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4725 NE 12th Ave, Oakland Park, FL 33334, United States

Review №1

I joined a little over a month ago and I LOVE my new gym. Super clean and great equipment, as well as an awesome staff to help you reach your goals.

Review №2

Awesome workout sessions! Lots of variety, never bored! Best group fitness classes I have ever attended. Very friendly and informative instructors. Well worth every penny!

Review №3

I went on a Sunday and it wasnt too crowded. It was clean and staff friendly. The free weight areas is a little compact so during busier times it may be a wait time.

Review №4

Trainers are exceptional, staff is very friendly and welcoming.

Review №5

Very clean, highly professional and friendly gym. Trainers are exceptional, staff is very friendly and welcoming.

Review №6

This place is absolutely wonderful and it’s only made better by the knowledgeable. Friendly staff that are truly there to assist you in meeting all your fitness goals.

Review №7

This is an amazing box... Way more than a gym, great friends circle! People are highly motivating and they aleays cheer me up to finish the workout whenever I lag behind... Coaches are highly knowledgeable and go out of their ways to help if youre consistent and disciplined... Owners are really friendly and always open for feedback... Theyre really passionate about the box :) I try to go at least 5 days a week and Im always pushed beyond what I think I can do by both the coaches and fellow peers! Love the place...

Review №8

Love this place. They take time to make sure you are doing the work outs with the correct form, which keeps my joints and muscles healthy. The coaches are all great - shout out to my boy Shelby - and the community is warm! Highly recommend checking them out!

Review №9

This is an amazing gym. Chase, the owner, is a great guy who actually cares about his clients. He has hired an amazing staff of coaches who put a lot of effort into coaching clients to achieve goals. The gym is a nice big open gym with pull up bars, weights, tires, hammers, sleds, rowers, weights, barbells, jump ropes, and so much more! It is friendly gym and a great atmosphere. The gym has great new equipment and SPARTAN training too ! The gym is progressing everyday!

Review №10

Great place for workouts! The coaches here are extremely encouraging. They push you to your limits and ensure that form is never compromised. The other members are just as cool. Great community at this box. Strongly recommend people to try this place out.

Review №11

All fitness levels are welcome here. The atmosphere is non-judgmental but challenging. You will get results if you attend classes and put forth the effort. Chase and the coaches are great folks. Lots of classes available. Youll meet new friends and achieve your fitness goals. Come check it out.

Review №12

The best decision Ive ever made in fitness was joining Chase and the Club One Athletics Family. Take a family feel gym with the rigor and attentiveness of their coaches and it equals an extraordinary experience in fitness. In its physical form, Club One is spacious and well equipped to support anywhere from novice to a well seasoned crossfit veteran. A highly knowledgeable staff is always present and eager to support you in any of your fitness needs! Ive lost 26 lbs under the proper training and care of the Club One Athletics family. Definitely a must to experience!

Review №13

This place is a great find. Chase and the staff are easy to work with. They are willing to work on strengthening any previous injuries you may have so you can avoid re-injuring yourself. They also kick your butt and show true desire to get you to be your best. The entire gym is a positive place where people are willing to help if someone is in need. Definitely have amazing workouts and amazing results!

Review №14

Chase is a top notch guy with the ultimate goal of just getting people to their goals. I own a CrossFit gym just around the corner, and Chase was awesome enough to let us borrow some equipment for an event we were putting on. He knows what an amazing community we have and that all of our goals is just to get people in the best shape of their lives.

Review №15

Club One Athletics is seriously the best gym Ive ever been to. Instead of forcing myself to go workout like I used to, I now look forward to finding out what the WODs are and going to class. The coaches are all great and they do a great job of making sure everyone is following proper form and technique. the community is awesome, everyone is super friendly, welcoming and supportive. Ive met a lot of great people and friends and its always more fun working out with friends! Id highly recommend checking out a free class! You will love it like I do!.

Review №16

I am down over 20 lbs since starting! Joining the Club One team has been the best decision I have made in a long time! Not to mention it is a great place to meet/socialize with great friends who share similar interest in health and fitness. Plus all of the out of box activities make the membership more than worthwhile.

Review №17

Love this gym. Owner Chase works with you so you can accomplish your goals. The coaches are great at motivating you through challenging workouts. The people that go there are friendly and supportive. Im so happy with the changes I see both physically and mentally.

Review №18

Club One has completely changed my lifestyle and the way I work out. I feel more energetic, more knowledgeable, and more motivated than ever. Would strongly recommend to anyone looking to make changes in their fitness.

Review №19

Ive been going to Club One for a little over 6 months now and cant imagine going to a different box anymore. The coaches are great and the members are a family. Ive increased my strength and feel great; this gym is top notch!

Review №20

Im visiting a friend in FL and he told me to try Crossfit with him at Club One. It was a great experience! Chase tailored the workouts for me since I have a troublesome knee, but the workouts were still very challenging. Everyone was very nice and you can definitely tell they like being there and around each other. Cant wait to come back!

Review №21

Chase lives his vision for fitness and health for everyone. He is educated in and passionate about his profession. He is a man of integrity and creates amazing results. You wanna go for it? Go with Chase!

Review №22

-Nice people-Awesome place (I like the train)🙂-It never gets boringHad a good time there during my language school exchange.

Review №23

I dont know if Club One is the best box in Broward, South Florida, the States or the world because this is the second box Ive ever been (the first one was bad...). But Im sure Club One has what any other box dont ; a great coach and excellent human being named Chase, a great staff and group of people that rather than intimidating would make you feel welcome. Great coaching, professionalism, knowledge, ambiance, equipment for everybody just to name some of the positives this box has to offer. Negatives, sure there might be some as it is impossible to please everybody but overall I can say this is a fantastic place to workout, grow and become a great cross-fitter!

Review №24

I love 5th Element. Great workout programs, the coaches/trainers are friendly, care about your growth and success while holding you accountable. Def recommended!

Review №25

Club One is by far the best place to workout at! I was always so bored going to the gym and doing the same routine over and over again. I always ended up quitting. I joined Club One 2 months ago and the best decision I did!! Chase and all the coaches make the WODs fun, challenging, and youll never do the same thing over again! The community of people that go are always so encouraging and you feel welcomed when you come in. One of my favorite part is knowing that the coaches care about you and take care of their people they are coaching. You will always be taught proper form. I have lost 12 pounds since starting and its amazing to see how much your body can do if you challenge yourself. Chase will give you nutrition help and coaching so you can archive your goal. Ask about the Advocare 24 day challenge! That stuff works!! Spark will be your best friend through the day and before a workout! If youre looking for a place to join pick Club One! You wouldnt regret it!!!

Review №26

Obsessed with this place. So grateful for Chase and all the other coaches who have really shown me how to be fit, healthy and committed. Was never really a gym person until I joined Club One, I had no idea what I was doing but I never felt embarrassed or intimidated, everyone made me feel right at home. I live next to a Crossfit Gym and actually drive 20 minuets because I could never leave Club One, definitely a satisfied customer.

Review №27

Talk about vision... Chase is a coach that really gets it. Hes committed to what you want to achieve and then some. Keep up the good work Chase! You are amazing.

Review №28

Chase is a kick-ass owner and instructor. He cares about his clients and pushes them to achieve success and great results. I am grateful that I met such a knowledgeable and educated Crossfit coach and owner who not only knows his work 110% but someone who commits to the goals of his clients. His gym and his staff are focused, driven, and passionate. I highly recommend Club One Crossfit! Go! You will not be disappointed.

Review №29

Amazing gym! Great equipment, good trainings and most important amazing staff!

Review №30

Great place to train and get fit... staff is friendly and very knowledgeable - not to mention motivating! I would highly recommend checking it out..

Review №31

I love this place !!! Ive been a member for almost 3 years. Best thing I did for myself and my health. Awesome people, awesome coaches and an awesome owner !!! So much positivity !!

Review №32

Chase and everyone at Club One are great-They take a balanced approach to crossfit, not forgetting nutrition and fundamentals. If you are just starting out, this is a great place to be. They will teach you whatever you need to know and want to know!

Review №33

Club one athletics isnt just a gym its a family. I joined club one over 2 years ago and have been looking forward to class every day since. Club one is a light hearted, fun, fit people making machine! The coaches are all wonderful, knowledgeable and motivational, especially when it comes to cheering you on through a tough WOD. Since Ive joined club one, Ive not only gotten stronger in body, mind and spirit, Ive gained amazing friends and memories. Thank you Club One for being one helluva place!

Review №34

Great place! Amazing coaches who really get you going! I would highly recommend it for anybody.

Review №35

If youre looking for a gritty, hardcore workout facility, this is your place. What they lack in AC and towel service is made up for three times over by the people and their determination to get in that one last rep, to finish that one last meter. I train here off and on with Keegan McQuaide (McQuaide Athletics) and every time I leave completely exhausted but feeling like I could take on the world!

Review №36

I love this place because despite being a true gym where people really workout - I mean pushing their limits workouts, get it done know what I mean. Despite the focus, the trainers and staff are amazing and dont make you feel intimidated if youre at the beginning stages of a serious workout journey. I train here a couple of times/week with Keegan McQuaid (McQuaide Athletics) and I always feel completely accomplished (and usually a little sore lol) when I leave there. Definitely worth checking out.

Review №37

UPDATED 10/2/18: New Owners, same awesome community... This gym is absolutely everything you could want, from incredible trainers to lots of different types of classes. I have never been interested in Ju Jitsu until now! Ive leaned out and gotten stronger than ever, and it has everything to do with consistency and GREAT teachers that support you. My early morning crew holds me accountable, and I bring my little one on the weekend. Dont miss out on one of the best spots in Oakland Park!Club One Athletics has been one of the BEST decisions Ive ever made. Now, more than ever, I realize that your health is an investment versus an expense. After having my first child I was freaking out; my body was not responding to my usual globo-gym routine (treadmill, spinning, etc). Then I found this place, and I was home!Personalized training without the price tag, Ive been motivated to do things I never thought I could. I am stronger in mind AND body, which also spills into the rest of my life. I dont know any other gym that can do that!

Review №38

The people here are great and the owner is awesome. I have a back problem and Chase has given me hope after 2 long years of pain. Thank you

Review №39

This place is what Crossfit is all about! With a friendly owner and members that will greet you with a smile and introduction, they will also compliment you when you reach a goal, or motivate you when you struggle through a WOD, it is one of the best boxes I have ever visited (I have been to 40+ boxes across the country)!They have the equipment needed to perform standard and unique WODs.They have knowledgeable coaches that can teach everyone from beginners to advanced, and show they are willing to continuously learn new ways to improve.If you are within a 30 minutes drive, this is the place to try out, become a member and stay to be part of their family!

Review №40

Outstanding fitness club! Staff is knowledgeable and will work with you to achieve personal fitness goals.

Review №41

The best gym cross fit gym in Fort Lauderdale fun good energy and very motivating !!! Cant wait to go back thanx chase

Review №42

Love this place. I spend 5-6 days of the week here. Great work outs, awesome coaches and a really tight-knit community. Chase offers kids classes, ZUU, beach and destination WODs. Definitely the best box in Fort Lauderdale. Highly recommended!

Review №43

My first week...friendly and open facility...more coaching than just yelling at you to get your WOD done...more motivation and encouragement...keep it up guys!

Review №44

Great staff, clean and friendly environment!Great place to learn and watch yoru body change!

Review №45

This gym has it all from crossfit, HIIT, bootcamp, core workouts to nutrition and weight management counselling. Chase is a great owner and coach. The workouts are challenging but never intimidating. Love the bunz & gunz and kettlebell core pain (and lots of sweat) - no gain! Thanks

Review №46

When I first started working out all I did was boot camp for like 3 years, but I started getting really bored, I always felt like I could do more, so I started looking for crossfit gyms and found COA 5 mins from me, but eventhough it was so close I was still intimidated because from what I had seen crossfit is very challenging, but I always thought it was so badass lol. So I decided to email Chase, he called me and got me to go to my first class, complete beginner I was so nervous! But everyone helped me out, and if I had bad form theyd nicely come up to me and show me the right away, I was breathing so hard lol but I felt awesome when I left. So then I decided to do personal training with none other than Chase Brendle, its been about 5 months, I friggin love that guy, I have told him but Im going to say it again I am blessed to have him as my trainer, he has put up with all my shenanigans but that man always pushes and pushes me to be the best version of myself, hes been there all those times I felt like quitting, he was there to pick me back up. Whether youre looking into classes or personal training, club one athletics is definitely the place for you, just go one time..and I promise youll be hooked!

Review №47

I was blown away with the level of support that I was given at Club one. I signed up for a class and I left a member so happy right now !!

Review №48

Great gym with very knowledgeable coaching staff!

Review №49

Great place for workout everyone is so nice and friendly i love it

Review №50

Been bodybuilding and cross fitting for years. I had a serious plateau .. StumbleEd upon Chase and Danas gym and with their help on food, workouts and their Advo supplements, not only did I break through that plateau but I hit gains I didnt even know I could!!

Review №51

Great coaches that motivate as well as teach!

Review №52

Nice gym and very great trainers.

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