Millard Childcare and Preschool
5225 S 170th St, Omaha, NE 68135, United States

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My kids have gone here for 5 years and we have been nothing but impressed with them. All of the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They stay in constant communication....and over the last 18 months that has been even more important. I cannot recommend this childcare and preschool program enough!

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I HIGHLY recommend this daycare!! The teachers and directors are all so amazing and very friendly. I also love that they have an app where they upload pictures and videos of my kids throughout the day- I love seeing all the fun they have! Definitely bring your kids here if you are looking for a daycare!

Review №3

We absolutely LOVED Millard Childcare and Preschool! We have moved out of state, which is why we no longer attend. We were coming from in-home daycare when we joined MCP. We were a little nervous about a center, but were pleasantly surprised with the love and nurture Millard Childcare and Preschool provided. I feel that my kids are/were prepared for kindergarten through the structure MCP provided. All of the staff members knew my kids’ names and interests. We couldn’t be happier!

Review №4

We have been taking our kids to Millard Childcare and Preschool since 2013 and we love everything about this center! The staff are caring and helpful and we love getting updates on the app throughout the day. I cannot recommend them enough if you are looking for a place for your little one!

Review №5

There is no way I could accurately express how extremely impressed our family is with MCP. Our girls have been attending for many years and we would recommend them hands down to anyone looking for a childcare facility! The staff is extremely welcoming, and the building is very well kept for a childcare facility. I feel they do a great job innovating the systems(cameras/app) they have in place for families to be able to check in on their children throughout the day, which is very reassuring as a working parent. MCP has become a second family for my children and we are so thankful we found a facility that takes care of them at such a high standard.

Review №6

Sending your kids to daycare can be very stressful, but we felt great with our decision to send our kids to Millard Childcare and Preschool. All of the teachers were so helpful and attentive, and I always felt the communication was excellent. They definitely enhanced the learning process by teaching even in the young toddler rooms. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a daycare center atmosphere where all of the teachers know your kids name!

Review №7

My son has been going to MCP since he was 2, and is only leaving because hes heading to kindergarten. I cannot say enough wonderful things about MCP! They are all so caring and friendly, and they treat him like family. I love that they ALL know my sons name.. even the ones that have never worked with him before. The Pre-K program was great! I feel like my son is more than prepared to start kindergarten. Weve had such a great experience there, and are sad that he will be leaving.

Review №8

Ben is the man and the whole MCP staff is amazing.

Review №9

I highly recommend MCP! The staff is amazing and they all really care about the kiddos there. Our son went there for about a year before we moved and we were so sad to leave! Also loved the Brightwheel App, its the best way to receive daily updates and photos.

Review №10

Our son has been going to MCP now for 3 years and we are big fans. The staff is amazing. I have always been baffled by how the director knows every child’s name. Our son has been able to make friends and grow with them. There seems to be little turnover with the staff or other families. Between the Brightwheel app and the video system, I am always up to date on my child’s day. I would strongly suggest Millard Childcare & Preschool.

Review №11

We had to switch day-cares in a hurry a few years ago and are so happy we found MCP! The structure MCP provides and pre-k program have set our daughter up to start kindergarten with success! The teachers at MCP have been great at working with our daughter and her emotions on a daily basis and I really feel like we work as a team on creating good habits and good behavior. The center itself is clean and organized and has an amazing playground for the kids. If you are looking for a great place to send your children for day-time care, I would highly recommend Millard Childcare and Preschool.

Review №12

We had a wonderful experience at MCP! All the teachers were attentive, caring, and did fun activities for each age. Our boys loved it and has so much fun! We loved the Brightwheel app with updates and pictures throughout the day. Thanks MCP!

Review №13

Our son went to Millard Childcare and Preschool from the time he was 8 months until he was 2.5 years old. We loved having him there. The staff was very friendly, open, and communicative. But most importantly, our son loved it there and truly thrived. They had wonderful educational activities for the children and loving staff who are clearly invested in the children they care for. Our son only stopped going there because we moved from Omaha.

Review №14

I can’t say enough good things about Millard Childcare (MCP). We moved from a small town with our son in an home daycare, to the ‘big city’ and having to find a daycare center for Beau (not to mention, right before the COVID pandemic hit) Needless to say, we had our concerns, until we took Beau to MCP. From day one, Ben and Deanna (the directors) helped ease any concerns or fears we had. I drop Beau off there knowing he is going to be safe, learn, and have fun. He’s excited to go and doesn’t stop talking about his teachers and what he learned after he comes home each day. The teachers, whether they’ve taught Beau or not, all know his name and they all genuinely care about each one of their kiddos. Plus, his teacher, the wonderful Miss Shelby, makes time to post pictures and updates on their app about what Beau is doing throughout the day, which I think is the coolest thing. When covid hit, I really had no concerns with Beau’s safety in that aspect as MCP has done a wonderful job keeping us informed, going above and beyond in their cleaning and sanitization efforts, and in doing all they can to stay open which was a huge relief considering my husband and I work in healthcare. We’ll be moving out of the area soon and I soooo wish we could take MCP with us. Beau’s next daycare/preschool certainly has some big shoes to fill as I don’t think any other place compares to the quality of MCP. My advice, if you’re once where I was, overwhelmed in trying to find the best place to trust in caring for your kiddo, look no further than MCP.

Review №15

We have never been so impressed with a daycare than we are with Millard Childcare and Preschool. The owners, leaders and team members have been phenomenal throughout our childrens experience. Im not sure how every team member knows our names and our kids names, but they do. We love the fun days, events and activities throughout the year and the individual care and attention.

Review №16

Great place to take your kiddos the Teachers and Directors really care about the kids and my kiddo always was excited to go to daycare!

Review №17

We absolutely adore MCP. Our oldest when there when we changed daycares and within 2 weeks there was a remarkable difference in what he was learning and how he was behaving. Our youngest also when there for a time and when we moved we had to change centers. We ended up coming back and the same thing with our youngest.... much better behaved at school and at home. Everyone in this center treats your child as if they were their own and you can tell they clearly love working with the kids. They do such fun events with the kids and for families (Halloween and Summer parties to name a few) and the center is fun and colorful. I am sorry we switched our youngest. The extra time we drive to take him there is worth it.

Review №18

The staff is attentive, caring, loving and thoughtful. I know my grandson is in good hands when I leave him for the day. I highly suggest anyone looking for daycare to put Millard Childcare and Preschool at the top of the list.

Review №19

Between my two children we have gone to MCP for almost 9 years now. I have always been happy with the staff there. They are friendly and helpful with a great communication system to keep parents informed.

Review №20

Millard Childcare and Preschool is the best! They have always been professional, friendly, caring, and incredibly flexible with our work schedules. They also have a great communication system which made it easy to stay informed and know that our son is in good hands. The brightwheel app is one of my favorite things about MCP because wed receive frequent daily updates on the details of my son’s day, pictures of all the fun activities he was doing, an overall summary of how his day went, etc. We highly recommended MCP to all our family and friends!

Review №21

Ms Sara and Mr Ben are amazing and run a very fun, inclusive and wonderful place for our young ones to grown and learn in a safe environment. We have been going here for a year now and are so glade we found them. Previously we were paying double for a well known chain that was very poorly ran with poor results. My 3 year old used to cry going to school, now he cannot wait to get there to play and learn!If you are in the market for a childcare or preschool I would recommend scheduling a tour; what can it hurt?

Review №22

I started bring my daughter here a little over a year ago and when she started, she was a little behind academically. They made sure she was ready for Kindergarten this year, which was amazing! My daughter loves the staff and they all are amazing and you can tell they really care about the kids and what they do!

Review №23

MCP is like our second family! My kiddos look forward to going each day. The staff is warm & welcoming and love the kiddos as their own. I am thankful for MCP and I know they are in good hands while I am away!

Review №24

We started here when my oldest was only 7 weeks old, shes now off to Kindergarten! Several staff members became like family to us and our girls begged for them to come over and play at their house! They treated my girls so well, I was never worried dropping them off and leaving for the day. Any time I brought a concern to the Director or Assistant Director, they handled it immediately, even though they were never large concerns and more just a worry wart mom. I would highly recommend MCP to my friends and family - we only left because we moved away, our last day was so bittersweet!

Review №25

Millard Childcare was always friendly and professional! Both our kids loved attending and always found a favorite teacher - they were never in short supply :) Our son quit naps really early on so that made things a little difficult but communication was constant which is greatly appreciated! We always had a way to check in on our kids whether it was an app or through a video app. I think the only thing we struggled with was when we went to pick up our littles, it was after transition time so we were rarely able to talk face to face with the day time/morning teacher. We could always reach that teacher through the app but face to face sometimes makes it easier (I may ne old school, haha!). Overall, I loved this daycare and would definitely recommend it to all! These people work SO hard to make sure kids and families have fun and make us all feel like one big family :)

Review №26

Our children both have attended Millard Childcare and Preschool since birth. Many of the teachers had both of our kids, meaning there are many tenured teachers! They have been very flexible during Covid, giving each family time (at no expense) to figure out what’s best for their particular situations, while still having open doors for those who are essential. Many of my friends daycares continued to charge if they were not in attendance, even if a parent lost their job, and MCP did the right thing and helped people if they didn’t feel safe coming or didn’t need to come due to a parent at home. They do an amazing carnival every summer free for everyone and the teachers lovingly participate in a dunk tank and man the different games and blow ups! They have holiday programs, graduation ceremonies, amazing field trips for schoolers, and run a scheduled routine everyday that keeps the kids minds and bodies moving! They are often having the carpets cleaned or entire inside of building repainted, keeping up on keeping it clean and maintained. We have been very lucky to have found such a constant in our lives, and would recommend this daycare/preschool to any of our friends or family!

Review №27

Very friendly, personal and caring staff. Highly recommend.

Review №28

We brought our daughter to MCP as a 2 year old. We quickly found that she was exhausted at the end of the day, because she was so much more active than she had been at her previous daycare! They have a curriculum that all teachers follow, and it shows. What an incredible feeling to come home and see your daughter holding up her fingers, attempting to count(hilariously out of order) in English, and Spanish. They use a wonderful app that keeps you constantly updated with notes, photos, curriculum activities, and even what they ate throughout the day. Additionally, we were most impressed that we could message back and forth with her teachers throughout the day. This made us feel like we were really in the loop with her daycare. It allowed us to have further in depth conversations at home about what she did that day, who she played with, what she needs to improve on, etc. Finally, MCP holds unbelievably orchestrated events for their patrons, which are put on with great effort and endless smiles by the staff! Their Summer Bash always has free meals, music, inflatables, carnival games, and a dunk tank, featuring their very own teachers! If youre looking for a place to call home for your little ones, look no further. Memories live there, and the staff would have it no other way.

Review №29

For the last 7.5 years MCP has been taking great care of my girls. Both from the time they were 12 weeks old. My littlest has life threatening allergies and from the moment she was diagnosed MCP was ready and willing to do what was needed for her. The staff and management have been proactive in learning about her needs and maintained great communication on the subject all throughout our years. That littlest girl will start kindergarten in the fall. Even though I am sad to imagine MCP not being part of our regular days I am thankful that both girls were set up for success by the Pre-K program they were a part of there. We really have enjoyed the staff and families we met at MCP and look forward to continuing with their schooler age program in the summer for a few more years! Definitely check them out to see if they will be as great of a fit for your family as they were ours.

Review №30

My son has just finished eight years at MCP! They have helped raise him into a nice young man. The staff is amazing! They continually train and clean EVERYTHING non-stop to help keep the kids healthy. Thanks MCP!

Review №31

My twin boys started at MCP when they were 2 years old. We were previously at an in home daycare (mostly due to cost of a center). One of the main reasons we decided to go with MCP was their value! You get the most caring and supportive teachers and administrators while also having a really awesome curriculum.What I didnt know when choosing MCP was the added fun that comes with this center. MCP hosts a ton of family friendly events like the back to school bash, Halloween Party, and Parents Night Out extended hours, which are a great way to make a mid-sized center feel like a close-knit family. They also provide valuable enrichment opportunities for the kids like music time and story tellers etc. (all at no additional cost to the parents).What has really been helpful is the technology! I love the communication that can occur between teacher and parent (especially when its things like potty training updates or behavior concerns). The app has been so helpful and informative in keeping us all on the same page.My boys are now 5 and heading off to kindergarten this fall and I am so grateful that MCP has prepared them so well socially and academically for kindergarten.

Review №32

We have had a wonderful experience at MCP. We decided to switch daycares after having our son at MCP since he was 3 months old because there was a location that was just across the street from our home. After only 5 days at the new daycare, I knew that we had left MCP and should not have! There is definitely a difference in the staff at MCP, you can definitely tell they love and care about your children. Strongly recommend!

Review №33

My littles love MCP! I saw significant academic growth in my preschooler, and she had a lot of fun! My school age child had safe reliable transportation to and from school and on no school days they plan field trips and activities to keep them engaged and busy! Can’t wait to go back next year!

Review №34

We have had such great experience at MCP! Our 3 kids all graduated from pre-K program and were well prepared for kindergarten. The staff did a great job teaching and caring for them. Thank you!

Review №35

Amazing school. We love all the staff. They have taught my son so much! I feel lucky we found this place

Review №36

This place runs like a well oiled machine! I love that they use the Brightwheel App so I could get updates all day long and I could always check in on my kiddos. This was my daughters first experience with daycare since being home with me and it took her some time to get use to it but the teachers there were so loving and friendly. It made it easier on both of us! All the teachers knew my kids names and we were always greeted with a happy good morning. My 4 year old learned so much in Preschool and loved to tell me (and anyone else who would listen) the months and the days of the week. My kids loved it there and I never had any doubts about their well being or happiness!

Review №37

I may be biased when it comes to MCP, but this place is hands down the best place to send your kiddos! I worked for them for 3 years and in that time this amazing little family helped me and my fiancé welcome our baby girl! Every staff member, including management, cared for her in the best way possible! They made it easy to accept someone else taking care of your child! Their curriculum is spot on and they work hard to build great relationships with the parents! I highly recommend MCP to anyone!

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My 3 children attended Milliard Childcare and Preschool for almost 2 years (until 2015) in both the infant and toddler rooms. During that time, I felt safe and assured knowing my children would be well attended for. The directors were always communicative, responsive, and truly cared for the well-being of my kids. If there was ever an issue of whether or not the kids were sick, I was immediately informed and received thorough communication regarding what was going on. I believe their teachers exceeded my expectations. They were kind, friendly, informative, and loving. When I would drop off, they listened to any needs for that particular day. I always felt like my kids were safe and well cared for each day. When I picked up, my concerns were attended to and documented (whether or not they had a diaper rash or illness concerns). During the day, I could call and the teachers in the room were always receptive and responsive. The curriculum was organized and age appropriate. The toys, puzzles, games, and interactions were engaging, stimulating, and as a result my children thrived. The directors go above and beyond to ensure that the building is decorated and fun for all holidays. The holiday parties for kids were indicative of the care and concern that the owner has for all age groups of kids at MCP. I highly recommend MCP for any parents looking for their kids to grow emotionally and intellectually. Collectively, the owner, directors, and teachers work hard, demonstrate passion for childcare, and truly care about every child there.

Review №39

My son began attending MCP at 16 weeks old and is now a fully prepared Kindergartener. 100% recommended. There are security cameras all over that allow you to live stream your child at any point during the day, but it doesnt take long for you to forget about them. Youll know your child is getting the best care possible, next to being with you. The teachers genuinely care about the children and your child(ren) will develop strong bonds with them. I cant say enough good things about such great people! If I have any more children of my own, they will go to MCP without a doubt.Youll also get to experience Halloween parties, HUGE summer bashes (bounce houses, dunk tank, games, food, face painting... whole 9), concerts and so much more. Pre-K graduation is amazing, too.They use an app to update you on your child throughout the day along with plenty of PICS! 5 star facility!!

Review №40

My two kids have been at MCP for 3+ years. My son started when he was two years old and he has been through their preschool and pre k programs. MCP’s curriculum is impressive. Not only have they helped prep both of my children for the Millard school district. My soon to be kindergartener has been evaluated and exceeds the expectations of graduating kindergarteners. My daughter has been attending their before and after school school care. They take the school agers on field trips and keep them actively engaged throughout the day. The workers at MCP care and work hard to keep our kids safe. Really impressed with their care and service. Highly recommend!

Review №41

Overall the staff and expierence are engaging and beneficial to the kids, HOWEVER, I am disappointed the center(s) did not close due to the impending snow fall. A selling point to the closure should be the safety of his staff, but it seems the almighty dollar takes precendent. Any employer that does not err on the side of caution in the favor of their employees seems to have lost touch of what is important. I understand that the children whose parents still have to work need somewhere to go, I get that, however, I think those who may be inconvenience by the closure of the center would understand. It might be slightly dramatic but still in the realm of possibility that staying open to collect that money might be needed for an employee funeral who was trying to get to work. Its just disappointing that money (spare me the stay open for the kids reason, we both know its the income) not human compassion steers your moral compass.

Review №42

My summer campBy Kaden sonier hey people you should bring your kids to Millard child care and preschool

Review №43

If you love your children please do not give them there.Children sleep on the matts(=floor) in the gym.There is almost no windows in the building and carpet with dust and awful smell is everywhere on the floor.Would never let my children go in this childcare.

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