Fight Prime Training Center
1820 S Park St, Madison, WI 53713, United States

Review №1

This place has changed my life. For someone who has played contact sports my whole life, I knew I wanted to continue competition as an adult and challenge myself. I walked into the fighting center looking for an outlet and direction. The coaches and people have been amazing and are passionate about Muay Thai kickboxing. They are supportive and willing to answer all my questions. Every class I take, I know and trust that I am being trained well. The coaching staff are so knowledgeable and experienced. I’m grateful to have discovered this passion for Martial Arts and Fight Prime will be part of my life for years to come!!

Review №2

Master David and his staff are an amazing bunch of people. Getting out of my comfort zone at 55 wouldnt have been so easy if it werent for such a genuine passionate group of folks willing to provide high level instruction with a down to earth atmosphere. Super welcoming staff, great people beside me eager to learn, Im so excited about learning from the best in town. Thank you Master D!

Review №3

My son (13) started classes here a few months ago. They keep their class schedule up to date by the minute so you know immediately if a class is canceled. Highly recommend

Review №4

I have many good things to say about Fight Prime. Since day one, all staff members have been welcoming and encouraging. The staff and members all are committed to growth and improving skills, so the environment is playful and collaborative rather than competitive. I have so much fun every class, and I’ve been getting in the best shape of my life doing it. There is a home for everyone here, whether you’re training for fun, conditioning, self defense or competition. If you’re reading this, I’d encourage you to stop by for a Muay Thai class - hope to see you there!

Review №5

Martial arts begins and ends with respect; for the people, for the discipline, and for the team and community. Fight Prime absolutely brings that in every interaction. Great gym, awesome (patient, attentive) instructors, and a wonderful community of people on and off the mats. Both myself and my teen daughter have trained there and never had anything but good experiences.

Review №6

Recently started taking classes here and love it!! i have learned so much and have enjoyed each and every instructor/class!!

Review №7

I’ve been doing martial arts for over 10 years and have trained at many different gyms and I can say for sure that this gym is one of the best I’ve ever been to. Excellent quality, very professional and talented instructors, very friendly environment and people. I have competed in many tournaments and Coach Brendon always got me ready both mentally and physically. Highly recommended for serious martial artists who want to compete as well as martial arts enthusiasts who just want to learn and get a good workout.

Review №8

From beginners to competition athletes, this is a great place for all. The BJJ, Muay Thai, Judo and Krav instructors are all top notch. Regardless of your skill level you will be welcomed into the fight prime family.

Review №9

Great people that become family, while learning a new skill and getting a really good workout. The instructors are knowledgeable and provide a safe and inclusive training environment. I have been a member since 2016.

Review №10

Fight Prime costs an insane amount of money each month on top of them overcharging everything they sell to you. Their training is terrible and amateur and if you dont have the Covid vaccine you dont belong in martial arts culture

Review №11

So long as you never question any of their crazy liberal ideas you will be golden. They love to target kids and remove families that refuse to be bullied into the covid vaccination.

Review №12

Highly recommend. Had my first BJJ class Thursday, it was a blast! All of the classmates were super friendly(instructors too) and the instructor(Aaron I believe) was very thorough in his explanation of what was going on with the moves we were learning. motivating, laid back, friendly environment. Can’t wait for my next class!

Review №13

Coach Kru is AMAZING .

Review №14

Friendly and excellent instructions. Supportive environment.

Review №15

Great place to train! Large facility and the instructors are very humble with their experience dating many years back. They also encourage the seasoned students to train with newer students as this helps create a great learning atmosphere! There are many different skill levels to train with and cross training opportunities as well. The best part is that I have a lot of fun and the bonus is helping me get back in shape!

Review №16

I have been training Muay Thai at Fight Prime for over one year now. In that time, Ive seen tremendous improvement in skill and physical fitness, as well as make numerous friends in the process. Ive also recently started taking BJJ classes and have been having positive experiences with that as well. The staff here are friendly and supportive while also being greatly knowledgeable about their respective disciplines, and willing to push you when necessary.I would recommend this gym to anyone who is interested in learning martial arts under the guidance of friendly and knowledgeable professionals, in a family-friendly environment.

Review №17

Excellent training for Judo, BJJ, Muay Thai and Krav Maga.

Review №18

Joining Fight Prime was the best decision of my college career! Such a welcoming atmosphere and at no point as a beginner did I feel like I didnt belong. Highly recommend Fight Prime!

Review №19

This is a top-notch gym. The classes they offer are amazing and have excellent instructors. Its great for newbies because the people there are very friendly and happy to teach you what they know. Its an excellent way to learn new skills and challenge yourself mentally while getting an excellent workout. I highly recommend you try it out!

Review №20

Highly recommend! Very clean, very detailed classes so its easy to get a hang of because of the very knowledgeable and passionate instructors, very friendly environment, and large variety of classes and martial arts. The instructors give you tips individually while in class to make sure youre comfortable and doing it right. All staff is top notch in customer service, friendliness, and they even follow up with you if you are gone a few days because they care. I will be training here a long time and I recommend to all my friends who want to be more athletic, healthy, wholesome, become more productive overall, and want to learn a martial art!

Review №21

Having no experience whatsoever in any martial arts I joined this academy in May this year and has been a very rewarding experience for me. The teachers, every single one of them, are incredibly nice, patient and amazing at what they do. People training here are super nice as well and are up for guidance and help whenever needed.

Review №22

I look forward to coming to Fight Prime every time. The classes are incredibly detailed and helpful, the instructors are top-notch and very friendly, and the people are some of the friendliest I’ve ever met. I always leave Fight Prime in a good mood, no matter how bad of a day I had. Amazing gym, highly recommend to anyone.

Review №23

They made us feel welcome and took time yo answer any questions we had. Our 9 year old daughter loves it and can’t wait to go to class. The facility is in great shape and easy to fine, parking can be a little tight sometimes

Review №24

I started training here about a month ago. Im 40 y/o and had zero martial arts experience. Within that single month Ive gained confidence, some personal discipline and Im in the best shape Ive been in since my early 20s. The instructors are friendly, knowledgeable and genuinely care about the people putting their time/money into training. I cant recommend this club enough. Walking through the door and giving them a chance was the best decision Ive made for myself in a long time.

Review №25

Fight Prime is a unique gym because it’s completely inclusive and welcoming to someone with zero martial arts experience, but is also great for advanced practitioners due to the high level of expert instruction. When I started my 6 year-old daughter in classes she didn’t even want to step onto the mat, but a few months later and she struts through the gym like she owns the place. She takes that newfound confidence with her to school and everywhere she goes. We are super pleased with our experience at Fight Prime. There is so much brotherhood/sisterhood and such a sense of community at this gym, that they should really change the name to Love Prime.

Review №26

This place is great. The staff are friendly and make you feel like family. They are great at what they do. Kids BJJ is a great class, the teachers are patient and knowledgeable and I would strongly recommend this place.

Review №27

Ive trained at 8 different gyms in the past 7 years. I love visiting new gyms and seeing what separates them from each other. Fight Prime has a educated staff that is dedicated and determined to see each member improve. Im a student here at UW-Madison and it is conveniently placed just off of campus. Its a fun atmosphere and is the place to go whether you are a pro fighter or just want to learn some techniques. Great conditioning!

Review №28

Ive only recently started taking classes at Fight Prime, but I can say with absolute confidence that this is one of the best gyms Ive been in. The instructors are all very good at what they do, and the students are disciplined enough to WANT to help newbies improve. Ill admit I was a bit nervous going in to my first class walking in to the unknown, but everyone made me feel welcome.The instruction is done in a way that leaves you wanting more to where you almost cant wait for the next class to start. The prices are very affordable as well, youll spend more on caramel macchiatos in a month than you will coming here and improving your lifestyle.

Review №29

My 7-year-old son was mistreated by teachers for the simple fact that he has never practiced any sport.A very unpleasant experience.

Review №30

Good place, good people, good atmosphere that does not get in the way of real work being done! Couldnt say enough good things! The Krav classes are very comprehensive!

Review №31

Excellent gym with an even better staff who does a great job of making everyone feel both welcome and informed. Membership is completely worth it, you get access to all their different MMA styles and its a lot of fun, whether youre new or experienced. Beats the heck out of my usual Anytime Fitness gym routine.Dont wait, give it a trial run. Everyone I see who does (and that happens every class) ends up signing up. Its worth it,John

Review №32

If you have kids sign them up for BJJ classes at Fight Prime immediately. You won’t be disappointed. The growth I have seen from our 6-year old daughter is amazing. In less than 6 months she went from someone I wasn’t sure would go out on the mats the first day of class to asking if she could compete in a BJJ tournament. Her confidence grows with each class.A huge thank you to the instructors at Fight Prime. The impact you are making on these kid’s lives is amazing. Keep up the great work!

Review №33

Great instructors and class sizes! They are knowledgeable and always willing to help/give feedback. Everyone is super friendly and it is great gym with nice individuals to train with.

Review №34

I was conned into buying a contract the first day with their tactic of, Well wave the $100 dollar paperwork fee today if you sign up at this very given moment. So I jumped into a contract. At a ridiculous $135 a month, I went a couple times but realized pretty quickly that it just didnt work with my schedule. I had no problem with the training, the trainers there are very knowledgeable, but hereds where i had a problem. I continued my contract hoping that things would get better with my job, not attending any classes for 3 months. So they received $405 dollars from me and didnt have to do any work at all for the money due to my inability to make it in. When I finally decided to cancel because i live almost 35 minutes away, they charged me an additional $150 dollar deactivation fee. Have a little humbleness that you got $400 from me for free instead of taking an additional $150. Yes I signed the contract. Yes I knew these were the guidelines, its just a little nuts, and seems to come down to $$. IMO, contracts shouldnt be required. You should be able to pay for a single month of it, try it out and if you like it keep going, if you dont move on.

Review №35

I have been training for a while now and been to few different gyms. Fight Prime is one the the best gyms I’ve trained at. It’s a good mix of fitness and technical skills training and the coaches are all highly trained. Everyone is very friendly too.

Review №36

Knowledgeable, excellent instructors, a dedicated group of competition athletes, and a management staff dedicated to providing high quality training from well pedigreed schools.I spend five days a week there and train in multiple styles. Love every minute.

Review №37

My son has been doing jui jitsu classes for a year at fight prime. I love that he is always challenged and continually learning. Recently his coach suggested moving up to a more advanced class. While that felt intimidating to him, it has always been clear that it was to help him keep growing. Everyone - staff and other members - has been unbelievably supportive. They know their stuff and they really care. What my son is learning goes way beyond skills. He is learning confidence and commitment. In my opinion, hes learning it from the best.

Review №38

I have tried a few different classes at Fight Prime and have been a member since last year. This place has amazing staff, as well as a group of wonderful individuals to work with. It is a judgment free zone and you can work at your own pace. I have really enjoyed BJJ classes and StrikeFit..

Review №39

Very Nice Clean place. Wonderful place to Learn and Train.

Review №40

My experiences with FP are all very positive. Each instructor has very high technical skills. I am learning and enjoying each moment. I wish there was 25 hrs in a day to get more training in each day. All the interactions I have with everyone is always positive.Thank you FP family.

Review №41

Love this place! It has a great Trainer and a wide variety of MMA classes to choose from. Very safe and friendly atmosphere

Review №42

Very welcoming to beginners. Some gyms throw you to the wolves so to speak. Not here. The focus on instructions and movements so you actually learn, then practice in an open roll format.

Review №43

Called to inquire about child classes. The woman that answered the phone wasnt helpful. I asked about the classes and stated I saw that they offered them on the website. Very snotty reply Correct. Didnt offer to explain anything to me. Someone was having a bad day. Decided to take my business elsewhere. For a gym that needs memberships to run they certainly dont act like it at least to new potential clients when being called.

Review №44

Wow. I have never taken any martial arts until now and i searched around a bit before coming across Fight Prime. The Muay Thai instructor was awesome and laid back. Extremely friendly environment. I got paired with a young man who has been practicing for 2 and 1/2 years and he was gentle but, man did i feel those kicks! I have never had a workout like that. That was by far the most exhilarating full body workout ive ever had. Would absolutely recommend anyone interested to check it out. I will definitely be signing up for a membership ASAP!

Review №45

Its a good place to learn some fight techniques. People here are very kind. The experienced guys are willing to teach beginners step by step.

Review №46

First things first: Feels like family!Have been attending Prime Fit for a month. Phil is amazing and always comes up with vigorous workouts!

Review №47

Awesome staff.Good training environment.Great for kids 6 and up.

Review №48

Fight Prime has been helping me up my game. Master Ds style & patience is very much appreciated!

Review №49

Many Experienced BJJ instructors to learn from. Variable levels of belts to roll with for a diverse experience.

Review №50

This is the place to go for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Madison, WI. The instruction is top-notch, as are the facilities. Very large mat space (perfect for 10 or so pairs in rolling) that also works very well for judo. Cannot recommend this enough to my family and friends. The training partners that youll have at Fight Prime will very quickly become some of your best friends. Get to a class, take a trial, get on the mats and have a fantastic time.

Review №51

Great instructors! I have been learning a lot, and getting some awesome workouts!

Review №52

Ive never done any martial arts before and Ive had a great experience with Fight Prime. I just signed up a few weeks ago and everyone has been very patient and friendly.

Review №53

Ive been training at FightPrime for a year and a half and Im glad to call it my home away from home. Theres no better place to go to burn off stress and meet great people. And the amount to Ive learned in that time just blows my mind. :)

Review №54

Great staff. All very welcoming and friendly. Awesome gym!

Review №55

I love the Judo class. David is such a great guy. The price was very affordable as well.

Review №56

Amazing staff, great classes, I have tons of fun every day I come in! Great for all ages and fitness goals.

Review №57

I would not recommend this gym. Youre not told when your membership ends, but hell gladly keep charging you then blame you for not knowing when your contract ends (exactly what another review mentioned). If you do jiu jitsu and cannot go to the head instructors classes, you arent allowed to get stripes on your belt. The head instructor doesnt teach the techniques that he requires you to know to get your blue belt stripes, instead you need to take private lessons with him at $150 each. In addition to the astronomical monthly fees, youre charged $150 belt test fees-not every jiu jitsu gym has fees (Foundations, for example) so its not standard practice.

Review №58

I couldnt be happier with Fight Prime. Both the instructors and other students are all incredibly friendly. I cant recommend it highly enough.

Review №59

Great place, instructors and people. Perfect for someone just starting out or someone with a lot of expierence.

Review №60

I was looking for a self defense class but didnt want to just take 1-3 classes knowing that wasnt going to be enough to gain the knowledge that I need if I ever have to use it. Krav Maga seemed like to best option for me. Krav is a continuous self defense class and is an excellent workout as well. The facility is located in a great area and easy to get to. You can sign up for 6 months, 1 year or 2 years depending what is best for you. The other bonus, once you are signed up you can go to any classes. Not just Krav so if you want to try out the other classes that are offered you can at no extra expense. Everyone at Fight Prime has been great, very friendly and more than willing to help you gain the confidence and knowledge you need. I highly recommend checking Fight Prime out.

Review №61

Very very nice people. The staff really made me feel at home the second i walked in the door

Review №62

I originally found FightPrime through a Facebook ad and was thinking what the hey - Im cool with 3 heavily discounted classes. My mainstay is yoga so I set out for this for this more to be a funzie exploration -- I had no idea that I would absolutely love love love this place, the people, and the classes! I have since signed up for a 6-month membership and plan to stay for good. It is a super welcoming environment and I feel right at home. Right now I mainly go to Krav Maga classes and some StrikeFit classes -- originally I was a little afraid to branch out -- but it has been such a great learning experience that I want to try out BJJ classes as well. I highly recommend FightPrime!!!

Review №63

This gym is awesome, Instruction is on point and easy to understand with visual from several points. People are friendly and are more then willing to help you succeed in your goals see myself being here for a long time.

Review №64

Very welcoming and professional. Lots of quality students that seem to have fun.

Review №65

Outstanding instructors, outstanding culture. Not your typical gym by any means.

Review №66

Great place to train. Good instructors and good environment.

Review №67

Highest quality MMA gym near Madison with a focus on jiu jitsu while having high level striking coaches as well

Review №68

One of the best places to train in town. Clean, friendly, highly skilled and diverse programs for veterans or if youre looking to try martial arts for the first time. They provide a welcoming enviornment and between Judo, BJJ, Krav Maga, and Muay Thai, and their fitness programs they have some of the most skilled and entertaining instructors in the business, you wont be disappointed!

Review №69

A great gym to train Muay Thai and get in shape.

Review №70

I travel to the Madison area for work occasionally and was looking for a Jiu-Jitsu academy to drop-in for a lesson. I found Fight Prime online, called ahead, and went in for a Wednesday night session. Master Dee and all the others in the class made me feel welcome, and I learned some great new techniques. There was a Judo class on the other side of the mats that looked fantastic, too. Definitely a quality gym with an awesome atmosphere that I would recommend to anyone looking for Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, or self-defense in the Madison area.

Review №71

Ive trained at a lot of other schools,but Master Bill was very passionate and took his time making sure all students received his full attention and was effective when it came to dealing all the other Team Members in class and in the one on one classes,and when it came too rolling he made sure it was a super safe and healthy environment for all that attended the class by far one of the Top MMA&BJJ that is in the Dane County Area

Review №72

Good value, kids have a great time and learn a lot!

Review №73

Eric cornered my first fight. For which I am beyond grateful, in addition I walked away with a lot of knowledge.

Review №74

I wrestled in high school and really loved it but when i got out of high school i stopped the sport all together. When i moved to wisconsin from california i was convinced to go to one free class my brother was telling me about. Everyone is really friendly and very attentive during the excersises. Thales and Mosquito are always teaching me to improve.Its not all about mma. Its the discipline of each specific style.

Review №75

Can’t wait to start training

Review №76


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