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Have 2 kiddos that have attended for over 2 years. Have been impressed with professionalism, communication and genuine connection most staff have with the kids. I also feel like I could tell difference in the learning experience of my youngest vs. my older son who had been to 2 other daycares prior. Kindercare certainly has a good focus on preparing them for preschool/kdg.Most recently I was impressed with their response to the COVID situation. After keeping my kids at home for several months it was a a tough decision to send them back this summer. Looking back I feel like it was the right choice for our family. They take precautions seriously, and had implemented protocol for mask usage of all staff and the adults entering the premise far before others in the community did so. This was reassuring to me as a parent, and i feel a weight lifted off my shoulders knowing they are prioritizing the kiddos even before masking was not the most popular thing to do.

Review №2

Our daughter has been going to kindercare since she was 3 months old in Arizona and loved it so when we moved to the Omaha area we knew we had to come here and that was the best decision yet. They are so professional and caring. The director is seriously one of the sweetest people ever and they treat you like family. Anytime we ever had a concern they were always right on top of it. The staff is also so attentive with the children. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a daycare.

Review №3

First impressions definitely matter the most and this center definitely nailed it!! I was truly in a last minute bind with needing educational care for my son during an in-service week at his regular school and after searching high and low - Ms. Kathleen answered the phone and quenched all of my worries. Not only was my son able to drop-in during the in-service week; all of the staff, teachers and students were extremely welcoming and accommodating. If not for the distance from work and school; Millard KinderCare would be at the top of our list. Awesome curriculum, awesome staff and overall AWESOME!!! KUDOS!!!

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This place is good, but not the best. We joined a year ago and since then there was a big turnover, 5 care providers left and I dont like it. Overall, staff is very careful and provides good care. Educational program is good. My son learns new words and songs, he comes home and sings for me. That is cute. Staff did a great job with potty training my toddler (2.2 y.o.) . It took about 2 month if you work together with care providers and at home by yourself. I would give 5 stars if not big staff turnover. Hope it helps.

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Our daughter has been going to Kindercare since she was 7 weeks old. Shes now 3 & in the Preschool class. She loves it there & we feel as though shes learning a lot academically from the great teachers (especially Miss Alicia). Our daughter also learns about other important things such as manners & socializing/sharing with others. We wouldnt take our little one anywhere else! :)

Review №6

I have an infant and a preschooler that attend Millard Kindercare and they are very well taken care of there. My preschoolers handwriting has gotten drastically better and my infant loves her teacher! Makes me comforted knowing when I leave them, that theyre well taken care of and theyre learning!

Review №7

My 10 year old and 2 year old love this daycare! We really enjoy how involved the teachers are in caring for our children, and also teaching them. I honestly have nothing bad to say about Kindercare, if you are looking for a great daycare and learning center, this is it!

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We just recently started at this facility at the beginning of July and my child truly enjoys coming here! The teachers here take special care of each child and they make it a point to put learning at the forefront of each activity. Kindercare provides the perfect balance of fun, learning, and new experiences!

Review №9

Deciding which daycare to take your child is always a tough decision to make. During many tours, KinderCare was the only center that payed attention to my daughter, they talked to her and asked her to join in activities. I choose KinderCare because the teachers seemed friendly and knowledgeable. So far, my daughter loves going to school here (she is a toddler). :) I get plenty of information about what she did during the day and I get pictures of what she did once in awhile. The director is very kind and remembers not only your name but also your childs name. I wish Kindercare had an app for the daily notes/pictures, that would make it even better! Like I said earlier, I had a hard time picking a daycare, but I am very happy with my decision. :)

Review №10

My daughter loves it here. Shes made friends with the staff and children and everyone knows her name. My wife and I enjoy getting the updates and photos from the staff.

Review №11

I would never consider taking my daughter to any other child care facility. Kathleen and everyone in the infants room have been absolutely amazing every step of the way.

Review №12

My son has gone to this kindercare since he was 4 1/2 months old! He has always been very loved, nutured, respected and treated fairly. As parents we have also been treated with nothing but respect even if our son has had an issue we were never made to feel bad or embarrassed. Both the assistant director and the director are amazing!! They are always willing to answer questions, give advice or just talk and laugh. We will miss kindercare very much next year when our son starts kindergarten!

Review №13

I cannot say enough fantastic praise for Kindercare or this specific Millard location and its staff! They are first rate with their child care, staff, and facility.I was home with my little guy until returning to work around his third birthday. The teachers helped immensely with a difficult transition, and have been so kind and supportive of him and our little family!Meals are balanced and healthy, rest time is routine and encouraged, and the learning curriculum is inclusive and well-rounded. My son has learned so much from school activities and his interactions!Miss Alicia and Miss Deb have been amazing influences in my sons life - and all of the teachers have really made an impact! Their communication with parents is daily - and you know that they really care for your child. I love reading his daily activity note with my son to learn about his day!I am so grateful for a daycare/preschool that truly cares. I can trust that he is in good hands and can focus on work while away.

Review №14

I’m recommending the Millard KinderCare and my child that will be attending isn’t even born yet. You might be asking yourself why I hold an establishment in such high regard when I am not yet a paying client? Because they care, that’s why. The Millard KinderCare is a childcare provider that is tucked WAAAY back on an abandoned side street behind an old, dead K-Mart. Why is this important to you? Well, do you want your kid at a location that has 10,000 cars drive by a day or somewhere quiet and tucked away where they can play without much disturbance? Let me tell you about my experience with my daycare hunt thus far. So far I’ve toured an establishment where the director seemed more interested in making sure her snapchat was up to date then retaining me as a client and a center where I was told they don’t do wait lists but “keep calling and the squeaky wheel usually gets the spot.” The wife and I were at wits end as to what to do with daycare. Our options so far had looked dim. Then I decided to give Millard KinderCare a call. During the phone call to set up the appointment, their director Kathleen asked for my name, my wife’s name, and our 4 yr old child’s name. When we arrived for our tour Kathleen greeted all of us by name and gave us a grand tour. This tour lasted close to 45 minutes for a center you can see wall to wall. Kathleen took great care to explain all their processes and procedures for the center in regards to the infant room as well as the preschool room. I was delighted to hear all the rules regulations they follow in order to ensure our child will remain safe while receiving the best care possible; right down to making sure we removed our shoes before entering the infant room.After our 5pm on a Friday tour, Kathleen sent out a detailed and personal follow-up email. This again was a rarity in all the other centers we toured. In an email correspondence with KinderCare, I laid out some challenges I had with choosing them specifically as my childcare provider. Kathleen and her boss convened bright and early Monday to address each and every one of my concerns so we could all come to an agreement and I had a phone call by noon. The lengths KinderCare have gone through just to earn me as a client is nearly extinct in the affordable cost daycare scene.One of the tipping points that makes me so excited for the center is their staff. Again, I have not written one week of tuition payment yet all the staff I’ve interacted with has treated me like family. I’ve stepped foot on property twice but I’ve received smiles and caring acknowledgements from anyone and everyone I’ve interacted with so far. If you look on the KinderCare website, you’ll see just how long the staff has stuck in a location. I can tell the staff have an overall good morale working at this center and this infectious happiness will surly translate into a comfortable time for my child. During our tour, I had the pleasure of observing the staff handle a child who’s listening ears were turned down for the afternoon. While the child was performing potentially unsafe actions the staff tirelessly redirected the child to more constructive activities while never showing anger or frustration. It is possible they were acting this way specifically for the special visitor (me) in their area but I sensed no hesitation or uncertainty in the staffs’ actions. This gave me a strong impression of redirecting and praising was second nature.If you’re in need of child care, I implore you to at least give the Millard KinderCare a strong consideration. Even though I am not yet a paying customer I fully trust they will do the right thing when it comes time to watch my youngest. Sure, their location is a bit out of the way and their parking lot is challenging to navigate a full sized pick-up through but these should be seen as strengths instead of turn-offs. I couldn’t be happier and can now sleep better knowing my child will be in great hands once he arrives.

Review №15

We needed day care for 3 days a week and when we first went there we made a set price. But when we went to drop off our little 2 1/2 year old girl they said they needed $150 for the first week and another $75 for food every week. Because of this problem my wife lost out on her first week of work since we did not have day care. I will never do business with them ever!

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