MidAmerica Sports Center
1906 Watterson Trail, Louisville, KY 40299, United States

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This is a great place to enjoy youth sports and family time. The environment is usually great when I have visited. They have plenty of space to accommodate a lot of people. Also they have a concession stand that serves concession food and its pretty good.

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I was there for Little treasures sale . it was too much kids Clothes ,costume &toys for cheap prices

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I have been there few times and I enjoyed my experience at MidAmerica Sports Center. Lots room to play team sports, big area for fans, restrooms are clean and good/drinks are available!

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Good place for the kids to compete. Admission a little more than expected.

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Lady at front was not nice at all, very crowded. The concession stand is good food but pricey.

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Well run tournament. Nice facility.

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The staff did a great job of sanitizing between games and keeping everyone safe.

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Best place for volleyball and basketball !

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Good Facility with the traditional basketball admentities... Price to high for amateur basketball

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Nice facility, impressed with effort to adhere to COVID-19

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Nice place, nice staff.

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Awesome. They did a great job of socially distancing people and clearing the courts after games.

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Big place; lots of space

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Clear the gym and clean after ever game. Thanks for watching out for our safety.

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Great gym and great food

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Parking is incredibly inadequate for volleyball tournaments. Not allowing people to bring in their morning coffee or what not just shows a disgusting level greed because folks are going to be there for hours anyway & will end up using your concessions. Garbage cans are many times overflowing. Restroom hand dryers are essentially useless. One last thing...bleacher seats are not socially acceptable. Seating on bleachers is tight enough. When someone is in front of you in one of those seats, there isn’t room for your legs. If they sit behind you, their knees are in your back.

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Alway a great venue for our basketball games and events. Concessions is well ran. 5 full basketball courts with nice wood floors. We really like going.

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Its a shame that this is the only place in town to go. The games are called unfairly with bias. And if you complain, they send the boss to stand at the end of the court to watch. Of course that will always stop it for the time. But it will and does happen again and again. The referees need to be trained. And they need to be watched from afar. The only way these kids are going to learn is a fair game, called the same on both sides.

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Always a good time playing basketball

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Good place!

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Nice people and great facilities.

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No medics on site for ANY game. No security. But they will take your $15 per day for entry fees. To see your own kid play.

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No parking it was the worst set up for an arena that size I paid at door gave $20. for admission for two would have been $8.00 . the lady gave me $2.00 change started to put it in my pocket and realized that it was $10. short told the lady she just reached up and handed me a $10.00 bill with no sorry or oops and anything , after discussion it with my wife we both agreed that it was intentional she never blinked an eye when she handed the money back .My advice if you go there best to count your change and get there early if you want to be able to park , parking must be a problem all of the business have signs saying no parking in their areas ,they threatened to tow car this morning for parking in the wrong place .The above is my opinion with my experiences with the Mid America Sports Center today

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Fully agree with Gloria Thacker!My husband has video footage of a 2 step layup being called as a travel.It was shown to director of refs and she agreed with my husband that it was a bad call. Also she mentioned its the only time her refs gets practice. The ref was 19. Really?!.!.Concession charged me $0.25 to get water for my thermos cup from drink fountain. Robbery!Bathrooms were descent.I gave it 1 star because thats my only option to leave a review.

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Parking is horrible. This is such a large venue and not enough parking. Stays cold in the winter walls sweat and makes the courts damp. They have improved seating a little but you still need to bring a stadium chair

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Paid $15 to attend Gymnastic Derby City Classic. Bathrooms were dirty, concession prices to high. Nice size gymnasiums but not very maintained. Could use a remodel, maybe this is why the entry fee is so high.

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Its best to download their app for schedule and time of games because if something gets changed you can be notified. We didnt have the app and they changed the time of my granddaughters first game ever and when we walked in it was almost over, she was heartbroken and didnt get to play

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Very convenient.

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Kentucky basketball academy in Lexington Is much better I wouldnt recommend mid America to anyone

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Not enough parking places. The concession prices were too high. Then when leaving people were driving out the wrong way on a one way road. It was mayhem to say the least. Bathrooms needed cleaning.

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The parking is horrible. Staff could care less about their customers and surrounding businesses.

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Great place to watch young basketball players compete

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Fun place, clean, good food and my daughter like it

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I really hate that this is the only legit place to play basketball. Weve been in AAU tournaments in multiple states for the last 4 years, and Mid America overall is the worse for refs. Sometimes its even in our teams favor, but its still terrible for the players. The concessions are normally priced, but admission varies from $4-$8 each day, which $8 to watch one game is high, especially when the Adidas Gauntlet only charges $10-$15 and there are college recruiters there.

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Big clean place for basketball fun.

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Not enough bathroom for crowd. Bathroom disgustingly dirty. Did not even have soap in dispenser to wash hands. Place just doesnt look clean even concession area. Afraid food would be as unhealthy as the rest of the place seems.

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I am not sure why our team continues to enter tournaments here. It has the worst parking setup that I have ever seen. There is nowhere to sit inside the building. I gave 1 Star only because they sale beer.

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Outside coffee not allowed....Early on a cold rainy Sunday morning....Not good

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Bathrooms always filthy. Concession stand reeks like old or rancid fry oil. No parking.

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High cost to get in to weeknight little games is ridiculous. Dirty bathrooms. Refs that would rather be anywhere else even though I assume they’re paid to be there. Unfriendly staff all around.

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A little bleach and elbow grease to the bodily fluids in the bathroom couldnt hurt

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Mid America on Stanley Gault has no AC. 90° today. At least that inside plus humidity. All that to watch a ms basketball game @ $6 a pop. What a ripoff!

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My son is recording the events of the day..

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Grandson playing basketball

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Extremely rude employees.

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Love it

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