APSK Martial Arts Academy
3701 E Southern Ave Suite 1, Mesa, AZ 85206, United States

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2 years ago I decided it was time for my daughter to learn self defense. Having studied Kenpo, TKD and Aikido from a young age and also being a US Marine I knew what I was looking for (she won’t let me train her...yet lol). One of the bigger places nearby seemed to spend more time talking rather than training, so I passed.APSK has essentially 3 different groups and teach well to their age and level. My daughter is learning well and has advanced nicely. She’s learning not only the typical punches, blocks and kicks but gymnastic moves as well. I’m impressed watching her and some of the other kids and what they’ve learned. They have two instructors that work very well with the younger kids. She’s gained confidence and skills she can use her whole life and she has a lot more to learn from them. I recommend APSK

Review №2

I signed my grandson up here at this school after looking at so many schools in the valley. I am particular because I have taken Karate all my life. I received my black belt years ago in kenpo.I was so impressed by the instructors at this school it was the best decision I have ever made for my grandson. I recommend this school for anyone that wants to learn martial arts.My grandson , Danny, loves it and will continue on his journey with this school.Thank you to all the instructors because you continue to do a awesome job.Thank youDon Phelps

Review №3

Master Shaw has the best program in the east valley-hands down. Theres no comparison. Ive referred others to him/them with great success. Thanks Sensei Shaw for you continued contribution to martial arts and the commumity.

Review №4

The people who run this place are so nice we got a great deal for the summer camp.The boys love it they go on field trips everyday and teach them great skills. They are also patient with our son who has special needs.

Review №5

Great they really care about my kid and they can do a lot more than most Karate Places if you are new they will give you 30 days free!! And its really cheap.

Review №6

It would be impossible to count the ways that Professor Shaw and the fine instructors at APSK have impacted my family for the better. In the interest of time, I’ll just mention a few of the things I’m most grateful for. My boys began their martial arts journey 4 days after my youngest son’s 3rd birthday. My middle son had just turned 4, and oldest son 5. Now, 6 years later, karate is as much a part of their lives as air. We initially signed the boys up hoping to get them to listen better and be more active. They used to fight a lot, and it would often turn physical amongst the kids. If they weren’t fighting with each other, they were fighting with me about school, chores, dinner, anything really. Immediately after beginning karate I noticed a dramatic shift in my kids. Soon, our days were no longer filled with arguing, fighting and boredom. We had peace in our home.As they got older, I saw just how much of an advantage my kids had from participating in Karate. I love the values and self-confidence they have gained the most. It fills me with joy when they excitedly share new skills with me. I am proud that they hold to their morals, and are not afraid to stand up for what’s right. More importantly, they are proud of themselves. Professor Shaw/APSK also places great importance on discipline and respect. I see the benefits of this daily. Being respectful of teachers at school, always ready to listen and learn has no doubt contributed to their stellar grades and accelerated schooling. Their determination is unmatched by most kids their age. When the going gets tough, like with a new skill or a challenging math concept, my boys don’t give up. They buckle down and keep at it until they master it. They have the physical stamina many kids their age lack, which allows us to participate in lots of fun activities. They have the confidence I lacked as a child to reach out and make new friends. And, of course, they are well prepared to defend themselves should the need arise. After 6 years studying under Professor Shaw at APSK, these behaviors come naturally to my boys.APSK is a second home to my family. Professor Shaw and all the staff go above and beyond every single day to make sure my kids, and the other students, are as best equipped for the real world as possible. Signing my boys up for martial arts at APSK 6 years ago was without a doubt one of the decisions I am most proud of as a parent. I love all of the positive changes I have seen in my family. I absolutely recommend bringing your kids (or yourself!) in to try it out.

Review №7

GREAT With Kids, Fantastic Instruction! I put my daughter in the program last year and she is really becoming more confident. They have very caring instructors, and that are great role models for the kids. I enjoy the instruction as well, and enjoy the detailed break down of the styles techniques. APSK Martial Arts is the Best Martial Arts Gym in Mesa Arizona. The Best Karate in Mesa AZ

Review №8

APSK has given my youngest son a gift my Husband and I could not give him. APSK has given my son a sense of pride, focus, success, and self-esteem. I can honestly say if I had not made the decision for my son to attend APSK he would not be the wonderful 13 year old young man he is today. My son was on the road to frustration, and hating school. Now, that my son feels success in his life, he is paying more attention at school, is more respectful, and putting forth more effort. This excitement has even sparked my daughters interest. Now my daughter and I attend classes together. We love it, and it is a way to spend time together. (I get to exercise in a much more fun way too!) Her friends are becoming more interested as well. APSK has been the best decision we have made for our family. Thank you APSK!

Review №9

One of the best, if not, the best martial arts school out there! I have been with A.P.S.K for almost 4 years now (10/30/17). I am a 1st degree brown belt and about to test for my black belt in December. When I started at 17 I never thought I ever could do anything that these guys where doing. But Professor Shaw along with the amazing instructors they have they have change my life. They made me do thing I thought at first were impossible. Now that I have been there for so long Professor Shaw thought I could do more then just take classes. He taught me how to teach and it showed me how safely is one the most important things when teaching adults,teens,and kids. Now I am one of the instructors! We also go to many tournaments every year and won all the time! APSK is the best marital arts for anyone!

Review №10

My four year old son loves going to APSK Martial Arts Academy. He has been attending for two months and I can honestly say all the instructors are amazing with the students. They all have their personal style of teaching, which makes it the best school in the area. Love everything about this school. 😘💞

Review №11

Both my daughter and son go to APSK. They love it! Professor Shaw is amazing with the kids as the whole staff is as well. You wont find a better place for your kids for martial arts or an after school program. As their website says Way better than daycare.

Review №12

I started classes for MMA. I am in my 40s and since I started last month have lost 25lbs, never have I felt better or had more balance. I go 3 days a week and have never felt anything but welcomed by these wonderful people. I thought it would be like Yoga with some self defense lol. It’s amazing. We have all types in class, people who just had baby’s to a black belt in another discipline, you do your best that’s all you can do. Lots of encouragement to give it your all.

Review №13

Awesome workout with a great instructor.

Review №14

Amazing camp, my son had a blast and learned so much just in the 6 weeks he was there. I love the variety of activities they offer! The staff are all so kind and knowledgeable, great with the kids. He wants to continue with karate, so we will be back soon! Thank you, APSK, for a great summer! :)

Review №15

We love APSK Martial Arts Academy! My granddaughter has been in the after school program and Summer Camp for two years and we highly recommend it to others. She has learned so many different skills from karate to skating, to swimming and dancing! They attend movies, go to museums and do arts and crafts! In all of this, they learn discipline, manners and respect.

Review №16

I love this place. My son loves it here. He always wants too come. Its like a second family too us. Prof Shaw has train a great set of coaches and sensei to provide the best training and learning environment. After school program is awesome.Come check it out. Youll be glad you did.Sean

Review №17

Great summer camp!!! Excellent supervision of kids and great assortment of activities.This family takes care of my boy like their own.

Review №18

My grandson had been attending this school now for a few months. Everyone one of the students and staff have such a positive attitude. The best thing I have done for him to mold him into the man I want him to grow up to be.

Review №19

This is a blessing place for our family and our 6 year old kid! Its like his 2nd family and we love seeing him getting better after almost one year attending!

Review №20

This place has become a 2nd home and truly an extention of our family! They are amazing with kids! We are so lucky to have found this dojo!

Review №21

I have been attending this school for over 4 years now and I dont regret not 1 day of it. Apsk creates a safe place for students and adults to be able to learn how to defend themselves. Many would agree that Apsk is a home away from home. The instructors there are so eager to teach students martial arts and they are phenomenal at it. The staff focus on delivery an experience as close as they can to the outside world while, at the same time, keeping everybody safe. I highly reccomend this school for anybody.

Review №22

I attended this school on and off for nearly ten years before leaving the Mesa area. It taught me many valuable lessons, and provided a home away from home that more than likely saved my sanity at a very dark time in my life. It has an excellent family environment and provides a service that is truly priceless, especially in the modern world, as far as its programs for children are concerned.As far as the quality of what is taught here, I came away from this dojo and receieved the skills necessary to out-spar people who spent years training with the Shaolin Monks, out-grapple several US Marines, and thoroughly impress a (retired) professional fighter that competed at the world stage for more than a decade in full-contact Karate and kickboxing. If youre simply looking to learn how to cage fight or bash someones skull in, then this is not the place for you, but the foundation in both Traditional and Mixed Martial Arts that it provided to me was plenty enough to give me a baseline competency at all ranges of fighting, even if I do not truly excel at any of them (largely due to my own laziness).

Review №23

I have been studying and taking classes for about 4 years now. I have also attended their camps and I would like to say what a wonderful place APS K martial arts.And jazz family sports camps have been. I enjoy all of the instructors that are really great. I also very much enjoy the sparring classes. Being part of their camps and learning all the great things that I have learned in their dojo has helped me so much. I have gained confidence and self esteem. Learnt to speak in front of other students, and how to stand up for myself so thank you thankful for all that they have taught me

Review №24

Apsk is a family school, we have a lot of things to learn everyday while were having fun... i just had an amazing birthday party here we had neft war and a jump house for the little kids and we did dodge ball and had a dodge ball war game....i would recommend this place to my friends and famliy

Review №25

Let me make this clear...this is for the APSK location at: 210 W. Main St.Since they have no place to leave reviews, Im leaving it here since the Higley location advertises for the Main Street location. Also, this visit took place about 8 months ago.I originally called and scheduled with this Higley location who informed me I would be contacted by the Main Street location since it was closer to me. The owners wife at the Main Street location called me the next day to schedule my appointment. Before hanging up, I asked her over the phone if they required any contracts to be signed and she said, no. She gave me their pricing and I scheduled my appointment for my four year old son.When I show up to the appointment, I see her husband / instructor with a couple of boys. They were having their lessons. Then come to find out, these boys happen to be their own sons. The place was empty. I was a bit uncomfortable because the place looked run down and dirty. Their office desk and seating looked like it was picked out of the dumpster, all mismatched 60s-70s looking stuff.The wife was generally sweet and talkative...really trying to hype up the place, going on and on about how many kids really did come for lessons. I think she was embarrassed because over the phone she really talked the place up and it was nothing like I had pictured in my mind, based off what she told me over the phone. The husband / instructor was awesome with my son. I even shot video footage and was pleased they allowed me to record. As an martial arts instructor, I would give him 4 stars, just based off my one and only visit. My son really took to him. He really did seem to know what he was doing.One of the things that really bothered me was when I happened to turn around (I was watching my sons lesson and recording) to look over towards the wife, I saw her changing what looked to be like a 2 yr old girls diaper right on top of the desk! First off...the desk was filthy, second of all... anyone could have just walked in and saw her little girls private parts and third... thats where she conducts business! I even sat at that desk with her only moments before that! Just Gross and extremely unprofessional! Seriously!They also had the same little girl wandering around with a runny nose and she kept coming over to me and wanting to get into my purse. I didnt want to seem rude, so I just smiled and said, no, noooo very sweetly to her and kept moving my purse. In all honesty, I was totally grossed out with her runny nose, dirty face and her reaching into my purse.The thing that bothered me most of all was that the husband and wife were not in communication with each other at all. After my sons lesson, the husband comes up to me and proceeds to tell me they needed a contract signed for a minimum of 6 months commitment, preferably 12. On the phone, the wife told me they didnt do contracts! When he said this to me, I turned immediately to look at the wife but she didnt even dare look at me. She just kept her head down, acting like she was busy with some papers. I let him finish speaking and I politely excused myself and said, Id have to think about it and I left. I could have said something to the wife, but I didnt want to cause an argument or fight between them.They were just completely unprofessional and I felt like I had totally been lied to. I felt like it was just to get me to come in, in hopes that I would go ahead and sign a contract. The whole thing just felt shady. Needless to say, I never went back or even called.*********************************To the owner of the HIGLEY location who just messaged me asking me to remove my Review and left me no way to respond back other than by editing my post:BEFORE I posted my review, I looked up the Main Street location and their website link lead me to YOUR website. You have a video on your site which is THE SAME VIDEO I watched 8 months ago which the voice ON that video CLEARLY states, OUR OTHER LOCATION is on 210 W. Main St.

Review №26

These reviews sound good. I use to go there and I absolutely hated it. I used to get whooped with belts. forced to fight got no brakes and had to do punishment pushups for absolutely no reason (Mr. Shaw) I dont advise sending your kids there, but if you want to get hert and bruised be my guest. apsk is a horrible place. I also went for almost a year. and my brother saw Mr. Shaw at Cosco and got very very terrified.

Review №27

My family found APSK Martial Arts academy in May of 2015 and we are so glad that we did. Our son was 6 years old when he joined and he was having a hard time focusing and was super hyper and always joking around. APSK is not just about karate, they help the kids develop all around. They teach them respect, concentration, manners, self control, courage, strength, confidence, self esteem, discipline, motivation and they also strive for the students to do great at school and with their school work.They also have an after school program where they will pick up your kids from school and make sure their homework is done when they get to the dojo before the 4pm karate classes start. They also have summer camp and holiday camp where they take the kids to the movies, skateland the park etc... He has made many friends there that are great kids. He is in great shape because he works hard but is having so much FUN and looks forward to going to karate everyday. He has been there for 10 months now and is a different kid!Thank you Prof Shaw and Simo Ella and all the caring and patient instructors and coaches at APSK

Review №28

Been with APSK martial arts for 14 years now and i absolutely love it! One of the best decisions of my life

Review №29

Professor shaw was extremely cowardly when it came to parents he would always try to tell them what was best for their child. He always thought he was right and everyone else was wrong. He would constantly lie to parents. His dojo is extremely dirty they never clean the gear or mats but even worse the never stress to the children how important it is to clean you gear. I had found several bugs and roaches but I unfortunately didnt take pictures. Im giving this place a 1 star because he accused me of things I didnt do. Overall hes rude, disrespectful to kids, he even says he enjoys hitting kids and its the only job that allows it, he traumatizes younger kids by spanking their butts and yes he says that. This place is horrific please dont go your only hurting you child.

Review №30

We just moved to Mesa from Laveen and needed to find a new summer camp for our 6 year old son. We first saw an advertisement for way better than daycare on a site like LivingSocial and started researching from there. The summer camp website is informative and helps to answer a lot of questions regarding what they will be doing all day and how they keep our campers busy. There are other summer camp websites we visited for camps in Mesa and Scottsdale and this one was the top on my list. We had to see for ourselves what this place was about.We called Professor Shaw and he talked with us to answer all our questions ranging from the pricing to concerns about taking my son swimming when we werent going to be there with him. The first impression was good. We scheduled a time to go in and see the facility with our son and talk more about the program. We saw the facility and our son was even given a martial arts class for free.Our son is like any 6 year old; very energetic and rarely will admit hes tired. He has been going to this camp for 3 weeks now and there are so many positive things hes learning; Swim, skating, martial arts, Dance, gymnastics and so much more. We can definitely see a change in his muscle structure already. The registration fees are more than worth it when you actually figure out what it costs to do all the things they do within and outside of the dojo.Thanks Jaz Family Sport and Fitness!

Review №31

My child didnt attend here, however I live very close by and it generally seems busy. Its located in the same bldg as dollar general in se Higley & Bway.

Review №32

APSK Martial Arts Academy is a top notch facility in all respects. The instructors are very well trained, and care about the success of their students. You would be hard pressed to find another dojo in Arizona with such kind, dedicated staff. The head instructor oversees all activities, and is extremely knowledgable, and caring. the facility is well equipped, clean, and safe.My son has been attending APSK Martial Arts Academy, for around eight months, and he has gained mental focus, agility, toughness, stamina, and physical fitness. Most importantly, he has had the knowledge of the APSK system of martial arts imparted to him, and he continues to learn more everyday. Ive witnessed many other students at the dojo who have had the same experience as my son.Overall, I give APSK Martial Arts five stars. My son started doing karate at the age of five. He is twelve years old now. He has attended several other schools (some of them for years), and none of the previous dojos came close to offering what APSK offers. If you are looking for an elite dojo, check out APSK. You wont be disappointed.

Review №33

When you email them asking for information and they dont reply even after I called them after five days, is not good business. So either they are only catering to kids and teenagers, or they are so unorganized they cant answer my email.

Review №34

Great School, Professor Shaw is one of the BEST!

Review №35

Awesome place

Review №36

It is an excellent school of Martial Arts, they are all very kind and make us feel like family, my son, my husband and I take classes together and we are really very happy, and we have learned a lot. We really recommend the academy, thank you APSK Martial Art Academy.

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