Rosewood Academy Childcare & Preschool NW Omaha
5225 N 158th Ave, Omaha, NE 68116, United States

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We chose to start our 10 month old at Rosewood after our inhome closed due to COVID.I was very nervous to start him at a center but I’ve never heard one negative thing about Rosewood. That says a lot!We’ve been there just 2 weeks but always feel welcome. Their cleaning standards are top notch. We are happy with our choice abs love all of the updates we got through out the day on the app!

Review №2

Our daughter is 4 and has been at this Rosewood for a few months now. She absolutely loves it, and so do we! She loves the play experience in the classroom, at their two playgrounds, and all her teachers. My husband and I like the great things they do with the curriculum. They also communicate very well with us.

Review №3

We absolutely LOVE Rosewood! The staff is wonderful and I am so impressed by their curriculum. My son is almost 2 years old and Rosewood has already taught him so much! He knows some sign language, recognizes almost all the colors, shapes, letters, and numbers, and can even count to 13. He’s learning more there than (as a first time mom) I would even think he’d be capable of learning. He is so excited to go to “school” and gets excited to see his teachers. As a working mother, there’s no better feeling than knowing your child is safe, learning, and having fun at daycare. I cannot say enough good things about Rosewood. They are amazing!!

Review №4

Sent two kids there for combined 4~5 years. Used to be five stars but since the expansion of the business Ive experienced decreasing quality of care due to high level of staff turn over. They no longer report some accidents to parents or simply responded no idea when we brought our sons situation to them, bloody nose, deep face scratch etc. Because morning and afternoon teachers were usually not the same anymore.To be fair, this facility probably is still light years better than others, look at all the pedophile cases at La Petite. Just hope they could figured out a way to keep good standard while expanding.

Review №5

We love Rosewood Academy! Our son is 7.5 months old and started when he was 3 months. Like any mom, I had reservations about leaving him with strangers for the first time... However, the staff was so welcoming and they quickly got to know our family. He is on a great schedule and I can be at work knowing he is in good hands!! Highly recommended!!

Review №6

We cant say enough positive things about Rosewood. Our son was at in an in-home daycare for his first year, where we had a good experience as well, but we could tell a huge difference in his development after he started attending Rosewood. He learns new things daily and Im always impressed with the new knowledge he brings home. His teachers have all been very friendly, helpful and I feel that they genuinely care about him. I also love all of the pictures and updates I get on my phone throughout the day. Its nice to see your child smiling and having fun while youre away from them.

Review №7

My now four year old spent one year here. Theycycled through somewhere around 7 teachers in 12 months. And while trying their hardest, they are not teachers. They are straight out of high school and unprepared by Rosewoods owners. Wholly unequipped to deal with the children they are given.And, they are not producing. After we switched schools, I was amazed at the rapid pace my son began learning. He is fully ready for kindergarten and we still have another year to prepare. Rosewood is not the place to prepare your child for school. Unless your expectations are quite low.We had some emotional and behavioral issues as well at Rosewood. I will leave these off the review. Other than to state, those wounds took six weeks to heal. Six weeks of work and love with his new teachers and at home. Something Rosewood was unable or unwilling to provide. Thank goodness, I may not have left if my son hadnt acted out. It was his plea. I am glad I listened.

Review №8

We absolutely love Rosewood. Between our two sons, we have been involved with them for six years now. We have nothing but great experiences with all of the boys’ teachers as well as the rest of the staff at Rosewood. Our younger son has peanut and egg allergies so he needs extra attention paid to the food that he eats. His teachers have been diligent making sure that he isn’t getting these foods that he can’t have. I used to work at a Preschool and had very specific requirements for the different Centers that we looked at based on my prior experience. Rosewood by far beat out all of the other centers we looked at and continues to meet those expectations on a daily basis. I have never felt that we are just a “number” or a means for a paycheck for the owners, managers, or teachers at Rosewood. We are greeted by name every time we enter the building and they often ask about our older son who “graduated” from Rosewood five years ago. It is obvious by everyone’s actions that there are high standards for the Rosewood staff and they truly care about the well-being of our children. I would recommend Rosewood Academy to any family!

Review №9

My child is truly flourishing at this establishment. He loves going to school every morning.

Review №10

We have 3 boys currently attending Rosewood and have been part of the Rosewood family for 5+ years. We are so happy with the care, attention, love, and education our boys receive on a daily basis. Our oldest is starting Kindergarten this year and we are confident that everything he has learned at Rosewood will put him at the top of the class! We have recommended Rosewood to plenty of other families and will continue doing so.

Review №11

Our twins are have been doing amazing since we switched to to Rosewood! We came from a different center (I wont bother naming it) earlier this spring.The staff is welcoming, kind, helpful and always available to talk (not hiding in their office igroning everyone).My twins are learning so much, they are just over 2 and love counting and reciting the alphabet. They are so proud of themselves,even if they dont do a perfect job! Their vocabulary have just exploded since coming to Becky and Sammies class.The teachers are helping us with potty training too. The director Emily is great and told me to come to her with any potty training questions and shed help us. How many directors have you met they say they love potty training?!Mary does a great job cooking for the kids. Its a rare day my kids dont eat everything. Theyve always been good eaters for us, but at our last daycare there was a bully that wouldnt let our kids eat in peace. At Rosewood they must be encouraged to try everything because now at home theyll try something new and say I tried it with a huge smile! They also have the toddlers use open top cups not sippy cups. Its what is best for the kids not the teachers here.The kids get to play in this awesome indoor gym when they come in first thing in the morning. It makes drop off really nice in the morning, I dont feel like I need to stay to make sure everything is OK before we leave.My kids arent crying when they see me at the end of the day when I pick them up. Im greeted with happy smiling guys!They havent been sick all of the time or come home with diaper rash. Something we dealt with all the time at the last center. Rosewood is super clean too, the bathrooms are spotless and it doesnt smell like diapers either.The couple of times we have had to pick up a sick child they are so sweet and concerned. The kids were napping on a cot with their blanket next to the manager. Not tossed back into the mix like the last place.The tadpoles app they use is wonderful! I get a full report of their curriculum, naps, diapers, meals and what they did that day. I actually email it to my mom who loves to share what the kids are learning with everyone! The app is also helpful for relaying information to the center and they use it to also let us know about anything going on at Rosewood.They also have a private parking lot, not shared with other businesses. So much safer and no hassles!!Now you may ask yourself why did she wait so long to go to Rosewood? Its because it took us a year to get the twins in. That says a lot about a center when they are so good its hard to get in. I wish we would have been able to start with them in the first place!

Review №12

My son went there and its an amazing place.

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