Imagination Station
17908 Pierce Plaza, Omaha, NE 68130, United States

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We have had an amazing experience at the Millard location! Highly trained staff who truly love their jobs. Developmentally appropriate curriculum that is hands-on and stimulating. Open communication. Friendly faces. Clean and organized rooms. My kids are excited to go every day!

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I have been terribly disappointed with Imagination Station. The Millard location was a special case as it was taken over from Millard Foundation to this Imagination Station. It turned from a highly qualified and superior education and learning center (Millard Foundation) to a pretty nice but disappointing daycare (Imagination Station). Imagination Station is lacking in several areas.Administration and staff- The director they hired for this location was clearly incompetent and did not know or care what was happening in the classrooms (reported from one of the teachers). The owner and head director is not much better. She talks a great deal of consistency and open communication but does not deliver. Theyve put my children (and many other families) through several transitions with little to no notice. Theyve changed both their teachers and classrooms more than two or three separate times in the 4 months since they took over (I only assume because they had a huge drop in attendance and teacher turn over rate since the true reason was not explained to us). There are still a few great teachers left from Millard Foundation, but almost all of the highly qualified and expert staff left after the transition. Of the new hires they have made, almost all have been very sweet young girls but are under qualified with little to no experience educating young children. One staff member is doing this for fun to help pay off some bills.Imagination Stations grouping philosophy- from an educators standpoint, having 2.5 year olds with 5 year olds is not in the best interest of either party when trying to teach. Safety- my 2.5 year old has had exponentially more incident reports since the transition. He got trampled by an older child and chipped off part of his front tooth. The staff did not notice the tooth was chipped all day and reported to me that he bit his lip. The lack of awareness and the increase of chaos is troubling. Learning- as a primary school educator I know students learn best from focused teacher modeling, guided practice of specific skills, and consistent support and feedback. All of this is very difficult for a teacher to do with both a 2.5 year old and 5 year old in the same room. Trying to teach a 5 year old reading and writing skills while also changing diapers and teaching a 2.5 year old basic colors, shapes, and numbers is not an ideal learning environment because neither is getting the full attention they really need. As my 5 year old told me we dont really learn anymore we just do whatever we want all day.Overview: If you are looking for a good babysitter, Imagination Station could be for you, but it is definitely not a preschool or education center.

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