Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun of Az
2612 W Baseline Rd, Mesa, AZ 85202, United States

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Super great school that promotes an authentic and interpersonal family environment. I have been to many different types of schools and this is the most gem of a school I have ever encountered. Fantastic service and respect with truly a display of authenticity and practically in a great technical martial art. Wether you are a beginner for learning self defense to a martial arts enthusiast this school will have something for you!!!

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This is a great place to learn, train, and grow. Sifu Mark is a great, down-to-earth teacher that is always happy to share his knowledge and is always on the floor providing instruction and correction. He is very passionate about his students improvement and is continuously seeking feedback from them, no matter the age. For the adults, the system itself seems to have an extremely simple yet highly thought-out, effective answer to many questions of strategy in both conceptual and mechanical application. And, you can move your focus however you want, whether you simply want to improve your physical fighting skills, or also add a dimension of depth with history, philosophy, etc. etc. Theres certainly a lot there that keeps me happy and coming back for more... I have never regretted signing up. Ive been going for 3 years and my level of skill has grown a lot since then. Certainly, it all depends on how much one pushes his/herself but the atmosphere is fun/inviting/open so its difficult to not improve ;). I second a previous comment that this is one of the best decisions of my life.

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Having just returned after a few years away, I waspleasantly surprised with the new facility and staff.The facility is clean and comfortable and providesThe right atmosphere for training. Sifu Jones is always on thefloor with hands on training.Hung Fa Yi is a complete system,simple and practical ,but very detailed.They offer many seminars & workshops on the weekendsthat cover a variety of arts. The price is reasonablefor such personal training.

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They have a variety of programs to offer, Wing Chun, Martial Blade Concepts, Combatives, & a kids program.

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Alex from PhoenixWhen it comes to effective training, Hung Fa Yi is the best AZ has to offer. For the last 6 years I have visited many martial arts schools in the Phoenix area. From Karate, to Tae Kwon do, Judo, Kung Fu, etc. No school cant come close to the level of superior training that Hung Fa Yi Tempe has to offer. I have been a member for a number of years, and there is always something new to learn. The classes, are fun, geared towards reality based combat principles, and the monthly fees are pretty affordable. Overall, this is the school where you can learn self defense, get in shape, and have fun while you at it.

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Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun -- Best martial arts school in the East Valley. Sifu Mark Jones is an excellent instructor. Hes a very patient, very forgiving kung fu master. There is no doubt he knows the material and the technique to the point where he lives and breathes it. Along with Sifu Mark, you will meet Sibak Jon Sandberg and Sibak Dylan Fitzpatrick, who equally know the technique and material, and are excellent instructors in their own right.The classes are informative, practical, and flexible in scheduling. The instructors teach you the foundation of Wing Chun kung fu and build on that foundation with each class, giving the student a solid armament of tools and techniques with which to defend his/herself in any given situation. This school is perfect for any skill level, from beginner to advanced.What really stood out to me is the level of attention and detail the instructors give to each student to help him/her better their technique and fighting stance. The classmates you will meet are also very helpful, very friendly, and knowledgeable. This creates an excellent learning environment for everyone.Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun offers youth classes, as well as classes for adults. The location is also home to other martial arts instructors who teach Israeli Krav Maga, and Aikido.

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I have met wonderful people, many of whom I now call friends, through training at HFY of AZ! Time in class is punctual and focused with serious training in a friendly atmosphere. I love the physical workout and the mental stimulation. (My naturally weak upper body really improved in strength and tone!) Sifu Mark and senior students are really good about rotating students around to get the most-effective feel for a technique. As a female student, I really appreciate the respectful yet challenging sparring with the male students--I guess their training really has given them a great kinesthetic ability to know just how hard to punch or kick to make it real without injuring a partner. Im also amazed when I happen to see the kids training with Sifu Mark and also their smiling faces when they receive their hard-earned sashes after testing. Trudi

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Great form of martial arts. Not only for skill but for discipline and growth

Review №9

Ill start off saying that this is probably one of the best decisions of my life to join Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun. I had tried to apply for another Wing Chun school in Tempe, but the owner didnt reply to my emails, and he didnt bother to care if I was interested. Then when my hopes were down, I emailed Sifu Mark Jones. He replies back as soon as the next day and was very understanding of my situation. Im a smaller woman, I have had no previous experience in athletics other then track and cross country for a year, so I was relieved that he was willing to teach me Wing Chun regardless of that. Of course that was in November, and Ive been consistently going ever since! I would definitely say, this is one of the better decisions and worth the money and time I invest. HFY Wing Chun isnt just about learning moves, its about finding about who I am and using that energy to learn and move forward. The school also has weekend workshops that are extremely affordable, and the school offers multiple payment plan options that fit your financial plans. HFY Wing Chun is a system based on principles and is excellent for self defense regardless of your size, added bonus is that the teacher is determined to teach you, its a good amount of cardio, your fellow martial artist are all understanding and willing to help you, and youll figure out, if not strengthen, your self identity. I cant ask for more, so what are you waiting for?

Review №10

Our son, David, has been going to Sifu Mark for three years, and we have only good things to say about our experiences. Sifu Mark has instilled confidence, discipline and an appreciation for the martial arts in David, and provided an excellent role model through his patience, understanding and strength of character. Unlike in many martial arts academies where large classes and a lack of personal interaction can lead to a lack of connection with staff, Sifu Mark’s personal attention and focus on individual improvement is outstanding. Our son had a number of challenges related to concentration, coordination and confidence when he started at Hung Fa Yi Wing Chung of AZ, but with the help of his Kung Fu training as well as academic tutoring and other physical activities, David has made tremendous progress – to the point where we often wonder if we still have the same son! Sifu Mark has again and again proven himself to be flexible, dependable and an excellent instructor that is willing to make the extra effort to ensure that his students are given both practical fighting skills and the discipline and confidence to avoid conflict unless absolutely necessary. We recommend the Hung Fa Yi Wing Chung courses whole-heartedly to anyone seeking martial arts training for their children. Please note that Sifu Mark also provides one day workshops on specific topics like self-defense for women that are both practical and enjoyable!Doug and Diane FrostChandler, AZ

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