EC New York
1501 Broadway 11th floor, New York, NY 10036, United States

Review №1

This school is great. I really improved my English. The teachers and school staff are helpful. The location is in Times Square and the view is incredible! I have studied at other schools and this one is the best!

Review №2

Okay, what can i say about EC school. I was there since 26 of August till 5 of October 2019. I found a lot of new friends from all of the world: Korea, France, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Columbia, Spain also from the USA and etc).First day: I was met by pretty elegant lady Bindu Varghese. She explained me all rules and conditions about school, she made me my pass, Scott made an interview for me, they put me in intermediate class and i started to study.During my studying i met a couple teachers but the best on is Nolan! He is very interesting and an intelligent person who can explain for you everything that you didnt understand.Also EC school has a good activity program. We had a party on the rooftop, we were on Yankee game, the musical, shaboo shaboo))), an etc.)Also i would like to mention another super-cool guys: Emily and Kaiser. If you meet Kaiser tell him that Vodka pass a hello to Tequila))).Eventually I can say that i spend there a marvellous time and ill come back with great pleasure!

Review №3

You want to improve your English skill? Look! I really recommend EC New York!!! The teachers and staffs are so amazing that you can spend a great time there! Also they have some free lessons of listening, pronunciation, reading and dance. I promise that you can feel comfortable at EC New York, and you will be able to speak English more confidently and fluently after studying abroad!!!

Review №4

This educational business fails to support their students equally. They will deny all responsibility and ignore uncomfortable emails or comments. The company thinks they can just post a cheap easy square on social media and move on with their life. No care in addressing what has been going on in the US, where they’ve opened much of their schools.

Review №5

If you don’t close schools, you can’t tell students don’t wear masks. so selfish. Wearing masks is important to other cultures. just let us feel safe. My teacher told my classmates don’t wear masks. Because CDC say don’t and We will scare other students. 1) CDC is American. Americans not always right about everything. America is not center of earth. Some home countries government require to wear masks. 2) if other students scared of masks, why you don’t teach them they shouldn’t scared? Why Asian people are scolded? This school is so rude to Asian people and actually Korean and Japanese are not the same as Chinese. 3) it is your freedom dont wear a mask and it is student’s freedom to wear mask if I want to

Review №6

Excellent school, my experience was excellent ! attentive teachers, classes with lots of interaction. The coordinators are wonderful, Kaiser who accompanies in activities outside the school. Emyli coordinating the groups in Activities Free. I will be back for sure !!

Review №7

I recommend the school, the people are very friendly and helpful. School education is based on a good level.I would always resist.

Review №8

Is it time to close the school yet? NY governor already said it is a state of emergency. Even though the case in NYC is not high, actually many of the people from Westchester work or go to school in Manhattan. I don’t know why ec prefers to wait until their students get a serious illness. Be smart. Care about your students more. My friends are all worried and the staff doesn’t take anything seriously, they should also teach other people some manners when they are rude to Asian students for the virus. It is crazy that anyone can walk to the school to ask for information. You should at least measure everyone’s temperature and the employees should all wear masks!!!

Review №9

A wonderful school with a wonderful and amazing team! A wonderful professor. I highly recommend this school.

Review №10

Broadway shows and disneyworld are closed but ec is still open. ec doesnt care about students. they never did. dont waste your money here. all students are canceling. ec doesnt even let students take a vacation from school. we are afraid of health. i hope ec can be bankrupt. if you cant care about people, you shouldnt have business. anyone can study english later, but no one can get a second life. ec is so stupid. if you dont close the school soon, more students complain and cancel, give 0 on the stupid survey, write bad reviews, and tell their agent you are terrible school.

Review №11

I love the teachers and students. It was wonderful time to spend the time in NY.

Review №12

The school is wonderful.

Review №13

Its just one of the best cuz everybody there is so helpful and friendly

Review №14

Nice school, good teachers, better location, professionals and awesome environment.

Review №15

Great teacher (thx Christina), perfect location and good equipment, close to Bryant park.I can definitely recommend this language school.

Review №16

Terrible school! No knowledges, no good teachers! 14 students in a group.

Review №17

After applying and receiving an interview invite, I thought that I met the required qualifications for the ESL instructor job position, which are a Bachelors degree and a TEFL certificate with observed teaching OR ESL/EFL teaching experience (minimum 1 year). Unfortunately, the hiring manager, Mrs. Bryn Keating, did not think so. As a matter of fact, she immediately rescinded the interview invite, by not sending me further information about the interview process. Referring to the job posting on the Indeed job search website, the following desired qualifications and qualities were the actual required qualifications: CELTA, DELTA, M.A. or M.S. in related field – TESOL, Linguistics, Education ; Flexibility and adaptability to work in a fast-paced environment ; Experience studying or working abroad. Nevertheless, if you do not meet at least one of the desired qualifications and qualities, DO NOT apply. Mrs. Keating will not consider your application packet.The above is a real example of what is happening in the hiring process of prospective ESL instructors, especially in New York. Despite having a lot of international students enrolling in English courses at language schools in New York, employers have been implementing the practice of granting interviews to applicants, and then rescinding them. Also, they have not been considering applicants that actually meet the qualifications, because they change the qualifications/requirements at the last second. I do no comprehend why that is, because they are wasting the applicants time. Word of advice for those who are trying to get into a TESOL career: If you can not obtain an appropriate ESL teaching job in 1-2 years, then give up. Furthermore, reconsider in getting a CELTA, because it carries little to no weight in the hiring process.

Review №18

This school buy embassy but the people es horrible! When you ask for your school records from embassy english which is your right they will try to send you away before you done talking. They won’t help you

Review №19

Such bad teacher!dont know how to teach

Review №20

How much does it cost to study for one month and what are the advantages of the school?

Review №21

Terrible. So many korean, low quality class.

Review №22

Nice school

Review №23

Loved it

Review №24

Escola com muitos brasileiros em sala, e a forma como é feita a avaliação de nível é bem ruim.

Review №25

The worst school. A waste of time and money.Dont be fooled by the fact that its a big company.Amount & Famous = Not safe.I went to another language school for 3 months,I came here because it would be crushed.The teacher doesnt know how to teach.(Hand out a piece of paper of words, look it up yourself, and finish)Anyway, the quality of the lesson is too low.It is definitely better to study at home.Sometimes more than half of the class is Japanese6 out of 11 people.I dont care if Japanese people work in pairs. (At the language school I used to have, there was always pair work between other countries.)The staffs response depends on the person, but they dont become friendly at all and dont listen to anything about the director. The director is the worst at this school. Or rather, I think its well established in this position.I want to quit school, so two weeks have passed since I asked for a refund, and no progress has been made.(As soon as I said I wanted to quit, my attitude suddenly changed and I was very uncomfortable. He wouldnt do anything.)The good thing is that I cant speak EnglishI feel like Im trying to put off quitting.There are too many Japanese people to come to New York to study.I dont understand why the quality is so bad even though the tuition fee is high. Its too terrible.I do not recommend it 100%.

Review №26

Awful school! Waste of money and time. 1) There were 2 teachers, one of them did not lead the lesson, but was playing for time, he did not establish a friendly atmosphere during the lessons, it was absolutely unprofessional, very boring, it was a shock for me for the money! For some reason, from the very first lesson, he did not pay attention to me, I felt uncomfortable, he in every possible way avoided contact with me! I even questioned his qualifications, to be honest. I think it was a student or a graduate. and I have something to compare it with !! Only the second teacher was really interested in working with the students, could come up outside the classroom and talk. 2) The staff of the school is all on pathos, all tired and with poker faces. they seem to be loaded with unnecessary responsibilities. Not very friendly. I didn’t want to come up and ask them something once again. 3) The atmosphere at school is not very pleasant, I had more fun at university between couples at the law faculty. People come here for a couple of weeks, as a rule. It seems like I dont really know what. A new student came to my group during the training, she was very well-tuned and always smiled, but she did not smile for long, and very quickly classes began to take place for her as well. 4) Price. Its very, very expensive, you shouldnt come here to learn English! This school is apparently well advertised, but doesnt match the price I paid for just 3 weeks of tuition. 5) The schedule was not convenient. one day at 8 am to 11.45 pm, and the other day at 2 pm and it all ended at 6 pm. + paid / free additional lessons. which few people went to. 6) honey insurance! the medical insurance they imposed on me for $ 25 a week was not accepted in the hospital when I caught a cold! They also force people to buy health insurance for a lot of money, without this insurance they are not allowed to study. I dont even know what else is terrible in this school, the only reason I went to this school is the second teacher, he was very kind to me and open to communication. I absolutely DO NOT RECOMMEND coming to this school! My mood is ruined and my money wasted. I did not learn anything new there. I studied English in language courses in my city and was in Malta for the cheapest similar courses (not this school) so I can 100% say that this is the WORST place to learn a language. THE WORST! I was left very upset.

Review №27

Agree with all previous negative reviews. Never hear, never study at an EC school! They are scammers who not only teach you nothing, but also try to drive you out of school as quickly as possible. The teacher (African-American) literally hates Russians, humiliates and publicly brings to tears! And the arrogance of all the staff is amazing! No reaction! No apologies and money spent!

Review №28

Its a very poor center, I had studyed here for some time and saw how they were cheating.In order to keep students longer, there they decrease results in the exams. there for not losing your time and money.Это очень плохой центр, я некоторое время учился здесь и видел, как они обманывают. Чтобы удержать студентов дольше, они уменьшают результаты экзаменов. Даже результаты тестов не автоматически, устанавливаються по их пожелания. Не отправляйтесь туда, чтобы не терять время и деньги.Its a very poor center, I was studying here and they saw how cheating. Exam results are reduced to keep students longer. Test results are not automatically set as desired. Dont go there to avoid losing your time and money.Çok zayıf bir merkez, burada bir süre okudum ve nasıl hile yaptıklarını gördüm. Öğrencileri daha uzun süre tutmak için orada sınav sonuçlarını düşürürler. Test sonuçlarının otomatik olarak degil kendi arzularina gore ayarlanmasi cok kotu. Zamanınızı ve paranızı kaybetmemek için oraya girmeyin.

Review №29

You expect to find a 3-week intensive English and what you find are teaching classes such as those of the book libero institute, where you spend time correcting exercises, DO NOT RECOMMEND IT PQ DO NOT ADVANCE. You ask to change classes and they give you long until your stay is consumed. The residence where I had to be dirty, the room was not cleaned before I entered, although I had hired it. Think about it very well before paying for the pastón that is worth the scale.

Review №30

I took the 3 month course, the methodology for those who need to learn English quickly, does not work. There are MANY BRAZILIANS ... for those who want to escape, its not worth it! The staff is helpful but unprepared ...

Review №31

I sent an email 1 month ago so far they will not answer

Review №32

I visited this school to have a look around, to check details of program. After all, unfortunately I decided to NOT join.Because all of receptionists attitude were awful. During one of staff was explaining important info, the other staff made fun of us, its really rude.Also the staff was lack of politeness. Those were really disgusting me. In addition, even though if I paid for the course tuition, theres possibility that I cant get a class due to less numbers of people who take the same course than set rule . Its totally worthless, stupid to me.Hope your service will be improved.I was surprised that the staff was not well educated. Its not a reason to be an intern, and I think you should avoid dictating our about your company, at least when explaining to visitors. The telephone response (English) when confirming the school tour in advance was also the worst, and it is a pity that the value of the school was greatly reduced by the first impression. The curriculum and fee system were completely unconvincing, so I was fortunate that I was unhappy because I didnt have to make the wrong choice by visiting. Those who are considering it should be careful. I had the impression that there were quite a few Japanese people, probably because there was a discount, so I thought the environment was not very suitable. Please refer.

Review №33

Crap! !!! Invest your money in a good school in Brazil and come to New York for a walk. EC is a waste of time and money

Review №34

I did not learn

Review №35

Excellent teachers always ready to help (sometimes as tour guides). Multicultural classes, with high-tech equipment.You are assigned a place to live, although sometimes it is too far from school. It was my turn in Brooklyn, very close to Coney Island, 1 hour ago on the subway.Recommended for short periods of time.

Review №36

Amazing staff and facilities. Dynamic method. Grade 10.

Review №37

EC is just for a short period of time (no more than 4 weeks).Ridiculously and amazingly strict for a English school.If you dont learn is your fault.They show your attendance on the front of your certificate.They warn you if you fail a test.Very expensive compare to ALCC or others English school.Good location, clean and nice front desk staff.For a short period of time of no more than 4 weeksIt is ridiculous how strict they are, but a constant threat. They forget that it is an English course.If you do not learn it is your fault, they do not assume responsibility and to top it off they send you written warning notes. These notes are also sent to the agency that paid for the course without asking you for authorization.They show the% attendance at the front of the certificate.Extremely expensive for what you learnVery well located, clean and good equipment at the reception.

Review №38

State-of-the-art school in technology and study methods. The management and all their staff are fantastic. They help you in everything you need. Very qualified teaching staff. Highly recommendedLeading school in technology and methods Of study. The management and staff are fantastic. They help you in everything you need. Highly qualified teachers. Highly recomended.

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