The Budo Shingikan School of Japanese Martial Arts
4840 E Jasmine St #104, Mesa, AZ 85205, United States

Review №1

When my son age 11 wanted to get back into Martial arts I was a bit hesitant from a previous experience from martial arts due to lack of discipline and lack of connection between instructors and kids. I called around looking for a good fit. Then I called Budo Shingikan and talked to Shannon I told her about my sons and his experience, she gave me all the information to make the right decision. I enrolled my son into class and by the second week I knew I made the right choice. Mr. Manny and Mr. Skyler are great instructors they made my son feel at home. They explain what they are teaching at a level that kids understand. They teach them discipline they teach them respect and help build their character. At Budo Shingikan students have the ability to grow and be the best they can be. I knew my son found his home at Budo Shingikan when he said to me dad I want that red gi and black belt .

Review №2

This dojo is a family. Our son has found his confidence, self control, and own sense of accomplishment as he works hard to earn his belts. Skylar and Manny are the best. They assist each child at the child’s level to help each student succeed.

Review №3

My 8 year old son had shown deep interest in karate several months ago. When we finally decided to go for it, we were on a hunt for the right studio to take him to. We came across Budo Shingikan Martial Arts School, and never looked back or decided to try anywhere else different! My son took right to it and became completely dedicated. Not too long after he joined, my 12 year old son took interest as well and joined too! The growth skills I have watched them both develop over these last few months has been outstanding! They have true passion with what they are learning! Not too long after, my husband joined and has absolutely loved it too! It has become a family love of ours, and I have loved watching all 3 of them excel together.

Review №4

My daughter has been a student here for a little over a year. For the first few months we quickly became concerned, as it appears many children advance even if they put forth less effort than those students who put in a lot of effort. After many classes my daughter would point out how some students who were more advanced than her (per their belt rank) goofed off or didnt listen to the teacher. She was a bit confused about how she should obtain a higher belt rank after seeing this. HOWEVER, the instructors also recognized her efforts, and addressed her moving up in classes so that she could continue to be challenged. She was moved into a class that was more her speed and level of serious effort, and has thrived. It was very reassuring to know the teachers recognize and reward efforts, and we are so glad they do, as this is the longest extracurricular activity that she has engaged in and loves still!PROS:- Attentive & Patient instructors- Great skills for self defense - regardless of age- Excellent physical outlet for kids- Empowers confidenceCONS:- The more your kid is into achieving black belt, the more expensive it is (this is due to the additional class offered/available to the more serious kids-so it makes sense to charge more for more classes, but still kind of expensive!).

Review №5

My son had some behavioral issues at home and in school to the point where I tried several thing to help control his defiant behavior. When I finally decided to try karate it was a game changer, first off the owners and staff are the most caring and awesome people who have experience with children like my son. We felt at home immediately, it’s been about 3 months since we started karate lessons, my son is now getting recognition in class for his good behavior and helpfulness. My only regret is that we didn’t try karate sooner! My son has learned how to respect himself as well as others, he even follows directions THE FIRST TIME I say something! I could go on for pages about how much I love and appreciate The Budo Shingikan school!!!

Review №6

We absolutely love taking our son here. Since he has started you can see him building his confidence little by little. On Saturday it was Lucass first belt test. He was upset when he learn he had to break a board. Manny saw he was having a hard time and went over to calm him down. When it was Lucas turn it took him a couple of times but when he finally broke the board the look on his face was priceless. Manny and Skylar are incredible with these kids. They work so hard to keep the kids focus and striving to be their best. Mrs. Shannon is very welcoming when you first walk in and I love how she keeps all the kids in check. There is no misbehaving kids when she is around. I just want to say thank you for everything you do for our kids.

Review №7

I knew the second I walked in that this was the right place for me. Everyone is welcoming, friendly, and eager to help you improve. The people here have become family to me, and I enjoy every second I’m in the dojo. I’ve grown so much as person since joining, and I’m just at the tip of the iceberg.If you’re looking for something more than just a place to learn how to punch, and looking for a way to help you master yourself and find purpose, this is the place for you.

Review №8

Our daughter started martial arts in the teen program at Budo Shingikan about 8 months ago. In that time she’s developed better self-confidence and is more self disciplined. She really enjoys this school and the friendships she’s made there. I would highly recommend this martial arts school. We’re so happy to have found it.

Review №9

You don’t just learn to defend your life, you learn how to live your life! This place changed my life for the better in many ways! Physical fitness, moral code, self discipline, confidence, socially, and emotionally.I am an adult student that began taking classes after months of sitting in the padded chairs watching two of my children in their classes. One on the kids jr samurai class and one in the teen/adult class I am in now.The martial art system developed here addresses both the external and internal. Mind body and spirit are all given attention in the curriculum. You don’t just learn a technique, you learn why it would be applied, where and when it comes in to play, and how to mentally prepare for times you may need it.Come for a professional knowledgeable martial arts class in a clean environment. Then dive deeper into the history and traditions of the many martial systems combined to make this unique program. Incorporate the bushido virtues into your own life to become a better person. Stay for the community and friendship… Become family.

Review №10

This dojo has been the best thing I ever introduced to my son. He has been taught how to channel his emotions. Understand life lessons that cant be taught at school. And has been able to apply them. My son has went from being that kid getting suspended... Literally to student of the quarter! This has been his outlet and his home away from home!

Review №11

I started taking classes in the teen/adult program in late 2017 as a teen and fell in love with it. My Dad is in the teen/adult program with me and my little brother is in their Junior Samurai program, and all three of us have absolutely loved it for the past 4 years.There are some fantastic teachers that do their best to work with your learning style and everyone there treats each other like family. Honestly, its been like a second home for us and we are all very excited to continue our journey.

Review №12

Everything about this place is truly great and different from others! From my short time there the staff was extremely friendly and professional, the study was hardy and very interesting. WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Helped my confidence grow and aligned my humbleness.

Review №13

I have attended this dojo for nearly three years. I am impressed with how well they have improved my knowledge and abilities as a martial artist. It is amazing to see and feel all the positive improvements I have experienced through my membership and attendance at this dojo. I cant thank them enough.

Review №14

I absolutely love this place. They are a second family. Highest integrity honor and respect. Excellent teaching training and compassion.

Review №15

Amazing! My kids have been here 4 years. The transformation the training has done for them is phenomenal. They have gained so much confidence and discipline and smile so much more. Thank you!

Review №16

Joining this Dojo has been such a positive experience. I originally joined to do a trial period with my daughter who was shy going into this and a little worried about joining alone. We were very welcomed and amazed with the positive energy in the dojo. So, after doing our trial classes, we both decided to stay and I’m so glad we did. We’ve been members of the dojo for about 7 to 8 months now and I can’t express enough the feeling of family. The classes can be hard and challenging at times but in a good way, But learning something new always is. When you start understanding things, it’s such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. I would recommend this class to anyone looking to learn some self-defense, build confidence, and just someone looking to be part of something great. I look forward to improving myself, the techniques and seeing how far I can go in this wonderful school.

Review №17

I found this dojo by online search of dojos in my area. At the time of this writing, I have been a student for 4 weeks and cannot express my praises enough for this place.The membership plan, schedule, and expectations as a student were thoroughly explained before I joined.What i really enjoy about this school is the challenge of it. Becoming proficient in defensive and offense moves, rolls, or terminology can be overwhelming at times. Though challenging, the instructors and other students have been remarkably patient, helpful, friendly, and welcoming. I feel like i always have someone wholl meticulously walk me through each step so I can learn to do everything correctly.

Review №18

Such a blessing to find a Dojo like this for my son! Not only do you get your money’s worth, your kid (or you) will learn so much in just one week! The kids get togethers once a month is something my son looks forward too as well!! 12/10 recommend!!

Review №19

My kids started at Budo Shingikan about four years ago after meeting some staff members at a school carnival. After two months of watching from the gallery, I spoke with Kaiso DAntonoli about my concerns as a 40-something with a fused lumbar and then I signed up as well. Fast-forward to now and I can tell you it was one of the best decisions I ever made, for myself and my kids. My son is in the kids program and is now prepping for his Junior Black Belt. He was always a very outgoing kid with lots of friends and hes become even more responsible and mature. He doesnt back down from hardships and he is a fierce friend that takes his relationships seriously and makes sure everyone is treated fairly. My daughter and I are in the adult program and the principles that form the foundation of Bushin Ryu, steeped in the spirit of the samurai, have literally transformed both our lives. The classes, workshops, seminars and special events are phenomenal. Im doing things I never imagined I would, or could, do; from hand-to-hand combat, swords, knives, and so much more. Ive watched my daughter transform into a true force to be reckoned with. Everything is taught from a very practical standpoint, it is effective and useful. It comes with a thousand years of martial history and tradition. Kaiso breaks things down to the “why”, both historically and modern, to augment and reinforce the “how”. The world is a dangerous place and its not getting better any time soon. Im extremely fortunate that my kids and I have the Budo Shingikan to help keep us sharp and prepared for all of lifes adventures, mentally and physically.

Review №20

I visited The Budo Shingikan Dojo in Mesa, Arizona for an evening of training and I have never been treated so respectfully at a martial arts school before. Everyone greeted me and made me feel right at home.Ive come to learn that students who act with such respect and humility is a direct reflection of their leadership. Kaiso DAntonoli is a stand up individual who has his students best interest at all times.If youre looking for a professional and safe environment to train at for yourself or your child, then this is the place. I had visited a couple of places and had full intentions of joining, unfortunately that didnt happen because I moved to North Carolina.When Im back in town I will definitely stop by again.

Review №21

A Bad business owner. .DONT Sign up . as a business owner my self, I dont write review that affect others busines. But I have to for this one! I ve had a bad experience with this place. Signed up my daughter for classes with their Gilbert location on April 8th and they closed up the end of April. 1st- They knew they were closing and still had us signed up. This is no integrity. 2nd--Bad customer service. NEVER ANSWER calls! I called many times to ask about the transition. We were told to move to the Mesa location. But never had any one pick up call or call back soon to explain the schedule. I finally decited to stop the membership. 3rd ,GREEDY business owner --When I finally get in contact with them and they sent a letter back saying need to charge 2 more month tuition even though their Mesa location doesnt work out good for my daughter(Way too far from us ).i felt very angry ,charged me 4 months but my daughter only went 2 or 3 classes. Feel bad for hard workers and teachers there. They worked hard but not worth it for the owner that only aim at the students money. They couldnt provide services but rather than being sorry and supportive instead they act like they are such a big company and carried on the contract .. keep deducting money from my card. The behavior is Totally against A true Japanese martial art culture . I do not recommend this place.

Review №22

This place is great. Staff is very friendly and very good with all ages of kids.

Review №23

There isnt enough good I can say about these amazing people. Their kindness and patience with each child is just incredible to see. My children are 7 and 8. My younger child being a target for bullying and having very nervous energy in public, my husband and I felt that self defense classes would grow him. We just didnt realize how quickly he would go from a child in a shell to a little samurai with a face filled with glow! My youngest was showing progress from the very first class! A child that would normally sit in the back, hide behind his mom, and look for any excuse to not participate was on that mat throwing kicks and blocking hits! I was astonished! I videoed the entire first class because I just could not believe it! The energy in the dojo is calm, but stern. Exactly what my boy needed! If your child is like mine, shy and sits in the back, get them into this dojo! You will NOT be disappointed. After my sons third class he came home from school and told me that his bully tried to throw him to the ground and he blocked and kicked him away! My son was BEAMING with pride! Today if you ask him if he had a good day at school he tells me, yes!, before taking him to this dojo he often wouldnt speak for a while after school or would only say, my days are all the same at school. I honestly believe the amazing staff at this dojo changed my sons future in a way I was unable to do. I will forever be thankful and my children will be in this program for as long as I can afford to bring them. Because of my lower income the owner of the dojo was more than willing to split up my payments to make it much easier to pay. They went out of their way to make it work for my family and they didnt have too. That says allot about who these people are at their core. They care about the KIDS! They know their program will help them and they are willing to help you continue to take your children even on a lower income. If you want to help your kids be more confident, calmer, happier and have the ability to keep themselves safer, then enroll them at this dojo! Your children will flourish here!

Review №24

When I was looking for a martial art to study I check into a few places and there was always something missing. Until I came to The Budo Shingikan School of Japanese Martial Art, the thing that was missing from the others was the family oriented. Every student and instructor is there to help you and achieve youre end goal both in the dojo and out. I couldnt of found a better home to learn and practice my martial art.

Review №25

My son has been coming here for 9 months now and just earned his 4th belt! I have seen so many inprovements in his attitude and self esteem since we joined. He loves his instuctors. And I love how stern they are with the kids during class so they know how to be respectful.Also I love love love the flexibility with the class times. Theres no specific scheduled times and days that we have to go. Just what and when its convenient for MY schedule.

Review №26

I started at Budo Shingikan a few months ago and I would never train Martial Arts anywhere else. I started to just get some extra exercise, and self defense skills, but I gained so much more than just that. First off, it’s a monumental hub of extremely experienced Martial Artists! If you are ready to learn, there is so much knowledge here waiting for you. Second, The whole staff is so welcoming and friendly that trying something new isn’t so scary. Lastly, the environment there is just not one you find anywhere. Everyone here is lifting each other up, encouraging you, and surrounding you in a positive environment. I would 100% suggest you check this place out if you are interested in Martial Arts!

Review №27

I made a smart move and put my son in a martial arts program when he was 7 yrs old. It had many benefits - physical activity, self discipline, organizational skills, self control, setting goals. My son has had straight As throughout his entire school career.... did martial arts help... you bet. They also reinforce being a good person and are surrounded with other good people (children and entire families) because the questionable ones change or go away. Your children are encouraged to do well in all things, to develop self confidence and grow their self esteem.... and it is fun.... and you child gets to learn some Japanese culture on top of all that. So much fun that I wanted to learn the same things so I could help my child with his lessons and the secret is that I have tons of fun doing this as well and making it a part of my life makes me a better person and a safer one. Now he is a teenager and we still do this together - how cool is that. Kids Like Martial Arts Mesa AZ School is the place you want to go- learn from the best and be part of the extended family - My family is happy we did- Yours will be too.

Review №28

Super fun! My daughter just loves this class! She is already learning to be more focused and disciplined! We put her in karate hoping it will help her be more focused at school and to give her a fun environment to interact with kids hoping it would allow her to understand when play time is. It has really seamed to work! The staff are super friendly and patient! My girl isnt the most coordinated and they have been very encouraging and supportive. It has really helped build her self confidence and even though she struggles at some things she has even volunteered to lead the group! This class has done so much for her in just the 3 weeks she has gone and we are truly enjoying watching her blossom!

Review №29

Wonderful. My son (5 years old) truly enjoyed himself in his 6 week trial. I felt the classes were very age appropriate and the instructors were super with the kids. Shout out to Mr.Manny for teaching the kids!Only thing I could say I wish they had a portion set aside for more education on the martial arts vocabulary.

Review №30

Kids Martial Arts has done wonders for my child who has only been attending for a short while. My son has become more confident , patient and self- controlled. He is improving his social skills every time he attends class and the social events. I see him trying hard and practicing at home . He looks forward to coming. I love how Kids Martial Arts has incorporated chore charts to teach him responsibility. My son is being held accountable for making sure he is wearing his proper attire. The staff is absolutely amazing and patient .

Review №31

This place is great! from the first moment you walk in the staff makes you feel welcome. The instructors really care about teaching the kids. They always make sure that the method is understood and the kids have it down. The classes are well structured and fun. The instructors also teach the kids other life lessons that really help them out in school and home. If anyone is looking for a place to get there kids martial arts training this is the place!

Review №32

We initially loved this establishment so much. The teachers were wonderful. Our experience quickly turned sour. We signed up our youngest son on the Groupon rate for 6 weeks of classes. They asked at every class he attended about enrolling as a regular student at rates that at the time we could not afford. We expressed we could not afford that at the time, and continued his classes. We signed up our oldest son for 6 weeks of trial classes for a more expensive rate. Lauren advised me a couple of days before our older son was about to start his classes (that he was really excited for) that if we aren’t going to pay for the long-term classes that she would unenroll our son and refund us so that we don’t take up room on their schedule that could be used for another child. I found this upsetting and she was unpleasant and completely un-empathetic about the situation, and stated “well we are a business”. We quickly realized it is only about money for them, and we wish we would have spent our money elsewhere. You vote with your dollars and we will be voting for a martial arts school who really values their students next time, which is not this place. Bad business.

Review №33

I started training here about three weeks ago. Ive debated attending a self defense class or martial arts program for several years. I believe especially as a single woman its incredibly important to know how to prepare and train your body and mind for any situation. I couldnt be more pleased with my decision to come here. Not only is the staff wonderful and able to guide and direct my progress but the material is so descriptive and encompasses the complete mind and body. We discuss technique but also practice important terms that are vital to our livelihood. In addition, the adult class times make it easy for me to attend, I enjoy the variation of instructors and the knowledge and experience they offer. I am very happy to train here and I hope to gain more confidence and would not only recommend it to any single woman looking to gain knowledge and confidence but any person that will overall benefit from the many advantages of training here. It is an amazing family to be apart of.

Review №34

We started out with the 6 week special and ended up signing up as members because my son loved it so much. They have a great staff and are always helpful and welcoming. The instructors are amazing with the kids! The kids get a lot of exercise, learn Martial Art forms and strikes and talk about things like patience and being humble in each class. The classes are not only to get the kids in shape, but also make sure they understand how to be good citizens and helpful members of their school and community. I highly recommend them!

Review №35

No place is for everyone - some places r more hype- for me in my journey I was looking for less hype more purity of lineage and emphasis on self- hard to find such places in a world of businesses full just trying to survive. Id be skeptical of any place if they said their special- I can assure you they are all special in their own ways.My advice to you is - if you respect your money and more importantly your time- try at least 4 locations ask a lot of questions listen to the explanations given by the different schools and openly ask them about this school then ask the students at those schools why they choose that school- once you get that trial experience and informative info from other schools- you are better informed and armed to spend your money and time.. once I did that I choose a different school.May you be at peace

Review №36

I was looking for something for both my son and my daughter to stay active out of the sun this summer, but theyre both so different. I found a trial offer and decided that I would sign them up to see if this would be something that they would equally enjoy. Got through the trial period. They wanted more. Everyone here is so welcoming, patient, and absolutely amazing with the kids. They motivate the kids like nothing Ive seen! Very nice. Very clean.Needless to say, my kids are begging to go every day they are open and have decided that this will not be just a summer hobby!

Review №37

My son was never interested in being involved in sports or other activities, but just enrolled him in Karate over a month ago and thank god I did! I didnt waste anytime getting him signed up before he changed his mind. My son is 8 years old and has trouble focusing in school and gets easily picked on because hes very sweet. As a parent, its very difficult to see your child go through this at such a young age. I thought he would lose interest after a few classes and instead he was very excited! I want to Thank the Owners Kai, Shannon and the staff for being so wonderful!! My main goal of sending my son here is to learn to defend himself and to learn to be more focused. Its a very fun, interactive and comfortable place to be for the kids to really learn valuable life lessons for now and the future. I am seeing that hes more confident, focused, and finally have something that hes grown to love to do. The instructors and staff are really amazing and cool with these kids;-) I wanted to Thank everyone at Budo Shingikan for making him feel welcome and part of the family!!!! Well see you at the next class!

Review №38

My 10 yr old grandson needed something in his life to help with focus and self-confidence. Signing him up with the Kids Martial Arts Mesa program was the best thing we could have done for him. I watched him grow, make so many new friends and become a part of a martial arts Family. Every one of the instructors has the patience it requires to keep the kids focused and the ability to teach them new things every single class. Excellent program, excellent people! And its so much fun to watch!!

Review №39

Kids Martial Arts Mesa Arizona is dedicated to helping children realize their true inner potential through the combined effort of superior martial arts training partnered with the necessary application of life skills essential to realizing personal success. Young students quickly find their inner empowerment and confidence, while learning incredibly valuable martial art and life skills from highly trained and accomplished professionals, both of which will last a lifetime.I highly encourage you to contact Kids Martial Arts Mesa and witness for yourself the transformation and personal growth that learning through this supportive yet disciplined environment can offer. There is no greater gift than to see your child become empowered. It has been said that “It takes a village” and Kids Martial Arts Mesa is that village. Their priority is to teach your children the physical and mental skills necessary to see your child thrive!Call today!~Kris CostaMindset Self-Defense Magazine

Review №40

Ive worked as a Project Manager at a large company for the last 15 years and I my job places a lot of stress on me. Im sure some of the stress is self inflicted. However, finding a way to relieve the stress is very important for me and my health. I cant tell you how many gyms, yoga studios, and personal training facilities I have been to in the last 15 years. While these outlets were helping keep me sane, I wanted to seek something a bit more challenging both physically and mentally.My husband suggested I try Martial Arts. So I found the Budo Shingikan School in Mesa, Arizona and I took advantage of their 3 class trial offer. Figured I could attend a few classes to see how I liked it.Turns out... I absolutely loved it. All I can tell you that Ive enjoyed every minute of it and I felt like family after my first class.They have experienced instructors and a positive vibe at their school. They provide a safe and organized environment for beginners, advanced levels, law enforcement, and even dabblers like myself. They are dedicated helping you accomplish your goals whether its to obtain your next rank, getting into shape or just relieving stress.Training in martial arts helps me get rid of the daily stresses and I get to learn how to defend myself in the process. What more can you ask for?

Review №41

My daughter started taking the kids classes a few months ago, and after watching and interacting with the staff, I started up with the adult classes. I have done martial arts on and off for many years. This place really makes you feel welcome, and part of a second family. The teaching atmosphere is fantastic, created by both the staff, as well as the facilities.They are encouraging and accommodating do different levels of fitness, and skill. I feel the information is presented in a good way to encourage and help retention and understanding. So far, Im having a great time at this dojo, and hope to continue here through attaining my black belt.

Review №42

So I actually just enrolled my daughter on a whim one day hoping she would like the class. Weve tried all sorts of things for her, but when she had her first class she absolutely loved it, she couldnt wait for the next class. She recently just started kindergarten and this class has helped with her focus and she is just a much happier child because of it. The staff here are so nice and welcoming, each class has students of all levels which was neat, and its not intimidating, everyone helps one another. I love that my daughter has something to look forward to.

Review №43

My 5 year old son loves attending this Dojo. The staff is amazing and treats you like family. The programs are very divers and well rounded. This is a place that every child can feel comfortable and confident. One of the things we love about the school is that they not only teach the children to only fight when absolutely their lives depends on it but they work very hard to build confidence in each child. Shannon and the other instructors that teach the childrens program really know how to help boost childrens self esteem and make them feel like they can do anything if they put their minds to it and work hard for it. My husband and I love the idea that the school is very laid back and the kids have fun, but while having fun they learn RESPECT. I wish there were more stars to give because I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a program for their child or children. This school is absolutely hands down amazing.

Review №44

I cannot say enough about the Dojo! My Children feel, and I feel like it is second Family. We have been met with welcomed arms since we first emailed for information. I am SO impressed with the customer service. The instructors are incredible as well as the front desk staff. So many different classes to choose from!!! My children love the classes and I am seeing benefits with their behavior at home too!!! highly recommended!

Review №45

I am very impressed overall! Great weekly lessons, my 3 year old daughter loves going! In just a few classes I saw an improvement in her jumping ability. Now she loves to hop! Lol. It is a great way to get her used to taking direction from a teacher, interacting in groups, and used to routine outside of home before she starts school, tumbling, dance, etc. Highly recommend! Great social media presence and parent involvement!

Review №46

My experience at the Budo Shingikan School of Japanese Martial Arts has been one filled with growth, challenge and transformation physically and mentally. What I love most about this school is not defending ones self, its the teachings of life. These days, I have come to find, martial arts schools are based upon defense, attack or recreation. I am a firm believer that martial ARTS is a form of art and like any art, you fine tune yourself to get the best outcome. All art is beautiful in its own way. So far, this school is closest to how martial arts should be taught as that I have found. We are taught to slow down, quiet the mind, be conscious of our bodies and balance. We are taught all of these not only so that the technique works effortlessly but also, to learn and use these methods outside the Dojo. I love that a short time is set aside to have teachings that challenge is and make us think about how we choose to live our daily lives. Overall, this school has taught me and helped shape me into a better version of myself. I recommend this school to all.

Review №47

My daughter has been going for only a couple weeks and she loves it! The instructors really know how to keep the kids engaged when learning a new skill. Her self confidence has been given a boost as well! I am so happy to have found something that she loves and is really interested in. I also love the fact that not only do they teach self defense, but also listening skills and life lessons. We are very excited to see her progress in the coming months.

Review №48

Over the last year Ive had the opportunity to see the wonderful effect this school has on dozens of kids and their families. I get to see it personally in the kids improvement during classes in their attitude, confidence and determination plus get to hear from all the parents about how these lessons are positively changing attitude and behavior at home. I can absolutely recommend kids martial arts mesa as one of the best choices you could ever make for your child.

Review №49

My experience has been positive. I like attending the classes. They are a good way of dealing with stress. You learn a lot and a fairly decent pace. You will be surprised how fast a class goes by. The Japanese theme makes for an interesting experience; one you may not find elsewhere in the area.The cons I have are the available times for private lessons, short trial period, and the cost of tuition. Other than that, its a good school to attend.

Review №50

#1 SCHOOL IN JAPANESE MARTIAL ARTS! GREAT SET UP, AWESOME INSTRUCTORS AND VERY CLEAN!!! Our family joined a few weeks ago and have enjoyed every minute of it. Our son is 4 and in the Tiny Tigers class. They have helped him learn to respect others and himself by giving him personal goals to reach and grow from! Grasping control concepts and leadership! HIGHLY RECOMMEND tHIS SCHOOL TO NEW AND EXPERIENCED STUDENTS!!! AFFORDABLE AS WELL...

Review №51

My daughter and grandson love coming at this place. They always have so much fun in class with other kids and their instructors. Staff are very welcoming and their class is not just about teaching techniques but values as well.You guys are awesome and we appreciate each and everyone of you. Thank you!!!

Review №52

My daughter has been coming here for a couple of months now and she absolutely loves it. She is learning self control and protective skills that help her in everyday life situations. She is also getting a really good workout several times a week which helps her to stay active and fit. The staff is also very very awesome!!

Review №53

The staff and students are incredibly friendly and welcoming. From high ranking students to the ones who just started the day before me, everyone was willing to take the time to assist me to the best of their ability. The adult program is fun, educational, and a great source of exercise. The children’s program focuses on avoiding a fight, personal growth and development, and obviously self-defense skills (should a fight be unavoidable). The kids always have fun while they’re learning. Every month they have special parties for the kids so that they can get to have fun together without having to be in class. I know the word “family” is thrown around a lot, but at The Budo Shingikan School of Japanese Martial Arts everyone genuinely cares about each other and it truly becomes another family. I could never enroll myself or my children in another martial arts school. I looked in to a number of schools before choosing this one, and I have never felt so welcome in my life. Even if we don’t have class that day, my family and I spend as much time there as we’re able.

Review №54

We have been customers of Kids Martial Arts Mesa for a little over a year now. This place is awesome! I knew nothing about martial arts prior to bringing my daughter here, but they made us feel at home and welcome from the first moment we walked in the door. If you are looking for a fun and meaningful martial arts experience for your child, this place cannot be beat!

Review №55

What a great program! My boys are young (3 & 5) so I wasnt sure what to expect but Kids Martial Arts proved to be great for all ages! All the activities were perfectly timed for the attention spans in the class and were very age appropriate. My kids loved it!

Review №56

We love this place!All the instructors are awesome and very helpful!My 10 years old son loves each class and have so much fun!Im glad I chose them and I already can see that they can make a big difference in the kids lives!

Review №57

Very friendly! My 7yo daughter Hailey had her first class here on Wednesday last week and were going back again today for her second class. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I have a feeling were going to love it here! This is our first experience with martial arts and so far is been great!

Review №58

Friendly, fun and family oriented!!!! My son has been attending this Dojo for over 3 months now and loves the teachers the other children and the environment. Though it isnt cheap I have found that no other place offers lower prices and have this type of friendly staff. It has been worth my son learning and seeing his self confidence build and the excitement and dedication he has towards his goals.

Review №59

Development and creativity is how I would describe this Dojo. Our child is always motivated to attend their class. I’m impressed with the friendly, active, and consistent environment I witnessed they created. You feel right at home. Personally, the instructors and staff show enthusiasm and empathy when you are there, a warm and comfort feeling may I add.Always promoting within their staff and always encouraging our kids to work harder and respect their values that are presented to them. Our child has many takeaways that will teach him life lessons and of course martial art skills. Since we share the same values that they teach, we just sit back and enjoy the discipline and teachings of the course.Only opportunities I can say they may need to improve are minimal. By the time I recognized them, they are already finding a way to make it better. We are pleased with the service and recommend anybody who is interested in a positive change in their children lives; this would be the place to begin.Eddie

Review №60

More than just an afternoon activity, its an life building experience. Exactly what should be expected from martial arts: defense, education and discipline for both mind and body. I have little prior experience with martial arts but Budo Shingikan embraces authentic Japanese roots which provides a comprehensive understanding of every movement. If I had one word to describe the staff I would say passionate. If you are looking for martial arts with lifestyle and authentic appreciation this is the best place to start.

Review №61

The Budo Shingikan School of Japanese Martial Arts is staffed with the best of the best. The instructors and administrators have fostered a very welcoming environment. It can be intimidating to start training in martial arts, especially for us adults who havent tried very many new things in a while, but the Budo Shingikan community is full of teachers and students who will make you feel comfortable from the get-go. I have enjoyed the seminars offered by the Budo Shingikan and appreciate the warm welcome I am given when I am able to travel from Flagstaff to train with this great group of people.

Review №62

I have been impressed with the friendly, motivating instructors! They are positive with my children, which in turn has made my kids have a happy time in class. There is also a great ratio of teachers to students. I am pleased with the physical activity my kids are getting as well as life lessons (respect, bravery, safety) and karate skills.

Review №63

This is a great dojo. The instructors are wonderful with my daughter and she is learning a lot. I really appreciate the focus on self defense, not just physically but they teach mental awareness and skills as well. My daughter lives for class and asks every day if she gets to do martial arts that day. I am not easily impressed, but they are worth every penny.

Review №64

Wow was my kid nervous to get out there. We went for like three weeks of just watching classes. It took forever for him to feel comfortable. But the instructors all were encouraging with a good balance of stern. Now he gets out there and is TOO social. With time we will find balance but I could not be more pleased with the progress my kiddo has seen so far!

Review №65

We are so truly blessed to have found Kids Martial Arts. My daughter went during buddy week with a friend and won free lessons, by the first free lesson we were hooked. I can not say enough about this dojo. My daughter has found new confidence, self esteem, and life long skills that will help her have a bright future. I have seen this shy little girl blossom into an amazing self confident young lady. She has made a commitment to strive for a black belt and has made future goals within martial arts. The staff is absolutely amazing and such a wonderful group that they have become a second family to us. Mr. Nick and Mr. Allen have helped my daughter in so many ways that I cant even began to thank them, and thats not to say that the other instructors arent as wonderful as these two. All of the instructors and staff are the most friendliest and helpful people than you could ever imagine. They welcome all with open arms and if we could give them 1000 stars it still wouldnt be enough.

Review №66

If I could give more than 5 stars I would! This is by far the most amazing experience my son and I have had. The staff here is extremely nice, helpful, and respectful. They really take the time needed to help the children learn. My son looks forward to going to his lessons. I would recommend this place to anyone.

Review №67

Signed my grandson Adyn up a few weeks ago and he just loves it signed up for another round!!! Coming from a martial arts family I know these folks really know their stuff. They are high on respect and isnt that what it is all about. They take the time and have other activities that lead to a family oriented atmosphere. After reviewing other places I really feel this is the best choice I made for the money. This is definitely worth it!!! Great for all kids of every age!!!

Review №68

My son is in his 3rd week and he absolutely loves it! The staff is extremely friendly and make it feel like you are part of a community!I am making an edit to my review... my son did love it here... but decided it wasnt for him... he wanted to do other things. When I cancelled his membership the staff was not so kind anymore. As well be careful signing your kid up because although they pressure you to sign on by the 3rd week to get a discount you will have to pay for 3 more months if your child decides they dont want to go anymore... thats A LOT of money to pay for absolutely nothing.

Review №69

Ive been practicing martial arts since i was five years old, and Ive bounced back and forth between schools for a long time. In moving from Texas to Arizona with my fiancee I wanted to find a school that really cared about their students and truly wanted them to succeed in the martial art they study. Yet in finding this school I discovered more than just another simple cookie cutter Karate Dojo, i discovered a family friendly school that taught more than just martial arts, but also life skills and a new ( or rather old) school of thought. I more than recommend this school for children and also their parents.

Review №70

I began at this school a little over a month ago.I started because i wanted to get my son involved in martial arts. After he started i immediately new i wanted to try myself.The staff here is so welcoming and encouraging i immediately felt comfortable, not to mention how awesome they are to my kid.I have always felt welcome here and cant believe how helpful the staff is and how patient they are with the onslaught of questions i have on almost a daily basis.

Review №71

I have seen such a boost in confidence with my daughter it is amazing. By far this is one of the best things I could have done for her. After her trial period I did not hesitate to sign her up. She could not be happier. I tell everyone I can about this school. Can not wait to see what the future holds for her during her journey with this school. Thank You to everyone there.

Review №72

I love the place! The instructors and peers are welcoming and friendly, making it easy to engage with others. When starting out I was timid upon entering. However, after multiple visits and lessons I had instantly warmed up to everyone. I am now fully comfortable and pleased with my progress that Ive made. I would wholly recommend signing up and, if it were possible, I would increase the amount of stars given.

Review №73

This place is amazing! The instructors are really attentive to the students training. Our son really loves it and his self esteem and self confidence grows with each class. We highly recommend this dojo.

Review №74

My son (now 10 years old) has been training here for almost two years. Sensei is excellent with children. He is very patient and wants to ensure they learn correctly and safely. If you want your child to learn a martial art in a non-competitive setting this is your school. The focus is really on learning and bringing out the best in your child.

Review №75

My three daughters are under the age of 12, they are all learning self defense and my 3 year old teaches it to her dolls. Your kids are never to young to learn. You get big smiles at the door, and a feel of friendship at the class. Highly recommended!

Review №76

This is our first experience with any type of martial arts. We couldnt be happier with the instructors and everything she has learned so far. This is a very fun and encouraging place! My daughter truly enjoys coming here!!

Review №77

Kids Mesa Martial Arts has helped us reinforce core development concepts for our daughter: strength, focus, perseverance and overcoming adversity. The community is great and invests the time in learning about you and your family vs just processing a membership. Very fortunate to have found here.

Review №78

Both my son and daughter love it there! In just 6 weeks, my kids are listening better, not interrupting, and are arguing with each other less. I love that my kids are not only learning self-defense, but are also learning life skills. And the owners are amazing!!!

Review №79

We signed up for a promotional trial and our kids were loving it. I really enjoyed going and watching the classes as well. When it came time to commit I expressed that my only concern was the my kids each play a sport one season a year and that $150/mo for karate for two months that they wouldnt be going would be a waste. They assured me that they understood and that we could take time off and not pay for the months that we werent attending classes due to other sports. That was perfect! So we committed to the sign up fee (wish was a total surprise, but we figured hey, thats the deal), and the monthly class cost. Once my younger son started football we let the dojo know and they told us that they dont suspend tuition. We tried to contact the owners for a response and after multiple tries finally connected and were told that they would never agree to suspend tuition. Immediately the whole family feel went out the window and it was a fight to try and resolve it. We ended up having to close our bank account as the only way to stop the payments from coming out.Great start --> Poor finish...on the hunt for a new dojo.

Review №80

We bought a groupon for my son to try Martial Arts. We werent sure if we would like it, but we love it! Our son has been going for 2 months now. We tried competitive sports and that just wasnt his thing, but this class has been fabulous. He has even changed at home when we ask him to do chores or get off game he immediately does it without argument. Im continually amazed at all he is learning and more than anything that he is excited to go!

Review №81

My 5 year old is very excited to show everyone what he learns at karate. He has a lot of fun and it gets him to focus (and burn off some steam!) I love the skills that children can gain here, the patience and kindness of the staff and seeing how proud my son is of himself when he learns something new.

Review №82

Martial arts is still new to me, and I am so thankful to be on this journey with this dojo, my classmates (including my husband and daughter), and the awesome teachers/staff! Everyone is friendly, encouraging and supportive. Im also constantly learning and being challenged in new ways. I truly love this place and the people inside it. Give the trial a try, I promise that you wont regret it!

Review №83

This is a great place to take your children for karate the instructors are amazing with the children. I like how they take time to focus on each child to help them learn and also giving private lessons. The front staff always say hi right when you walk in and are helpful and friendly my son will continue to grow as a martial artist at this location

Review №84

This is a wonderful studio with friendly and helpful owners and staff. My 5 year old daughter loves coming to class and would attend every day if she could. Just the right balance of fun and learning is provided. The instructors have a great way of communicating with the kids and there are always lots of instructors on the mat during class. I am so glad we found this dojo!

Review №85

We have been attending since August 2015 and could not be happier. The dedication of the staff is reflected in the students commitment to the program. Everyone is so encouraging from the time you kick off your shoes to when you leave. We truly are one Dojo family here.

Review №86

If I could give this dojo more stars, I would! My son absolutely loves his instructors and looks forward to every class. As a parent that watches the classes take place, I can see how much the instructors care about their students and how much they truly enjoy what they do. Kids Martial Arts Mesa is not only a fun environment for the kids, but it is also a great place to learn valuable skills. We consider the staff as an extension of our family. Each staff member is friendly and treats all individuals that walk through their doors with the utmost respect. My only regret is not finding out about Kids Martial Arts Mesa sooner!

Review №87

We really enjoy this program because of the dedicated staff! They are encouraging to the kids at whatever level they are at. its not just about earning the next belt its also about attitude & learning how to be a focused - kind - disciplined - respectful member of the community.

Review №88

Best Dojo in Mesa! It shows in all the staff members how much they love teaching all age groups and care for all their students like family. They provide a safe, clean, and fun environment that has enabled my 4 year old to learn discipline, respect, and structure. This is a forever home!

Review №89

My son is a student here and loves it. He was shy and timid before, but now hes coming out of his shell and is much more confident. Hes grown as a student and at home. The staff is friendly and helpful with the kids. I highly recommend this dojo.

Review №90

Our daughter Paris loves her martial arts classes, the staff is outstanding and the instructors are very knowledgeable. Our daughter is autistic but they have a wonderful manner and desire to help her learn. We highly recommend this dojo for all your martial arts needs. Friendly is an understatement about all of the staff and instructors. Thank you

Review №91

My daughter is having an Amazing Time in Karate. She is learning so much and becoming more confident every day. We are glad we have a new extended family here:)

Review №92

Couldnt be happier with the way the encourage the kids and make them strive for the best in the most positive way. Teaching the kids manners and great morals. Love it and and the people!! Highly recommend to all!

Review №93

We tried this out using their awesome trial program. We chose this dojo because the 6 week trial was a great deal,the dojo was clean and they had a lot of class times to choose from. My daughter loves it! It has been a fantastic experience and they teach respect to the kids in a fun way the kids can understand. The kids can always shoot for the Black Belt club which has been a great motivator. 3 weeks into the trial we signed on as full members. BEST DECISION EVER! My A student is even more helpful than she was before.

Review №94

We are fans of Kids Martial Arts Mesa! The facility is clean and inviting. The staff is super friendly, professional, and organized. The time on the mat is well organized, focused, and a lot of fun.

Review №95

Awesome school - Your not just a number, you are apart of the family. The environment very positive with everyone excited about helping the team achieve the current goal of the cycle for training. The instructors are very knowledgeable and answer questions with detail, you walk away from the question feeling that it has been answered.

Review №96

We look forward to our time at the dojo each week. The instructors have taken the time to notice the positives as well as the things that need to be worked on with my child. I am so glad we took the opportunity to add this to our lives, it is already making a world of difference and my son is making friends, having fun and learning wonderful life skills besides the great work out and karate!!!

Review №97

This place is amazing!! The staff is wonderful, the instructors are very knowledgeable and approachable!! I love that they also teach good habits and values not only martial arts. We are happy to be part of the dojo family!

Review №98

We love Kids Martial Arts Mesa! The location is convenient to our home and the staff has been very friendly! We cant wait to see our son grow and learn all the way up to Black Belt!

Review №99

We enrolled our daughter in November and she has loved it everyday since. The teachers are amazing they work so well with all the kids and take the time to make sure each one understands the techniques. They do such a great job teaching and making the class fun.

Review №100

Our 5 year old son has shown significant improvement in the last 3 weeks just starting the classes. Previously he has had difficulty following directions in school. This is on top of his lack of language skills. Currently as of this review my son has not had a bad day at school all week. I attribute the majority of this improvement to this wonderful academy. In spite of my sons language difficulties they tailor the training to him and also maintain the same expectations in performance as they do the other kids in the class. I am very happy and grateful to have my son attend.

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