46

Great Especially Dr. Wood E. Currens from Dr. Robert A Witherspoon DMD72

Review №47

Three needles of novacaine and I was still in pain broke my tooth and left root in i am finding a dentist not a student

Review №48

Liked the student but i paid 90 bucks cuz of teeth pain only to have them say you have sinus and allergies !!!!!!! Really ??? Said i need a cleaning and a couple fillings....Didnt do anything but look at teeth and take a picture of my teeth !!! Where is the savings in that ?

Review №49

Br prepared to spend your life there. They can goof things up and it can end up costing more than on the outside.

Review №50

Robbed my mom 130 dollars for a bill due in my dads name and still couldnt get my teeth worked on. Avoid at all costs.

Review №51

This has been and continues to be the worst nightmare of my life. No one should ever suffer from the hands of these students, dentists, and oral surgeons, most of the staff are just as bad.

Review №52

Great Emerency Dept!! 😎

Review №53

No one answer the phone..return calls are day away..scheduling has been 5 months..given the runaround on phone numbers and get service is awful..I would not recommend!

Review №54

Great services

Review №55

Good job

Review №56

Loved it

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