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Pretty good and effective product, but the ABSOLUTE WORST customer service I have ever dealt with. For what its worth, I too work in customer service and was blown away at time it took to get a response, their unwillingness to deal with me over the phone instead of email and their lack of desire to correct an issue. 100% would not recommend. I have had just as good or better experiences with other online music schools and have had much more helpful and pleasant experiences with customer service at the Taco Bell in the hood than with ArtistWorks.

Review №2

I have been taking acoustic guitar lessons by Bryan Sutton on ArtistWorks for about a year now. This method of learning has been perfect for me. The videos are extremely well crafted, the instructor is professional and knowledgeable, and it’s been so convenient for me to learn at my own pace. I’m learning what the method books couldn’t teach me. I can finally see myself improving. I highly recommend music lessons from ArtistWorks! This is an investment that is well worth your time and money.

Review №3

I’ve had a great time learning banjo with Tony Trischka here on the site. The videos are professional and new lessons are constantly being added to the course. This is the best way to learn just about any instrument! Way better than any book! I reccomend Artistworks all the time and plan to keep doing so!

Review №4

Like many guitarists, Ive tried all kinds of lessons, books and sites to keep improving. And like a lot of folks, I eventually hit a plateau that I couldnt seem to break through. ArtistWorks changed all that for me: until I tried it, I didnt really understand the motivational power of getting pointers directly from a pro. Through the video exchange, your mentor can see your technique in depth and understand the obstacles for you to overcome to get to the next level. And they tell you and show you exactly what to do in a personalized way. I dont think any other type of lesson can be this powerful. I recommend it to everyone I meet!

Review №5

Ive been a member of the Tony Trischka school for bluegrass banjo for 18 months and have recently joined the Mike Marshall school for mandolin. Im a huge fan of ArtistWorks and use it extensively, in addition to in person lessons for banjo. The depth of lessons and other materials is amazing, including cross-over lessons from some of their other instructors for other instruments on topics like improvisation and ear training. The key to all of this is the student video exchanges; the ability to watch others play the tune I am trying to learn, see the instructor provide feedback and unique variations and then be able to get that some feedback for my own, with a very personally crafted video from the instructor. I continue to find new benefits as I browse through the content, and it just keeps getting stronger.

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Keith Wyatt is a Awesome teacher ..i wish i would have found ArtistWorks video exchange learning system when i first began to learn guitar ..Keith Wyatt is one of the best communicators..Keith Wyatts blues school is great .. I also took there blues certification course which has had some flaws as i could not access some of the test materials .that are Now functional .And i have learned Alot in the Blues Cert course. But for some reason customer service is a JOKE! it has been a roller coaster ride with the Blues certification coarse.It took me over 30 Days i had to open a dispute with my credit card service to get them to respond and fix the problems with the coarse. But now they are being (passive aggressive) by flunking me..i cant get customer service to respond as to let me see the test results as they have flunked me twice..i wrote down the test on the first round ..I went back and studied the questions they gave me and answered with Kieth Wyatts transcripts and answers with Kieth Wyatts own words and still cannot pass the test...EVEN With all of the correct answers to the test i could not pass ,, kind of a joke.I dont Get it ? what is there problem?? they take all the fun out of learning and playing Guitar .. i am retired and just trying to have fun..they have made a business for me to spend my money and time which i want to do..but its like going to the Amusement park only to find the ride you wanted to ride is not working you wait a month for them to fix the ride and then get kicked out of the park because you complained and made them fix the ride .the cost for me to ride the 12 week certification coarse $250 along with $275 for a one year membership and they dont care about there customers ..thank you ArtistWorks

Review №7

They have a renewal process that is as deceptive as it is asinine. Dont give these scammers a penny.

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Signed up for a one month subscription. The videos were not what I expected. When I canceled my subscription and asked for a refund, they said that refunds are not part of their policy. Extremely disappointing.

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