Rocket City Revolution Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
4060 Sullivan St, Madison, AL 35758, United States

Review №1

Joining this gym has given me a reason (and a solution) to get into better shape physically and mentally. It’s a challenging sport, but learning how to avoid the panic and overcome challenges is something that you can learn here and take into every aspect of your life, not just self-defense. John and Seth go above and beyond to accommodate an open and accepting training environment and schedule that works for everyone. Joining this gym is one of the best decisions that I’ve made.

Review №2

I absolutely love and enjoy being able to actually see not only the techniques grow in each person, but also the growth of each members relationship to one another. Hands down %110 respect due all around. Im extremely honored to be a part of this team, and hold an every day excitement to the atmosphere each day!

Review №3

Absolutely awesome environment to train in; John and Seth are 2 extremely skilled instructors and truly care for each and every one of their students. The difference between this gym and others I have visited is night and day; from day one it feels like you aren’t just joining a gym, you are becoming part of a family. Beyond that, the techniques taught here are so useful; whether you are looking to compete, want to learn a tried and true self defense method, or just want to get a good workout in, there is something for everyone at RCRBJJ!

Review №4

100% the best Gym I have ever trained at! I have been rolling here for almost 8 months and it feels like everyone is just one big family! John is an amazing instructor and can help you through any move and is really supportive, and Seth is awesome with analogies that really put techniques into perspective. You can come roll no matter your age, build, or skill level, and everyone is here to help! If you are considering joining a gym I highly reccomend you come roll with us! 🤙🥋

Review №5

After just one class I was hooked. Great instruction, great atmosphere, overall amazing place. I immediately felt like a part of a family and after only a few classes I had learned so much. I highly recommend to anyone interested.

Review №6

Okay I will make this review a little personal. I join rocket City revolution Brazilian jiu-jitsu approximately 2-3 months ago. This has been the greatest decision of my life. Every person thats in that gym are respectful loving caring and great human beings. Ive never been apart of such an amazing team before. I literally pray for every man and woman and child that enters that building and leaves that building. And I want the best interest for everybody in that building and I know they want the same for me. If you get an opportunity to come visit Madison Alabama, please take the time to come to this amazing gym and just look, just learn, be around the guys and just experience what I experienced. Thank you rocket City for changing my life for the better. I love all you guys have a wonderful time.

Review №7

Awesome place with great instructors and members. Everyone is just trying to have fun, learn BJJ and they are always willing to give any information they have to you.

Review №8

What brought me to Rocket City BJJ was the people. I was just starting out in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and was looking for a local gym to go to. I wrote out a list of pros and cons for each one in my area, and RCBJJ stood out. The price is great and the location is great. What really got me to decide is when I sent emails to all of the gyms I was interested in, and RCBJJ got back to me relatively immediately, and answered all questions I had with even a surplus of information (To this day, I havent gotten a email in response from the others). Ive learned so much in my 5mo+ of attending (almost daily). The people really care about you and its such a welcoming environment and that in itself makes it such a great place to learn.

Review №9

At the end of 2020, I started looking into BJJ gyms for my teen daughter, and after researching the ones in the area, I contacted RCRBJJ. They responded quickly and kept communication with me thru and after the holidays. They offered a one week free trial & provided a military discount! RCRBJJ was the only gym that was offering some normalcy after they reopened from the mandated COVID shutdown. They still take all the sanitary precautions and encourage anyone who isnt feeling well to stay home.I love how much the instructors care for everyone that comes to their gym! They make you feel like family! My daughter loves going there and has learned so much in such a short time. She competed in her first tournament end of July and practically the whole gym family turned out to support one another.

Review №10

John and Seth are both great instructors and everyone is very welcoming and encouraging.

Review №11

Friendly atmosphere and great place to learn Jui Jutsu

Review №12

John Bruss is the best instructor in alabama

Review №13

Amazing space to learn practical techniques at an affordable price!!!

Review №14

I have completely lucked out by moving to an area with a Revolution BJJ school! John Bruss continues the awesome lineage of Carlson Gracie Sr and Julio Fernandez. The classes are challenging and rewarding. My former Instructor, Robert Hugus, told me Youre in good hands with John! and he was right. Great atmosphere and the other students are are there to learn, not crush each other. They were vetted and selected for the We Defy Foundation🇺🇸. Give it a try. The first week is free.

Review №15

John Bruss is the best black belt BJJ instructor in North Alabama. Great atmosphere, not just a team, a family. Couldn’t be happier and hope everyone will try this place out, you will not be disappointed.

Review №16

Great school; great students. The professor is knowledgeable and patient. This is the best experience Ive had doing any martial art.

Review №17

Great school! Professor (John Bruss) and the students really care about the school and each other. Everyone is willing to help you learn and to progress. John is super patient and really helps you nail the details. Whether you are in it for combat sports, tournaments, or just because you are interested in BJJ, this a great place to be. Been going since November 2018.

Review №18

I started training hear almost a year ago and it is fantastic! Very inviting for new people and the price is better than anyone around. Everyone is friendly and the instructor, John Bruss, really knows his stuff

Review №19

I started taking classes at UAH and wanted to continue afterwards. I love training here and I am able to really push myself!

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