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I have sent my 4 kids to 3 different Montessori schools over the last 11 years. Our first experience (with a different Montessori school) was incredible but that school was bought out and the family first community and vibe quickly dissipated. After that, we were lucky enough to come across Montessori Academy of West Omaha. First and foremost, I have always felt as though each individual family is treated not only as family (as cliche as that sounds,) but the school understands each familys unique wants and needs. I am a teacher and wanted my kids home with me over the summer months, this is one of the only Montessori schools in Omaha that not only allows that, but encourages it because whats best for your family is best for us! even though that translates to a loss in tuition for the school. I have never once thought of Montessori Academy of West Omaha as a school that only sees my kids as a tuition bill, which I cannot say the same for the other school we attended. This school truly embodies the Montessori philosophy of follow the child. Our daughter looks forward to school, her friends, and being challenged where she is at individually. The small class sizes at Montessori Academy of West Omaha allow for my daughter to receive direct, specialized instruction. We all know kids are not the same, not all kids are interested in the same things, this school has proven they can nurture each child in growing academically, socially, and emotionally. With my experience in Montessori for the past 11 years, trust me when I say, you will NOT be disappointed in sending your child(ren) to this one-of-a-kind preschool.

Review №2

We are fortunate to have been part of the Montessori Academy of West Omaha family for the past year and we highly recommend it! It is such a welcoming place, we love the smaller class sizes and the low student to teacher ratio. The teachers take the time to understand and communicate with each child. They provide such a nurturing environment and provide exceptional care! We are so pleased with the growth our daughter has displayed not only educationally, but also socially and emotionally. It’s amazing how well her speech has developed and we have her incredible teachers to thank for this!

Review №3

My twins boys attended Montessori Academy of West Omaha for three years. It is such an amazing school, and teachers. It truly is an incredible environment for kids to learn and really figure out what they are interested in. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience for them. Ms. Christine(the director) has been top notch and the nicest person you will ever meet. All the teachers are exceptional especially Ms. Susan and Ms. Sheri whom my boys gad the most interaction with.They both excelled in the child centered/led learning environment that Montessori allows. The teachers and staff are amazing and their interactions with our children show how much they love their job! Both of my boys are reading and know they are very prepared for Kindergarten. Because of this dynamic learning community my boys are well spoken, community minded, confident, independent and self motivated and most importantly, the love of learning has not been educated out of them. The entire staff has become our family and will miss them dearly as the boys enter kindergarten.

Review №4

Our children have already lived in 3 and 4 states at their young ages - which means weve been to several daycares/preschools. This is our first Montessori experience and both my children have thrived here - one started at age 2 (now 4) and one at age 4.5 (now 6.5). My older child, who only had the benefit of one year in Montessori, grew so much and was more than prepared for kindergarten - so prepared that the public school kindergarten structure bored him a bit. Hes back at the Montessori part-time this summer (post-kindergarten) and fit right back in. He is able to play with his friends from last year and engage in work at his individual level. My younger child has had the benefit of being at Montessori Academy of West Omaha for 2 years, with one more year before kindergarten - she is excelling.What truly separates this center from other centers are the teachers and size of the school. Several of the teachers have been with the school for years, which not only demonstrates their ability and experience as Montessori-trained teachers, but also speaks to the work environment. We ultimately chose this school because it has one toddler room and one primary room - the center operates like one big family. The kids know all of the teachers at the school and the transition for my younger child from the toddler room to the primary room was seamless. In our previous centers, transitions to new rooms for my son were always stressful - but the natural integration of kids and teachers at the whole-school level here eliminates that challenge. At our most recent center out of state, daycare was a daily source of anxiety for my children and me. It has been a relief not to worry about my kids anymore and for them to walk confidently into school each morning - to the point they forget to give me a hug. Ill take it.The teachers and center director (Ms. Christine) care about each child and each family. They communicate well with parents and are flexible with families. During the pandemic, we have had variable care for our kids, and they were willing to work with me to let both of my children attend this summer (also, their handling of the pandemic/infection control has been excellent and makes me comfortable sending my children).

Review №5

I was fortunate enough to be able to keep my son home for nearly 2.5 years. But as he started to get older, I thought it was important for him to interact with other kids his age and have more structure to his day. I started to look around for different options in the west Omaha area and I was so happy when my neighbor recommended I look at Montessori Academy of West Omaha. The moment my husband and I stepped into the Academy, we knew it was the right place for our son. That was more than two years ago, and I can honestly say its been the best experience for us and our son. Not only has he learned so much related to curriculum and setting him up for grade school, but hes also learned so many life skills that I assumed he was too young to know. At a young age, he was able to pour himself water during dinner, take his plate to the sink, sweep up his area, life skills that I know will stick with him. The staff is amazing, very communicative, loving, thoughtful and you can tell they really love what they do. The tenure of the majority of the teachers is long-term which is always a positive when finding a place to care for your child. Im so happy we have one more year before my son starts kindergarten because Im just not ready to say goodbye to this amazing place thats become such an important part of our lives.

Review №6

When I had my son I was so scared to send him to any sort of child care centers so I primarily stayed home with him. As he got older and his speech was lacking I knew he needed to have more social interaction with kids his age so I made the decision to accept a full time position and looked into a few centers and found this school was a perfect fit, and I still stand by my decision because he had grown leaps and bounds since coming here! I trust all the teachers tremendously, which speaks volumes! All the teachers are so nice and welcoming and I feel like any teacher I talk to knows my son, whether he is in their classroom or not! The small teacher to child ratio was important to me because I did not want his needs or care to go unnoticed, and they haven’t! He is now speaking in sentences, completely potty trained, and has made friendships and I have the awesome staff to thank for this! We absolutely love it here!

Review №7

Our boys are ages 2 and 4. Since they started attending Montessori Academy of West Omaha their curiosity, independence, respect for themselves, others and their surroundings and their love for learning has only increased. The teachers noticed our 4 year olds interest in math and have been encouraging more challenging math for him and will continue to do so as long as he is interested. Our 2 year olds vocabulary has grown tremendously and more often than not people comment on his ability to carry on a conversation and form complete sentences. Every day they are happy and have so many fun stories to tell about their day. We can’t say enough great things about the teachers and this Montessori school!

Review №8

The teachers at Montessori Academy of West Omaha are so knowledgeable and well-versed in child development and education. The school is like family. You will love the entire experience.

Review №9

My husband and I highly recommend you consider Montessori Academy-West for your child/children, you will not regret it! We started both of our girls at ages 18 mths and 4 years old and stayed with them until we decided to move (otherwise we would have never left!). We cannot say enough wonderful things about this school and the wonderful individuals that work and teach there. They embraced our daughters with love, patience, and dedication to their growth in their academic, emotional, physical and mental well-being. Both girls hit milestones and mastered skills at or well-before what is expected. After touring 10 different daycares in the area this one was without a doubt the best option for our girls and we have never regretted it. Our girls loved going to school every single day. They create a wonderful balance between learning activities and play all the while making your child feel safe and loved. The center is immaculate at all times so you can feel confident they are following all policies and processes during this challenging COVID time. They have excellent communication which I feel is essential and are always open to discuss things openly and respectfully.Choosing childcare is a very challenging and personal process but I hope you consider this wonderful school for your child.

Review №10

My children attended school here when they were little - they will soon be entering high school and I can’t tell you how many times I have thought back on the wonderful, amazing experience they had while at Montessori of WestOmaha (with Ms. Christine, Ms. Dana, Ms. Dione.) The time here was something I’m very thankful for and my kiddos have so many great memories. This is a Great place and provides so many amazing experiences for kids! I highly recommend it!!

Review №11

Montessori Academy of West Omaha is far and away the best early childhood program in the metro area. When our daughter began attending the program at age three she was withdrawn and lacked confidence in social settings. Over the past two years, she has grown tremendously in all areas and now LOVES school. The patient, caring nature of the teachers, coupled with the Montessori programming helped her to build confidence and learn skills of independence. She has blossomed both academically and socially. In fact, we love the school so much that when we moved 25 miles away last fall we kept her in the program because we knew it was truly the best possible place for her.

Review №12

Montessori Academy of West Omaha is by far the BEST Montessori school in the Omaha area! I know this because I have worked at two other Montessori schools in Omaha and I can not even compare them to Montessori Academy. I worked in the toddler room with Miss Dana when they first opened in 2007. I quit in 2010 to fulfill my dream of becoming a nurse. If I would have not went to college full time I would definitely still work there.What I loved most about working there was the fun, loving, family-type environment that the teachers provide for the children. The teachers want nothing but the best for each and every child that attends school there. The learning environment that the teachers prepare for the children is awesome! The safe environment lets the children learn, create, and communicate with others which helps them to become independent. The children move freely within the environment where they work with Montessori materials to help develop their physical, social, and mental development. It is simply amazing watching a child develop a new skill!The facility is beautiful too! The teachers keep the school clean and in order. My Godson is in the primary room and he loves going to school everyday to see his teachers. My Goddaughter soon will be in the toddler room and I know she will love school just as much as her brother does. I occasionally fill in for teachers if they are sick or need a day off and I love going back!So disregard the one negative comment below because Montessori Academy of West Omaha is truly AMAZING!!!!!!!

Review №13

My family and I relocated to the Omaha area just over 2 years ago........One of my biggest concerns as a parent is finding full-time care for your children. We hit a Home Run when we found the Montessori of West Omaha........It isnt just a place to take your is like family. I cant tell you the passion that ALL of the teachers have for the children that attend the Montessori. If you are looking for a top notch facility that you can rest assure that your kids will be well taken care of and that will provide not only love and passion for your kids but also be able to provide great education Montessori of West Omaha is your place! We love them all and they have taught my kids so much I couldnt have asked for anything more for my kids!

Review №14

The teachers are so loving. My daughter excelled there. She started Kindergarten this year and is already reading at a 2nd Grade level!

Review №15

My family and I wanted an educational experience that was hard to find in learning centers/daycare providers around Omaha. My family found that and more at the Montessori Academy of West Omaha! With knowledgable, experienced, friendly staff, my husband and I know our children are receiving the best education! Thank you Montessori Academy!

Review №16

We did not have a good experience at Montessori West a few years ago. My son attended the Academy for several months. At first all was good, he wanted to go and looked forward to it. Then his attitude towards going changed...he cried when it was time to leave and all the way there. After a week or so of this I decided to drop him off, run an errand and then stop back in. This is what I heard as I was going down the stairs into the toddler area: Kids Crying...Teachers yelling knock-it OFF...complete chaos! When an Assistant teacher saw me standing there at the bottom of the stairs...she had a deer in the headlights stare! After I abruptly grabbed my childs belongings and told the HEAD TODDLER teacher this will be my childs last day, she has the nerve to tell me I will owe next months tuition since they need a one-month notice for anyone leaving the program! Hmmm...enough said...(they did not receive a check from me for the last month)If you are looking for a Montessori Program...go to Paradigm Educational Center!

Review №17

My daughter has been here for almost 4 years and the experience has been fantastic...caring teachers with a great approach and curriculum.

Review №18

I cannot say enough positive things about this program. My son has been attending since he was two years of age and he is now almost five ready to transition to kindergarten next year. I cannot imagine sending my children anywhere else. In fact, when I was 12 weeks pregnant with his sister, I reserved her spot at the center to ensure she would have the same early childhood education and experience that her brother has been exposed to.Prior to beginning at Montessori of West Omaha my son cried every day before school. As a first time parent, I was unsure if he had separation anxiety or if it was something more. I am so thankful I found this center as he has not cried before school since. He has loved each of his teachers in both the toddler and primary rooms. They always welcome him in the morning with a hi and a quick hug.His educational experience has been nothing short of top notch. He learned his numbers, alphabet, sounds, developed strong fine motor skills, learned to write his name and days of the week/months/seasons, been exposed to the continents as well as other nations, learned to read, and the list goes on and on. Additionally the activities are always changing to challenge his mind and help maintain engagement. Teachers also differentiate student activities to keep pushing a child to gain more and more skills setting them up for great success once they reach school age. As a professional who works in the school, my son has skills that many children do not enter kindergarten with. This will help build his confidence and potential for long term success.The children gain more than just a strong educational experience, but teachers also have high social expectations. Children learn good manners, how to greet others, how to work independently, and what appropriate school behavior looks like. These skills are practiced and modeled by the teachers every day.The teachers within the facility are devoted to the success of each child. They accept each child for the individual they are. They love them and the children love their teachers. Teachers also collectively work with parents to make sure you understand where your child is academically and socially. I view these teachers like family as they have been an integral part in my son’s life and the person he has become. I can’t wait for my daughter to be a part of this family in a few months!!

Review №19

Montessori Acamdemy is the best school Omaha has to offer. I have 3 children, unfortunely only 2 of them will have the experience of the school we call home. I have to openly admit when my now 6 year old had her last day of Montessori I cried because I was not only sad that she was becoming a big girl but also because I didnt want her experience to end. I have never walked into a school that has better teachers and just the thought that I never have smelled a stinky diaper amazes me. I shopped and shopped for preschools and have also enrolled in some preschools, hands down nothing compares to this one! When my 3rd child was literally 2 weeks old I enrolled her to start her journey at Montessori when she turned 18 months. I cannot even explain what she has learned from the curriculum, it is astonishing. Not only has her vocabulary and every day responsibilites improved but the independence they have taught her is incredible. I LOVE this school and recommend it to everyone. The staff is truly wonderful and have become a huge part of our family. Needless to say, my baby isnt even 2 yet and I can pretty much guarentee that I will cry crocodile tears when I pull away from Montessori on the last day. Frequent visits back to the school will be a MUST:)

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