Buggs Martial Arts
3970 Tampa Rd suite k, Oldsmar, FL 34677, United States

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Mr.Buggs has slowly turned my son into a ninja. Our son disappears and reappears doing a split ten feet up. Once he front kicked the eyebrows off a fly. Im certain that our son will defend the family from an army of Chipmunks. Honestly a great dojo and teacher. Really happy with our decision to bring our son into Karate

Review №2

Mr Buggs is amazing. The perfect role model. I don’t know how he can get 10-20 young kids to stand at attention, Listen intently for an hour, and have lots of fun while doing it. My son has definitely benefited from this class. It is worth every penny once you hear you child say “yes sir” or “yes I will!” In the house without being asked. Mr Buggs teaches martial arts and how to develop great character. 5/5. He is amazing.

Review №3

Our son started going to Buggs martial arts about 4 months ago, and I am blown away by the improvements our son has made in that short period of time. His confidence has improved tremendously, he greets every adult with “yes sir, yes ma am”, and he absolutely loves going to class. Mr. Buggs commands respect from every student, and he has such a nurturing approach to each child in his class. I can’t say enough good things about Mr. Buggs and his program.You’re the man Mr. Buggs!!! Thank you for all that you do!

Review №4

Can’t say enough great things about Mr. Buggs and his staff. He’s a fantastic coach, mentor and motivator. His school is very organized and clean. Our son is in the Ninja program and absolutely loves going. Would recommend to anyone thinking of sending to just go for it! You won’t be disappointed!!

Review №5

My kid has been attending this school for just over a year and wow, what a change. My kid is now more confident then ever. The instructor Mr. Buggs, takes his time with the kids to make sure they understand the drills. The drills start off easy, but they do get harder as you move up in belt rank.Mr. Buggs has also made my kid more responsible by holding her accountable for her actions in the classroom. This starts by making sure she signs in for every class. Making sure she has all of her gear when she arrives makes her accoutanable if she is unable to complete certain parts of class.Respect is shown at the door and on the floor. How, well kids have to bow when they come in and say hello sir or hello maam. Bowing on the floor with phrases like, yes I will and communication sir, not only shows respect but boost their confidence.This school is all about giving your kid confidence and helping to prevent bullying by providing the appropriate tools. I would recommend this class and school to anyone parent that is looking to transform their kids behavior or build their confidence.

Review №6

Mr.Buggs is an awesome instructor with an awesome personality! He truly loves and cares about his profession and it shows each and every time we have class. My son has been going there for almost a year and I have seen great improvement in his confidence, listening skills and focus! Thank you for all you do Mr. Buggs.

Review №7

Mr. Buggs is professional and keeps classes fun. His is great with the children and teaches them respect while having fun. Events are unique and a great time. The classes provided are a great price for the experience.

Review №8

I wouldn’t go anywhere else... Mr. Buggs is very professional, thorough and amazing with the kids. I highly recommend!

Review №9

Mr. Buggs is outstanding with my 5 yr. old beginner. He is very patient, detailed, and structured with his younger students. He even makes me want to start training.

Review №10

Buggs martial arts is the place tolearn how to do martial arts, become stronger, and displine. Our childeren are taught respect of others and taught to have good character while having fun and achieving goals daily.

Review №11

This is the first time that my kids have tried their hardest at something and given it their all, which is all due to Mr. Buggs. Their classes have inspired me to be more physically active. And sometimes the classes are like receiving a free TED talk.

Review №12

Awesome atmosphere with an amazing instructor. Full of energy and knowledge. A great place for all ages and skill sets. If you want to push yourself ( or your kids ) to be a better you, do yourself a favor and give them a call.

Review №13

Mr Buggs is a great martial arts teacher, instructor, friend and roll model! I highly recommend his class, it can and will get anyone who applies themselves into better shape physically, emotionally and apply discipline and knowledge of self defense! Very caring and inspirational leader that truly and deeply cares about all his students!!

Review №14

Mr. buggs is a superb martial artist and instructor. He fosters discipline and skills with his dedication and knowledge of his craft. With the help and instruction of Mr. Buggs, my son achieved his black belt, a State title and multiple District titles in martial arts tournaments. A great role model, pays great attention to detail and above all, has true passion for the sport and care for his students. He trains each individual to be their best and helps drive them to achieve their goals at the highest levels. Highly recommended!

Review №15

Mr. Buggs is a very caring and professional martial arts teacher. Our kids had a great experience and he is very attentive to his students and a great support for the reinforcement of values to our children. Can’t say enough good things.

Review №16

Mr. Buggs is a fantastic instructor! So knowledgeable, personable and cares about everyone he works with. He takes their success personally and is very motivating. 5-stars for sure!

Review №17

Mr. Buggs is a dynamic Martial Arts and Fitness instructor. Kids and adults love, love, love his classes. The school is big, bright, clean and inviting. I am thrilled he has opened this school.

Review №18

Me. Buggs is an awesome instructor. He keeps the kids motivated and pushes them to be their best! We highly recommend this place.

Review №19

Mr. Buggs is an incredible instructor and role model. My son absolutely loves him and the style of instruction. I would highly recommend Envision Martial Arts.

Review №20

Mr. Buggs is an amazing martial artist and instructor. My daughter has loved his dedication, passion and high energy teaching for many years. Mr. Buggs is a great role model of fitness and martial arts and works hard to make sure students are engaged and learning

Review №21

Mr. Buggs was my son Ethan’s instructor and brought so much confidence, respect, and joy out of him within a short amount of time, I highly recommend him as a martial arts leader!

Review №22

Mr. Buggs is an excellent instructor and does a great job making sure that you are progressing regardless of you knowledge level.

Review №23

Mr. Buggs is a very helpful trainer. He thourougly goes through the steps and explains what to do. He is very precise and very professional. My children enjoy the classes and the way Mr. Buggs teaches his academy.

Review №24

YOUR KID NEEDS TO BE HERE!We were students of Mr. Buggz when he was with another organization. He was our instructor for several years, worked hard with my kids, took his own time to help them. My daughter attained her second degree black belt and my son a first. It took years of practice and hard work, but he was patient. Mr. buggz worked with our scheduling, growing pains, and injuries. He kept spirits up, expectation high, and didn’t let my kids quite. If there was a problem at school or home, we would all discuss it. We left the organization to follow this instructor on his new journey. We are so glad we did! In whole the value of what you get here for your family and children (we learned things as prents to) you can’t put a dollar on. They learn life skills while learning to be protect themselves and learn a healthy lifestyle. You can’t beat it! More families should do it HERE!

Review №25

Ive studied the arts and thisAcademy does it well.

Review №26

Mr Buggs have trained my both boys since 2015... he has so much dedication, discipline and a lot more to offer as a chief instructor...You will be amazed the impact he will have on your juniors .

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