Grandmasters Wing Chun Kung Fu
3701 FL-580 unit f, Oldsmar, FL 34677, United States
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Beautiful and effective martial art. Great instructors...

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I’m a new student here, and while I haven’t been able to meet Sifu Swift in person yet (he owns two facilities in two different states/travel restrictions due to COVID), his staff of instructors here are absolutely top notch! Super polite, professional, patient, able to break things down for you to understand not only why something is done, but how it actually works in the real world! I know I have a lot to learn and work on, especially since I am horribly uncoordinated, but the staff here is more than willing to work with me and guide me to knowledge of this wonderful (and sometimes brutal) martial art! I look forward to each class to continue to learn and improve myself!

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The best sifu in the TB area, hands down, no pun intended. Thank you Sifu.

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This is a great school and awesome place to learn. I am still new here, but have had great instruction from the teachers and senior students. I am happy with attending this location. It seems pretty thorough from what Ive seen thus far and I would recommend it to others.

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This guy is the real deal! Anyone who lives near Grandmaster Swift and is interested in learning practical self-defense ...shouldnt hesitate to train with this icon. I live in San Diego, Ca. and have been training in the martial arts for 36 years, hold black belts in 6 systems...and been practicing wing chin for about 10 years and this guy impresses me ! Amazing, rare and real!

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Best Martial art school. If you wish to advance in defending yourself, this IS the place to go. 100% effective. Great Teacher, atmosphere as well as your fellow students. #Wingchunkungfu

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Excellent Wing Chun Kung Fu school in Florida! Grandmaster Steve Lee Swift trained under Wing Chun masters in Hong Kong. He has more than forty years of full-time Wing Chun training and instruction, so if you want to learn kung fu that works in real situations, Grandmasters Wing Chun is the right choice.

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One of the best exponents of the Art of Wing Chun anywhere. This is real Chinese Kung Fu masterfully taught and demonstrated.

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You could circle the globe and not find a better instructor of Wing Chun!I have studied with 2 previous instructors one of whom studied with Yip Man in Hong Kong and Sifu Swift is far and away the BEST instructor!

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Been a student of Sifu Swift for almost a year now. We are so very lucky to have him here in the Tampa area. He was recently awarded Legendary Grand Master by the elder Grand Masters of the Association. I believe he is one of the very few to teach Wing Chun full time 7 days a week for nearly 40 years, this is what he does for a living not a part time or side job when he is not in class he is giving private lessons. Hardest working man I know. Good character and integrity, nice guy great role model for your kids and the adults will defiantly be impressed with his presence and influenced by his teaching.When you meet him, keep in mind that is is hard to for someone like him to give you his background and history and not have it sound like he is bragging, he is not, he is a very humble man. However, having been trained in Hong Kong since he was very young by both Ip Mans sons (ip Ching and Ip Chun),, Wong Shun Leung and Simon Lau there is no humble way to say that.....(If you dont recognize the names do a little research, you will find they are/were the authroitative source of knowledge for the art of Wing Chun in the Ip Man lineage.We have a great school, lots of friendly people with NO EGOS ! Students at all stages of learning the art, so no matter where you are you will have some folks at your level and beyond to share and learn from.Since Swift teaches every class (kids, adults and private lessons) your learning from him with him directly and the others in class will help you along too so your never stuck waiting for a how-to answer.One thing that is unique about Sifu Swift is that he will start you working on the very basics, but will also give you the tools to get yourself out of a jam very quickly. If you started Wing Chun and did all the learning in the traditional order you might find your self doing forms for 6 months before you learned to apply any of it, not the case here. You will do traditional learning but you will also learn enough in the first few days of class to hurt an attacker enough to escape (and come to class to learn more). One police officer had been in class just a couple of days and found himself applying a very simple technique he had just learned the day before in the field, if he had just been doing forms that day may have turned out very different. Not saying you going to be Bruce Lee after a day....or have perfect form on your technique, but you will have some tools you can apply that you did not have when you walked in the door two hours ago......If you have ever thought about learning a martial art, treat yourself to the very rare opportunity to learn it from a true grandmaster, not some guy who watched a few DVDs and opened a school. Added note, be careful as you look online there is a LOT of hype out there from people claiming a lot. There are very few true grand masters, we are very lucky to have one of them here in Tampa (School has an Oldsmar address but is in Tampa for all practical purposes maybe by 300 ft over the line)

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The atmosphere here is one of love and acceptance :)

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I have been training with Grandmaster Steve Lee Swift for almost two years now. Let me just say that Grandmaster Steve Lee Swift is an excellent teacher. He is patient and has no ego that I can see (a criticism of Sifu from competitors or internet trolls). When were not training in Wing Chun Sifu likes to discuss Hockey and Baseball with his students who are fans of the sports. For a man who trained with Ip Chun and Ip Ching, and took private lessons from the legendary Wong Shun Leung he has quite honestly earned the right to have a big ego but does not. Sifu is an encyclopedia of Wing Chun history. I remember myself and several students had discovered a video of another Wing Chun Sifu performing the first form, Siu Nim Tao. There were several differences in the way this Sifu performed the form to the way we did. In our ignorance we laughed and belittled this instructor. Grandmaster Swift took us to task. He informed us that the way in which this Sifu was performing Siu Nim Tao was correct. In our school we learn the form in the manner Great Grandmaster Ip Man taught it in his later years. This Sifu, according to Grandmaster Swift, probably learned it from someone who took instruction from Ip Man earlier. A person with a big ego wouldnt have defended this other Sifu when he didnt need to. Grandmaster Swift could have ignored our childish laughing but he didnt to our benefit. Wing Chun instructors from around the world train with and order DVDs from Sifu Swift in order to take advantage of his expertise in Chi Sao. Sifu Swift teaches every student personally no matter what level they have achieved. He also teaches upwards of 3 to 5 private lessons daily. Students train in T-Shirts and gym pants. Students who dont wish to test for a sash dont have to. Those students receive the same training as the students who wish to test. The evening classes are two hours long. During that time Sifu may choose to instruct the students in any aspect of the Wing Chun system. I have been in classes where Sifu starts the class with a form, moving on to drill training, followed by drill training with a partner for the second hour, chi sao, wrist against wrist, etc. Basically its whatever Sifu thinks his students need at the time. Ive been in classes where Beginners and more Advanced students attend. In this case Sifu normally breaks the class into two or three groups depending on skill level and then floats between each group giving instruction for the entire 2 hours. It is exhausting to watch. If you want to learn from one of the few people on the planet who know the entire Wing Chun system as taught by the family of Ip Man then call Sifu, schedule an appointment, and come by. See for yourself.

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GrandMaster Is Amazing, A perfect teacher Of Wing Chun

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