Spartan Nation Combatives and Fitness
4446 E University Dr #107, Mesa, AZ 85205, United States

Review №1

Amazing and accomplished coach. Great environment. Great people.Come, find your greatness.

Review №2

Phenomenal gym! Dan Huber and his coaches are awesome. Whether you just want to get in shape, start fighting, or take your fight game to the next level, this is your place. The fitness classes are second to none. You always leave their sweaty, out of breath, and anxious for the next workout!

Review №3

I initially started to learn self defense and found myself loving all the classes. This place definitely has positive energy! Everyone is very inviting and considerate to other members. The coaches are great at explaining and giving modifications when needed.Sparten nation will definitely bring your training and all around fitness to the next level.

Review №4

Spartan Nation is the absolute BEST gym I have ever joined! This is only my second month, but already I feel like Spartan Nation is a safe space for me to learn. Ive never felt the male bias that tends to accompany most combat gyms because everyone there has been so welcoming (trainers and members alike) making this a great place to learn womens self-defense! Dan is an extremely talented coach--very technical but tirelessly positive and patient, Gabbie is super-awesome-buff and kicks my butt into shape, and Lukes easygoing personality is so encouraging! I highly recommend this gym to anyone and everyone!

Review №5

If I could give this place 10 stars, I would. I have been going to Spartan Nation for about 2 years now and can honestly say that it has changed my life. Gabby, Luke, and Dan are some of the most hardworking, honest, and caring people I have ever met. The gym is like family - trainers and trainees have fun and work hard together and you will get the best work out ever! I agree with Arielle that as a woman it is a totally welcoming and comfortable place to learn MMA and womens self defense. I feel so much more confident in myself and my ability to defend myself and the friendships that you make at the gym are for life. I recommend this place to everyone I know, and everyone I dont know. Youll love it!

Review №6

This place!!!!! There are lots of places that “provide” ways to strengthen the body, but finding a place that strengthens the mind at the same time... that is a real treasure! The environment created by the instructors/coaches, and the regulars that go to this gym, is like walking into a long awaited family reunion and the best fight scene of your favorite movie! I LOVE every minute spent there! From down on the mat to up dancing around with gloves this place ROCKS! Walking in I was impressed; walking out after training... I felt impressive.

Review №7

I signed myself, my wife and our 3 boys up at Spartan Nation. Great school. We take the grappling classes, striking classes and often workout there too. The coaches are friendly, take time to explain things and are wonderfully patient with all the kids during. Martial arts has been a great way for our boys (8, 6 and 4 years old) to build confidence and discipline. Since we singed up, my sister, her husband and their two kids have joined as well, in addition to another family who are good friend of ours. The place is great!

Review №8

Spartan is a fantastic place to train. I’m really happy I found it. I can’t say enough about the staff. They all are very approachable and knowledgeable. The atmosphere from the members cultivates a teamwork philosophy where everyone is genuinely interested in elevating each other. Whether you’re just trying to get in shape or training for an upcoming competition, both Coach Dan and Gabriella are phenomenal coaches and their ability to teach is terrific. I’ve been to several MMA gyms and what I found helpful is that they don’t just tell you what to do and have you drill it unsupervised, they’re very good at teaching the minor details which, in my opinion, are critical to learning proper technique. The most important factor in choosing a gym is having the staff as serious about your training as you are. And devoid of high pressure tactics to join or sign up for the priciest program available. Very happy with my decision.

Review №9

Spartan Nation Combatives has truly transformed my life in the last year and a half I have been there! Head Coach Dan Huber is phenominal at creating am environment that is conducive to learning and growth in a myriad of ways! If you want to elevate your mind balance your emotions and transform your physical state.. This is the place for you!ALWAYS clean and respectful!ALWAYS a place of learning and love of one another..The entire team of coaches Dan ,Jason in strength, Jaden with adolescents and Jon in rehab will always do whatever it takes to help any member in need in anything they may need a hand with!Its why they are the best little gym in Az!And Dan really is the nicest Tough Guy you will ever meet!Come! Find your greatness!!

Review №10

Extremely welcoming and positive atmosphere, I signed up with little to no prior experience with mma and immediately felt like I was part of the family. Coach Dan is very personable and knows everyone by first name, it shows that he really cares about helping everyone from the beginner all the way to the most advanced.

Review №11

Really enjoy training with Dan and grappling with the rest of the folks at Spartan Nation. Each of the coaches has a ton to offer and a great style of teaching. The other members are hard working and supportive, and it really feels like being on a team instead of just another number on the register. Ive also really enjoyed watching Coach Luke learning to read, hes really picking it up!

Review №12

Some friends that are members invited me to go to a class here (1st class is free!) and Ive been hooked since. Who knew that punching stuff was such an intense workout? The gym is clean, the coaches are great, and the members are super friendly. Everybody here from the beginners to the pros are here for one reason: to improve. Ive never felt judged or looked down upon for any reason, only welcomed and wanted. If youre looking for a place to improve your fitness, or get battle ready, youve found it.

Review №13

Spartan Nation is my safe place! Training is the absolute best. The coaches are so patient, helpful, knowledgeable and kind! I’ve never felt out of place here. I’ve been training with Dan, Luke and Gabriella for a while and they are always encouraging me to do better and they are always pushing me to achieve my goals. Spartan Nation isn’t just a gym, it’s a family!

Review №14

Spartan Nation is one of the most welcoming, family friendly, fitness centers around. Where this gym excels is that it is built around a tight community of some of the most positive and encouraging people I have ever met.What is even more awesome about this Gym is that they cater to more than one audience. Spartan Nation has Kids classes, fitness focused workouts and if you are in here at the right time you can get some real MMA and Grappling training.Coach Dan is one of the nicest human beings I have ever met, and I encourage you all to go give his gym a try. Bring your kids and your friends. We need more places that focus on community and well being in this world. If you live in Mesa you are lucky because there is one right down the street.

Review №15

I am far from a fighter but started coming to lift with them. The environment is friendly but motivating. They push me to my limits and beyond. I highly recommend to anyone whether they want to train to be a fighter or just want to be their best selves.

Review №16

Spartan Nation is the best small gym! I do one on one boxing sessions with Gabriella and she is the very best. She is patient with me and takes time to explain every move. She is very knowledgable and has a great attitude. Everyone at the gym has great attitudes and makes you feel very welcome. I would recommend them to anyone!

Review №17

I had the pleasure to train with coach Dan Huber and Gabby at Spartan Nation.Dan and Gabby have created a great inclusive environment and cator to the recreational athlete to aspiring professionals.Dan Huber is one of the most positive and respectful people I have ever had the pleasure to meeting, training with and getting to know.I highly recommend anyone interested in learning combat sports or just wanted to get in shape to try out Spartan Nation.

Review №18

My family and I train at Spartan Nation and we love it! The owners and coaches provide top notch instruction in a family friendly environment. This sport can be intimidating for women as it is commonly male dominated, but Spartan Nation makes everyone feel welcomed and ensures that all of their members and class participants receive instruction and feedback in a fun and safe environment.

Review №19

My experience was great until my son was hurt while wrestling with an opponent who had 3 years of wrestling experience and my son had 3 weeks of wrestling experience. If you dont mind your child getting hurt accidentally then by all MEANS go join this gym, but if you are like me you might want to go somewhere else.

Review №20

I drove all over mesa looking for a place that teaches actual fighting...this place does that. Instruction and live situationals. They also offer a host of cardio and lifting classes if you arent into the physicality of fighting. Awesome place, awesome people!

Review №21

Spartan Nation is a great train and stay fit. No matter if you’re just into staying fit or looking to start a fight career, this is the place to be. Amazing coaches, awesome facility and great people to train with. Spartan Nation is the best.

Review №22

You won’t find more knowledgeable or friendly trainers. They always take extra time to teach techniques or just see how your day is going. Very welcoming culture there with people to help you achieve your goals. 6 stars.

Review №23

I cannot express how amazing I feel every time I go here!!! Dan and everyone is amazing. Great workouts!I travel from Canada 🇨🇦 and I couldn’t possibly have a visit to Mesa without going to Spartan Nation! Can’t wait to go back!

Review №24

This place is awesome. Tons of specialty classes, the instructors are great, and youll get in great shape. Heavy bag Kickboxing, strength and conditioning classes, and even a range of motion class. Definitely check this place out.

Review №25

Choosing to join this gym was the best decision I’ve ever made! If you choose to do the same you won’t regret it! (Except for maybe the morning after a workout…when you’re muscles are screaming at you…) When I first started I had been working out pretty regularly and thought I was in decent shape. That thought was quickly put to shame.. During that first month I thought I would never not be sore ever again! But it was all worth it. What I love about spending time here is that you not only get an amazing workout but you also learn a skill at the same time. Working through all the classes made me realize how much I enjoyed doing sports still and gave me a new physical challenge that I hadn’t had since high school! Not only that, but this gym has such a family feel! You quickly get to know the three trainers well and start meeting your “gym family”. I’ve never smiled and laughed more during workouts, which is a feat considering I how much my muscles were dying! The trainers become like siblings, just those siblings that make you work hard, correct your technique, tease you and somehow through all of that make you feel so much more confident about yourself! On a more personal note, before coming to this gym, I felt completely defenseless. As a five foot tall woman (who is not very strong) I thought I would be helpless to ever defend myself against an attacker or rapist. The trainers quickly taught me that was not the case! While the gym was still young and classes were smaller, my roommate and I were occasionally the only ones in the evening attending Dan’s MMA/grappling class. His first few classes with just us were focused on self-defense, which also happened to coordinate with the first basic submissions taught. Dan taught us how to react, drop, and attack a much larger person if we were left with no other options. I left his classes so empowered! For the first time I felt I would have control in a bad situation and not only get away but possibly come out on top. Working with Gabby I’ve learned how correct technique and leverage can make you much stronger than you think you are! And how I should never take it easy on myself just because I’m a woman. Working with each of the trainers though boxing, kickboxing and grappling, I have become stronger, happier, more confident and more empowered than I’ve ever been. Try it out and you might become another lifelong customer!

Review №26

Ive been working out here for the last month and have really enjoyed it. Luke and Gabby are great coaches and I look forward to every work out they create.

Review №27

My family loves Spartan Nation. Great environment where they really help to learn and progress how you want to.

Review №28

I have trained at Spartan Nation for two years for MMA and could not have been more blessed to find a team of trainers that have taken such an ivestment in my development as a fighter, as well as a person. It is always a challenge to train with either Gabbie, Luke, or Dan because they push you past any limitations you thought you might have. They are honest, kind, and all around badass. If you want change and a hardcore look into your Grit, then Spartan Nation is the place for you.

Review №29

The coaching staff is great and helps people with all different levels of ability and from different backrounds. It is a really nice facility with weights, bags and sparring equitment. I really love this gym!

Review №30

Amazing coaches, amazing facilities and equipment

Review №31

Worst attitude of the instructors. If you aren’t up to there standards they don’t invest the time!!!

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