Razor Creek Stables
4515 Old Heady Rd, Louisville, KY 40299, United States

Review №1

Was a long term boarder here for many years, and the atmosphere was always so calm and relaxing. My horses were very well cared for, and Scott (the owner) was always on site and was friendly and encouraging.I have since visited a week ago, and the same friendly and fun vibes still reign true!Its so nice to see Razor Creek is finally able to be a place I feel comfortable going to again. Many happy memories here, and hope to make some more!

Review №2

We went to Razor Creek for a riding lesson with the old trainer, Nikki Peterson, before deciding to board there. We instantly loved her style of teaching and decided to move our horse there. For the first couple of months it was great. However, we have never been to a barn with this much drama. Mostly from the barn owner. Referring to the women as “little b!t(h*s”, yelling at people and blocking the use of riding rings and other things that were suppose to included. The horses barely received enough hay, were kept in randomly and their safety was definitely in question with several items just laying around and unsafe, muddy pastures. Padlocks used on stalls where horses were fed moldy hay. Construction equipment randomly laying around.STAY AWAY from this barn for the safety of your horse and the emotional sanity of yourself.After posting the above review on Yelp, the land owner, Scott, messaged my husband blackmailing him to remove my review. At the advice of our attorney, we ignored his threat. His daughter, Sara, emailed my daughters college to try to get her scholarship revoked. This woman is a school teacher! We are currently working with our attorney and the police for restraining orders and legal action against this family.

Review №3

Due to lack of care for boarders horses I would not recommend this facility. Very little turn out, no grass in the pastures, very limited hay. This barn is advertised as a full care facility yet boarders have to clean their own stalls, water and turn out their horses in the indoor often if they want their horse to have play time. Moldy hay was given often. There is no constructive communication or individual care for the horses. All horses are treated like livestock not show horses.

Review №4

Boarded my horse there for a little while a couple years ago, stalls were never clean and had the worst smell of piss, lack of turnout and poor pasture upkeep. Not a good environment for horse welfare, owner was immature and hostile. NEVER board here

Review №5

UPDATED REVIEW AFTER RIDING AND BOARDING HERE 1 YEAR:I would never take my horse back to this barn. Once Nikki Peterson of Peterson Equestrian moved out I followed her immediately and HIGHLY recommend Nikki. The barn owner of Razor Creek is known to chain and padlock horses into stalls without the ability to escape in the event of emergency. This can be seen in the picture attached. Furthermore, they advertise as a full care facility but do not provide proper hay, water, bedding, turnout, or cleaning and boarders are expected to clean their own stalls often and take care of their own horses water, grain, and hay, more often than should be... I have even removed moldy hay and hay with strings on it still from my horse and other horses stalls... The environment is dangerous with many hazards for horses to be harmed by. This can be seen driving down the driveway and gets worse when you are immersed in the environment. From unexpected and announced construction to groups of children throwing toys into the air and running and screaming right outside the arena while boarders are riding to table saws and sharp tools being left uncovered in the walkways. But the worst part is the total lack of regard for the animal which was demonstrated by the owner chaining and locking horses into stalls. Im so glad to have moved my horse when I did. I thought this was a great place to board until I was actually boarding here and experiencing it first hand. It only got worse and worse.The only thing worth boarding here for was Nikkis training and she has since moved and is training under Peterson Equestrian.Old review:I started riding here after being out of the saddle for 5 years and love it! Nikki is amazing!!

Review №6

Trainor was nice but not personable at all. First time there. Didnt know what to expect nor did we get any feedback at the end. Wont be returning. Facility is very nice. Such a shame that Trainor does not engage on a personal level with students. Seems like she treats every student the same

Review №7

Razor Creek is hands down my favorite barn I have EVER boarded my horse at. Scott, Nikki, and all of the staff are incredibly kind, fun, engaging, and knowledgeable. My baby Dexter is a pleasure/trail horse and is treated like the same as their best show horses. at the end of 2018 he unfortunately suffered a major colic episode, but was able to survive and go to Rood and Riddle for surgery thanks to the early morning, IMMEDIATE recognition that something was wrong, and the swift action taken. When he came home from surgery we were smothered with love and support from the entire barn family, from asking for updates, watching him like a hawk, providing extra hay and shavings, and just overall being a wonderfully supportive team. I came out all hours of the day and night to give medications and walk him with no problem. Ive even randomly texted Nikki at night to ask if she would check on him before leaving, because Im a paranoid horse mom, and she always is happy to do so!!! If it werent for the incredible care of RCS I dont know if my baby would have made it, and I am eternally grateful for that. Dexter will be moving to a friends farm closer to me, but this is the only public boarding facillity in the near louisville area I will recommend to anyone looking to make a barn their new home.

Review №8

This is a great barn!!! Clean, organized, and run meticulously!!! Multiple pastures for turnout. Indoor, and outdoor, riding spaces. Owner, and family, are on-site daily. We looove this little slice Heaven right in the middle of J-town!

Review №9

My girlfriend Liz brown rides there!! Beautiful place, well equipped, ushja certified trainer ( Nikki Peterson), and atmosphere with other riders/family. I would recommend it for anyone that wants to train but to train right!

Review №10

Trainer did not remember to show up for a scheduled lesson! Scheduled by phone directly with her and we drove 3 hours for the lesson. Trainer made no effort to go out of her way to correct her error and try and meet us when we spoke with her. Waste of time. I do not recommend a trainer with such poor scheduling abilities.

Review №11

The trainer didn’t write my lesson down and I wasn’t able to ride after driving 3 hours from Tennessee for a lesson.

Review №12

Great family barn!

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  • Address:4515 Old Heady Rd, Louisville, KY 40299, United States
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  • Phone:+1 502-536-9129
  • Horse riding school
  • Equestrian facility
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
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