Elite Force Martial Arts
1425 E Commercial Blvd Suite B, Oakland Park, FL 33334, United States

Review №1

My son Mark has been coming here for about 6 weeks, and I can not say enough good things about Elite Force Fort Lauderdale! Facility is clean, staff are all friendly, and they all obviously love children. The 5 pm classes are a bit crowded, but classes are available 6 days a week, so anyone can fit EFMA into their schedule, and even the fuller classes are great! There is a real sense of teamwork and family here, and always a positive vibe. Mark is learning respect, discipline, self defense, and many other life lessons from Sensei Steve and Master Mike. Thank you for the amazing job youre all doing!

Review №2

It’s a great and safe place to bring your children. The instructors are amazing and they can push you or your child to work hard. This is a place where you truly earn your black belt, it is always earned never given. It has helped me with my confidence, through middle school and high school. It made me come out of my shell and make many great friends.

Review №3

I started here a month and a half ago and love it. Master Mike, Sensei Steve and Edgar are very welcoming and help you learn the basics quickly to be up to speed with the class. Along with proper dieting, so far I have lost 20 lbs. This is great to do to get into shape and also learn something useful while exercising. Everyone is very helpful if you have any questions about how to do the technique that’s being shown properly. Also, sparring is very safe. I highly recommend this place to anyone that wants to dip their toes into the martial arts world and/or get a work out in.

Review №4

Attending for 2 yrs+ and love it! My son and I both benefit from both the physical and mental aspects of the classes.

Review №5

Love my kid to learn all great life stuff he is gonna need in the future

Review №6

Great place to learn practical modern martial arts as well as traditional Karate techniques. Instructors are deeply knowledgeable and very kind and friendly (and amazingly great with children). Instructors WILL push you but only to your (or your childs) comfort level.

Review №7

This place is the real deal! It is a safe place where children can grow, be challenged, and treated like family! I am so happy we found Elite Force!

Review №8

My son recently just started. He was scared at first and just after a couple weeks, he LOVES it here. Edgar and the others are great with remembering kids names and actually give that one on one attention kids need to learn. They actually split up classes to ensure there are enough instructors to focus on each kid so they are learning and we, the parents, are getting our moneys worth. I have seen my sons confidence raise in such little time. Thank you, Elite Force Martial Arts. Hopefully Ill be up next to join the crew!!

Review №9

My daughter has been training at Elite for over 5 years and I cant say enough about this school. Theyre dedication to their students and their craft is amazing. My daughters self esteem and confidence has helped her in school and on the soccer field. There have been times when she has struggled and her instructors took notice and gave her the attention that she needed to succeed.I myself just started the adult kickboxing class and I absolutely love it! The workout is amazing and you leave feeling energized and happy! There are plenty of places to take kickboxing but this is the only place for me. You are training with the best!I absolutely love the staff and everything they have done for my daughter and now me!World Class all the way!!!!

Review №10

Loved Elite Force from day one. My daughter has been a part of this facility for years. The staff is more than willing to help your child (or yourself) succeed. The instructors make every class fun, and the owner is attentive, involved and professional...she goes above and beyond!

Review №11

I LOVE learning Martial Arts at Elite Force! I can go at my own pace and gain confidence in myself daily. My two young children and my husband also train with me. A family that kicks together stays together.

Review №12

This is an amazing place for kids and adults to train Martial Arts. All the instructors are very professionals, talented, skilled, they welcome you every time with a big smile, they encourage the students, they not only teach martial arts here, but also self-control, discipline, respect and team-work. My daughter has been training here for the last 2 years and I couldnt be happier with the results. Thank you all at EFMA

Review №13

It was the compassion in the hearts of the staff that made me feel comfortable to enroll my kids.

Review №14

Awesome place! My kids and I love it here. The staff is very nice and willing to help you at your pace.

Review №15

Fantastic Martial Arts training for a variety of ages! If you follow the classes you will be in the best shape of your life while enjoying your training and workouts!Come on over and grow with us!

Review №16

Elite Force Martial Arts isnt just an extracurricular activity. It becomes an incredible lifestyle that challenges you or your child to be a better version of yourself every day, both on and off the mats.Every Elite Force staff member treats you like family right from the start, and each one wants to see you succeed. If it werent for the values instilled within me as a child here, I dont think I ever would have had the drive to become the successful young adult I am today. Having experienced both the junior and adult programs here at the dojo, I can say with full confidence that my life has certainly been changed for the better: mentally, physically, and emotionally. There is no place in the world where Id rather train than right here with my family at EFMA.

Review №17

Suicide? Yes. Molestation? Most Likely. Child molestation at the Fort Lauderdale school? No. Read the police report, this was not near the school, nor does this reflect how others conduct activity within the business. Seriously one of the best schools around, and I dont even go there anymore.

Review №18

The staff are knowledgeable, disciplined, encouraging, and available for questions and concerns regarding all aspects of martial arts training.

Review №19

Elite Force Martial Arts in Fort Lauderdale has been a fixture in my familys life for the past 6 years. First we got our young daughters involved in the program to help them with balance, coordination, self-confidence, and to start them on the road to being able to defend themselves, or even better, not allow a situation to escalate itself into a physical confrontation. They started in the little-champions program which they loved, and were promoted into the junior program at the appropriate age. The oldest has now earned her 2nd degree black-belt, and the youngest will (hopefully) earn her black belt this year. My wife and I also started soon after enrolling the kids. We are both now black-belts, and continue to train regularly in the dojo to keep in shape, eliminate daily stress, and to share our time with a great bunch of people. Everywhere you look there are smiles and great attitudes. The instructors are great, welcoming, and ready to help everyone reach their goals. Class mates are fantastic and we all help each other, not only during class with the drills, but also outside with encouragement, practice, and friendship. The fact that my whole family has stayed with the martial arts at this location for as long as we have speaks for itself.

Review №20

Great place to bring your little one to learn respect and self assurance

Review №21

Great place to train Mixed Martial Arts for the whole family. The adults will learn more advanced self defense, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Krav Maga, and get into the best shape of your life while doing it. The kids will learn a more traditional kickboxing style heavily rooted with performance forms and Hyper skills along with being taught the importance of being a peak academic performer and discipline to excel in life. Ive been here 10+ years through many changes and change is a part of life. Stay strong and keep training!

Review №22

Elite Force Martial Arts has had a major impact on mine and my families life! I never even considered doing Martial Arts and had introduced my children to many other activities. Flag football, soccer, tennis, dance, cheerleading; you name it! Once they were brought in by a friend this was the winning sport for them! I would go and watch their classes with admiration... Id listen to the weekly message they would give at the end of the classes. Martial Arts is so much more than I could ever have imagined. As my children got older and graduated into the adult class, I got tired of watching everyone else have fun and hit the mats myself! In May they had free classes for Moms (June for Dads). I can honestly say I was shocked at how much fun I had. I love interacting with adults and hit the jackpot.. everybody from the instructors to the students and parents are so welcoming, friendly, and helpful. I couldnt think of a better way for my children and I to spend our time. A very positive, goal oriented and healthy place to be!! I have dealt with lower back pains and plantar fasciitis (had problems with this BEFORE I started Martial Arts) and I have found ways to work around everything. In fact my doctor feels strongly that I am in a much better position than I would have been if I wasnt doing Martial Arts. My flexibility, cardio, confidence, strength and all around well being have been greatly improved thanks to Shihan KC and her staff. Amazing knowledge at this dojo always with safety in mind. Im sure if you go in even to watch you will see what Im talking about. LOVE this place; can you tell?

Review №23

When I try to explain to people how much Elite Force Martial Arts, and inparticular Shihan KC, mean to me it is hard to put it into words.When I try, the very first thing that always happens is that I get the biggestsmile on my face.I always try to convey how the people there, the instructors and students alike,become like a second family to you.No matter how stressed out you may be on any particular day, when you enter thedojo, you forget about everything, totally and completely.You generally dont know anything about the people youre with on almost a dailybasis, their sexual orientation, what they do for living, etc.All you are sure about is you really enjoy training with them, you feel acloseness, a bond, certainly something special.From the moment you walk into the dojo you are surrounded by positives. What youwill never hear is negativity, pessimism, or even the word cant.Everything is about striving to always be better, to make your maximum becomeyour minimum, and never the reverse.Shihan KC has a way of recruiting and training only the best instructors who areextremely proficient in what they do. Perhaps it seems that way because they tryto model themselves after her.I honestly cannot think of another place that is this uplifting, empowering,inspirational, and such a great influence on your mind, body, and spirit.I started training in the year 2000, ended up taking several years off, buthave never felt better, physically or mentally, since I returned and startedtraining again.This is a very special dojo that takes pride in what they do, how they do it,and to make sure you get something very meaningful out of it!Ronnie Baum

Review №24

As a frazzled mother of 3 kids, my hope was that by entering them into a karate program I would give them exercise and somewhere to dispose of all the excess energy. Little did I know that they were on the best path I could give them to excel in learning how to genuinely show respect, focus, interact with peers and adults, gain self respect and not be the victims of bullying and the bonus was self defense. This started 14 years ago and turned out to be the best decision we made. Our sons are still in the program and earned their 3rd degree Black Belt. All 3 have maintained excellent grades. LaVallees system of positive reinforcement combined with superior training goals and their never-ending support and encouragement gets all the credit for their academic success. Kyoshi and Master KC LaVallee partnered with us in raising our 3 children from the beginning and the team spirit is felt by the whole family. One of Kyoshis mottos we carry thru in our home life: Goals you set are goals you get! I would encourage any parent with youngsters or teenagers to enroll in LaVallees Black Belt Champion program to enhance their overall well being and outlook on life.

Review №25

Best family oriented school in Fort Lauderdale. Hands down.

Review №26

Amazing team

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