Memphis Jewish Community Center
6560 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TN 38138, United States

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Great place to swim, workout etc. People are friendly and the center is well kept. Been a member for over 10 years and would not consider anywhere else.

Review №2

Great Kosher BBQ and hummus! Just inside the local Jewish Community Center.

Review №3

This is a great facility with all the amenities. I reccomend anyone wanting a family environment start your search here. OH before I forget they have the best wet areas in town, heat pool and all.

Review №4

The MJCC is my sanctuary.I find myself here multiple times a week; whether it’s practicing Yoga on Saturday, Soccer, Shooting Hoops, getting in a workout, or completing the Cycle in the Executive Workout (Steam, Sauna, Whirlpool, Shower).I always leave feeling better than when I arrived.

Review №5

Three years ago, i took my son to their swimming lesson,the coaches are so helpful and nice. but one guy annoyed me,his name is Danny, oh my God,with my bad memory i still remember his name.i suspect this guy has some issue in some way,because he keep putting one rack in the water and getting it out of water a few times within about 10 minutes. while my son was practicing swimming around in the water,he shouted :jackass,move! i was sitting a few yards away from them, so at first i could not believe my ears.a friend recommended me this place ,i did not expect anybody who work with children will speak or act like that.but i could tell the girl working at the pool who sat by the Danny guy ,she had some uncomfortable expression on her face.on the way back home ,i rethought it a lot, and was more sure that was the word he used on my i called and complained,because that was already the last lesson for my son.the person on the other end of the line listened and said he would look into it. no results,so i called again ,the girl who answered the phone gave the phone directly to the Danny guy,and of course he denied it.but it wont change the fact . i was really disappointed with this place, one guy like this is enough to ruin all the good memory,because my son really liked the coach Craig,who has moved to other places when we finished our swimming lesson.

Review №6

Very nice and fun place to go swimming and to workout. They have an inside pool and in the summer time they have an outdoor waterpark. It is very cool and I would recommend signing up and going there. I mostly just swim there with my family because the pools are great. The locker rooms are very nice and clean and fancy. The showers have soap and hot water. The 18+ locker rooms have a hot tub and a sauna room. It is very good. I love it.

Review №7

Costs a little more than the average gym and worth every dime. The best facilities and best people! I recommend the place to all my close friends. I love it!!!

Review №8

This is a loving, caring community that has something to offer the entire family.

Review №9

Is the outdoor water park open to everyone or do you have to be a member?

Review №10

I was there for a friend basketball game but the place is really nice though. And they have a mini water park...crazy.

Review №11

Linsey chase the director talks down to people due to there skin color I don’t recommend this place and she stutters a lot idk what she is saying half the time or what it’s horrible she is very passive rude I wouldn’t want my babies around these people. Just go else where I took my kid out of this school.

Review №12

LOVE this place! As a mother of 3 and my husband working nearly all day everyday I am practically a single mom.... This place has given me a way to exercise and give the kids a great day care. they always look forward to day care. Day care staff is excellent. They have told me every small booboio my 1 year old might have such as she tripped once and bit her lip. And one other occasion where she tripped and stubbed her toe. I would have never known either of these without them telling me. I appreciate their honesty! Also they are very child friendly and I am very fond of the security guard. I usually stay tuill pretty late and just shower ad dress kids for bed after swimming. The security guard is always nice enough to stand outside with my kids and stuff so I can grab the car and pick them up :) Then he is ever so nice to put all my bags into our car. The staff goes above nd beyond in my opinion!

Review №13

Do not work here. People will get you fired on purpose. One of the girls who was about to resign didn’t like me due to me being besties with one of the workers sara Barton. She didn’t like her so she got me fired by making up some assumptions. I have done 8 years childcare work all 5 star so why would I be bad in anyway. but these girls not women are gullible to fire someone for no reason I have a 5 month old are you seriously gonna to listen to a childish childless girl? The ceo is useless he seemed to laugh it off. They only care about money.

Review №14

Great place to exercise has indoor and outdoor pools.

Review №15

We visited MJCC today and it is an amazing place to have a membership...Everybody from young to elderly can enjoy it!

Review №16

I work here is a great place for family and friends to come and work out and hang

Review №17

Beautiful facility and well run, great gym

Review №18

This place has everything! The staff is friendly and keep the facility clean at all times.

Review №19

They are horrible and annoying don’t go here

Review №20

This is a great place

Review №21

Terrible experience at the cafe.

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Review №23

Terrible place, poor service. Treat you as a Type B citizen.Finding all the desire at all from working with them, the main thing that they had the audacity to ask our business for a donation.If this is how they treat their customers ... a disgrace

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4.2 Rating
  • Address:6560 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TN 38138, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 901-761-0810
  • Community center
  • Athletic field
  • Gym
  • Preschool
  • Recreation center
Working hours
  • Monday:12–6:45PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–5:45PM
  • Wednesday:5:30AM–9:45PM
  • Thursday:5:30AM–9:45PM
  • Friday:5:30AM–9:45PM
  • Saturday:5:30AM–9:45PM
  • Sunday:5:30AM–5:45PM
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
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