Karen & Friends
724 E New Haven Ave, Melbourne, FL 32901, United States

Review №1

On our trip to Melbourne Beach we stumbled across Karen’s shop & just fell in love. She has an incredible variety and selection of jewelry, accessories, and decor in her place that is at a great price. Not to mention the owner is absolutely wonderful, she was so fun to talk to and just made our day with her personality and welcoming us into the store. This place is just a gem of find in downtown Melbourne! You must stop in to pick up something for yourself!

Review №2

FABULOUS!!!Mindy was extremely helpful in showing me a few beading techniques. Shes a great teacher and very patient. The shop is amazing with everything you need. We are so fortunate to have such a fully stocked bead store right here in Melbourne.

Review №3

Was an enlightening experience! Iris gave us knowledge on the beads, where they are from, if shortage and why shortage. History on the beads we were interested in. She helped both in physical and spiritual and mental care, for I had been having stress filled days. My friend, Linda and myself had so much fun and will be the place for me to shop and experience this shop again and again. You are so very ALIVE, Iris and a blessing! 🙏

Review №4

I came in with my four year old and 6 six year old daughters. We were getting supplies for our first jewelry making afternoon! Iris went above and beyond, showing the beads to the girls that were on the less expensive side. And then setting up the back table with several different buckets of beads in all shades of colors and she let them dump the whole bucket out to shift through to find their favorites. She was patient and super accommodating. I think the girls liked shopping for beads as much as they liked making bracelets!

Review №5

I absolutely LOVE this place! I bought copper wire for making bracelets, and it is awesome! Two years later, and still no discoloration or tarnishing at all. The quality is SO much better than any other findings Ive purchased anywhere.

Review №6

Went in due to the beautiful display of bracelets in the front. Once inside, I was so awestruck by the beauty of the displays of beading, necklaces and art that I decided to buy a pretty necklace for my friend.The owner was very friendly and helped me put together a gorgeous necklace for my friend that I know she will love. Very good prices for the value as well!

Review №7

Iris was an absolute riot! Sweet as can possibly be and hilarious as well; and the store does NOT disappoint at all!! Extremely varied inventory that is sure to accommodate any and all needs for beads!! I’m excited for the classes to open up once vaccination rates are higher so I can start learning jewelry making as another hobby.Thank you so much Iris!!! I’ll definitely be coming back 🥰

Review №8

This shop has a great variety of beads, the best around. Thats definitely not all. There are many outstanding pieces of art and all sorts of wonderful items to enjoy and gift. Check out this great shop for beads and much more. The owner is friendly and helpful. I look forward to going back and buying an acrylic pour that I cant stop thinking about...Lets see if it is still there 🤩

Review №9

This shop has the cutest and most extensive collection of beads for literally any craft project you could think of i’m absolutely in love with the owner she’s super friendly and extremely helpful with questions

Review №10

I love this store. The bead selection is phenomenal! The owner is fantastically friendly and helpful!

Review №11

Customer service is amazing! The owner is one of the nicest people I have ever met and the store itself is amazing, very inclusive and has a lot of supply!

Review №12

Super friendly and so very helpful!!! They have such an assortment of beautiful beads and exquisite items to use to truly make one of kind pieces of jewelry. Ive never seen such a variety of stunning unique pieces. So worth visiting and supporting small business owners. Just Loved it!!!!

Review №13

I went to Karen and Friends today, to get some new beads for myself and my daughter. We were all happy to see each other, as always. She was her normal self, very attentive, friendly and polite. She always treats my daughter well and assisted me with finding the right beads, I was looking for.We talked about current events as she always respects other people’s opinions. I will always support her small business as her prices are the same or below conventional craft stores. She continues to have a warm environment with beautiful pieces on display for you to purchase. For a one woman show, her customer service is out of this world. At a time like this, I’m happy she is still around.

Review №14

Cute kitschy necklaces. I do feel that some are a little overpriced. Props to the owner for enforcing masks, people like you save lives.

Review №15

This is the most top notch bead store Ive ever visited! The selection is enormous and exceeds just beading, her hand made crafts made me swoon! The owner is a powerhouse genius of all things art and she continued to make me smile and feel right at home. She even went above and beyond for me in more ways than one and taught me multiple things within my visit, now THATS customer service on a different level. I loved her and I love this store. 110% reccomend!!!!

Review №16

I love the workers here so much they mean so much to me it is such positive vibes everytime i walk in here they feel like my best friends and make me feel amazing. I am so thankful to have a safe space especially for lgbt people in brevard

Review №17

I came here with my mother and my daughter. We were only in here for 15 minutes before problems starting to surface. The owner demanded I wear a mask which I complied with but when my mask fell down she freaked out and was incredibly rude, telling me not to challenge her or that this was her shop do not argue with her and then continued to be rude about it. She seemed to have some sort of mental issue. And then she overcharged my mother and didnt even make eye contact and was very unwelcoming. DO NOT SHOP HERE

Review №18

I dont get all the one star reviews about this shop enforcing masks. This wonderful business has a right to enforce any policy because its THEIR business. Smh. Iris is awesome and you should come here. Good vibes

Review №19

Had a wonderful experience here and felt very safe. The owner is very respectful and patient. I also appreciated her care for the well being of her customers. The jewelry is beautiful and fun. I’ll definitely be back soon.

Review №20

Accidentally I walked by this store.I felt like a kid in a candy store!!!Really awesome beads. And beside that the lady at the counter was a very cool person she was very helpful as well.Love the store!!!

Review №21

What a fantastic store! Every bead imaginable with the most charming store owner. What a treat, we are lucky to have have been able to visit. I am an expert in jewels and the quality is very high.

Review №22

During the pandemic, I feel very safe here, as everyone wears a mask. LOVE this bead shop! Greatest selection, lots of help and assistance with any project, and very friendly staff.Mindy went out of her way to help me with a few basic skills, between waiting on customers. I knew nothing when I came in, but by the time I left, I had enough help to continue on my own. Where else can you get this kind of help?Karen & Friends goes above and beyond what you would expect - they don’t do it because the have to - they do it because it’s their choice. They choose to be the kind of business that cares. This is a recipe for success, and this is why they are so busy.Karen & Friends - I much appreciate your kindness & your help!

Review №23

I came here and checked this shop out. I make custom high end pieces for clients all over the world. I am a bench jeweler. I knot and strand. I am also a GIA Graduate Gemologist student. I know my gems, metals and stones. I have to. I have some wholesale international dealers I buy from online that are honest about their products. So I guess I just expect that everywhere. I am not a boastful show boat type. I was underestimated coming into this shop and that is ok. I was told by the owner here some very troubling and inaccurate information about the stones. It made me uncomfortable. I even wondered if she knew what she was talking about. Or if she is just some sort of gypsy. In my business knowledge is paramount and honesty is the best policy always. Just buyer beware.

Review №24

This shop is run by the kindest human beings ever. Karen went above and beyond to find me what I needed for my embroidery project - without charge. It makes me happy to feel like this shop truly cares about people and the craft, rather than just business. Plus, they have masks for you to wear in case you forgot yours! Thank you Karen. More power to you and yours. Blessed be.

Review №25

This is a great bead supply store! The owner very friendly and helpful, and her wire is FANTASTIC! I’ve been shopping here for a few years, and haven’t have one bad experience! I highly recommend this shop.

Review №26

Wonderful little store packed with lots of pretty beads and others items to satisfy anyones need for creativity. Karen is friendly and knowledgeable about her products and goes out of her way to make you feel welcome. She is very helpful and has no problem answering any questions you may have.

Review №27

FANTASTIC, SMART, and CREATIVE woman who strives to have the neatest of UNIQUE. I have never seen some of the things she has in my entire life and Ive been to at least two dozen different trunk shows and pop-up stores from international vendors! She herself loves to put art into her beads but its in a tasteful, gorgeous way and I L-O-V-E it!

Review №28

One of my favorite places- shes always super friendly and helpful and the store is always well stocked.

Review №29

I used to go here all the time when I lived in Brevard. The have a good range of beads, all absolutely beautiful!Dont let the negative reviews from anti-maskers deter you from coming to this awesome store. Unless you are into that, in which case I hope you and your one brain cell have fun together someplace else ❤

Review №30

Store with amazingly beautiful and unique charms and beads!! highly recommend :)

Review №31

One of the absolute nicest people and a great shop if you’re looking for beads. She is smart enough to ask people to wear masks for her safety as well as others. We think she’s awesome

Review №32

Huge selection of beads and beading supplies! The ladies working in the store are eager to help and can usually help you find exactly what you need.

Review №33

Owner was terrific. She was masked and very accommodating.She added beautiful beads to a necklace I selected. I shall return with friends.

Review №34

Im so glad to have this store open & safe. I love beads, so for me, its a wonderful, creative haven. The owner is one of the kindest, friendliest people around & also one of the most talented.

Review №35

Wow!!! What a store! Lots of selection and friendly help. The owner sat down with me and showed me how to professionally string my stretch bracelets. She gave me some other advice that blew my mind! I don’t live in the area but will visit again next month. Reasonably priced And so much to choose from. I spent over an hour there and could have stayed longer. Thanks for all the tips!!!

Review №36

My wife has been to Karen and Friends twice and each time she has had an issue with the owner being rude and dismissive. The first time I said maybe she was having a bad day, we all deal with it but a few months later she had the same negative, rude and unfriendly energy. Why open a business if you dont enjoy the company of people in your shop? Ordering online is a much better option than being talked down as you try to support a local shop owner.

Review №37

A year ago if you would shop here donning a mask, the police would be called, for the fear of being robbed or worse. Now this shoppe requires a mask. Pitiful. You prefer concealment of identities vs. making your customers freedom of personal expression or speech as a value. According to the CDC, masks are only 44% effective which in turn means 56% ineffective. I suspect their goods for sale come from China.

Review №38

Great bead store, very helpful and friendly staff. So glad they are here to help us with our craft in times like this. Keep up the great work!

Review №39

Karen is such a beautiful person and her shop is amazing. One of my favorite places in Florida. Everything is gorgeous and also affordable.

Review №40

Iris was such a pleasure to show me around the store, teach me some stronger techniques than I had and had stunning well organized product. I will definitely be back

Review №41

Saw the article about Miss/Mrs. White turning away maskless customers. Good for her. I plan on buying a giftcard for my grandmas birthday. She loves crafts and loves to support local businesses that do the right thing.Stay strong 💚

Review №42

Nice store. When we move here its good to know that I will have a bead store close. :)

Review №43

Karen has a wonderful selection of beads and jewelry and even has some great art work from local artists. She also has regular Wednesday and Thursday classes and occasional other classes that I hope to take advantage of soon. The atmosphere is happy and the location is great. I’m happy to have found a new haunt in downtown Melbourne.

Review №44

Karen & Friends is a unique store in Melbourne owned by the kindest and most helpful woman! Highly recommend this store to anyone looking for well-priced items.

Review №45

I LOVE this bead store!! Every time I go here I find what I am looking for and more. Can’t say enough about this place!!! A awesome variety of beads and findings to complete any project! Karen, the owner, was Awesome Great!! She helped me find beads for my turkey skewers and silver tops for velvet strawberries that will become handmade gifts for quilting friends of mine (and some for me too!)!?Thanks Karen!!! You are truly a Lovely Soul!! See you again this winter!

Review №46

Having all my broken bracelets repaired here! Very skillful job by Mindy!

Review №47

Wonderful place! So helpful! Reasonable prices and great service. I will never order any jewelry online again.

Review №48

Unfortunately our favorite bead shop kicked us out after not having a mask to wear. The owner was not willing to accept any visitor without a mask. My group of 5 had planned to make a large purchase. Then group of 6 coming in behind us also didnt have a mask. They were also upset that they couldnt purchase beads. What a loss of revenue in these weird times. Hope you can make your rent payment.

Review №49

Best store ever! So many beautiful beaded designs and jewelry to choose from. Betty Lou and June are the best! So professional and kind.The owner, Iris, is amazing and has the best stories! I literally watched her custom make a bracelet for a customer in about 15 minutes.If you are in downtown Melbourne, you have to stop by! I promise youll find something you want!

Review №50

Love this store ! Any jewelry creations you want to design is right here ! Don’t look any further ! You would be amazed what you will find in this store.A few months ago I did not know anything about making jewelry but felt very drawn to learn.Mindy is so knowledgeable, creative, helpful, patient, talented and fun !!Betty who works in this store is amazing. She is also so very patient and talented! She has come to know my style and is always ready to help me create a new piece of jewelry for me. 💞

Review №51

I rarely give reviews and ratings, but this establishment has definitely earned this one. I was gifted a handmade puka shell necklace from the Solomon Islands about 15 years ago. I have worn this necklace every day of my life since I received it! It is a part of my daily routine. It has a very important spiritual meaning to me over the years. This necklace has broken ONLY TWICE over that 15 year period thanks to the craftsmanship of this wonderful establishment. Thank you for being so AMAZING!

Review №52

They were accommodating and patient staff, great prices, and a vast selection.

Review №53

Recently had a necklace repaired, which was done perfectly. While there, I was wowed by the amount of stunning beads and jewelry they have in stock. I was told they teach classes....for FREE! I am now considering picking up a new hobby. Thanks for the perfect repair!

Review №54

Place is beautiful and clean. Prices are fair. They will work with your buget. Atmosphere is is welcoming. You wont go wrong coming here.

Review №55

Literally the most amazing place ever in the world. Where all the cool beads hang out.

Review №56

I wanted to check out different bead stores and hers was one of a few bead stores that came up on google. My husband and I enjoyed ourselves. We enjoyed the conversation. I got so much more than what I came for. Mindy has a wonderful spirit. Our trip from the UCF area to Melbourne was well worth the trip. Keep doing what you do. We need more people like you in the world.

Review №57

Iris made a beautiful piece for me in under 15min. She is extremely knowledgeable and talented. She will guide you through everything you need to know to make it yourself or make it right there for you. Her prices are very reasonable and she has a LARGE assortment of options!

Review №58

I used to enjoy going to this shop. I’ve made several pieces here with friends and family in the past. When I walked in Mindy was speaking to a couple looking for a specific item and she told them she didn’t mean to be rude, she had just gotten a bad review online for being rude, she just want to understand what they were looking for. I don’t claim to know her well, but I have spoken to her for hours on a few different occasions. I always enjoyed our conversations. That being said, I knew her opinion on children. I hadn’t been to the store in over a year, well before I had my baby. I thought since my son was in his stroller and unable to grab her merchandise it would be fine. I was wrong. I barely purchased a hairbow for my niece and she was holding the door open for me to leave. I was still looking at beads on my way out. My mother in law had recently mentioned she’d like to make another necklace there, but I don’t think I’ll be going back.

Review №59

Definitely the coolest little jewelry shop i’ve ever been to. They sell loads of unique, unconventional stuff that’s pure wearable art. If you’re looking for beautiful crystals & beads to make your own stuff, or a source for one-of-a-kind statement pieces... this is your place.

Review №60

Absolutely love this place! Best bead selection ever and the staff is knowledgeable and FUN! I am excited to start beading classes. Thanks for all you guys do. See you soon!

Review №61

Wow! The selection of beads is mesmerizing. I spent hours immersed in the massive selections of findings, wire, tools, charms, focal pieces and seemingly endless strings of quality beads. Mindy (owner) and Karen (staff) were so helpful and fun. Check out their classes too! Be prepared for time to slip by when you visit this happy wonderland.

Review №62

Absolutely loved this place. Im originally from Melbourne born and raised. I moved to Atlanta years ago and was on vacation with my family in Melbourne. Walked into this shop and fell in love. My kids and I came back the next day for a free class and we all made necklaces. Everyone in the shop was very helpful. We really enjoyed this class. I will definitely be back every time I come home to Melbourne.

Review №63

Went in with a few pieces of jewelry that needed repair. The owner went above and beyond fixing my jewelry and actually making it better. So knowledgeable and helpful. She is fantastic at what she does.

Review №64

WHAT AN AMAZING STORE! I’ve personally met the Famous Karen accidentally while shopping for beads elsewhere and she kindly told me of her shop so I had to go. As soon as I entered, I met the shop owner (Iris) and she was extremely welcoming. They offer classes to make sure you know all the tricks to making jewelry professionally and it’s all free! I’m from the Fort Lauderdale area and told her that there’s nothing like this down my way but I am up in Melbourne all the time so I was extremely happy to catch Iris! The beads are on longer strands and the variety of stones, wooden beads and crystals is beyond belief. I spent three hours choosing beads and learned how to make different necklaces. She has another woman there who was teaching on how to make the perfect anklet and she was lovely. Definitely go here! They offer classes at 1pm and 6pm. Honestly the energy and kindness from the staff is everything and more. Check it out!

Review №65

Beautiful pieces and large quantities of beads and findings. My sister is going to love this place when she visits. Mindy is a gem and very knowledgeable about her products. As is the other lady that works there(I apologize for not catching her name). Ive read the other reviews and just laughed. People get into their feelings too much. Mindy is awesome and shes human. If someone actually listens to her then you get her fabulous caring nature. Quit thinking folks are supposed to change everything about themselves to fit into their mindset of gobbity goop sales techniques. Fabulous store, cant wait to try to make some jewelry with my sister. Mindy stay true to who you are and cant wait to see you. Btw... I just moved here from North Carolina 2 days ago and Mindy made me feel like home. She even gave me a piece for my Pandora bracelet. 😁

Review №66

I went in to ask about fixing a necklace and left with my necklace fixed and a new friend. She was very helpful and funny. She has an enormous assortment of beads available in her shop and provides jewelry classes. Thanks for the great experience!

Review №67

Great wire and a huge selection of beads stones and tools for all your crafting needs

Review №68

I just went to this store for the first time ever, and im so glad that I did. I had a wonderful conversation with the owner and the shop is amazing too, so many different things to look at and Karen is an expert with jewellery.She even does repairs! Defiantly gonna come back again!

Review №69

Wonderful experience! Terrific service. I love the way that my necklaces look with new clasps that will make my life much easier. I am so grateful.

Review №70

What a charming little shop! And sooo many beads! My husband and I wandered in and fell in love with the amazing staff AND the dreamy assortment of BEADS! WIN WIN! With Irises help we found the perfect bead!

Review №71

Karen was very helpful and even fixed my husbands necklace! Would return for sure!

Review №72

This store rocks! Lots of great bead options. Staff is always friendly and helpful. A definite A+ and place to check out when walking downtown.

Review №73

One of my main hobbies is lampworking in my studio back home in Michigan. I travel across the United States finding locally made pendants and beads in order to support local artists. However when I came across a bead store in Melbourne I was surprised. When I walked into the store I asked the owner if she had any local lampwork pieces and beads, she proceeded to show me several baskets with low quality, of what appears to be Chinese made Cousin brand beads thrown into a basket. On top of her making claims that “everything in her store is locally made” her demeanor to my family was absolutely atrocious. She was mean and completely rude to them, even as they took part in creating necklaces to commemorate our trip to Florida.As a result I have no will, wish, nor want to visit her store again.

Review №74

If you need it for beading project, Karen and Friends has it. They are friendly and helpful. This is definitely the place to go! They are my one stop shop.

Review №75

Great place ..!!! and wife just move to Melbourne and owner was very helpful. You name she got or will have it. Thay also teach bead making.

Review №76

Spent over an hour at this store, so many cool things to look at. Very nice friendly people who own it

Review №77

Worst customer service I have ever experienced. I’ve been to this shop once before where the lady with red hair, I’m assuming “Karen” was very rude. The time previous to this experience I shrugged it off and thought she might be having a bad day. NO. Again, she was horribly rude. I mean our conversation she kept injecting “I’m not trying to offend you.” If you have to say it several times in a span of 2 minutes you should realize you’re being offensive. I set my basket full of stuff down and walked out. DO NOT GO HERE. I will steer all of my jewelry making friends away from this place.

Review №78

Absolutely love this store, I was looking for wire and Mindy was super friendly and had a great selection that she makes herself!

Review №79

This store sparkles! The assortment of beads and accessories is really delightful. Its a treat to shop in such a pretty store.

Review №80

Possibly one of the worst experiences in retail history. Absolutely no customer service when I walked in and I could tell the woman working at the front did not want to help at all. I had intentions of buying something for my girlfriend but unfortunately Karen lost my business. For being Karen and friends they were not very friendly at all. She was very short with me and had a disgusted face when I asked for any gift ideas. I am not even that bad looking I was confused why she gave me that face. If I had it my way I would give this business -1 stars but Google is forcing me to give them at least one so that I can post my review. You are welcome.

Review №81

I went to this store 3 times in 2 days very nice people I 100% recommend this store I got 4 turtle necklaces for me and my friends I love them

Review №82

Great store and fun classes. Mindy and Betty were very helpful with teaching classes. I have learned a lot about beading and making jewelry. Would highly recommend.

Review №83

The owner is an amazing person, well worth stopping in and making something cool.

Review №84

Great shop had everything I was looking for ladies were very helpful classes are really good

Review №85

Great place to buy all sorts of beads and jewelry making supplies. Prices are reasonable too!

Review №86

Very helpful and friendly. They make you feel like family the moment you walk in the door.

Review №87

While that have every bead known to man. Dont dare take your kids here. Today an employee decided it was her job to parent my son who was picking up a necklace to show me. He was trying to pick out a gift for his grandma. To say the least, I ask her not to parent my child and and told me I wasnt watching him so she needed to step in. I was so angry we left the shop immediately. I always have my kids with me. We will not be back!

Review №88

Wonderful shop and owner! Me and my girlfriend visit often

Review №89

Friendly, helpful and supportive staff with great products to offer for any crafter 😝. The owner is very knowledgeable and will sit and answer every question you could possibly have. They are my go to for any project.

Review №90

Really cool selection of things. Staff was great she even re-strung a bracelet on the spot for me to make it smaller.

Review №91

Outstanding selection, staffed by knowledgeable,friendly artisans who can make beautiful things upon request, or show you how to made them yourself... what’s not to like?

Review №92

Amazing stock, I cant even express how big this place is, they have everything! Great staff, knowledgeable, cant wait to take a class.

Review №93

Great selection, knowledgeable, friendly staff. Awesome place to find that special item!

Review №94

Karen and Friends is a well-stocked, friendly bead store. Mindy, the owner, is extremely helpful and has a wealth of knowledge about her beads, crystals and findings. Ill be back - often!

Review №95

HORRIBLE customer service.Karen, I’d really like to know how you got your “friends” with your client relation skills..needs some SERIOUS work.

Review №96

Went in and my sister bought 4 necklaces and my mom picked out a good amount of beads, the whole time i looked i didnt find anything i liked and had to listen to her complain about people only looking and not buying. Complained about kids, in general the entire time. Was very enthusiatic about her dislike of children. Glad i didnt take my little daughter. When my mom went to purchase, she only had her card and was told she had to buy more to use it. She had a 100 dollar bill and was told thats not good either. So she walked out. Wont be going back. Heres a tip, karen, dont complain about your customers and their kids. Its bad for business.

Review №97

Great place. Going to take my daughter and granddaughter back for the bead class

Review №98

Always awesome.

Review №99

This lady is SO DAMN RUDE. EVERY HALLOWEEN. Dont participate in downtown Melbourne trick or treat if you dont want kids touching a wall of beads. They are kids, of course theyre going to touch them and then to tell me that I should control my kids? Youre lucky I had kids with me and there were people around, or else you would of heard more from me than you did.

Review №100

The classes are a godsend. Ms. Iris is a very insightful teacher.

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  • Phone:+1 321-956-1191
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Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–6PM
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