South Mountain Martial Arts
91 Main St 3rd floor, Madison, NJ 07940, United States

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Instructor was quite rude to my friend, and yelled at her even though she wasn’t even a student yet, won’t be recruiting any new students anytime soon unless that instructor checks himselfEdit:Either I can’t reply of some restriction or I just can’t find the button but funnily enough, I know said student and this is the only time something like this has ever occurred to her. Her asking if she can leave early because of the fact she has to walk over 30 minutes back and at night as well including the fact that she had to work on an assignment which was made well clear, does not mean that the disrespect you gave her was needed, the lack of understanding in this situation makes it clear that you won’t admit your wrongdoing, she knows that it wasn’t the best thing to do, but there is an understanding that had to be reached considering she was NOT your student as of yet, and obviously there are certain circumstances where one might have to leave early, especially if it’s a young woman walking over 30 minutes alone at night, with other preoccupations to do. And many can attest to her character as well, there having been no issue ever with her, but funnily enough, there was here. You clearly gave your stance while omitting certain facts. Unprofessional

Review №2

-I read Nini’s complaint- it’s phoney baloney. According to google, Drew is only a half mile/ten minute walk from the place, not 1/2 hour. It’s a short walk in a nice college town shopping area. Nevertheless, one shouldn’t go to night / 8pm class if one doesn’t want to leave in the dark. This is obvious. NINI-you are also wrong-no one kept her there-she did leave the “free class” early (anyway) and with the instructor’s specific blessing to go. She also left with a brand new keiko-gi that he actually gave to her. He doesn’t usually show these courtesies but she was from Drew, and he had been coaching National level varsity fencing there for several decades (forever) so he extended this warm greeting to this student. I don’t know what she was doing there anyway. He was very kind to her the whole time and it’s sad to see people then turn about and say these sort of unfair things about our local businessmen.

Review №3

I always feel better about my fencing, mentally and physically, after a lesson at SMMA. Coach Dayn has a depth of knowledge historically and in function. The SMMA students are very welcoming. Easily recommended.

Review №4

I have been attending judo classes there since October 2015. I love the instructors and my training partners. The instructors are top notch and know what they are talking about from their vast experience in judo and other martial arts (high rank black belt). My training partners are mainly black belts but they are all willing to help and share their knowledge. Its a brotherhood there.In summary, its a great and safe learning environment for anyone whos willing to work hard and learn as much as possible from great instructors and make life long friendships. I will recommend it to friends and family.

Review №5

I showed up at SMMA 7 years ago looking for sumo training partners. Most gyms would have turned me away, but they welcomed me with open arms. Since then, SMMA has produced three national medalists and two U.S. National Team members. This dojo is of a dying breed. These guys are experts in what they do, and they treat everyone like family. I’m lucky to have found them.

Review №6

I have been a member of South Mountain Martial Arts, on and off, since 1999; most recently and consistently, since 2014. The DeRose Brothers are 2 of the most accomplished and thoughtful Martial Artists in the country or, for that matter, that you will find anywhere. Be it Daryn’s adherence and reverential loyalty to classic Judo and Jiu Jitsu or Dayn’s expansive experience of not only Judo and Jiu Jitsu, but Sambo, Kenpo and Fencing (an MACFA Coach of the Year), their knowledge and accomplishment is unparalleled. Their ability to teach and convey this knowledge and skill, unrivaled.They are known and deeply respected for their expertise, both as competitors and teachers, domestically and around the world. (Even in some places where being an occidental, and more so, an American, is not normally held in high esteem among elite Martial Artists).They have instructed and presented at the FBI Academy at Quantico (a very rare event and honor), consulted with various police depts around the country, contributed and collaborated on numerous books and articles on martial arts and self-defense and competed and medaled in National and International competitions too numerous to name, including the Pan-American games. Yet they remain extremely humble about their accomplishments.They have dedicated their adult lives to the teaching and advancement of the Martial Arts and to the development of their students, young and old, both as “Artists” and as people of character and upstanding high moral integrity. To that end, they have a very special knack for teaching young children and helping them develop both as judokas, and young people of quality. And in this category, NO challenge is ever too great. (For you parents of younger children, some of you will understand what I mean). Their ability to help children, the gifted and the less so, develop as people and teach, instill and establish confidence and self-esteem in them, is truly remarkable. As a parent concerned with the health, well-being and development of your child’s self-esteem, you can do no better than to have them enrolled and trained at SMMA.The atmosphere of SMMA is one of family, or a very collegial club. Everyone, young and old, supports each other’s attempts and gains of advancement, all while working and training deadly seriously and very hard.SMMA is unique among dojo’s and gyms. The 2 founder’s hold Advance Degrees, one a Master’s in Psychology and Counseling, the other a Ph.D. in Psychology and Research Statistics. (Not your normal owners of dojo’s or gyms; and not your normal holders of 6th and 8th degree black belts in various Martial Arts). I have wrestled, boxed, taken Judo, fought and worked out in gyms my entire life. No place I have ever encountered, gives you this type world class knowledge and training, while giving you an intellectual vibe that there is much more to life outside the dojo. This is an experience far above the usual Muscle-Head approach commonly found in dojos of this one’s fighting caliber, quality and capacity.Whether you are an adult (be it young, middle-aged, or elderly) looking to learn for the 1st time, or someone looking to expand limitlessly the horizons of your already sizeable knowledge and skill, or a parent looking for a place for your child to develop confidence and social skills in a familial, supportive atmosphere all while learning how to defend themselves… this is your place. South Mountain Martial Arts. It is peerless, for young and old alike.

Review №7

I joined this dojo several years ago to help augment my skills as a high school wrestler. I can say with utmost confidence that my training here not only improved my skills as a wrestler, but as a fighter in all regards. Sensei Dayn DeRose has mastered so many forms of martial arts that Ive lost count, and he is not just an exceptional teacher, but also a very good friend. If you want to learn how to defend yourself and have a terrific experience doing so, join South Mountain Martial Arts.

Review №8

I have trained at South Martial Arts since it opened. The instructors are excellent, they have both competiton and real world experience. Dayn DeRose has been a representative of various US teams as both a competitor and a coach. Hes presented at a number of martial arts seminars and conferences, including one at the FBI Training center at Quantico.

Review №9

SMMA is a great training atmosphere with Sambo, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Sumo, and Fencing. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from a wealth of experience at this club!

Review №10

I have trained in martial arts for 30 years. I have seen some of the best classical teachers and some of the worst McDojos in existence. I have trained at SMMA and my son has taken the excellent kids classes.SMMA and the DeRose brothers are absolutely, undoubtedly some of the best! Daryn has dedicated his life to Judo and to making everyone he trains the absolute best he could be. He even holds a PhD in I believe analytical Psychology (though Im not sure of the actual degree). Dayn is a renaissance man holding high level ranks in Judo, Jujitsu, Kenpo, and Sambo, as well as being a NCAA fencing coach. Everyone I have ever met at the SMMA Dojo has been not only a great example of a warrior and martial artist, but also truly good people. The quality of the instruction and the training is second to none, as well as the supportive and motivating atmosphere. Id give it 10 stars if I could! the Dojo isnt glitzy or modern, but it is one of the best places to learn.

Review №11

Ive been attending since 2012. This place is one of the most respectable and down to earth dojos in New Jersey. They have knowledgeable instructors and high ranking belts. You will not regret joining a hidden gem in Madison, NJ.

Review №12

This club is a joke. Dayne DeRose cantt fight his way out of a paper bag, This clown took 12 years just to earn a brown belt, just like his twin brother Daryn. These guys never competed, because the tears would never end once they were beaten to a pulp. The DeRoses are the judo girls of South Orange, NY. Pathetic

Review №13

Top notch martial arts and even better people.

Review №14

This is the best club that I have ever been to. The club has a very friendly atmosphere, there is great comradery among the players and the instructors are first rate.Sensei Dayn De Rose is the Chief Instructor teaching JUDO, JUJITSU, FENCING, KENPO, and SAMBO. He is the real deal. He knows his stuff. His experience is from playing and teaching for 4 decades, multiple tournaments as a competitor, coach and as a referee. Not just in the US, Dayn has also been Head of US Delegation for World Championships, coached and refereed around the world. I have seen Sensei Dayn win promotions at several Judo tournements.This is a great club! Check them out.

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