Academic Adventures Child Development Center
15808 Grebe St, Omaha, NE 68142, United States

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I’m not surprised to read today that the State of Nebraska filed to revoke the license here. Looks like they settled and are on probabtion for at least 1 year. We had our daughter enrolled as an infant and experienced a life safety issue in 2018. We quickly unenrolled our daughter and she now goes somewhere else. We were not part of this complaint or the parties who raised any of the reported allegations. I’d probably be less inclined to post this review had the facility actually acted like they cared initially.You can easily look up the probation terms and violations on the state website.

Review №2

As a mother I rely on reviews, there is nothing more important than my children and felt I must let others be aware of this school. There is a very high teacher turnover rate which I’m aware is common in this industry but every time I would pick up my children the high school person watching them had no idea what my children did all day unable to answer any of my questions. And most of the time it was always someone I had never seen before with the kids. This school does not comply with recommendations nor DHHS guidelines pertaining to cleanliness of the children’s cups. I offered to take my children’s cups home to wash and was constantly told they will clean them. I had a gut feeling to get their cups one day and when I opened them up the smell made me sick and they had black mold growing in the lid. I understand cups can be tricky to clean but I purposely bought easy to clean cups with no crevices where mold could grow. The mold on my children’s cups was growing on a smooth surface that u could wipe off. I brought these issues to the owners attention multiple times with no response.

Review №3

This location is on Probation per Nebraska DHHS due to staff being rough with the children. USE CAUTION at this location.

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  • Address:15808 Grebe St, Omaha, NE 68142, United States
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