Cadence Academy Preschool
8200 Macon Rd, Memphis, TN 38018, United States

Review №1

We love Cadence Academy! Mrs. Kevia in the infant room is an angel! She takes the best care of our son. Ms. Shanicka is also great. She treats our baby like he is her own! This is a great place to bring your kiddos!!!!!

Review №2

My daughter (2 years old) has been at Cadence Academy for about a month, and she has already made so many strides. Although drop offs aren’t her favorite, she quickly adjusts with her teachers. She really likes Ms. Shay - I can tell because she smiles each time she sees her photo in the hallway. My husband and I toured Cadence following multiple recommendations, and it was immediately obvious why so many parents love CAP. Their commitment to providing meaning education is shown in everything they do. We are also very pleased with the safety measures in place (door codes and ID checks).

Review №3

My daughter completed her first week at Cadence Academy and we are truly loving being apart of this welcoming family! My husband and I have peace knowing that our daughter is in great hands daily. She absolutely loves Mrs. Sabrina and all of her classmates, and has learned so much in just her first week. We are looking forward to the rest of the school year and eager to see her growth!

Review №4

UNO, DOS, TRES, CUATRO, CINCOOOOO!!! This was my son yesterday as we went over our numbers! To my surprise, he knows them in Spanish now! Kudos to Cadence!It gives me GREAT pleasure to write my review today. I am too excited! Today marks one year that my 2 year old son has been at Cadence Academy Preschool!! He has transitioned from the 1 year old class and is progressing even more. As a 27 weeker, my son shows NO signs of any developmental issues and I owe some of this credit to his teachers (Ms. Santerrica, Ms. Taryn, Ms. Marquisha and Ms. Tam)! He is growing and talking so well. Did I mention he sings all the time?! Yes, especially the days of the week song! I cant thank Cadence enough and I appreciate their office staff, Ms. Shanica and Ms. Angela! They are huge blessings and I love to keep them smiling and laughing! Most importantly, I would like to thank and give honor to the director, Ms. Lisa! She is AMAZING at what she does and I appreciate the way she follows the rules to ensure the safety of the children AND how she LOVES each child as I have witnessed this in the hallway! She is so present and makes sure every child is treated equally!I love Cadence so much that I just enrolled my newborn daughter! She is 8 weeks old and the infant class is amazing!! Her teachers, Ms. Keevia and Ms. Sherita, make sure that I am satisfied as a breastfeeding mother. They ensure that my daughter is okay every single day and have even admitted to spoiling her rotten!Lastly, I LOVE the fact that Cadence lives by the Kid Report app!! Wahoo!! I can check on both my children to see their activities and even pictures of them from time to time. I cant stress this enough... if you are looking for a great school for your kiddos, look no more... CADENCE IS THE PLACE TO BE!!! I would even venture to say that the customer experience of Cadence is the equivalence of Chic-Fil-La... they consistently care about the families and make sure we are satisfied on a daily basis! Thanks once again to Ms. Lisa and the entire staff!

Review №5

This is my daughters 2nd week and it has been a WONDERFUL experience. The transition couldnt have been better. Every morning she is ready and excited. I can see pictures of my daughter as well as see what she is doing throughout the with their app!!! Just an amazing staff and I would recommend Cadence Academy to anyone!

Review №6

Cadence Academy Preschool has been such an amazing blessing for us. The teachers and staff create a welcoming and safe learning environment for our children. They have a wonderful curriculum and my girls have learned so much from Ms. Pat and Ms. Sabrina! I thank all the supportive and administrative staff for making this school happy, healthy and fun!

Review №7

My daughter started her first week last week, and she absolutely loves it! We see her excelling already. She’s learned so many new skills, and she adores all of the staff members. I knew we made the right choice when we walked her in on her first day, and the staff immediately knew her name and were expecting her. She felt welcomed, and that made for an amazing first day. We’ve decided to have her continue on with Cadence Academy when she reaches Kindergarten. If you are anything like me, I had a touch of separation anxiety, but I have no worries when sending my daughter here. It works great with our work schedule, and she’s happy & learning something new every day. Best choice we’ve made!

Review №8

My daughter started going to Cadence March of 2020, right before the pandemic occurred. They were very quick to jump into action to ensure the safety of our children and their staff. They are all so kind and if there is any situation that occurs they communicate swiftly. My daughter loves her teacher Ms. Myeshia and I love how much she has learned and is still learning in such a short period of time.

Review №9

My son has been at Cadence academy since he was 9 weeks old. They are AMAZING! Ms Joy cares so much for my boy and I am beyond thankful for her! I have to much peace knowing that he is there and I have never questioned their care for him. I know he is always safe and loved! Everyone knows him when he walk down the halls, even teachers I have never met!The app that they use for daily updates gives me so much peace of mind. I can check it all day at work and know exactly what my boy is doing. There is nothing better than getting a happy picture in the middle of a long work day!

Review №10

Our family loves CCA! My daughters teacher, Miss Robbie, is doing a great job getting the kids ready for kindergarten. My daughters reading, writing, and math skills have skyrocketed since she started this past summer. I can tell Miss Robbie engages the students by the how excited my daughter is to go to school every day and learn more.

Review №11

I really love CCA !! The staff is remarkable and everyone is so kind and helpful. As a parent I don’t have to worry about my daughter all day because they supply you with a daily kid report with pictures included. This allows you to see your child interacting with other kids while they are at school. I’m totally impressed by the progress that my child is making. She has only been there for two months and her vocabulary has become more extensive as well as her ability to share with other kids and just enjoy being herself. My suggestion to for parents looking for a nice, nurturing, cleanly, safe, and helpful environment for your child to be in a thrive in Cordova Christian Academy is just the place. Go check it out they provide you with a tour around the school just for your comfort.

Review №12

We love CCA!! We have been here for over a year. Our kids are so well taken care of and learn so much! The teachers and staff are friendly and professional. The facility is clean, up to date, and the classrooms are each decorated with learning material for each age group. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a school/daycare.

Review №13

Cordova Christian Academy is amazing!! I love how they work with my child and they are so loving to her and the other children! Their staff is always understanding and helpful! I was so afraid of my child starting daycare for the first time, but the teachers were so positive and confident that it gave me comfort to know that my daughter will have the best care. My daughter loves her teachers, and looks forward to going to school everyday! I would highly recommend Cordova Christian Academy!

Review №14

This school has been wonderful for my preschool son and infant daughter. The hours are great for working parents. This teachers and staff are very helpful and supportive. I have been very impressed with the preschool curriculum and appreciate the digital communication throughout the day with iphone app.

Review №15

My wife and I loved the school and the set up from the very first day, and our son loves the school and his teachers, which is always a plus. Great School.

Review №16

I had my younger son in their daycare facility and my older in their after school program since 2013. I have never had any problem with them ever. Kids love the facility and the teachers. My concerns are always addressed in time and I found all the teachers friendly. It is like home for me and I am thankful to have them around for my children.

Review №17

Do not send your children here. My wife and I placed our 2 y.o. and 2 month old in this daycare in August 2019. Since then, we have endured near constant incompetence. Teachers in baby room took 3 weeks to figure out how to not spill breastmilk to make our son there a bottle. Our 2 y.o. has significant food allergies, for which we provided an epipen DIRECTLY to the Daycare Director, Lisa, who lost it (more on that later). They destroyed tupperware we sent for our 2 y.o. lunch due to his allergies because of their industrial strength microwave. They shuffled our older one between 3 rooms and the director acted as if we were stupid when asking why we had to hunt down our child and all his stuff at pick up each day. In the 8 months they were there, the 2 y.o. had about 10 different teachers because none of them stay. The director doesnt know how their own notification system works (KidReports). I called several times because one of our children would be randomly checked out in middle of the day and she stated it happens every time they move rooms (not true, since we never got notified on all the room switches for our 2 y.o.). They allowed my 2 y.o. to get yogurt (dairy is his worst allergy) all over his entire right arm and face (had he ingested it he would have died because they didnt know where the epipen was). They would not provide benadryl at our authorization because, as the director says, an MD must sign off on all OTC meds for them to give to children, including diaper rash cream! His face was swollen for 3 days. The following day, my 2 y.o. was put in a 3 month old onesie after a bowel movement and left in it all day, yet the director does not see this as incompetence. She has repeatedly ambushed my wife as well, e.g. our oldest began throwing up at school one day and we were not notified. At pick up time, she ambushes my wife near yelling, saying that we should have come to get him and he could not come the following day. Had we received any notification our son was sick, we would have picked him up early and their own policy says child must be sent home sick or have fever to be held out following day. The director is incompetent, condescending, and so defensive that she cannot make any changes! She should never be trusted with the care and well being of any children! And, corporate offices do not care, as evidenced by me complaining to them and they just forwarded my complaints to Lisa directly. Again, I say, never send your children here!

Review №18

Terrible teachers. The teachers would not let me schedule a meeting with them and it was much needed to discuss my child’s grades. I am disgusted also by the writing my child has told me about in the restrooms and the music that the other kids listen to

Review №19

My daughter has been going here for years and I absolutely love it! She is learning a lot and the teachers are great! Mrs. Nichole is the best! My daughter is excited to go to school and loves to learn. She thinks doing worksheets is a treat and comes home bragging about what she did and how many she did! The office staff us ver personable and from what I can tell knows each parent on a first name basis. I truly have nothing bad to say, theyre Great!

Review №20

Fantastic experience here. Our sons first educational and classroom experience and he loved it. Also couldnt be better prepared to start kindergarten. So glad we chose to go here.

Review №21

Wonderful place filled with wonderful people. We could not be happier! We feel blessed and thankful for all the school and staff.

Review №22

This was our first choice for our child, but due to the waiting list, we had to choose another school. When we were unexpectedly forced to find another school due to a sudden closing of our current daycare, we were blessed with an opening at Cordova Christian.The staff quickly eased our mind during this very stressful time, and worked with us in a way that far exceeded our expectations. We were very thankful for Melissa and her staff.Our child loves her teachers, and surprises us daily with what she has learned. She has a great time with the extra activities such as water slides, bounce houses, small fairs.

Review №23

We love CCA!!!! They are so helpful and welcoming!!!! I Feel so blessed for find the perfect pre K for my son.

Review №24

My daughter started CCA in July and loves going each morning. The ladies that work there are very loving and have made the transition to daycare great. The facilities are always clean, the students well mannered, and administrative side has been hassle-free.

Review №25

I enrolled my daughter here and initially, it was OKAY, despite the fact that they do not have WatchMeGrow. As far as the direct care my daughter received from Ms. Carolyn & Ms. RJ, I was very pleased. However, my daughter was transitioned to an older classroom prior to having her birthday and I wasn’t thrilled about the rush because I could not seem to meet her new teacher. I left work early one day to do so prior to the final transition. My biggest issue with this place is the loud mouthed director who obviously thinks she can talk crazy to everyone around her. I have witnessed her speaking harshly to the staff on multiple occasions (unprofessional on her end and embarrassing for her staff) which had me questioning how she handles the kids when parents are not around. Well, my final straw was when my daughter was going to be out of school until Wednesday of last week. I called on Monday and notified them of her absence and that I would pay her tuition in office, upon her arrival, per usual. By Tuesday, my daughters father had been contacted by the school about tuition and he contacted me. I immediately called the school and questioned this because in reality, my daughters father is an absentee parent & I am the sole provider, caretaker, everything for my daughter. I asked why he was contacted and why I was not, considering I’m the only face they have ever seen regarding my daughter. Here’s the problem. LISA must have mistakenly thought she was speaking with a child because she raised her voice and got very sassy with me. I immediately stated that I was removing my daughter due to this and hung up. She had the nerve and audacity to call me back in an attempt to correct me about hanging up the phone. I don’t like her, dont trust her, I truly believe She needs to be released.

Review №26

Our boys have been with CCA since they where in the infant room. We absolutely love CCA! The teachers are wonderful, caring, and really go above for all the kids. I just wish they would get more help and support from the parent company. This school could be so much more!

Review №27

I am writing this review on what is sadly our last day at CCA. These last 6 months have been nothing less than spectacular. Miss Joy and Miss Bianca and all of the staff have blessed our family more than I ever could have imagined. From the first day, Mrs. Lisa suggested that the week before I went back to work that maybe my son would come part days to help with the transition for me. BOY, that was some of the BEST advice I have ever been given. All of the infant teachers are amazing. Being able to go to work and have peace that your baby is in the best hands is the best feeling. Back in March I had to have ankle surgery. I was no weight bearing for A WHOLE MONTH. Every day that month, someone from CCA carried the car seat out to my car because I couldnt. When we go to pick him up and hes found a new trick, they couldnt wait to tell us. I am feeling sad knowing that I am going to pick him up for the last time from CCA. If changing day cares didnt mean my husband cutting 5+ hours off of his commute each week, we wouldnt have dreamed of switching. I know that CCA will always hold a place in our hearts and I would recommend them over and over and over again. They love the babies like their own. Thank you CCA for making my transition back to work so seamless. Thank you for keeping us updated all day everyday on our little man, and making us feel like we a missing out a little less. 5 stars all day every day.

Review №28

I LOVE CCA! I mean I REALLY LOVE CCA! The staff here is so nice and welcoming! They have welcomed my family into theirs from the moment we did first looks. Everyone is professional, friendly, comforting, and just all around AMAZING! I am so blessed to have CCA staff as our child’s care giver center. We wouldn’t trade them for anything!

Review №29

We changed to Cordova Christian Academy after having a bad experience with another preschool (our son, who was 3 at the time, was being labeled as disobedient and aggressive both traits that he did not ever display at home). From the moment we walked into the school, we could feel that the energy was completely different. Everyone was jovial, happy, and energetic. We had a long talk with the Director, Ms. Lisa, who really talked us through the different strategies that they use to effectively teach children and how they create a positive learning environment, while still allowing children to be children. Our son was placed with Ms. Shanade, who is truly God sent. Our son soon returned to his loving and silly personality and he had no behavior issues (I remember once walking in on him playing in the gym and Ms. Shanade told me, “mom it’s okay they are boys, and they are just playing and not hurting anyone.). He’s learned so much (and it warms my heart to see him develop a passion for learning) and has matured into this little responsible young man. It’s these types of reassurances that have made CCA feel like more than just a school, but a family. The love that they’ve showed our son means the absolute world to us, and I’m excited to have our son continue on to Pre-K this upcoming school year.

Review №30

I use to come here when I was little but then they only did preschool☹️My favorite teacher was mrs.Pam🤞🏽Thanks for all of y’all help to get me were I need to be today I’m in 5th grade know on the way to 6th☺️

Review №31

Me sis goes there and I think its a good school amd daycare, my sis Av’yanna is in the daycare

Review №32

The tuition for this school is overpriced. For the amount you pay they should at least feed the children. The teacher to student ratio is high as well. The director is a bit of a loud mouth who talks down to the staff.

Review №33

Hey I’m just move to this town which I think it beatufull and nice. I started to look for school around the area until I found Cordova Christian Acadamy I love there program my daughter has learn and loose ur self a lil they have this program that let me know how she doin in class and they take pictures of her wild she does her activists is really cool to see the progress she learn special on her English I love this school and I think every parents want the best for us children and I believe in this school the teacher r very helpful and I honestly believe in them. Thanks for helping us and the amazing job with ur children..

Review №34

First, this is by far the best daycare Ive toured and I toured MANY if not all in Cordova where I live and Hickory Hill where I work! If you just drive around youll see what I mean...I was on the waiting list for a year and it was definitely worth the wait! Hes only been there since last November (6months) and my friends advise me that he knows things their kids didnt until the age 3 and hes one.The curriculum is excellent!! He doesnt come home all dirty; they cover their shirts with large t-shirts when painting, eating, etc and they have a gym and playground. They use the gym when its cold or raining so the bigger kids still get exercise.They also have cameras which made them my first choice. The teachers seem to really care and the director is always there to help and sends me text and email pics throughout the day to show what hes doing. I could go on & on all day with the positives of this school but Id run out of room!!! I LOVE CCA!

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