East Mesa Karate
9303 E Baseline Rd UNIT 104, Mesa, AZ 85209, United States

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Our six-year-old daughter absolutely loves this place! They are very good at teaching karate along with life skills and discipline which they emphasize.

Review №2

The staff is wonderful. They teach not only how to protect and defend yourself. The staff also teaches when it’s ok to use Karate and how to avoid conflict by using our words 1st. They teach to think positively and are always encouraging. Words can not describe how much I appreciate everything they have done for my son. Thank you East Mesa Karate. And a special thank you to the Baker Brothers.

Review №3

I signed up my son about 7 months ago and it has been a life changing experience for him. Karate is a great activity to instill self-confidence, discipline and respect for others, all traits that are so important for kids to learn these days. We cant be happier with everything about the school- the classes and instructors are top-notch. They also hold monthly events- Kids Night Out (more like Parents Night out) and occasional sleepovers which help build social skills for the kids. My son loves them all, the last one was Nerf themed and he had so much fun. We also just threw his birthday party at the school- they have parties for 10-20 kids, and take care of everything, all you need to worry about is the cake. The kids had so much fun. Even his friends outside of karate loved it! Thanks to the owners, instructors, students and fellow parents for the wonderful environment at East Mesa Karate. There arent many places like it!

Review №4

East Mesa Karate is hands down the best karate school/small business we have come across in a long time. They care about their students and families. They make everyone feel welcome. We love what they stand for and what they are teaching to their students. 100% recommend!

Review №5

We love East Mesa Karate! It has been a wonderful experience for the kids. The instructors are great and we love the environment. Highly recommend them!

Review №6

Pretty good place. My son enjoys this class. He was struggling with depression and was very quiet. It has been about 3 months now and Ive seen a huge Improvement.All in all teachers are good. Just need to pay a little more attention to the children who are struggling

Review №7

Everyone is always so friendly and nice! The instructors are amazing with the kids no matter the class size. Our son LOVES going to karate!

Review №8

My 4 yr old had his first trail class tonight. My son has tons of energy and has a hard time following directions but the teachers were very patient and understanding. We will be returning for another trial next week. And most likely will be enrolling him in future classes.

Review №9

My kids love this place. The instructors are experienced, patient, and friendly. A+

Review №10

Placing my child at East Mesa Karate 4 months ago could easily be one of the best decisions I have made for my child.

Review №11

Love love this place! Staff is super friendly and very patient and educating with the kids. My son has truly learned and progressed from the things taught in this class!

Review №12

I love this Karate school everyone one is nice and funny, and my child loves getting to meat new kids around her age.

Review №13

Great school and amazing instructors!

Review №14

Great instructors. 4 year old granddaughter having fun.

Review №15

Amazing, amazing,amazing. All the coaches are well trained, culture is inviting,and the prices are reasonable. Not to mention how quickly they pivoted to online classes during the quarantine.

Review №16

The Bakers are all amazing with the students! Great Place

Review №17

My son and brother Chris have been attending EMK for almost 3 years. The Bakers are truly the best instructors in the valley. Every belt graduation I tell Thee Mr. Baker and Mrs. Baker thank you for bringing up the most positive, outstanding, and loving boys in the world that give all they have into training kids and adults to become all they can be and become that positive person within themselves.Baker 1, Baker 2 and cant forget Baker 3! I love all of you for what you done for Gavin. Without you my son would not be who he is today!To East Mesa Karate TEAM, YOU ROCK!If you believe in yourself to be successful and want to learn from the best? East Mesa Karate is the only place to find yourself and learn what you have to offer your future!

Review №18

A functional impass in the system limits me to a mere 5 stars. So all 5 of them are of immense size, solid gold and jewel encrusted. Our family loves all of the instructors. They promote the best aspirations of the kids and the results have been seen in school and home in our case. 👏👏 YOU ROCKEAST MESA KARATE.

Review №19

So far very nice experience.

Review №20

They are family owned and you can tell. The Bakers are AWESOME!!! They are great with kids and adults alike. They emphasize discipline and fairness. They teach great karate skills but also teach kids not to use them in the wrong manner, only in self-defense. They are definitely not training any bullies, quite the opposite. Their door is always open. Come check them out!!

Review №21

My daughter has been attending classes for over a year now and has found physical strength and an inner confidence that is priceless. She has enjoyed learning and making friends at this school. It is such a positive place for families and kids of all ages. I highly recommend this karate school. The Bakers are all great people and really care about the community they are creating.

Review №22

Very great instructors, good with all ages of kids. My son learned confidence and had a wonderful time in class

Review №23

Help train your child to be the best!

Review №24

Great instructors. Positive atmosphere. Best Karate classes around. Go meet the Baker boys, youll be glad you did.

Review №25

The Bakers have an amazing studio! My son has been coming here since he was three! They have helped him develop phenomenal leadership skills and self disipline! Would DEFINITELY recommend this karate school!!

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I enjoy the family friendly environment. I also like that they teach good ethics such as never give up, have the I can do it attitude and endurance. They push you to do one more sit up, push up i.e. They are also very positive and I enjoy being there.

Review №27

This is a family owned business & definitely feels like family. The Baker family does a fantastic job teaching leadership skills that not only work on how to educate others but also teaches respect for each other, having a positive self-image, being motived and so much more! This is a great place to be a part of & I highly recommend checking it out.

Review №28

This school is amazing. My son has grown so much with self Discipline. The staff is caring, we love it here

Review №29

Karate is so fun here especially when its in such A family friendly environment. I feel at home when I go here.

Review №30

Awesome family owned karate studio. The Bakers are the best! I would recommend this place to people of all ages.

Review №31

My daughter attends class twice a week and really looks forward to it. The instructors are all sincerely kind and patient with the kids. Theyve done a great job building a family friendly environment.

Review №32

The staff at East Mesa Karate are amazing - they are focused on the whole person, not just their ability to do martial arts. The environment is fun, motivating and inspiring!

Review №33

Awesome teachers, great facility!!

Review №34

Great studio with amazing Mentors in the Baker men ( instructors) our family was blessed to have found this Karate studio,,Highly recommend ! Go check out their free trial

Review №35

Great karate school with amazing staff! Would highly recommend this school to anyone of any age.

Review №36

It was good

Review №37

Let me elaborate on how awesome East Mesa Karate truly is. They never have less than 2 instructors present at any given time, in some cases Ive seen 4 instructors @ once. Those not directing the class walk around and provide assistance to struggling students. They seem to know everybodys names, impressive considering they have 300+ students. Instructors will even sit down beside parents or students and have casual conversation, getting to know you and your needs from the school. A casual, welcoming and sometimes funny atmosphere when you walk in, yet professional and knowledgeable when you have questions. Ive observed instructors (upon request) have a kind of private class off to the side or outside the school when that student needs more assistance after their class is over (i.e. black belt class has started but the student is a yellow belt). Despite having a casual atmosphere, instructors display excellent professionalism and are serious when trying to avoid injuries during certain takedowns. Even then they ask that we consult our current partners on how rough we can go. I had one partner who asked to go slow and gentle on account of prior back problems, and another partner who didnt mind how fast I went as long as I did the move correctly. A friendly and cooperative class makes for happy students 😁. But thats not all. Instructors are consistent in every aspect one finds important, friendly and respectful not only to students and parents but amongst themselves as well. They make what theyre teaching remarkably easy to understand, as with each instructor comes a different understanding to learn the same material. As a former student of Tae-Kwon-Do, much of the terminology is the same and what I dont know is easy to understand. To wrap up, I highly recommend any persons of any age to join East Mesa Karate if they are On a Quest to be the Best! East Mesa Rocks!

Review №38

I love this place. The instructors are so nice and work with individual kids if they are struggling versus the class.

Review №39

Great place with positive and motivating instructors.

Review №40

An amazing school with awesome instructors.

Review №41

The Best!!!

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  • Address:9303 E Baseline Rd UNIT 104, Mesa, AZ 85209, United States
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  • Phone:+1 480-986-7177
  • Karate school
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  • Monday:12–8:30PM
  • Tuesday:12–7PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–12:30PM
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  • Sunday:12–8:30PM
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
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