Ares East Mesa BJJ Academy
9115 E Baseline Rd #104, Mesa, AZ 85209, United States

Review №1

We were completely new to BJJ, which was intimidating. We are not new to learning curves but when its martial arts there is that extra little bit of hesitation. My wife and I absolutely love this team and the environment. We felt welcomed from day one onward.The warrior challenge is extremely high value, and we got more than what we paid for.A big thank you and a firm handshake to Coach Alex, Coach Chris, Deborah, Aimee, Angel, JR, and everyone else who made our experience great!We had to put our training on pause, but the 6 weeks we were able to devote were awesome.When we can get back in for training, we absolutely will.*puts feet together and bows*

Review №2

First experience with bjj. The staff is awesome. Instructors are excellent. This is for my 8 year old. He got to try 3 or 4 classes for free. And if you dont want to commit to a monthly plan you can get a punch card for 10 classes to see if your child will like it. He loves it. Wants to go every day. So we will transition to a monthly plan eventually. Lots of options to try out. Give it a chance. You wont be disappointed.

Review №3

“Give yourself 6 months - 6 months to be consistent in 1 thing.”I was introduced to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu when I was around 10 years old. Did that until my uncles and aunts moved to AZ. Fast forward to when I was 20 and moved to AZ. I trained for about half a year and decided to take a break. 4 and half years to be exact. In that long break, I gained a lot of weight.About 6 months ago, Ares East Mesa BJJ opened up. This academy was a few miles up the road so I had no excuse not to go. I walked in at the heaviest I’ve ever been. I did one full class and I’m pretty sure i was close to throwing up. BUT I showed up the next day.I definitely had days where I told myself, I wasn’t going to show up. I tried looking for excuses not to go because in my head “this jiu jitsu thing is friggin hard.” However not showing up was not easy because I was surrounded by people who encouraged me to keep going. Encouraged me to do what I am able to do during class. People who checked up on me to see how I was doing.I began to build relationships with people who encourage me, challenge me, and pushed me to be the best version of myself. As each day went by, classes got easier. I found myself doing two, sometimes three, classes a day.I was reminded of how amazing jiu jitsu could be. Not only because it’s a healthy lifestyle, but also because of the family you build. Today I am 30 pounds lighter than I was 6 months ago and currently working towards my first tournament in May 2021.If you can stay consistent for 6 months, you’re going to see changes in your life.P.S this is REVIEW #💯

Review №4

I found an ad om Facebook offering a 6 week warrior program. I was looking to get into better shape and was struggling to find the motivation to go to the gym. Decided to try this out. I am just about to finish my 6 week program and couldnt be happier. I found the motivation to go 3 times a week start eating healthier and feel great. Definitely give them a try if you need that extra push.

Review №5

I was visiting family in the area, and the folks here were kind enough to let me train with them for a few days. Great atmosphere with awesome coaches and a warm crowd. Made me want to move here just to join!

Review №6

Great coaches, and great members. I did the 6 week challenge, and jumped all in and joined. Looking for more of a family atmosphere, with coaches that care. Then consider this academy..

Review №7

Love coming here. I was looking for a new journey to start and I definitely found it! All the coaches are so helpful and encouraging. I see a ton of families that come together which I think is awesome! They’ve started adding classes during the day which is super helpful. I love their gear. They look for good quality gear to provide.Very addicting. I am looking for more times to be added so I can attend more.

Review №8

What an amazing group of people! Great instruction, clean facility and warm welcoming vibes from both staff and students. Perfect family environment to learn and get a workout.

Review №9

Rock solid folks here. Great atmosphere. Coaches are readily available to help you perfect your technique, and students with more experience are patient, helpful, and encouraging.

Review №10

My son and I started at Ares East Mesa in August and September of 2020. Neither of us had done any kind of martial arts prior to our enrollment. From day one not only were we treated as family by staff but by other members as well. Coaches are beyond knowledgeable about the sport and posses the ability to teach in ways that work for all students. In addition to quality instruction, members can also attend fitness training 5 days a week. If youre looking to change up your workout, give BJJ a shot at Ares East Mesa. Be careful though, its addictive!

Review №11

We are new to Ares East but not new to experiencing instruction from Coach Alex and Coach Chris! Both are excellent and their coaching styles complement each other very well. They are great at encouraging the kids and also good about challenging them to do better and work harder. Deborah creates a very welcoming environment the moment you walk through the door. She is genuine and communicates thoroughly. Ares East has established a very family friendly training environment and we are happy to be part of it!

Review №12

Great place to train, learn and have fun. The comaraderie is great and atmosphere is amazing.

Review №13

I recently stopped by to check out the place and train with a friend. The owners / coaches at the gym were extremely welcoming and very technical in the instruction.If you are looking for a great BJJ gym to train, this is an excellent place.

Review №14

I did their 6 week warrior challenge and loved it! I have already started to notice the technics and moves that I learned, being used everywhere! Like in shows and movies and especially in MMA fights! Im surprised that I never knew how widely used jujitsu is!! They have amazing coaches and I learn something new everytime I go!

Review №15

I’ve been contemplating joining BJJ overall for years. I starting bringing my son here and he’s fallen in love with BJJ, but I think more the atmosphere. He’s generally a very shy 6year old, especially with not going to in-person school. He looks forwarded to attending everyday.This morning I did my first class. It was so much fun. Exhausting for sure, but good pace with Coach Alex. I’m really excited to see the growth of the location. Very easy to get to and pretty much right off the freeway. Looking forward to the future!

Review №16

I was introduced to Ares East Mesa BJJ Academy thru their 6 week Warrior Challenge. I was was stuck in a rut and needed change in my life. My Son and I began this journey together. The classes were really tough at first because I needed to get back into shape, the body adapts quickly. Everyone has been so helpful and patient. Coaches Alex and Chris are encouraging on the mat while Deborah and Aimee support off the mat. Cannot say enough good things about the entire Ares team. My Son and I were both hooked after the first week, sore muscles and all. It has been 6 weeks and I feel great. I have lost over 10 lbs. of fat, gained muscle mass, stamina, and a new support system. I also found classes to be a great stress reliver. I no longer take the stress of work home with me .. . I leave it on the mat. My only regret was not joining sooner. It has been a much needed positive change in my life. Big thank you to the entire Ares East Mesa staff.

Review №17

I definitely recommend Ares East Mesa BJJ. If I could give this place more than 5 stars I would. Alex and Chris are fantastic coaches and really take the time to help and get to know their students. Everybody is super helpful and there’s nothing but positive attitudes all around. I really feel like I found my home BJJ school and wouldn’t train anywhere else! If you’ve been thinking about getting into BJJ, or just looking for an academy that will help you reach your goals then come train here!!!

Review №18

Heard about AEM through a co-worker/friend, and ended up taking my son as well as myself to try it out and see if it was something that was a good fit for either of us. We both loved and enjoyed it. We love the atmosphere of the place and how nice and welcoming everyone is. My son starts next week and couldn’t be more excited, he really enjoys making new friends and learning from coach Chris! Thank you for welcoming us to your guys family.

Review №19

I went in to learn a little about how the kids classes work, prices, and hours. They gave me great information and made it easy to get started. All the coaches are knowledgeable, friendly and overall fantastic. My youngest can be a ball of energy and coach Alex has shown great patience with teaching him. Deborah has been completely wonderful walking us through becoming about of the Ares family. If your looking for a BJJ home this is it!

Review №20

There are few gyms that are like this one. The coaches not only care about your progress on the mat, but they genuinely want the best for you off of the mat. They value each individual as an important asset to the team and not just a dollar sign. They have incredible and well rounded instruction, fit for everyone. If you are just getting interested, give them a shot. You will find a family.

Review №21

If you’ve ever considered getting involved in BJJ but you’re not sure where to start. Look no further, Ares will treat you like family. Joining BJJ can seem intimidating but these guys make you feel at home. Alex and Chris are very knowledgeable and passionate about teaching. The facility is really clean and they take great pride in keeping it that way. Mats are thoroughly sanitized and dried between sessions. Lastly, the 6 week Warrior Challenge is a great deal. You won’t find other places offering this (they’re gifting you over a month of their time and effort). Check it out, you won’t regret it!

Review №22

I took my first class tonight and everyone was really friendly and helpful. It was VERY clean and they took my temperature before letting me into the studio. If you are thinking about taking a self defense class or getting a great workout, this is the place for you. I highly recommend it and cant say enough good things about how friendly the staff and students were. Five stars from me.

Review №23

Ares East Mesa is an outstanding BJJ academy. The coaches are highly proficient not only in their execution but in their instruction of the art. The atmosphere is positive, encouraging, and family-friendly. Our entire family is very thankful to be part of AEM BJJ.

Review №24

My family and I have been training here since January. Right from the start we were welcomed like family by the staff and other members. The coaches are are completely competent and are able to teach to all ability levels. It’s great exercise and always so much fun. Kids class is a riot! We are so happy we found Ares East Mesa!!!

Review №25

Always wanted to learn BJJ but was hesitant because of my age, weight and past injuries from sports. Coach Alex breaks down each move and technique to the basic fundamentals, and ensures that all beginners have a comfortable and safe pace for learning. Everyone there is friendly and treats you like family. They follow up with you to track your progress, and also monitor each student, giving direction, encouragement and help to minimize the possibility of injury. This is an awesome place, and definitely one I would recommend to anyone at any age.

Review №26

Enjoying the struggle, Ive got little to no background in any sort of martial arts but feel like Im getting better every class. Im on my third week and my only issue is waiting for the next class. Currently going three times a week which is perfect for me because I have enough practice grasping the moves, while also keeping myself physically active.Great staff, 3 weeks to go.

Review №27

I highly recommend this new academy. My first introduction to BJJ and it has been a blast. The coaches are excellent and the Ares community quickly becomes family.I cannot think of any other place where you can work so hard and have so much fun at the same time. It will push you out of your comfort zone but in a safe and exciting way.For anyone that is considering BJJ for the first time, do yourself a favor and come here.

Review №28

I have spent 8+ years in the Marine Corps practicing in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. Since I have been here I have improved my physical strength and stamina. My son is 6 years old and looks forward to coming everyday to roll with his friends. If you are looking to improve yourself physically and mentally you need to come here.

Review №29

The staff and the coaches at Ares East Mesa are awesome! It can be intimidating walking into a new gym but not here! You are always greeted with a friendly face willing to help. They have programs for those that are just starting out on there BJJ journey as well as, classes for long time practitioners! There is a time that works for everyone! Classes first thing in the morning, midday and evening. The atmosphere is fun and inviting!

Review №30

I cannot say enough AMAZING things about the crew at Area East Mesa. The atmosphere they have created is so welcoming and inclusive. I’m incredibly out of shape (about 120 lbs over weight), not flexible or coordinated at all! Coach Chris and Alex have been wonderful with helping me with modifications and encouraging me to keep going.There is a real family vibe there too. From the coaches, the rest of team, and participants. Deborah is the best communicator. We always know what’s going on; if there is a time change or closure. I hurt my wrist in one of the practices and a coach that wasn’t even there, asked how I was feeling! Deborah even checked in with us EVERY DAY when we were sick. I feel they truly care about our progress and well being.Everyone encourages others to complete the drills. I’m slower than a turtle in peanut butter but best believe people cheer me on like I’m finishing first. Definitely not what I expected from a one on one competitive sport.We signed up for the 6 week challenge and are about half way through and we’re hooked! BJJ for life!Thank you ARES East Mesa!!

Review №31

Most fun I’ve had in a while. Very accepting to a new student that’s never trained before. Everyone here is insanely supportive. Especially Jayareee he reallymade me feel welcomed.

Review №32

The Ares Fam are awesome. They definitely have a full training system and nutrition plan to help you build to your goals and the support they offer is the best ive seen hands down.

Review №33

I’ve been training BJJ for 10+ years and I’ve been really fortunate to have found academies that I really feel part of something bigger than just somewhere I train. Ares East Mesa is definitely that place! The new location with lots of mat space - a place for family members to hang out, do homework is in the works and showers coming soon! My wife and I both train here and move it. Come train with us!!!

Review №34

They are always so happy and welcoming the minute you step foot in the door! They let my son try a couple days to make sure it was the right fit for him before signing him up. Great place, great people and everyone makes you feel like family.

Review №35

My husband just started going here and loves it! He says all coaches are super helpful and friendly. We will be signing our son and daughter up in their kids classes next month, we have only heard great things about the kids program.

Review №36

I have nothing but great things to say about this BJJ gym. I love everyone there and literally cant enough of it. The coaches are amazing and help you reach your goals whether thats competition or personal health goals. You will feel welcomed the second you walk in the doors. This place is really like a family and we all are there to get better. Come in and train! You wont regret it.

Review №37

Offered a free 5 week thing for like a dozen people. I assumed to get like before and after for advertisements or something. Wasted 30 minutes of my time and a 30 minute drive, didn’t even get to try out the class. Just did like a interview. Was told to come back another time to try out, even though the class literally just started. And I’m in my workout clothes, expecting to at least try out the class and get a work out in. On top of that they said I had to put $500 down even though they’re advising “free” 5 weeks thing with nothing about that said before hand.Building set up was displeasing and the classes they offer was pretty mediocre too. And they’re charging way more than other places I’ve been too, where they’re offering judo, muy Thai, and yoga .Just annoyed they wasted my time.

Review №38

One of the best decisions of my life, and probably one of the most challenging activities I ever pursued. Amazing coaches, No Egos, Open and accepting to all skill levels. Great activity to begin your children.

Review №39

Great gym! Family owned and they really make you feel like you’re apart of their family. Super welcoming to new people and great at communicating to their customers. My son really enjoys class here and learned a lot quickly!

Review №40

Been training here since August 2020 back at the old location. Great to see the growth of the school with new location this year.Great coaches/training/atmosphere.Would recommend to anyone looking to train in East Mesa.

Review №41

Ares BJJ Academy is a well maintained gym. Staff is super friendly and students are courteous. Good workout to start my day. I recommend this gym to anyone starting or currently practicing BJJ.

Review №42

We love Debra, Chris, and Alex!! They are all amazing. We absolutely love the vibe and atmosphere and love how everyone is like family. Right when we walked in we were welcomed with open arms and it is truly hard to find a place that is as accepting as Ares! The boys have never tried jiu jitsu before, so this is their first time, and they are enjoying every minute of it. I highly recommended checking it out if it’s something you’re interested in or wanting to do. 5 stars from all of us!

Review №43

There’s never a better time to try BJJ than right now. Stop putting it off. AEM is very generous with their 6 week Warrior Challenge. I haven’t seen other schools gift this kind of time as a trial. Give it a shot and you’ll be hooked. Alex and Chris are great coaches! They’re focused on teaching you correct technique while keeping everyone as safe as possible. Additionally everyone is extremely friendly and welcoming. You’ll meet some great people who share a common goal in honing in on the sport. I can’t say enough great things about this place. I wish I had come here sooner.

Review №44

When I started training at Ares east mesa I was extremely nervous but the Warrior challenge that they offered was extremely beneficial. I have zero experience in combat sports and the warrior challenge really helped me ease into it and all the coaches are so great at teaching and giving really positive feedback. Bjj is so exciting and fun but the people that are involved with the academy, the students and professors, are what really make this crazy journey so worth it.

Review №45

Great BJJ gym and community. The staff and coaches are very professional and family friendly. Both myself (32) and my 4 year old son started in January and we are hooked! There is also extra room for my kid to do homework or color and play while I’m rolling on the mats. Ares East Mesa rocks!

Review №46

My 16yo joined, its been a totally positive. The coaches have been great, easy to learn from, very informative and positive. Definitely 5 stars!

Review №47

This is an outstanding school of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The instructors and staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The environment is very welcoming to students regardless of experience or skill level. You couldnt ask for a better place to learn and grow.

Review №48

Ares East Mesa BJJ Academy has become like a second home, that I find myself thinking about continously when Im going about my daily routines. This place is awesome! The physical training and defense techniques Ive practiced have helped me mitigate challenges of lifelong back pain and lose 30lbs. I feel younger and stronger every day. The Coaches have created such a welcoming environment that is clean and spacious. Their instruction is detailed, youll get videos emailed each week with the technique to practice. There are plenty of time spots available each day to train, and the kids program is super fun to watch as a parent, my son has a big smile every time we go.

Review №49

Everyone at Ares East BJJ was wonderful! They are very welcoming, helpful & kind. The classes were very well organized. The instruction was very detailed & on point. The dojo was very clean & well also organized. I highly recommend this location 🥋⚔️🤙🏻 Osss

Review №50

The Ares East Mesa BJJ Academy is phenomenal! Although I am new to BJJ, these guys are very welcoming, knowledgeable, and helpful. It already feels like a family, and Ive only been going for a couple weeks! If youre looking for a place to start learning BJJ, or you already know some and are looking for a new place, look no further. Ares East Mesa BJJ Academy has it all.

Review №51

I had the opportunity to attend my husband’s promotion last month. It was such an awesome experience to watch. He really enjoys training here :)

Review №52

Ares East Mesa BJJ Academy has become a second home for me. One of the best thing about Ares is the wide variety of classes they offer. Classes are held 6 days a week, multiple times throughout the day, in order to accommodate even the busiest schedules. They offer your basic fundamentals and advanced classes (gi and no gi), however they also offer Kids and Women’s classes at Ares. The depth of knowledge amassed by the instructors at Ares is absolutely amazing. Training here is a great opportunity and advantage to anyone who desires learning about the art. From the coaches, front end staff, to the training partners, you simply cant go wrong when you decide to train here. I highly recommend the Ares Academy if you’re in the East Mesa area. Whether you are a current world champion looking to sharpen your competition skills, or someone who has long desired to begin a martial arts journey, Ares is the perfect choice to embrace and guide you. There are many academies to choose from in Arizona, and Ares is the cream of the crop. Be sure to leave your ego at the door and stop by and see for yourself!

Review №53

I would highly recommend this place. The staff is extremely nice (as well as the coaches). They make you work hard and teach you a lot of stuff.

Review №54

The academy overall is friendly and fun. The upper belts are super helpful and will walk you through the moves and help explain things. The coaches and staff are also friendly and helpful, doing what they can to help you succeed.

Review №55

I love this team and coaching staff. We are part of the greater Ares team but this school is new ish. The Morning Coach that I trained under at the Awesome Ares Arizona (Nava) school opened up this location with a his wife Amy, coach Chris and his wife Deborah. The atmosphere in this stream is that of a tight family the trans hard but takes really good care of each other. If you just want to train and be in shape you can achieve that here and if you want to compete at a high level you can do that here too. Being a part of the larger Ares Organization opens us up at to an immense wealth of knowledge and expertise. I just can’t say enough about my team, the staff and the organization as a whole. Come check us out

Review №56

I have been training with Professor Alex and Coach Chris for almost two years. I have attended the mixed levels, fundamentals, and the fit method classes. I have seen first hand that there is no judgement and no ego involved in these classes. I have learned something different from all the coaches to improve myself. More than just thought and improve my ability to defend myself. The classes here not only show you what to do but how to help you, not only in self defense but as being a good person. The energy whenever I am in class makes me want to come back again.Everyone here has a positive attitude and is willing to help. This is academy has a great family feel. I have a great time with everyone here.

Review №57

This place is awesome! Being new to the sport I felt very safe and the instructions are very detailed, challenging, and I got of help in making sure I’m doing all the moves right. Love it!

Review №58

I recently drove all the way up from Tucson to visit Ares East Mesa BJJ because I heard so many good things about this school...they were all true, and even so much more, and I had so much fun with these amazing people. It had the coolest Island vibe, great energy from every one and everyone, and a great variety of white to black belts available. In between rolls they helped me with things I was struggling with, and also brand new things I had never gotten the chance to learn...I was basically pumped full of so much info, that the 1.5 hour drive back was me processing it all, and so excited to go back and use all of it on my training partners! 🤣🤣All in all, the space is really cool with a great lobby where everyone hangs out after open mat. The jokes in there were almost better than the full comedy club I felt I would totally buy tickets for! Lol if you have a chance to visit, do it! Ill definitely be visiting again soon for one of theyre Sunday Competition team trainings! 🔥

Review №59

Awesome instructors. The gym is very clean and organized facility. The staff really cares for their team and treat people like family!

Review №60

The teaching of the coaches is incredible. Great atmosphere with great people. The training and exercises will get you in shape, lose weight, and have you going to class at least three times a week.

Review №61

Ive been thinking about studying ju jitzu for a while and was fortunate to see the add for the Warrior Challenge. Ive been here over a month and really enjoy the coaching experience Ive received from Alex and Chris. They create a positive, supportive atmosphere, and make it fun to learn. Very happy to be part of the team.

Review №62

Ares East Mesa has amazing instruction with top notch coaches and staff. They communicate extremely well and always make everyone feel welcome. They have created a very special place for people to learn the art of jiu jitsu and grow as a team. Would give them 10 stars if I could!

Review №63

BJJ is something that I have wanted to get into for a long time, and the warrior challenge gave me the opportunity to jump in and learn with nothing to lose. They have their intro classes set up for beginners, with a well planned curriculum to teach you all the fundamentals from the ground up. It is a great environment to start learning jiu jitsu in and I would 100% recommend Ares East Mesa to anyone like me who has always had the idea in the back of my to learn. Give it a try.

Review №64

If your searching to become a better version of yourself mentally and definitely physically, then you have to come check out Ares East Mesa bjj warrior challenge and test your limits. Don’t procrastinate, get up and get it!

Review №65

Ares East Mesa is truly a gem! Family oriented, the owners and coaches are friendly, welcoming, and supportive. They truly care about the well-being of their students, on the mats and off. I would recommend this academy to anyone who wants to learn jiu jitsu from the very best coaches and who is looking for a community of amazing teammates and families!

Review №66

This is an awesome place for individuals and families alike. Great atmosphere and quality instructors. Wether you’re a full time member or on a trip and looking for a place to train for the day, you’re treated like family!

Review №67

Ares East Mesa Bjj academy is amazing. They offer a wide variety of classes and teach the classes very well. I highly recommend this place.

Review №68

This place is amazing ! It teaches you good things and the coaches and staff are super friendly. I highly recommend this gym for your BJJ journey

Review №69

Fantastic atmosphere and great people. Best bjj academy Ive been to in all aspects.

Review №70

This is a top notch academy with top instruction. The owners make it more of a family than a business. Would highly recommend.

Review №71

This is the best place to sweat and train BJJ. The trainers and coaches are top notch; very professional, personal, and knowledgeable!

Review №72

I started ju jitsu because I knew I was made of more, and I would never see my true potential on my own. I found Ares East Mesa BJJ, and signed up for their 6 week challenge. Not because I want to be the next karate kid, but because I needed a challenge and motivation to get out of my comfort zone. I figured I could hang in there for 6 weeks, just to see what it was all about. What I found is beyond what I was looking for. I am completely in love with BJJ, and it is all thanks to the people at Ares East Mesa. Each week I am excited to learn something new, everyday I want to go to class. (They have so many to choose from!) The coaches are more than just coaches! They quickly become your friends because they genuinely care about your individual goals and capabilities. And if you are looking to become the next karate kid... I’m sure they can do that too! (Ask for Coach Chris)It doesn’t matter what age you are, what your goals are, or even where you’re starting from! C’mon Let’s go!!!

Review №73

I’ve been training for a few years now at various gyms. I normally don’t write reviews but felt compelled to say something in this case. Ares is a fantastic gym for BJJ! Staff is incredible, place is immaculate, instruction is clear and current, and the overall culture is unmatched. Friendly, supportive environment that also pushes individuals to improve through attention to detail by black belt coaches. I had to take a break for personal reasons but when I come back to BJJ there is no question I’ll be at Ares.

Review №74

This is an amazing place that has brought my wife my oldest daughter and myself a lifetime of friendships, defense skills, a championship mindset and some ninja skills

Review №75

Started coming here to work on myself and the people are super welcoming and super friendly. Highly recommend at least checking it out and trying it out yourself

Review №76

Awesome instructors, great people, and some of the best Jiu Jitsu in AZ. Plus, theyre part of the Ares team so youll always have somewhere to train.

Review №77

Excellent school! Beginner or advanced there is something for everyone! I enjoy every class!

Review №78

Being a novice it’s easy for things to be hard for us to learn. The coaches are skilled and are patient with you no matter your background. Also the people that come in this gym are humble and very forth coming. Provides an exceptional learning environment. You won’t feel left out.

Review №79

This is an awesome place!!! Very family friendly and they keep the communication going. I always know what’s going on. All the teachers are soooooo good!!!

Review №80

Amazing owners and coaching staff. Alex and Chris are fantastic. They take the time to get to know each of their students, and have created a welcoming and friendly academy. The academy itself is clean, a good temperature, and has adequate lighting. You will not go wrong with an Ares Academy and Ares East Mesa is another awesome Ares Academy in our valley.

Review №81

I love our BJJ gym! My kids and I all train here. Our coaches are extremely knowledgeable and supportive. The kids coaches are very good with kids.They have classes throughout the day, making it easy to fit classes into your schedule. Whether you are just starting or are further along in your Jiu-Jitsu journey they have classes for your skill level. They even host seminars led by experienced competitive black belts.Our experience has been amazing and I would highly recommend Ares East Mesa BJJ Academy to anyone looking for a Jiu Jitsu home.

Review №82

This place is awesome! I am in my 40s and have not worked out in at least a decade. I knew that starting Jiu-Jitsu would be hard, it is. However, when you are in the class the coaches (and the other students) are all so encouraging and motivating that you do not even realize how hard the class is. I cannot help but smile throughout the classes.I am proud to be a member Ares East Mesa BJJ Academy!!

Review №83

My very first day here I was hooked. Everybody is very helpful and welcoming. If you are thinking about trying bjj this is the place to go!

Review №84

AEM is not just a jiu jitsu academy, it’s a family. Everyone here genuinely cares and wants to see you improve in your game and in life. Come check us out and become apart of our family!

Review №85

Its great. A amazing community and and great instructors 10/10

Review №86

Great place for jiu jitsu. Also FIT METHOD is a must if you’re trying to get that extra cardio 💪🏽

Review №87

Ares East Mesa has been an excellent gym for our entire family. From the beginning, they have been welcoming and professional, and provided high-quality instruction. I would highly recommend this gym to anyone interested in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Review №88

This Academy is perfect if you’re looking to get into BJJ. It’s a great atmosphere where everyone is try to better themselves and help each other out. Instructors are great, very helpful and very knowledgeable.

Review №89

The people, the teaching, the class dynamic, the schedule. All toooo good. 10/10

Review №90

I NEVER write online reviews but felt compelled to do so for the team at Ares East Mesa BJJ Academy. Having limited experience in BJJ, i know it can be intimidating venturing into this sport. The team of coaches and students at AEM BJJ is welcoming, patient, and takes great care to make sure your intro to the sport is a safe, fun and positive one. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a physically and mentally challenging art, but the Warrior Introductory Program does everything to set you up for success with meal and study plans, detailed body assessment, and a personalized plan to help you progress toward specific goals. The students go out of their way to help their classmates and Ares East Mesa BJJ Academy has taken time to create a positive experience for noobs and a place that feels far more like a family than a gym. I highly recommend Ares East Mesa BJJ to anyone if you are looking for a fun and challenging alternative to the stale globo gym experience.

Review №91

Love the place great people to be around 10/10 would recommend it for anyone else.

Review №92

If youre looking to improve your life this is the place to be. The instructors are amazing and very friendly to work with. AEM is perfect for all levels of jiu jitsu skills. Most importantly this gym is a family and all are welcome to train.

Review №93

Great place to train! Outstanding staff, outstanding instructors, and great training partners. If youre looking to start Jiu Jitsu then roll on into AEM and start your journey today!!!

Review №94

I have been training BJJ for close to four years now and have had the privilege of training with the Ares East Mesa coaches from the beginning. I started training at Ares Arizona and continued with Ares East Mesa when the Ares team expanded and Ares East Mesa opened their doors last year.Quite frankly, the Ares East Mesas Warrior Challenge is something that I wish had been around when I started training. This challenge is set up so that new practitioners can easily begin to understand the basics of jiu-jitsu through a rotating course list of fundamental techniques. The coaches create a structured training environment that is built on personal accountability and check ins (like instructor sign off after class). Not to mention that people on the challenge get access to a nutrition guide and can chart their journey with a before and after InBody check in. Flipping. Jealous. Side-bar: I totally still go to these classes when I hear they are showing a technique I am not super great at or have been having a hard time executing simply because the way Coaches Chris and Alex break it down is so good.For those of you who aren’t new to training, the mixed level classes are amazing and build on a single technique throughout the week. I love this particularly because it allows me to get great reps and learn new things, but I can also actually retain the base technique over time.Outside of the jiu-jitsu classes, there is also the FitMethod program that well, Heart-Eyes, y’all. It’s a dynamic, full-body workout that really gets your heart going, burns calories, and honestly, just makes you feel good at the end. 100% exhausted, absolutely, but good. Tiffany is amazing at making sure that everyone understands the movements we will be doing and will modify absolutely anything if you have any kind of injury or restriction. Plus, it’s different every single time so I am never ever bored or annoyed that we’re working the same thing over and over.The Ares East Mesa coaches are truly invested in the success of their students and it shows in all that they do for our team from maintaining a clean and sanitized studio, to fostering personalized relationships with each and every student, and celebrating the everyday wins of life with us.The Ares East Mesa team strives to provide a great training experience that feels like you are training with family and friends.Alright, now that I’ve practically written a love-letter/press release about Ares East Mesa, you should just come out and train with me so you can understand for yourself why I love this place and this team so much.

Review №95

I am still very much new to jiujitsu. I’ve been training for a year now. But Professor Alex, Coach Chris, Koa, Tom, Aimee and Tiffany are just fantastic. The level of detailed instruction helps make things as easy as possible and fun! They are always willing to go the extra step to make sure you understand what you are learning. Then you have Deborah as you walk in the door and you will always feel welcome and that you belong! This place is more than just brick, mortar and a name. You actually feel like you are apart of the family. If you have ever thought about training and learning Brazilian Jiujitsu...take the chance and come into Ares East Mesa. You will not regret it. Come learn to choke out your friends!Go ARES!

Review №96

Visited a few gyms around the valley but by far the most friendly and welcoming of all! Couldn’t say enough good things about the academy!

Review №97

Everyone was nice and friendly from day one an easy to help you at any level!

Review №98

Great experience especially with the GREATEST TRAINING PARTNER OUT THERE!!! JAYARE!!! CHEEEEEE🤙🏽

Review №99

It’s a really welcoming place, the coaches are amazing and will help you if you have any problems, it’s a great place to learn Jiu Jitsu. Also, there is also an amazing guy named Jayar, really just makes the place that much more amazing!

Review №100

Do jiu jitsu, reading reviews will not give you the full experience. This academy has wonderful lighting, mats, changing rooms and instruction. This is the safest place you can be. Join the community.

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