RIKI DOJO USA Japanese Jujitsu and Kodokan Judo
535 W Iron Ave, Mesa, AZ 85210, United States

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Riki Sensei gives you the tools to succeed on and off the tatami. The skills Ive acquired over the years of attendance has taught me how to defend myself, have the competitive edge in sparring sessions, and to conduct oneself with good character and honor. Take the next step and come try a class!

Review №2

Been going for 3 years. Super friendly people and the teaching is top notch. If you are looking for an amazing judo experience this is the place

Review №3

I’m very impressed with the quality of teaching at Riki Judo. Authentic Japanese Kodokan Judo and Japanese Jujitsu at its highest level. The environment is very warm and friendly. The dojo is clean and they have amazing tatamis on top of a subfloor with high quality foam. The tatamis feel like you are on a cloud, which my middle-aged body appreciates when being thrown. Riki Sensei is extremely knowledgeable and gives a great back-story on where the technique originated, the why behind it, and how it’s applicable today.

Review №4

This is an excellent Judo Dojo. Riki sensei is extremely knowledgeable and his students are helpful and supportive. This dojo will teach technique you will not learn anywhere else in Arizona.

Review №5

Hands down the best!!!! I literally can write pages and we have only been there a very short time! My son absolutely loves it there!!! Not only is Sensi Riki the most knowledgeable I have seen in any dojo in AZ but he is kind, respectful and patient with the kids. Heqrt of gold!!! His brown belts that come early are GEMS with the kids! Being in the dojo is so peaceful. My son cant wait to go, he is learning so much in a short time. He looks foward to going back each time! Sensi teaches respect, kindness, gentleness, patience, most importantly that is it about humility and what is in your heart that matters not the very numerous trophies he has won in his life time! You will not see one! I LOVE THAT!!! This is not Cobra kai! This is definitely Miagido!!! This is the place! This is truly martial arts not the commercial mess you see everywhere! Cant recommend this place enough! Thank you to Sensi Riki and all the adults!!! Qhat role models!!!! My heart is full knowing my son has such an amazing group to learn from!

Review №6

FANTASTIC TRAINING. I have trained in 43 countries in my travels as a Scuba Instructor Course Director. Learning techniques with the correct body movements, the counter moves, and you will learn the history of how the technique came to be. WOW. The atmosphere in Riki Dojo USA is very positive. Come check out the Kids and Adult Classes. Also, look at the youtube channel: RikiDojoUSA Captain Curt Jablin

Review №7

The people there are very nice good people how take there time to help each other out and not just rush you but they take there there time To do the technique right and make sure you as will with time and. Patients is the key and being good to your Training partner And everyone around you with respect for one in other if your looking for a old school And simy Martin With people how now what there doing and a nice relaxing please with good people this is the school for those wants try and be come better how they were.

Review №8

Attending these judo classes is one of the best decisions Ive ever made. I thought judo would just be for self-defense, but its moral/philosophical underpinnings have made me into a better person. The dojo is full of great people and is as safe as it gets. All you need to start is an open mind and respectful attitude. But dont take my word for it—come and watch as many classes as you want and interview Riki sensei. You wont regret it!

Review №9

I take a Saturday Japanese Drum class from Ken Koshio at Riki Dojo. Fun experience and great workout!

Review №10

If you really want to learn judo in the broad sense, then this is the place. Sensei Riki, a 7th Dan Kodokan master, teaches you real Kodokan judo (and jujitsu) techniques, their history, principles, and proper etiquette. Unlike many so called masters, he is the real deal. He studied under top judo masters in Japan, including Kotani Sense, Abe Sensei, Draeger Sensei, and many others... His stories are amazing..especially that he was shortly in Kyozo Mifune Senseis class.The goal of Riki Sensei is to pass on the knowledge of Judo and the vision of Kano Sensei to the next generation. He is a great educator.The fees are surprisingly low and there is a great group of judoka ranging in age from 6 to 66 years. Many have started judo at age of 40+. A very supportive environment. Everyone is there to help you learn... plus you will learn some Japanese...

Review №11

From Japan, one of the best Judo instructors in the states. A lifetime of competing, knowledge, and teaching experience at some of the best Traditional Martial arts universities in the world. Sensei can explain each judo throw and where it came from back through Jujitsu hundreds of years and why it was used. This place is a must to spend a few years here on any serious martial arts journey in the valley.

Review №12

Exactly what I had been looking for. A judo dojo where tradition, structure and focus on judo as a martial art is kept in integrity. Riki Sensei carries with him a deep rooted background in Kodokan Japanese judo and is a vast source of martial arts knowledge. The more experienced students are very friendly and patient in helping new students learn. Great price, didnt have to commit to a contract and it is open 6 days a week. Also runs a great kids class and offers free Japanese dance lessons. Highly Recommend!

Review №13

Excellent instruction in Kodokan Judo & Jujitsu. Very affordable rates and family oriented atmosphere. All of my family goes here and we appreciate the privilege of studying under Riki, Sensei. Highly recommend!

Review №14

I highly recommend this dojo to anyone intrested in Japanese culture and top-notch Japanese Judo training. Riki sense Is the real deal! Straight from Japan, teaching the highest level of quality Kodokan Judo , with affordable prices. Simply the best quality Judo training in the East Valley.

Review №15

Riki Dojo is a rare find as Riki Sensei provides quality education in a friendly environment. In Arizona he is the a judo teacher who received a menkyo certification to teach judo from Japan, making him well versed and knowledgeable in traditional Japanese Judo and Jujitsu. At Riki Dojo, its not about ego or trophies, it is about learning the martial art techniques.

Review №16

Riki Sensei definitely knows what he is talking about and while training at Riki Dojo youll benefit not just from his technical experience but also his real life experience. Riki Sensei does not focus on competition but if you would like to compete you will definitely learn some great techniques that will aid you in your competitive goals. If you are looking more for a traditional approach, Riki Sensei often shares the historical and practical applications for the different techniques, something that is very difficult to find. Riki Sensei offers one week free so come by and see if Riki Dojo is a good fit for you.

Review №17

Love it here. The people are amazing and the experience and education is outstanding

Review №18

Best traditional Judo/ Jujitsu instruction. Low rates, open 6 days a week, I couldnt ask for more.

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