New York Language Center
226 W 37th St 11th Floor, New York, NY 10018, United States

Review №1

I never thought to meet nice people since I arrived to the school till the end. I felt as at home, There are great teachers, administrative people and specially the people from front counter were too friendly. I had a big experience in my life and I hope to see you soon.

Review №2

The location of school is really good. My school is in Midtown. The activity was very good. You should join it!! I could make best friend.

Review №3

My experience in the school was very good. I had the opportunity to know new people of different countries and interact with them for this reason my skills learning English was better. In the other hand, my teachers and their teaching were so good. The school allowed me developed a better English skills and today I can express me with this language. Finally, the New York Language Center was my best way to learn English and I think the school will be better if the classes were more about the speaking and avoid grammar classes. However, if you decided to learn English this school is a great option for you.

Review №4

Its unforgettable to study in this school.I met many nice people from different countries as classmates.And all of the teachers are patient, passionate, knowledgeable and friendly.even I had plenty of questions, they were willing to answer them for me.its the best language school that Ive ever seen.btw, you can make many friends here and hang out with them to have fun.Youd love this school and New York City!I highly recommend this school to you

Review №5

It was a really great experience, all the staff was so nice during my all weeks here. They helped me in different ways. First with the class selections (even when I had some problems with the schedule or courses), second, (and the most important for me) with the housing. And finally, with all the activities that the School prepares.Thanks for all!

Review №6

Hi NYLC! a wonderful 6 months for me..Its was great time thanks for everything #ilovenylc ❤️

Review №7

Good school!Thanks for the nice experience to learn English. Thanks my teacher Joe Yu for the good lessons.Thanks for the help by the workers at the desk, very friendly.Thanks especially to Eduardo and Isabelle, nice nice friends. Nice to meet you!Always in my heart!See you and good luck.

Review №8

I’ve studied here for 33 weeks. Teachers and employees are nice. The tuition here is very clear, just visit their website, then you can get answers. (You know in some language school, you need to visit school or write email to ask tuition, it’s really annoying.)There are diversified student activities which guiding you enjoy the life in NYC!I really improve my English skills here. Teachers are friendly and patient.If you need any help from front counter, you should choose Tue.-Fri., they usually busy on Monday morning, because there are a lot of new students who wait at front counter.I love here. I firmly recommend NYLC, it would be the best choice!

Review №9

I have some good memories in this school, because teachers who help me are very generous and kind. Also, the school will hold the event can let different branches students hang out together, and you can know other countries people at . The most important thing is my teachers have unique way to let students learn more in a short time.John is my adviser. He is very friendly, he will help you all the time. If you want to study here, you could ask him by e-mail. Cassandra helps me arrange my dormitory. Although it is convenient for foreigners to find an apartments, but maybe you should try to live like a native.Im really have good memories in this school.Dont be shy, everything will be alright.The picture in the attach is the school hold the event to see the Brooklyn Bridge and Dumbo.Enjoy here.

Review №10

I’ve studied here for 33 weeks. Teachers and employees are nice. The tuition here is very clear, just visit their website, then you can get answers. (You know in some language school, you need to visit school or write email to ask tuition, it’s really annoying.)There are diversified student activities which guiding you enjoy the life in NYC!I really improve my English skills here. Teachers are friendly and patient.If you need any help from front counter, you should choose Tue.-Fri., they usually busy on Monday morning, because there are a lot of new students who wait at front counter.I love here. I firmly recommend NYLC, it would be the best choice!

Review №11

Do you know what I like about this school? They do care about students feedbacks, try to improve those feedbacks, and they are ready to help you every time. Also, teachers usually focus on individual mistakes that develop your English rapidly. I like to thank my Toefl class teacher Hannah Rigg because she is the teacher who has a great influence on improving my English skills. I have had awesome memories during this priceless adventure. Thank you all of you. I will really miss NYLC but I will miss front desk chats with Eduardo and Maria especially. :)

Review №12

It is the best English school ever ! The teachers are amazing ! The staff is really professional ! The programs offered there are amazing and really deeply advanced. Yetsenia is all time with a big smile and she will help you if you have any question. Big shoutout to my friend Logan with who I had the greatest debates ever. You are the best !! The prices are reality good and affordable.BEST ENGLISH SCHOOL IN THE CITY !

Review №13

First things first, Its a great location. Second, The teachers have different knowledge such as New Yorker life, American history all that jazz which helps to improve your insight . My primary goal was to get a high enough score on The TOEFL. So, I got what I needed by My teachers help. People who works there are friendly. They also organize cool events which I have participated a few of them. In a nutshell, I really enjoyed .

Review №14

It was great experience and I liked this school

Review №15

My experience at New York Language Center was awesome! I have absolutely no complains about the school or the classes, specially the staff, theyre the best! really supportive, and comprehensive. That was really important to me and my wife. We spend almost 6 months at the schools, took several classes, met a lot of good and funny people. Its a good idea to come during the summer. So, in conclusion this is a really good English school! I recommend it.

Review №16

Caitlin McQuaide was very kind and she help me, with her professionalism, finding my decision and she leaded me step by step through her advices. If you have any question she would have most if not all of your answers!

Review №17

Ive studied in this school for 3 month and spent the best time. I took Business and Toefl class. They have good education and great teachers and My English improved a lot. In addition, they have free classes which was very helpful. Thank you very much.

Review №18

I have enjoyed the experience at NYLC, they are very kind and always are up to help you when you need some information.My teacher, Ben, he has been a great teacher. He always is trying to find new issues and topics for the classes. I like the way that he try to improve everyday and he is very friendly and kind.I think will be usefully for new students to have a program or something related to this issue, in order to connect with new people... NYC can be a very lonely city if you are alone here... so to improve the activities in this point could be fine.I would like to thank all the team for everything. there are a good professionals and kind.Thank you for everything and I hope to see all of you again in the future... Dreams come be true... always...

Review №19

It was a great experience for me, I totally liked it because I got the chance to improve my vocabulary and get use to many different accents. The classes were very fun because we got to learn and practice my english in a very dynamic and fun way. The teachers make sure you truly understand everything. And some how I felt very good with the program, we had very interesting topics every week. I feel that Ive improved a lot and Ive become use to the language, which in some cases is difficult. Thanks a lot, it was a great experience!!

Review №20

I studied there for 4 weeks and overall it has been a great experience. The school organizes weekly activities, which were great to meet new people. The teachers I had were friendly, open for feedback and they tried their best to help each student improve. The staff is open for feedback and try their best to answer questions related to anything as well as to help out.The classrooms, however are a little bit lackluster. The AC was too loud to turn on in our classroom, which made studying there during summer unbearable at times. The first two weeks were also coined by crowded classrooms as we barely had enough room for all students.I still had a great time though and was able to learn and improve a lot while meeting great people (students as well as teachers) - the most important thing.

Review №21

The school is so good. The students are kind and very diverse, and the teachers are excellent and dynamic. I spent 21 days in this school and It was a great experience for meeting people all around the world and, even it was a short period of time, I improved my English a lot. The school offers everything that the student need to improve his English skills and also promote a lot of events that can help them to emerge into The American Culture.

Review №22

The school is good for many reasons. The most important for me were the level of the teaching and the activities that help you to know people and live the city. I had a bit problems about the payment but was not fault of the school but of the bank so maybe you will have no problem. I loved the location of the midtown school, so near to time square so I recommend the midtown location at all.

Review №23

The place was really nice. I studied for 5 weeks and I really feel that it helped me improve my english. The thing that I liked the most about it was that I really improved my vocabulary, and my listening skills. The classes were all super interactive, and really fun. The teachers were all super willful to help with any problem, or doubt you had. I really liked it, and if I ever get to have the chance to come back to NY, to study, I would definitely come back here.

Review №24

The school has different courses and levels depends on your English, so you can improve your language day by day. Teachers were the best of the school. They know how to teach and motivate students. You can also discover more about NYC by joining its activities each month. If you want to learn English and meet new people from other countries, NYLC is a good option! ;)

Review №25

I found exactly what i needed. My speaking is improved more than i expected and i can say that i fixed (maybe) some grammar issues ... Anyway every body are kindly and gives you another family in which you can find your group of friends and with them you can do all free experience that NYLC gives to us. All staff and teachers are as professional as their family attitude. If you are thinking to improve your English in a natural and fun way, without stress and school pressure, you should definitively chose NYLC.

Review №26

This is an excellent language school in New York. Paras is an excellent teacher, he is nice, a little strict but helpful. I improved my English a lot studying here. I really recommend this school to you all. You can enhance your English, meet people from all over the world and experience diverse culture here!

Review №27

It was a real good experience studying in NYLC. Not only I could accomplish my first goal when i enrolled, which was to improve my English, but also i had the opportunity to meet awesome people from many different countries. If i had to choose something about the school, without doubt i would select the people. It s amazing you can have fun while you are studying another language. I think it is the best way to learn!!

Review №28

I studied in NYLC for 8 weeks! I really had great times making new friends and learning a lot. The teachers are really great, specially Andrew, he is the best!

Review №29

I had a great time at NYLC. Teachers are friendly and professionals, my tutor found the best option for me. The school organizes many events and also offers some free courses to attend. Great value for money and great position in Midtown also.

Review №30

Amazing teachers and staff, I felt very welcomed all the time, I’ve had a great time during the NYLC activities after class but most important I‘ve learnt a lot!

Review №31

All the teachers were excellent in teaching, friendly and understanding. They were so supportive and with full of positivity that anyone would feel motivated and confident about themselves. You can definitely see the development just after few weeks. Starting from management staff to DSO(Caitlin), you guys know how to deal with an international student( apart form home) you took care of everything so effectively with a smiling face that a student can never feel fear in a foreign country. Everybody was so welcoming and helpful. Starting from academics to taking vacation , NYC tour they help with everything. You guys are home apart home. This school gave me the opportunity to make friends from all around the world. I love you guys and thanks a lot for everything. Doesnt matter wherever I will go in future I will always remember you all. It was a wonderful journey for me in NYLC.And my favorite teacher Ben, He is the best. Extremely good at teaching. Apart from studies he taught a lot of valuable things without even realizing how important it is for an individual. Such as how to accept each other in this diverse universe. How to develop each other, how important it is for someone to realize the responsibilities towards nature and our planet. All that matter is a little kindness and humanity. He not only teach us but also develop us as a person.Every teacher contributed a lot in my life. I definitely recommend this school.-Raisa

Review №32

I spent 3 months in this school and it has been an amazing experience. The whole staff is amazing and the teacher that I had Mr. Jonathan is a very cool and knowledgeable teacher. The best Language School to go in NYC. I highly recommend it.

Review №33

When you leave home and your family to a foreign country at 4000 kilometers away which has a different language, culture and people from everywhere, you might thing it would be imposible to feel like at home, but the people working there broke that thought I had.Once the elevator opens its door you can feel the warmth of home when you are welcome by two people which are willing to help you with everything you need. The quality of the teachers is very high and the advisors where always mindful to solve all your questions.If you need information to start your new adventure learning English just call or write them and they will help you with all your doubts.I really thank you for everything and definitely this has been the best experience I ever had.Five stars to NYLC and I hope to see you soon again..

Review №34

I have been studying here 2 months. The teachers here are awesome. Classmates and stuff are friendly, very good atmosphere. My English improved a lot.

Review №35

Studying at NYLC was one of my best experiences in NYC, I improved my English so much and now I feel so much comfortable with my English speaking, writing and reading, and I met amazing people in the school that helped me in this journey. Its really worth it. And I will be forever grateful for this experience so for anyone who`s looking for a good English school in New York City I really recommend New York Language Center.

Review №36

This school is so good. Teachers are enjoyable and officers are helpful. I learned many things here. Thank you NYLC

Review №37

It was nice experience to learn English in New York. The schools education fee was pretty reasonable, but teachers teaching skill wasnt bad, actually good.If I come back to NY again, I would come to here.Thank you for helping.

Review №38

I passed an excellent time in this school, I met great people and teacher. I think my 4 months here, are the best in my life. I hope come back soon. I love this school the teacher are awesome. I improve my English its a very good experience.

Review №39

That was not my first time in NYC, but, definitely it was the most special one. I was not a student had been 10 years and my first day at school was sort of weird. However, after 6 months Im not an English student anymore, Im more self-confident. I have friends from all of the world and, of course, I know much more about this fascinating language. Do I recommend you this experience at NYLC? Yes, I DO! It was a pleasure for me to be here with you guys =) Thank you so much!

Review №40

I enjoyed the time at NYLC.I could improve English skills :grammar,speaking.pronunciation,writing.I want to come here again.

Review №41

I have a great experience studying at New York Language Center, because it is a great school and i improved my English studying withpeople from all over the world. I Would like to thank especially my teacher Donny and Harry for help me to improve my English. thank you .

Review №42

I studied in this school for almost 1.5 years, awesome , prefect , wonderful time in my life ! The cost in much cheaper then another language school, I studied with 3 different languages school, it’s my best one !

Review №43

This is a good place that Id been studying here for almost 6 moths. Teachers who work the Center are excellent and helpful, you can ask them if you have any question, and they will give you satisfactory answer. I will choose the place again to continue learning if I come to New York again.

Review №44

I loved my experience at NYLC midtown. excellent english program. 100% recommended Im going to miss all my friends and teachers .

Review №45

I used to teach at your school. It was a great place to teach & learn.

Review №46

I have been almost a year at NYLC. I had a good time with them. They are very kind and nice :)And the quality of classes are quite fair with tuition! and also you can make a lot of friends from around the world ! I highly recommend this language school! Thank you guys, Im gonna miss you

Review №47

New York language center is a good school, I learned a lot of English here, teacher and the staff was very friendly with me, I can recommend this school

Review №48

I had a good experience in this school, my teacher in all the curse was Ben, he is a great teacher, explain very well, is friendly and support you in any questions that you have.. also i met a lot nice people in all the world, i made friends and im very happy to have been part of this school.

Review №49

This college helped me improved my english and also be more confident about it. It also has a lot great people with amazing personalities. It also helped me gain more vocabulary and learn about different cultures.

Review №50

I submitted an ESL instructor job application to this school numerous times, and they never considered it. For those who are planning on trying to get employed here need to realize that you will need job references, or people who know someone currently employed there to get your foot-in-the-door. There is certainly little to no regard for the University of Cambridge CELTA. All of the English schools in New York, including New York Language Center either invite you to an interview and then rescind it immediately, or they delete your application package that you sent by e-mail. Why these schools implement such hiring practice is beyond my comprehension. However, it is a waste of the applicants time.

Review №51

I had a really great experience studying at NYLC. When I came here everybody was very open-minded, and helpful. The teachers approach is holistic and they are well-prepared, so if you choose a course you will probably study more than you expect. At this period in my life I learned a lot, not just about English, but about other countries, cultures, and of course NYC. The school organizes afternoon programs, so you can explore the city with your classmates, which is fun. My English improved a lot. I strongly recommend this school if you want to enhance your English. Furthermore, it is great if you would like to meet great people from all around the World.

Review №52

Perfect English academy to improve and learn English. Its the better choice in NYC. The teacher Brendan is awesome!

Review №53

I had a great time here, all of the teachers are nice and kind, they teach you patiently. I can also learn some different cultures from my classmates. Its totally worth it to study here.

Review №54

I am very happy to stay 3 months in NYLC.Teachers are very professional, sympathetic and the class was always interesting. I have learned a lot here thanks to Paras and Bruce, thank you for your patience with my pronunciation. I will miss you ;)... I go back to France with lot of souvenirs of NYC and all the great moments I spent with people I met in this school who come to the whole word .

Review №55

Be here was very productive and engaged. Im sure my English skills improved also Im most confident to speak.

Review №56

NYLC have an amazing atmosphere for study English. I have been in this school for almost 8 months.My English getting improve everyday since I came and I made a lot of good friends from other nationalities. Moreover, every teachers and staff are really nice they try to help you every time that you have a problem. I would recommend my friends who looking for language school to come to NYLC for sure.

Review №57

I found the time I spent learning here very helpful! I wish i could stay for a few more weeks to complete the course. Thank you!!

Review №58

The best school I’ve ever been! I learnt a lot and made friends around the world! Also te staff is amazing. I’ll be back!

Review №59

I studied more than one year in NYLC, and it was the best experience in life so far. All classmates I`ve ever had throughout this year were amazing, I got the chance to meet people from around the world. It was great to hang out with them and see how much we had in common, even though we had totally different backgrounds.Also, I had great teachers who helped me to improve my English and were very supportive when I did my TOEFL. They always corrected me when it was necessary, and all times I needed an extra help with homeworks after class, they helped me as well.Last but not least, all the staff is very nice and friendly.

Review №60

Ive been here for 40 weeks, learning English but also much more.I learned a lot about the American culture, habits, American manners, interaction and most importantly, about people.Meeting people from all over the world and learning a common subject was fascinating.Thank you for this great experience, it was a pleasure!

Review №61

I really had a good time. I enjoyed class and activities. everyone is kind.

Review №62

It is a great place to learn, interact and meet people. Teachers are really nice and classes are interesting. I recommend it.

Review №63

I love this school. I had the best experience. My teachers were great, I would recommend my friends here to study English as a Second Language.

Review №64

Christina is the best teacher that i ever met. I enjoy study with her so much!!If I have time,Ill plan to study in NYLC again!!!

Review №65

Amazing language school, those teachers are very interesting and the front desk are very nice!

Review №66

I really had a great time at NYLC. Today is my last day here and I cant believe how much Ive learned and how many cultures and people Ive known during this 6 months.

Review №67

The best Experience of my life

Review №68

A school cant be bad when the teachers are great! It was a beautiful experience with interesting teachers and students.

Review №69

I didnt study here but the customer attention given to us when we went to the Midtown offices to enquire about courses, prices, etc was very good. Alla explained everything politely, in detail and sent us a follow-up e-mail afterwards to check what we had decided. Very different style from that of the receptionists at the New York English Center on 35th street.

Review №70

It was remarkable experience. Best way to study English and entertain at the same time!

Review №71

Im from Japan. 19 years old girl.I only studied at here for 2 weeks but it was a good experience.My listening and speaking skill was ok but reading and writing wasnt so I took the reading and writing class. It was quite hard for me to understand what is going on in class but teacher helped me so nicely and explained what were doing to me personally.There was a few activities that I went and it was also a good experience. (Columbia University home coming football game, high line walking tour, NBA basket ball game etc...)p.s. 日本人は数人しか見かけませんでした。

Review №72

Its a great place, friend and teacher. My english skill get improved.

Review №73

Very crowded, airless and small classes. Unrelated employees.

Review №74

Had a really good time here and learned lot, thanks to the whole staff !!!

Review №75

Had a great time! Highly recommendable

Review №76

I really enjoy this weeks in nylc. The people who work here ,there are very nice and respectfully. also my teacher, Brendan Gahan , it was really great, i really enjoy the class with him. im going to my country with a really beautiful record of here, thanks for that

Review №77

Very nice and professional school!5 stars for Cassandra !wi-fi needs to be improve :( !

Review №78

Its very nice to study at NYLC. I got a lot of new friend here.

Review №79

I love this school be cause teachers amazing and all students are funny .i could get many english words and many experience .i never forget about this school in my life.

Review №80

This is the language school which has the worst managerial staff I have ever applied. The supervisor and the one of the academic advisors have very rude attitude and behavior. Their business is about people and they dont know how to know to speak with people. I think they need to be educated for human relaciona.

Review №81

It was an amazing experience in New York Center Language. I had nice and consistent teachers who made feel easier for speaking exercices and of course, I felt I improved about grammar structures.Every lessons I have attended were beneficial and had the opportunity to speak english with people who come from all over the world.To conclude, I enjoyed spending time to learn English with NYLC. I would especially like to thank Paras, Bruce and Ruby for having given me good advices and great times !Michael

Review №82

In fact my English improves when I come here . when I came to NYC I just was saying Hi , Hello , how r u ... etc .I want to say Thank you very much .. really Im going miss this school , teachers and my friends . I hope to complete my studding here and get Toefl IN NEXT SUMMERAdel

Review №83

This is a very nice place!!!the teacher who i met is nice,I learn a lot from here!

Review №84

It was very interesting to share with people of other cultures and improve my knowledge!

Review №85

I have a good friends and good experience in NYLC. i wont forget my life in here.

Review №86

My experience was wonderful !!!! My teachers Paras and Bruce were so professional, nice and open-minded. The different lessons helped me to practice and improve my English. They taught me English in another way and I started to appreciate to learn this language, wich is amazing ! The Friday class was also very interesting with Ruby who is a great teacher. Im very satisfied by NYLC and I met a lot of different people. I will recommed NYLC to my classmates and other people.

Review №87

It was a great experience to study in this school, maybe one of the best of my whole life !My english level get improved and in an amazing atmosphere... The staff let us feel confortable, so everybody is in a good mood and polite.Alexandra, Cassandra, Diego (Luis), Bruce, Paras, Benjamin, Yetsenia... I really enjoyed my time in New York City thanks to you. We felt like in the middle of our family and not in a basic school.Thank you for everything, we will never forget this experience.XOXO

Review №88

My experience in NYLC was amazing, i met many great people from around all the world.The teachers are so kind and always talk about interesting topics, even about american history that makes me feel more familiar with the culture.I take around 6 moths and now i feel ready to face new challenges with language and feel comfortable talking everywhere.Im leaving so happy with knowledge and with a lot of new friends.Thanks NYLC. @photoscarochoa

Review №89

NYLC One of the greatest experiences i have been through in my entire life. I achieved new goals learned English Specialisation. Teachers here are so friendly to you, though you are a Non English Speaker Teacher wont make you feel uncomfortabe. They build your confident not only in Speaking terms, also in Lifes Concicences. Theyll build your ability to deal with tought situations in life, & make you believe in yourself. For me Personally if i woudnt have join NYLC NEW YORK LANGUAGE CENTER. It would have tough for me to build my confident. Thankyou NYLC to make me believe in myself. Thankyou very very much. Love u all.

Review №90

I need study in your sinter , the best time for me in 01 sep 2017 antil 30 nov 2017 03 monthe english langwig

Review №91

I had studied in this school for 1year.This school has very strict attendance policy.but!!! The staff was very kind and caring.

Review №92

NYLC is awesome!!I learned about English and Culture.I love NYC!!

Review №93

The experience is amazing, you meet people from the whole world

Review №94

Hello, my name is Miloud im from Morocco, im a student in New York Language Center its a fantastic school with american teacher that they are helpful, Moreover i met many student from the different countries around the world.

Review №95

Id studied in NYLC for 5 weeks, I think the school is a good place to learn english.There are a lot of people from different countries, and you can make many friends as you can. Teacher is also very funny, and you can learn many things from local Americans speeking during the class. There are many school activities like kayaking, empire state building, picnic..., it was really fun. I have a good memory here.

Review №96

Do not go there. Period!My relative who went there, got her I20 canceled because she want to try the school for 5 weeks, but the counselor (Joanne Park) insist that her sign up for 50 weeks. Regardless the school took her 5 weeks tuition money and then immediately cancel her I20 status.then they will not refund her tuition as well.Very bad school taking advantage of oversea student by threaten student with the canceling their I20 statusCurrently seeking for legal action.Do not go there

Review №97

The worst english school in the USA avoid go to this school.

Review №98

Great teachers, Friendly atmosphere!

Review №99

Really good

Review №100

New York language center is amazing

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