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Review №1

GM Chris Martingilio is going above and beyond to keep his many students and peers around the world training and learning together during the Covid-19 pandemic. He has instructed countless individuals on their path towards mastery of combat-applicable martial arts for over 30 years. He is highly regarded, trusted and respected by his students and fellow instructors. His track record of success speaks for itself. Thank you for all you do, Master Chris.

Review №2

My daughters and I enjoyed Master Chriss self defense class. My 12-year-old loved it so much she signed up for the teen martial arts class. Shes now in her third week and is already showing improved coordination and focus.Master Chris nurtures a respectful, welcoming environment. He respects individual goals and accommodates all levels of skill. So glad we found this place!

Review №3

I started the kickboxing class two weeks ago and I love it! Chris is a great teacher. I have very little experience and in two weeks I can tell Ive improved a ton. Its really hard work and I can feel every muscle in body but its so worth it! I highly recommend this gym and this class.

Review №4

Simply AWESOME! I’ve been training in Martial Arts for over 30 years and live in Maryland. I consider myself very fortune to have the opportunity to train with Master Chris Martingilio. He doesn’t hold back his vast knowledge and pushes the individuals he trains with to the next level. Over my journey in Marshall Arts, I have had the opportunity to train all of the United States. I measure a dojo’s (karate school’s) by the quality of the students they are producing. This past weekend (January 2017), I trained with 6 of Martingilio Martial Arts teenage students. They were respectful, engaging, and fun. Master Chris is helping nurture amazing young men and women. I am already looking forward to my next chance to make the journey to this jewel in the Midwest!

Review №5

I have been taking the Kickboxing class and I love it! The hour goes by in a flash! When done, you are exhausted! This workout is a great suppliment to my other gym visits! I am becoming stronger and stronger every week!Chris Martingilio is a great coach and will take the time to give you suggestions to help with form and technique. He will also not let you slack. I am so glad that I joined and have been encouraging others to join in the fun!

Review №6

Would recommend to anyone! Such an amazing place with amazing and caring staff. Can easily manage groups of kids/teens and an all around amazing experience!

Review №7

Our teen son has taken martial arts instruction from Chris Martingilio for the last 2 years. Chris is an outstanding instructor, can teach to all personality types, varies the class content and intensity to keep students engaged, gives real and honest feedback to his students about their performance, and encourages adults and teens to respect each others abilities and desire to learn. I highly recommend this school.

Review №8

Master Chris is amazing. He manages to keep an entire group of young kids on task and learning while having fun. I can’t recommend Martingilio Martial arts enough.

Review №9

Really great karate school here. The instructor Chris is wonderful with the kids. Everyone is trained to have discipline, respect, and how to think through tough situations.

Review №10

Im Sgt. Tony Reilly of the Milwaukee Police Academy, currently the Master Instructor of the Defense and Arrest Tactics program as mandated by the State of Wisconsin. Having known Chris for many years, and fully trusting his skills and teaching ability, we began exploring the possibility of bringing Chris in for a defense training class. Being confident after numerous conversations and practical skills comparisons, I brought Chris in for our Defense Instructors 2 week Course, which just ended this past Friday.To say Chris was a hit would be an understatement. He observed and provided feedback for much of the course, and then was lead instructor for the ground fighting portion of the class. Chris has a calm, energetic approach to his lessons that was immediately accepted by law enforcement students. Everyone left with a feeling of learning positive points that would be incorporated into their eventual lessons.Thank you Chris - and for anyone considering which studio to start lessons with, your search ends here... train with Master Chris.

Review №11

I took a Self-Defense class and loved it. I was a complete novice, but after four weeks felt like I had some basic skills to protect myself. Plus the energy of the dojo is just really positive and fun. So important!

Review №12

I have been studying multiple Martial Arts for over 30 years and hold 2 Master ranks. I live in a suburb south of Chicago and I travel to Madison to train with Master Martingilio at least once a month if not more. I search out the best and most knowledgeable instructors to train with and that is exactly what I found at Martingilio Martial Arts. Whether you are a beginner or a Master rank, you will find expert instruction, great knowledge transfer and a phenomenal environment.

Review №13

Chris greatly impacts the Stoughton community by teaching self defense for the Stoughton High School physical education program. Students finish Chris program with an abundance of skills and greater confidence. Chris is an excellent instructor and works well with all students! Thank you for your time and efforts!

Review №14

I had a great experience at Master Chriss self defense class (for moms & preteens)...he balances strength, confidence, strategy, and context into his teaching. He holds the respectful attention from kids as well as from adults.

Review №15

I love this place! Ive never encountered anyone that truly cares about each and every one of his students as Master Chris does. Hes knowledgable and patient.

Review №16

One of the reasons I was saddest to move from the Mpls area was the dojo I had there. It was more like family than a gym and a workout. Im happy to have found a place with a similar feeling here in Madison. The pricing is wonderful and so are the people! Thanks!

Review №17

Master Chris has been a wonderful influence on our son Colin both personally and karate development level. Strongly refer this program to others.

Review №18

Ive been studying Okinawan kenpo and tai chi with Master Chris for four years now, and Ive loved every minute of it. Chris is a genuinely gifted teacher who is able to challenge and motivate his students at every step, whether they be kids, teenagers, or adults. His training offers both breadth (locks, strikes, submissions, grappling, boxing, weapons) and depth (advanced black belts train alongside beginners).Highly recommended to anyone interested in traditional martial arts or self-defense.

Review №19

My family has trained and tried out most of the martial arts schools in town to find the one that fits our needs. Every school has its strengths, but Martingilios undeniably has the best self-defense in town. Master Chris brings a depth of knowledge to the school not only from his 30 years of experience and almost that long teaching, but also by offering optional seminars taught by other experts in their art. His school also has the longest staying power for adult black belts. At Martingilios the 1st - 3rd degree Black Belts continue to learn because of Chris 7th degree and because of the unique resource of having an active world renowned 9th Degree who trains at the dojo and offers classes.

Review №20

Ive been at the Dojo for a little over 18 months at the time of this writing, and I can not recommend it highly enough.I started initially with kickboxing and in the last few months added the Tai Chi. Ive never been very athletic, but I was looking for something outside of a traditional gym. My brother had been going here for a little while and recommended trying out the kickboxing class. I was nervous at first because I had never done anything remotely martial art related at the time, but master Chris is very good at taking you from where you are, no matter what, and I have improved so much in the time since. For the first time I can actually say I have some arm muscles!It has also helped a lot with my confidence and overall feeling of security. As a 20 something woman living alone, I do feel very vulnerable sometimes and its reassuring to have the knowledge and practice on what to do in a bad situation.Again, I can not recommend highly enough!

Review №21

Ive trained with Chris for over half a decade at this point and his training is phenomenal. He teaches to a high standard, and expects the same from his students. At college Ive trained with dozens of people from as many martial arts backgrounds, and I can assuredly say that his teaching is peerless. Flowery moves are not taught here, you will not learn spinning hook kicks or numerous kata that look super badass. What you will learn is extremely efficient and effective martial arts. When my friends ask for me to show off my black belt skillz theyre invariably disappointed by what they look like. But then Ill ask them to grab, punch, or rough me up somehow, and without fail theyre astounded by the rapidity and ease with which I can submit and totally neutralize them. If you want to look like a Chinese kung fu movie, dont come to Martingilio Martial Arts-Karate Americas for that. If you want to learn potent and powerful martial art, then you should come by and spend some time at Chris dojo.

Review №22

Best Place to go for practical martial arts!

Review №23

Amazing instructors!

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