Farias Jiu-Jitsu
1115 N Higley Rd #104, Mesa, AZ 85205, United States

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Just started my first day + lesson here, really recommend it so far! You get a free week and they do a family deal where the 2nd person gets the monthly fee at half the cost! The instructors are very flexible with each person as well as patient. They can always answer your questions and I learned 5 new moves on my FIRST day!!

Review №2

Extremely professional and family oriented. Can’t recommend this place enough. They really look after you.

Review №3

Great place to find your tribe, bring you back to the World of the living and rocking the new You. Spotless, great instructions, family atmosphere.

Review №4

Everyone there is so friendly I recommend coming here i would give them way more stars if I could

Review №5

Moved to AZ in June and wanted to find a place to train. Carlos Farias gym is a family run business and the atmosphere there shows it. When I called for information, Carlos wife was there on the phone to answer all and any questions I had. The instruction that you receive is top notch and all the people are very welcoming. I can’t say enough how great this place really is. If you are looking for a safe and positive place to train you have to give Carlos Farias gym a shot.

Review №6

I’ve never been to a more accepting, family oriented school in my life. And as an added bonus you get to learn from the best in the world. Literally one of the top BJJ practitioners in the WORLD! This is my home away from home. Thank you Professor and Marisa for making this place so amazing.

Review №7

The owners are so friendly and welcoming. Its a really positive environment and my kids love going here! The instructors are awesome! Coach Carlos and Coach Rick are so great with kids! Actually all the coaches are amazing. My kids get access to so much support and knowledge training here. They have improved so much after coming here! Im so glad I researched and found a quality jiu jitsu gym!

Review №8

CLEAN and FRIENDLY atmosphere!! After checking out a few different places before coming here, I found this one to be the best!!Carlos and his wife Marisa are extremely friendly and take pride in keeping their gym spotless. Carlos (who is there all day, EVERYDAY) is a world class instructor AND competitor. All the other students, no matter what color belt/rank, are very friendly and helpful.If you are wanting to try BJJ out, give this place a try! You will be happy you did!!

Review №9

Couldnt ask for a better place to train Jiu Jitsu! Everyone is welcoming and helpful! You can really deal the family atmosphere.

Review №10

The reviews by Ninja and fornite beast are inaccurate and incorrect. The school did flood, however, the owners did everything they could to remedy the situation and had the school back open in a week. My kids and I have been going here since June and we all love it. The coaches are patient and kind. The amount of confidence they have instilled in my 6 year old twins is amazing. I would recommend anyone to bring their kids and themselves to try it out. Carlos and Marissa are amazing at what they do. Please do not let one disgruntled child prevent you from giving this wonderful business a chance.

Review №11

I’ve been training at Farias BJJ since August and it’s been great. Very welcoming atmosphere and great instruction from Carlos. The fellow students are very inclusive and no bad attitudes here. Highly recommend.

Review №12

Family owned and operated they treat you like family the moment you walk in.

Review №13

My mom sent my nefew into this class, it was advertised as a one week free trial. After about ten minutes the instructor informed my mom that he wasnt ready. This guy put zero effort into teaching him, he is five and it was his first try at something like this. Ill say that this is not a child friendly place, frankly they seem pretty classless about it. If the kid wasnt ready thats understandable but at least have the class to let the kid finish so he doesnt feel bad leaving. The instructor could have handled that way better. If I could give you guys a zero I would. Treat kids better

Review №14

If you wanna learn to be a humble bad-ass, come join our team! You will grow as an individual in so many ways. We are family oriented and love new students. Come out and play, you wont regret it!!

Review №15

World class training with a world class instructor. Carlos Farias has done a great job of making jiu jitsu accessible to everyone. He reviews techniques if you have questions, goes over strong fundamentals in class, and has a variety of training times throughout the day. You see his dedication when he shows up everyday to teach and train his students to be the best. Other students at his gym are very friendly.

Review №16

The best place to train BJJ in Arizona! Professor Farias is a great and knowledgeable instructor. His students are friendly and there is a positive community that trains there. If you want to feel healthier, stronger, increase your self-esteem and be able to protect yourself - come train here.

Review №17

Great gym! Very friendly and welcoming to everyone.

Review №18

I have been with Carlos for over two years now and it has been the best decision of my life! I have learned SO much coming in as a beginner, and so have my three children! We couldn’t ask for a better place to be to learn BJJ! My children beg to go see him and Ric everyday! This is a family we never knew we had, and we love everyone so much! Thanks for everything! Can’t wait to see how our skills grow in the upcoming years!

Review №19

Ive been coming here a few months and love it. Carlos has a great kids program and my daughter loves the environment, plus there are plenty of knowledgeable people here to train with. It truly is one of the best, it not the best bjj gyms Ive ever trained at, and Ive trained at quite a few in my life. Ive came to love it here and found a 2nd home, Ive been treated like family since day 1 and I dont see myself leaving anytime soon. The instruction is excellent, classes are fun and the environment is super relaxed. I would hands down recommend coming here if you wanna train bjj.

Review №20

I visited Carlos academy when visiting Phoenix (from Austin, TX) and everyone was super nice and welcoming. I got to rolled with Drew, Danny, Jeff and Carlos and they were all great rolls! I learned a lot. Highly recommend.

Review №21

I love this gym! My son has been training with Professor Carlos for over 6 years. Carlos is an amazing coach! He is very knowledgeable and I love the fact that he still competes. It is a close knit group who welcomes new comers with open arms. If you are considering trying jui-jitsu or looking for a new gym I can not recommend Carlos Farias BJJ highly enough!

Review №22

We were in town from Jacksonville Florida where my son trains at Fighting Chance with Kevin and Christi Synan. Christi recommended that we visit Carlos place in Mesa Arizona since he is affiliated with Roberto Traven while we are on vacation. Carlos and his staff are amazing. They welcomed us with open arms and made us feel right at home. Thank you so much for everything and we will definitely be back when we return to Arizona.

Review №23

I have trained in a number of different schools and styles from the east coast to...well, Mesa. I love this school. Professor Carlos is an excellent teacher and exceptionally skilled in Jiu Jitsu. I am cautious with who or where I would train (Im old enough to not heal quickly) and have been very impressed with the attitude of the higher belts who teach and reteach points I am struggling with. Fantastic workouts, great instruction and a safe environment to roll in. as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another is inscribed on the back wall of the school. I believe they live this scripture in this school.

Review №24

OMG!! This gym is amazing! I have trained here multiple times when I am in town visiting and the classes are fantastic! Highly recommended

Review №25

Great gym..Professor Carlos is a world class instructor..great with kids teaches them respect discipline and technique..he’s also a great example for the adult class students..great environment for all levels of bjj..everyone pushes each other for the better never disrespecting..only building students/fighters from the ground up..and the bond with kids..parents..and students of all a big reason why my daughter and our family joined the Farias family training gym #OSS

Review №26

I highly recommend this gym to anyone with interest in learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This is a great spot to develop no matter what background or skill level. Professor Farias has patience and an ability to motivate gym members to their full potential.

Review №27

Great family environment. Highly recommend.

Review №28

The best bjj school around. An award winning coach and the most supportive students you will find. Class act

Review №29

I took my 7 year old son to Farias BJJ because he needed to get more confidence and was extremely shy. At school kids picked on him because he was so shy and wouldnt stand up for himself. he has now been at Farias BJJ for 3 months now and LOVES it.We love watching his confidence grow daily as he competes against other kids and now at school he not only stands up for himself but he also speaks up in class and goes to the front to demonstrate. Carlos is great with the kids and has helped my son tremendously. Thanks Carlos!

Review №30

Ive been training with Carlos for 3 years. He is an extremely skilled, patient and dedicated teacher. People at Farias Jiu-Jitsu treat each other like family. It is a very inviting and non intimidating place to learn.

Review №31

Proffesional and great family atmosphere. Warm and Freindly students. I plan on coming back with my son :)

Review №32

Carlos Farais Bjj combines family training and world class competition in to one, for all types shapes and sizes, if getting in shape is what you want or to be a Champion you can find it on the same mat, come check it out bring the whole family, you wont be disappointed.

Review №33

Carlos Farias is a great instructor and a good friend to his students. He cares about making his students great jiu jitsu players, and spends a lot of time working with anyone who loves the sport as much as he does.His students are welcoming and foster the same kindness as their instructor. I was surprised how open he and his students where when I joined them for several open mat events. I train elsewhere but I would train at Carlos Farias BJJ otherwise.

Review №34

World class instructor, great teammates, friendly and welcoming environment. If you are looking to become a champion, want to learn how to defend yourself, or are just looking to get in the best shape of your life, Farias Jiu-Jitsu is the perfect place to pursue your goals.

Review №35

Carlos is an amazing instructor. He truly understands Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) at a high level. This is a great environment for adults and children, a true family oriented environment. I have been training with Carlos over 5 years and enjoy every opportunity I have to train with him. Weather your a tournament medal chaser, recreational BJJ practitioner or just looking for weight loss / fitness you will enjoy Farias BJJ.

Review №36

Carlos and Team are family oriented and are always welcoming of new and old friends and family.Carlos is an amazingly vested and passionate coach. He teaches with the intent of helping you become your best. individuals learn so much more than the Jui Jitsu discipline, you learn about team work, humility, hard work, discipline, ethics and how to become a very humble human being.I have met some of the most upstanding and kind individuals through Jui-Jitsu and the teachings of Coach Carlos. Every Student that passes through Carlos Farias school and his teachings comes out with priceless skills, an understanding of Jui Jitsu and lots of new friends.There is a welcome matt for all at Farias Jui-Jitsu!!!

Review №37

Love Farias Jiu jitsu! Great instruction and coaching and a wonderful environment for learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at its finest

Review №38

Great teacher, family-like atmosphere. Unrivaled fitness experience!

Review №39

Very nice people, clean gym, friendly instructor with excellent instruction.

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  • Address:1115 N Higley Rd #104, Mesa, AZ 85205, United States
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  • Phone:+1 480-207-7086
  • Martial arts school
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  • Physical fitness program
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Working hours
  • Monday:8:30–10:45AM
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  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
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